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Life After Bankruptcy: What You May Expect After Filing. #government #business #loans

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After Bankruptcy

Manage Your Finances AND Your Expectations.

The truth is that bankruptcy laws were created to help consumers. After filing bankruptcy. you will likely feel relieved.

However, many people who are thinking about filing are worried about what happens AFTER they file. They’ve heard all kinds of rumors, such as, “You can’t get credit for ten years after bankruptcy.” This is WRONG.

What Happens After Bankruptcy?

Shortly after filing bankruptcy, your credit may not be strong. However, your credit was likely not strong when you were dealing with the circumstances that resulted in your bankruptcy filing.

Here’s what you can realistically expect after your bankruptcy discharge:

  • Unscrupulous creditors will likely flood you with offers of low-balance credit cards to help you “rebuild” your credit after bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many of these offers come with activation fees and membership fees that could push you near your credit limit before you’ve ever used the card. And then late charges and over-the-limit fees will kick in, putting you right back where you started: in debt and with late payments on your credit. So what can you do? Choose your new credit accounts with care. There are reputable lenders who will give you a chance to re-establish credit after bankruptcy. Don’t get so eager that you abandon your better judgment.
  • After bankruptcy, you won’t immediately be able to qualify for most conventional mortgages, car loans and the like (learn more about cars in bankruptcy so you know what you may expect when you file). For most people who file bankruptcy and then pay their bills on time, however, those loans will be within reach 2-3 years after discharge. So while bankruptcy won’t be a quick fix for helping you get a new, big loan it can help you achieve good credit standing in a fairly short period of time.
  • You may see a higher interest rate for your first few loans or credit accounts. Those rates are dependent on your three-digit credit score and those scores will be low right after bankruptcy. While bankruptcy may clear your debts, it won’t clear your credit history. However, negative items on your credit typically have less and less impact as they age. If you replace them with more recent, positive items, your credit score can quickly rise to good and even strong levels.

The bottom line is that if you’re like most bankruptcy petitioners, not much will change right after your discharge–other than your eligible debts being gone.

Discuss Life After Filing Bankruptcy with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Your credit was probably weak before you filed bankruptcy and it will be weak immediately after. Without those old debts hanging over your head, though, you’ll have the opportunity to start to rebuild your credit.

In time, if you handle those early accounts carefully, your credit can be stronger than it was before you filed and you’ll begin to see not only more credit available, but lower interest rates and more favorable terms.

If you have more questions about life after bankruptcy, a bankruptcy lawyer may be able to answer them. Click below to connect to a lawyer for free.

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Reverse Mortgage

Seniors over 62 may use their home equity to get cash through a reverse mortgage.

Auto Insurance

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Life Insurance

Get peace of mind knowing that your family will be provided financial security when they may need it most.

How Does Work?

About Us is a premier, free online service for consumers to compare low rates on monthly bills and reduce the cost of living. is the one-stop destination that offers savings through relationships with more than 500 service providers across multiple categories, including home loans, credit cards, auto and health insurance, and long-distance and wireless services.

With, consumers can easily research, compare and lower many of their monthly bills, free of charge. The free services works by enabling consumers to enter particular information which then is used to match them with companies that can meet their needs. offers savings via more than 500 service providers across multiple categories, including home loans, auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, and auto and life insurance.

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Term Life Insurance Quotes #affordable #term #life #insurance #no #medical #exam


Your instant term life insurance quote

smoke. I want to protect my family by providing a policy lasting

Haven Term is issued by MassMutual, an MassMutual issues the Haven Term policy and is A++ rated by A.M. Best. Financial Strength Ratings are provided by A.M. Best, an independent source. The ratings are like letter grades that represent the level of financial stability of a company and its ability to meet its financial obligations. The better the rating, the less likely the company will run into trouble paying claims. rated life insurer.



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Haven Term is available for people of ages 18 64, only.

= 50 this takes most people less than 15 minutes

  • Receive an immediate decision, and, if approved, start coverage today
  • If a medical exam is required, you can schedule it at your convenience (and we will cover the costs)
  • What you’ll need to provide in the application process

    • Financial information, like your salary and net worth
    • Personal and family health information, including your height, weight and recent medical history
    • Occupation and lifestyle information
    • Social Security Number and active driver’s license
    • Contact information for your primary care physician, if you have it
    • Names of your beneficiaries, along with their phone numbers, dates of birth and addresses (you can always change this at a later time)

    Why life insurance is part of a holistic financial plan

    Life insurance offers a responsible way to care for the people who depend on you financially. Should the unexpected occur (and we certainly hope it doesn’t), a life insurance policy provides a necessary financial cushion to help pay the mortgage, cover child care, put the kids through college and cover any other expenses that may come up along the way.

    It’s important to have a backup plan, and life insurance can provide that.

    Who needs life insurance?

    Life insurance becomes necessary when your thinking goes from “me” to “we.”

    This typically occurs when you get married, have a child or even have cosigned debts that someone else may rely on you to pay off.

    You probably need life insurance if you:

    • Have kids or will soon have them
    • Are married or are in a committed relationship with shared financial obligations
    • Have debts, such as a mortgage, cosigned school loans or medical expenses, and not enough assets to cover them
    • Are a stay-at-home mom or dad
    • Don’t have enough savings to cover burial and final expenses
    • Want to leave a financial legacy to your loved ones

    You probably don’t need life insurance if you:

    • Are single and have no kids or financial dependents
    • Don’t have cosigned debts that your family will need to pay off

    If you’re still not sure if you need a life insurance policy, a good place to start is by using an online life insurance calculator to assess your needs.

    The earlier, the better

    Life insurance is most affordable when you’re young and healthy. As you get older, insurance premiums increase.

    For example, a 20-year, $500,000 Haven Term policy for a healthy 35-year-old woman is $18.50 per month.

    That same policy for a healthy 40-year-old woman increases to $25.58 per month.

    If you know you need affordable life insurance, the time to act is now.

    **MassMutual and its subsidiaries C.M. Life Insurance Company and MML Bay State Life Insurance Company are rated by A.M. Best Company as A++ (Superior; Top category of 15). The rating is as of February 15, 2017 and is subject to change. MassMutual has received other ratings from different rating agencies.

    Life Insurance for Diabetics, Diabetes Life Insurance, smoking life insurance.#Smoking #life #insurance


    Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics

    If you have diabetes and you ve been turned down for life insurance coverage in the past, you may feel like getting the protection that you need is impossible. But, the good news is that you can still obtain life insurance you just need to know how and where to look. Being prepared when submitting your life insurance application for coverage is also important and we can help you to do so.

    What the Life Insurance Underwriters Will Need to Know About Your Condition

    While life insurance for diabetics may be a bit more difficult to obtain, it is not impossible, provided that you are prepared with the information that the insurance underwriters will want to know from you.

    Overall, life insurers are concerned with how risky an applicant will be in terms of potentially having to pay out a costly claim should the company accept the person for coverage. With that in mind, a carrier will need to know how, and how well, your body responds to any of the treatments that you receive for your diabetes.

    According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, Type 2 diabetes affects approximately 90 to 95 percent of those who have diabetes in the United States. Over the past several years, this disease has actually become much more common than it was in the past.

    However, Type 2 diabetes is also more responsive to both diet and exercise than Type 1 diabetes. In addition, this type of diabetes is also more responsive to oral medication and insulin. Therefore, there are a number of questions that the life insurance underwriters will ask you regarding your treatment.

    Questions to Ask

    Some of the questions about your disease that you will likely be asked will include the following:

    • At what age were you diagnosed with diabetes?
    • What type of diabetes do you have (Type 1 or Type 2)?
    • What are your current glucose / blood sugar level readings?
    • What, if any, medications have you been prescribed for your condition?
    • Do you possess any additional risk factors?

    What Else?

    In addition to specific disease related questions, the underwriters will also review the information on the life insurance application for coverage. This will include basic information regarding your:

    • Age
    • Gender
    • Height and weight
    • Smoking status / tobacco usage
    • Marital status
    • Occupation and income
    • Overall health and medical history
    • Family health and medical history

    You will also typically be required to take a medical exam as a part of the application process. This will entail you meeting with a paramedical professional who will take a heart rate and blood pressure reading. They will also obtain more in depth health information.

    There will also be a blood and urine sample taken. These will be analyzed for additional types of health conditions that could pose other types of risk to the life insurance company. Once all of the information has been received by the underwriters, a decision can be made regarding coverage acceptance, as well as premium cost.

    How Much Will Your Coverage Cost?

    In many cases, life insurance for diabetics will cost more than that of an average policy holder who is in good health. However, the actual cost of your policy will ultimately depend on your overall health condition.

    With most insurance companies, there are four primary rating classifications for policy holders. These classifications or classes will also have a bearing on the amount of premium that is paid by the policy holder. These include:

    • Preferred Plus Those who obtain a preferred plus rating are considered to be the healthiest. These policy holders are in excellent health, and will therefore pay the lowest amount of premium, as they pose the least amount of risk to the insurer.
    • Preferred Those who obtain a preferred rating are also considered to be very healthy, and will therefore also pay a low amount of premium. While they are not considered to be in as excellent of health as those in the Preferred Plus category, they are still considered to be above average.
    • Standard Standard policy holders are typically those who are considered to be of average health, height, and weight.
    • Substandard Those who fall into the Substandard classification usually have some type of adverse health condition. Because of this, they are considered to pose more risk to the insurer, and in order to compensate for that risk, they are charged a higher amount of premium. There are typically several levels of Substandard, depending on the severity of the condition or the amount of risk that the policy holder poses to the insurer.

    For those who have diabetes, it is possible that if you have Type 2 diabetes that is well controlled, you could fall into the Standard rating category and therefore, pay an average amount of premium for your coverage. Those who have Type 1 diabetes, or those with Type 2 diabetes along with minor complications are more likely to fall into one of the Substandard categories.

    If you are unable to qualify, even for any of the Substandard categories, in a traditionally underwritten policy, there are still options available to you. One such option is to look for a no medical exam life insurance policy. This type of coverage will not require you to undergo a medical examination in order to qualify. And, while the premium on this type of coverage is usually quite a bit more than for traditional coverage, it will allow you to obtain the protection that you need.

    Tips for Locating Quality and Affordable Coverage

    Those who are seeking coverage for diabetics can t always depend on going to just one insurer and getting the best deal or even being accepted for a policy. That is why it is typically your best course of action to work with a company that has access to a number of different insurers. That way, your choice of carriers and premiums will be expanded exponentially.

    The truth is that not all life insurance carriers underwrite policies in the same way. What may constitute a decline for one insurance company may be acceptable to another. For this reason, it definitely pays to shop around and that is why we are so effective here at Diabetes Life Solutions at getting the best rates for diabetic life insurance.

    Preparing for when you Apply for Life Insurance

    When you have diabetes, the underwriters will take extra time to see the extent of your condition. Whether you have type II diabetes or are a type I diabetic, getting all your medical information in order ahead of time will make a big difference in how quickly and how affordably you can get your term life insurance policy in place. Since anyone who has any type of health condition is going to be rated on a case-by-case basis you should follow these tips:

    • Have the name, address, and phone number for all your doctors.
    • Check with your physician to make sure they have all the documentation for your treatments, as well as any follow-up reports.
    • Keep a current list of all medications and the dosage for each one.
    • Be careful not to skip any doctors appointments leading up to the application for your life insurance plan.

    Having all of these items up to date and in line will make finding affordable life insurance with diabetes much simpler.

    Where to Find the Best Policy

    When searching for the best life insurance for diabetics, we can help. We work with many of the top rated life insurance companies in the marketplace today and we can work with you in comparing policy benefits and premium prices so that you can find the coverage that best fits in with your specific needs and budget.

    It s easy to obtain all of the important information that you need right from the comfort and convenience of your computer without ever having to meet in person with an insurance agent. And, you can have the details that you require within seconds, not days or weeks. In order to get the process started, all you need to do is just simply use the form on this page.

    If you do happen to have any questions at all about how to go about finding the best life insurance coverage for diabetics, or about how to compare premium prices, please feel free to contact us. We have experts who can answer any of your questions or concerns so that you feel comfortable moving forward. You can reach us toll-free by calling 1 (888) 629-3064.

    The purchase of life insurance is a big decision. Yet, not having this coverage can leave those you love without essential financial protection in the event of the unexpected. Don t leave your loved ones vulnerable obtaining the coverage you need is possible, and more affordable than you may think.

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    Globe Life Insurance

    $2.17 for Children or Grandchildren

    $1 * BUYS $100,000

    Term Life Insurance for Adults

    It s easy to buy! It is simple to understand. No agent will visit and there is no medical exam just a few easy health questions. It s hassle-free.

    Peace of mind for you and your family Feel secure knowing that money will be there for credit cards bills, home and car loans, children s and grandchildren s future education and even your medical and final burial expenses.

    Life insurance that fits your budget Choose the right coverage amount to fit your monthly expenses.

    $1 * BUYS $20,000

    Whole Life Insurance for Children

    Give your child or grandchild a financial head start Your child s policy build cash value for the future.

    Benefits never canceled or reduced Once approved, your benefits will never be reduced or canceled regardless of changes in age or occupation.

    Rates are guaranteed to stay the same for life The monthly rate is based on your children s or grandchildren s present age and is guaranteed to stay the same for the rest of their life.

    Life insurance health ratings Globe Life has been protecting America s families since 1951

    (rating as of 7/17)

    Life insurance health ratings Accredited Since 1952

    Life insurance health ratings

    Community Involvement

    Since 1951, our beliefs and values have remained the same. Globe Life believes in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We strive to create opportunities to be a source of good to those around us. Our customers inspire us as a company to put the needs of others first.

    Life insurance health ratings

    Globe Life Extends Naming Rights Partnership with Texas Rangers

    Join 4.2 Million Current Globe Life Policyholders

    Life insurance health ratings

    Globe Life is A+ Rated

    Life insurance health ratings

    How To Be Responsible About Life Insurance

    Life insurance health ratings

    Life Insurance Companies Offer Protection

    Life insurance health ratings

    The Importance of Life Insurance

    Life insurance health ratings

    Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Life Insurance

    Life insurance health ratings

    Why You Need To Talk About Life Insurance

    Insurance Selections

    About Us

    *$1 pays for the first month of children s coverage. Then the rate is based on your child s present age and is guaranteed to stay the same for the rest of their life. Policy Form # GWL2001 or GWLA001

    *$1 pays for the first month s adult coverage. Then the rate schedule is based on your current age and is guaranteed for the life of the policy. Policy Form # SRTCV/SRTCV13

    **A.M. Best Company rating as of 7/17 based on financial strength, management skill and integrity. For the latest rating, access

    Life insurance health ratings

    Licensed in the United States CA Certificate Authority #4140

    Life insurance health ratings

    Term Life Insurance for Seniors & the Elderly – Ages 60, 65, 70, 75 – Quotes and Rates, seniors life insurance quotes.#Seniors #life #insurance #quotes


    Life Insurance For Seniors

    Seniors life insurance quotesJust because you are retired and up in the years, it doesn’t mean you can’t get affordable life insurance coverage.

    We specialize in getting insurance for those harder to insure (men and women).

    Getting an insurance quote is easy. Simply answer a few easy questions, then you will get your instant quote (typical cases).

    Typical Life Insurance Amounts For Seniors:

    Elderly Persons Can Still Buy Life Insurance!

    It used to be that buying life insurance for an elderly person was next to impossible, well. the times have changed, and now getting a policy issued for seniors is not that difficult or expensive. See if you qualify!

    • After your age, your health will be the determining factor for your qualification.
    • Risk factors are also critical – do you smoke, drink heavily, are obese or overweight, have diabetes, etc.
    • Do you take part in dangerous activities, like sky diving, scuba diving, race car driving, etc. Probably not, but you never know – some elderly folks are very adventurous.

    Click Here To Obtain Instant Senior Life Insurance Rates!

    Planning in Advance

    Those who purchase life insurance early in life, have an easier time obtaining a policy during their senior years, plus it will be a lot cheaper and affordable. However, if you had a policy that expired, or coverage through an employer, and you choose not to maintain the policy after retirement, you will encounter some problems.

    A life insurance policy won’t be as affordable for someone purchasing insurance at the age of sixty-five (65) or older, as opposed to a younger person . For example, a male non-smoker in the state of Delaware, 5’11 , 170 pounds will probably pay between $182.61 and $337.46 per month for $300,000 in coverage for a 15 year term life insurance policy.

    Those premiums are a little high for an average senior citizen. Even, if the face value decreases to $100,000 the premium will vary from $66.68 to $121.93. These numbers are based on a non-smoker; those who are smokers are subject to pay a higher premium.

    Getting an Early Start

    It is a good idea to buy or start looking for level term life insurance protection early in life, preferably before reaching the age of forty (40), to avoid paying higher premiums when you become older. This is the time most insurance companies charge higher rates on policies.

    For seniors this poses a major financial hardship, especially if they live on a fixed income. Therefore, certain organizations can help with expenses, such as AARP (American Association for Retired Persons), which offers several discount insurance policies for members.

    Typical rates for a 10-year term policy, for a woman, non smoker, in good health:

    How Much Coverage to Get?

    How much coverage you should get depends on the reason you are getting coverage to begin with. Are you looking to have your final expenses covered (funeral, cemetery, church, etc.), in this case a low amount like $10,000 to $25,000 may be enough.

    If you are looking to leave your heirs some tax-free money to pay estate taxes, your debts, or to leave them in good financial position, then a larger amount may be needed – $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, 1 million, etc.

    Only you can make this determination. If you are not sure, speak to your spouse, children, lawyer, or financial advisor.

    What is The Best Life Insurance for Seniors?

    Choosing the Correct Policy

    The best option for seniors and the elderly with no coverage would be to buy a senior term life insurance policy. In general, most insurance companies don’t provide level term coverage to seniors for more than 15 years, therefore wouldn’t be worth considering whole life insurance or permanent life insurance.

    Other insurance companies refuse to underwrite policies for anyone over the age of 65 unless it is a conversion policy; even so, some companies have concerns based on a person’s age.

    Those who have not reached retirement age should take all these facts into good consideration, to avoid leaving their family with added expenses. Read your policy carefully and make sure you understand it well. Be certain that your family knows how to find the policy and what the coverage is. Also, if your parents (mom and dad) are elderly, it may be a good idea to obtain a parent life insurance policy on them to help with burial expenses.

    Don’t be discouraged if you’ve been turned down before, many insurance companies still write policies for people aged 60, 65, 70, 75, and even 80. So, just apply and see if you’ll get approved.

    What is a guaranteed issue life insurance policy?

    You may hear this type of life insurance mentioned by friends and family all the time, what is it you may ask.

    This type of policy is guaranteed to be issued regardless of your current or past health. You can’t be declined coverage. The caveat is, that this type of life insurance offers a much lower death benefit and higher premium costs.

    It’s often used by seniors to cover final expenses like funeral costs, medical bills, pay debts, etc.

    Welcome to the Counseling Center: Texas State University #lonely, #lonliness, #txstate, #texas #state #university, #texas #state, #suicide, #mental #health, #jedcampus, #jed #foundation, #lbj #student #center, #relationship #issues, #prevention, #paws #alert, #how #to #deal #(develop #effective #approaches #for #life), #resources #for #veterans, #atrisk, #group #counseling


    Welcome to the Counseling Center


    Each semester, when the Counseling Center has no more capacity to add new clients seeking ongoing counseling, we replace initial consultations (ICONs) with one-time sessions for the remainder of the semester. As of Monday, July 31 st the Counseling Center will begin offering one-time sessions. These one-time sessions are an hour in length and focus on problem solving more immediate issues. If students are in need of further services, we will help them connect with additional resources outside of the Counseling Center.

    Counseling Center services are free, confidential, and provided by trained professionals to currently enrolled Texas State students while classes are in session.

    Counseling Center Services include brief individual, group, and couples counseling, consultation and crisis response, and workshops about coping with stress and other mental health topics.

    Individual counseling is also available on a limited basis at the Round Rock campus. Click here for details.


    Effective August 1, 2016, concealed carry of a handgun by license holders is allowed on Texas public university campuses subject to the restrictions imposed by statures and by the University President. Concealed carry is prohibited in some buildings on Texas State University Campuses, please see

    12 Easy Steps To Locating Lost Life Insurance Policy Documents #finding #life #insurance #policies


    12 Easy Steps To Locating Lost Life Insurance Policy Documents

    Locating life insurance documents for a deceased relative can be a daunting task—for one thing, as of this moment there are no national databases of all life insurance policies. However, with a little sleuthing, you can successfully navigate the paper trail.

    Here are some strategies to help simplify your search:

    1. Look for Insurance Related Documents

    Search through files, bank safe deposit boxes and other storage places to see if there are any insurance related documents. Also, check address books for the names of any insurance professionals or companies—an agent or company who sold the deceased their auto or home insurance may know about the existence of a life insurance policy.

    2. Contact Financial Advisors

    Present or prior attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, bankers, business insurance agents/brokers and other financial professionals might have information about the deceased’s life insurance policies.

    3. Review Life Insurance Applications

    The application for each policy is attached to that policy. So if you can find any of the deceased’s life insurance policies, look at the application—will have a list of any other life insurance policies owned at the time of the application.

    4. Contact Previous Employers

    Former employers maintain records of past group policies.

    5. Check Bank Books, Statements and Canceled Checks

    See if any checks have been made out to life insurance companies over the years.

    6. Check the Mail for a Year Following the Death of the Policyholder

    Look for premium notices or dividend notices. If a policy has been paid up, there will no notice of premium payments due; however, the company may still send an annual notice regarding the status of the policy or notice of a dividend.

    7. Review the Deceased’s Income Tax Returns for the Past Two Years

    Look for interest income from and interest expenses paid to life insurance companies. Life insurance companies pay interest on accumulations on permanent policies and charge interest on policy loans.

    8. Contact State Insurance Departments

    Twenty-nine state insurance departments offer free search services to residents looking for lost policies. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a “Life Insurance Company Location System” to help you find state insurance department officials who can help to identify companies that might have written life insurance on the deceased. To access that service, go to the NAIC’s Life Insurance Company Location System .

    9. Check with the State’s Unclaimed Property Office

    If a life insurance company knows that an insured client has died but can’t find the beneficiary, it must turn the death benefit over to the state in which the policy was purchased as “unclaimed property.” If you know (or can guess) where the policy was bought, you can contact the state comptroller’s department to see if it has any unclaimed money from life insurance policies belonging to the deceased. A good place to start is the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administration .

    10. Contact a Private Service That Will Search for “Lost Life Insurance”

    Several private companies will, for a fee, contact insurance companies on your behalf to find out if the deceased was insured. This service is often provided through their websites.

    11. Do You Think the Policy Might Have Been Bought in Canada?

    12. Search the MIB database

    As we had said, there’s no database of policy documents, but there is a database of all applications for individual life insurance processed since January 1, 1996. (nb: There is a fee for each search and many searches are not successful; a random sample of searches found only one match in every four attempts.) For more information, go to MIB’s Consumer Protection page.

    Term Life Insurance Quotes #term #life #insurance,life #insurance #quotes,term #life #insurance #quotes,life #insurance #rates,instant,life #insurance #online


    Life Insurance Quote in Seconds

    Don’t worry we are not just another lead generation website that will sell your information, we are a team of highly qualified insurance agents and will only use your information for the purpose of helping you find the best life insurance policy. Real time life insurance rates will be displayed to you online, so GET STARTED now!

    We provide consumers with objective unibiased term insurance advice and the best service available. Our philosophy is our mantra. These principles have helped us become a credited provider of life insurance quotes across the country. Since we first came online in 1996 we have helped thousands of Americans shop,compare, and purchase insurance for the comfort of their home

    Term life insurance is a simple, affordable, and easy way to ensure your beneficiaries financial security in the event ofyour passing The term of the policy can vary from one to thirty years of coverage. The face amounts stay level throughout the term and generally begin at $25,000 and increase to meet your specific needs.

    Instant Life Insurance Quotes Make a Difference

    Life insurance is something that will benefit all adults, and should be considered as an investment option for your family’s future. Many people believe they cannot afford life insurance, or that they do not currently need life insurance. Without fully understanding how this type of insurance policy can benefit the individual and the person’s family as well, it may be a challenge to determine why it is so important. There are numerous types of life insurance contracts available.

    Term life insurance is often considered the most popular form of insurance for people who want to put a prepared financial plan into place to shelter their family members in case something unexpected happens to the policy holder. Quick and easy life insurance quotes are available with just the click of a button and by entering in some accurate, basic information into an online form. Within minutes or less, an instant quote will be given for life insurance. For people who have thought that perhaps life insurance was an expense that was out of their reach, taking advantage of online instant life insurance quotes can help a person to quickly determine whether or not this is something that is within their budget limits.

    Instant life insurance quotes can not only be obtained for a single person, but also for the entire family if the individual is married and has children. In many situations, if the main breadwinner passes away the family is at an immediate loss of all or half of the income that the depend on to live. This absence of income can put many families into financial jeopardy and this makes it very difficult to stay current on mortgage payments or rent, taxes, utility bills, car payments, and medical insurance payments.

    Finding out how much life insurance will cost your family by getting a fast and easy online quote is a great way to begin creating a plan to fit the cost of insurance into your monthly budget. This will help to protect your family financially in the event that an accident, illness, or another event leads to an unexpected death. No one likes to think about the fact that they may need to use their life insurance policy. However, if a person does have a life insurance policy, the family and beneficiaries will be cared for financially. This often makes a big difference in how well a family is able to survive and prosper in the long term.

    You are able to view quotes for the following: term life insurance, burial insurance. universal life, as well as more specialized products like high risk life insurance online by filling out the simple form to the right. Upon getting a quote, a person can then consult with an agent to determine what type of insurance policy will best fit into the person’s budget and which type of policy will provide the most amount of coverage for the individual’s specific situation. Some people are only interested in purchasing a burial policy that will give them funeral expenses covered, and others are interested in purchasing a policy that will provide a lump sum payout to an authorized beneficiary.

    In the long run, it is rarely too late to begin investigating life insurance options. Many people believe that because they have reached a certain age or because they have a specific health problem, they will not qualify for life insurance. Because there are so many different types of life insurance policies and contracts available, there is a policy to work for just about every person, no matter the person’s health status, financial status. Life Insurance at any age is available.

    Types of Life Insurance

    A Precise Explanation of the Life Cycle of a Grasshopper #silverfish #life #cycle


    A Precise Explanation of the Life Cycle of a Grasshopper

    Grasshoppers, also known as short-horned grasshoppers, are insects, belonging to the order Orthoptera and suborder Caelifera. They are brown or green in color, with dark spots on their body. There are approximately 11,000 species of grasshoppers. All of them are herbivores and generally feed on plants. Some species of grasshoppers eat only grass. While these insects are seen abundantly in autumn, they are also spotted in spring and summer seasons.

    Description and Population

    Grasshoppers are flying insects that possess two pairs of wings, the fore and the hind wings. The fore wings are narrow and leathery, whereas the hind wings are larger and membranous. Other notable characters of grasshoppers include strong, big hind legs (used for jumping), and short antennae (20 – 24 segments, less than body length). Usually, female grasshoppers are larger in size than the males. Another feature of the females is the presence of two pairs of triangular structures (valves) at the end of the abdomen, which they use for digging the sand during egg laying. In case of male grasshoppers, there is a single unpaired plate.

    As far as the economical importance of grasshoppers is concerned, they are considered as destructive pests by farmers. Infestation by these insects is influenced greatly by the prevailing climatic conditions. The population of grasshopper is expected to be highest in areas where the weather is cool in early spring succeeded by warm and dry condition in late spring. In addition, for uninterrupted growth of the young ones, the summer temperature should be high and there should be sufficient rainfall. On the contrary, hot spring season and low temperature in summer lead to population decline of grasshoppers.

    Life Cycle: Detailed Info

    In general, reproduction takes place in early summer. At the time of mating, the male grasshopper deposits the spermatophore that contains sperms, into the ovipositor of the female located at the abdomen. The ovipositor or egg placer (an organ used for laying of eggs) is relatively short but stronger as compared to other insects of the same group. As the sperms reach the eggs via the micropyle, fertilization of the eggs occurs. Following are the three successive stages of the grasshopper life cycle.

    Egg: The life cycle of grasshoppers starts with the egg stage. By mid-summer, the female grasshopper lays the fertilized eggs either underneath the sand (about 1 – 2 inch depth) or among leaf litters. Immediately after depositing eggs with the help of ovipositor, a sticky substance is sprayed over them which hardens to form egg pods. There are usually more than ten egg pods, each of which contains about 10 – 300 rice shaped eggs. The eggs remain dormant in autumn and winter, i.e. for almost ten months. By spring or early summer when the temperature is warm, the eggs hatch into nymphs.

    Nymph: Immediately after hatching, the young nymphs (first instar nymphs) start feeding on soft and succulent plant foliage. Nymphs are miniature versions of adult grasshoppers, except that they are light in color and do not possess wings. Nymphs undergo 5 – 6 molts and change their form and structure, before becoming adults. The nymphal stage may last for a period of 5 – 10 days, based on the species and the weather condition, especially temperature and humidity. As the nymphs molt, their size increases and wing pads progressively develop on the thorax portion of the body.

    Adult: After 25 – 30 days, the wings are developed completely and the nymphs mature into adults. Thus, by the time, an egg matures into an adult, the grasshopper is about eleven months old. The adults gain sexual maturity within 15 days, and survive for a span of about 30 days. As adults possess wings, they are more mobile than the nymphs, which benefit them in hunting food and protecting from the predators. However, it is observed that every stage of the grasshopper has some predators.

    The life span of grasshoppers is about 12 months. Studies have found out that the survival rate of nymphs after hatching is about 50 percent, as chances are high that they may be eaten by natural enemies like birds, rodents, and lizards. This way, grasshoppers play a major role in the effective functioning of an ecosystem, by providing food for many predators in the food chain. A swarm, also known as locusts, might cause severe damages to the crops, affecting the crop yield.

    Last Updated: September 2, 2016