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Monitoring Servers and Services

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Monitoring Servers and Services

Cache, Network Segment, PhysicalDisk, and LogicalDisk

As a general recommendation, servers with major roles should be dedicated to a single purpose rather than shared among multiple purposes. For example, do not have domain servers or database servers do double duty as application or file and print servers because these secondary activities can impede the ability of the server to handle its primary workload.

As a service runs, it makes specific demands on system resources. In addition to the monitoring resource requirements defined by the computer’s workload, you can obtain information about the services using performance data made available through the services. Many services running under Windows 2000 Server supply performance counters that can be used to measure service activity and resource utilization. Monitoring these counters provides data you can use to determine how well your server is functioning.

In addition to the standard counters described in “Overview of Performance Monitoring,” you can use the System object counters to obtain information of interest on server computers. For example, you might want to examine the values for System\System Up Time. If this value is consistently low, it might indicate frequent failures, meaning that the server remains up only for a short time.

Establishing a Baseline on Server Computers

Monitor the performance of your server at the busiest times of day as well as when it is idle or when activity levels are low. Consider the number of concurrent users as well as the number of inactive connections during the times you are monitoring because the server expends resources tracking inactive as well as active connections. After collecting and reviewing this data, you can set a baseline for the performance of your server. This baseline can be used as a reference point for determining when performance problems exist and for projecting future resource requirements. When data consistently falls outside of the baseline ranges, consider it a signal that the performance of your server is changing—either because the demand is increasing or a bottleneck is developing. You will then want to monitor activity more closely to determine whether your server needs tuning or upgrading.

When you become aware of changes in performance that result in values outside your baseline, monitor the system counters representing the disk, memory, processor, and network components along with the Processor\% Processor Time counter for the services that you are running to see if there is a correlation between service activity and resource usage. If so, you might need to tune the service.

Unless you are testing a computer’s startup performance, wait until the startup process has concluded before monitoring system performance. Otherwise, you might mistake the high utilization values characteristic of process startup for the process’s typical load.

In general, you will want to monitor a server from a different computer so as to minimize the impact of the testing process on the computer being tested. For more information about the advantages and disadvantages of remote versus local monitoring, see “Monitoring Remote Computers” earlier in this chapter.

Upgrading Servers and Capacity Planning

The chapters “Analyzing Processor Activity,” “Evaluating Memory and Cache Usage,” and “Examining and Tuning Disk Performance” in this book provide information about tuning and planning for upgrades for hardware resources such as memory, processors, or disks when counter values indicate that these are being strained by your workload. In addition, the chapter “Measuring Multiprocessor System Activity” addresses the special considerations for obtaining optimal performance from scaled systems and discusses the benefits of server clustering and load balancing.

The capacity of a server depends on many variables, including the number of work units (such as client requests), the amount of time required for each unit, and the corresponding resource utilization. Because of the many variables of an individual server implementation, it is extremely difficult to arrive at a perfect formula for gauging the capacity of your server.

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Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools for Windows 10, lan monitoring tools.#Lan #monitoring #tools


The Windows Club

Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools for Windows 10/8/7

It is best to use bandwidth and Internet usage monitoring tools when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers a limited quota for downloading and uploading. These tools not only monitor bandwidth and Internet usage or check the speed but also detect any suspicious network activity. This article lists some best programs for Windows 10/8/7, that are all very popular in the niche.

Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

ISP Monitor

ISP Monitor also allows you to check your Internet speed; after all, you should get the speed you actually pay for. Moreover, it offers real-time traffic monitoring. The built-in Traffic monitor displays current network speed via three different graphic modes. All three modes can be customized to suit your requirements.

In addition to all this, ISP Monitor displays the percentage used from your total quota and allows adjusting it before it reaches the threshold limit. For this, you need to set limits for download and upload by customizing the application’s settings. Optionally, you can choose to allow ISP Monitor to disconnect the Internet connection, once it reaches the limit. ISP Monitor is clean and does not contain any spyware or viruses.

Lan monitoring tools

Cucusoft Net Guard

Net Guard is free software to monitor your broadband usage and kill malware that wastes your bandwidth. It includes a small real-time floating window that indicates the real-time Internet Uploading and downloading speed.

The floating window can be hidden, or its opacity can be adjusted to make it transparent if it bothers a user. To hide or make the window transparent,

  • Right-click on the floating status window, #1.
  • Click on Opacity #2.
  • Select the opacity value you like. Then the floating status window will become transparent.

Lan monitoring tools

You can even set a traffic limit per month. How? Cucusoft Net Guard includes a ‘Forecast’ feature that automatically calculates the projected bandwidth usage for a month. Thus, you can easily determine whether your usage will exceed the limit for that month or not.

Lan monitoring tools

The program is compatible with all the later Windows versions, including Windows 8.


Lan monitoring tools

tbbMeter is a bandwidth meter to help you monitor your Internet usage. It allows you to see how much your computer is sending to and receiving from the Internet in real time. It also shows you how your Internet usage varies at different times of the day. This tool will help you to manage your usage to avoid incurring excess bandwidth fees or find your broadband provider slowing you down due to exceeding your monthly usage allowance.


Lan monitoring tools

FreeMeter is another very simple, easy-to-use portable network monitoring and diagnosis tool. Its main window graphically displays the data being transferred , to and fro, on your computer. It also includes many simple tools.

Find out what your Internet speed is, using these Internet Speed Tests.

Some of you might want to take a look at these tools too:

Home Security Systems and Installation – EMC Security #atlanta #security #monitoring


Home Security Systems

EMC Security is Georgia s security expert. Our affordable, professionally installed security systems are customized to your home and security needs, developed with the most technologically advanced equipment in the world, and fully serviced by our highly trained security technicians and customer service representatives.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We install a wide variety of dependable security systems and as a Honeywell Authorized Dealer, we are held to the highest level of standards. Our customers trust us to make sure their home is surrounded in EMC Security protection for ultimate peace of mind.

We recognize that every home in Atlanta is different. EMC Security provides free on-site consultations to ensure that we quote a home security system that s right for your home. Contact us today to set up your on-site consultation.

Home Alarm Monitoring

EMC Security is the only security company to offer Secure Path technology to help protect your home and loved ones in Georgia. The redundant or simultaneous monitoring which means that your home is connected to our central monitoring station here in Suwanee, GA and our reduntantly or simultaneously monitored center in Gainesville, FL.

Our monitoring centers are the most technologically advanced with the highest certifications and standards in the industry. Both stations are UL listed with CSAA Five Diamond Certification, providing you the fastest, most dependable protection available. Our average response time in 2016 was less than 14 seconds after an alarm activation!

Stay Connected and In Control

Remote Security Control

Protect and monitor your home anywhere you go from the palm of your hand with our groundbreaking mobile app.

This technology enables you to control your system through the use of an app on your smartphone or any web-enabled device such as your tablet or computer.

SmartHome Control

Have you ever left your house and wondered if you armed your system, turned off a light, or turned off the costly air conditioning or heating? How about when you can t remember locking the front door, or closing the garage doors? Have you ever wondered what you re teenage kids are doing when you re not home?

You can rest assured because you now have access to these conveniences from your smartphone, tablet, or computer:

Arm Disarm Your system from your smartphone

Control door locks garage doors from your smartphone

View live video of your children or pets from your smartphone

Save Money on Energy Bills

Select an icon below to see how easy it is to control your home

Our Commitment To You

We Earn Your Business Every Day

EMC Security believes that your alarm company should work hard to earn and keep your business. We have flexible purchasing options, so you are never required to sign a long-term alarm monitoring contract. Customer safety and customer service are our top priorities because we must earn your business every day.

State-of-the-art Services

Offering state-of-the-art services for intrusion alarms, monitoring and video surveillance, EMC Security delivers confidence and peace-of-mind by allowing you to use the latest technology to secure your family even when you re not there! An example of that is the scenario using your smartphone to know when your family comes and goes all from the palm of your hand.

Wireless Security Systems

Many home security systems rely on hard-wired, phone-line monitoring, leaving the home vulnerable to being disabled by cutting the phone line. EMC Security offers cellular solutions to protect homes with or without a phone line, assuring that your home and family are protected at all times.

Committed to Your Safety

EMC Security will work with you to assess your own unique security requirements for your home and your lifestyle. Our commitment to you and your family begins when we evaluate your security needs, surveying your living environment and habits to recommend one of the most critical pieces to protecting your home- your alarm system.

In parts 1 and 2 of our series on remodeling a home to make it safer for aging parents, we emphasized structural changes such as widening doorways and making floors slip-proof. Today, we’ll cover the kitchen. It’s important for senior citizens to be able to prepare a meal for themselves.

In part 1 of our Aging in Place serier, we discussed the preliminary steps to take when creating a safer home for parents that wish to stay in place as they age. However, mobility issues may make it necessary to remodel the home to accommodate a walker, wheelchair or electric scooter. Here.

This week is National Aging in Place Week, an event created by the National Aging in Place Council to help bring awareness to services available to seniors and their families to help them stay in their homes. A recent study by the Atlanta Regional Commission reports that most senior adults.

Contact Us

Call us at 770-963-0305 or complete the form below.

4 Good Open Source Log Monitoring and Management Tools for Linux, log monitoring open source.#Log #monitoring #open #source


4 Good Open Source Log Monitoring and Management Tools for Linux

by Aaron Kili | Published: December 25, 2015 | Last Updated: December 18, 2015

Log monitoring open source

4 Linux Log Monitoring and Management Tools

When an operating system such as Linux is running, there are many events happening and processes that run in the background to enable efficient and reliable use of system resources. These events may happen in system software for example the init process or user applications such as Apache, MySQL, FTP and many more.

In order to understand the state of the system and different applications and how they are working, System Administrators have to keep reviewing logfiles on daily basis in production environments.

You can imagine having to review logfiles from several system areas and applications, that is where logging systems come in handy. They help to monitor, review, analyzer and even generate reports from different logfiles as configured by a System Administrator.

In this article, we shall look at the top four most used open source logging management systems in Linux today, the standard logging protocol in most if not all distributions today is syslog.

1. Graylog 2

This is a fully integrated open source log management system that enables System Administrators to collect, index, and analyze both framed, systematic and disorganized data from just about any available source systems.

Log monitoring open source

Graylog Linux Log Management Tool

This logging system is highly pluggable and enables centralized log management from many systems. It is integrated with external components such as MongoDB for metadata and Elasticsearch used to keep logfiles and enable text search.

Graylog 2 has the following features:

  1. Ready for enterprise level production
  2. Includes a dashboard and an alerting system
  3. Can work on data from any log source
  4. Enables real time log processing
  5. Enables parsing of unstructured data
  6. Extensible and highly customizable
  7. Offers an operational data hub

For more information view the Graylog 2 website.

2. Logcheck

Logcheck is an open source log management system that helps System Administrators automatically identify unknown problems and security violations in logfiles. It periodically sends messages about the analysis results to a configured e-mail address.

Log monitoring open source

Logcheck Scans System Logs

Logcheck is designed as a cronjob on an hourly basis and on every system reboot by default. Three are different levels of logfile filtering are developed in this logging system which include:

  1. Paranoid: is intended for high-security systems that are running very few services as possible.
  2. Server: this is the default filtering level for logcheck and its rules are defined for many different system daemons. The rules defined under paranoid level are also included under this level.
  3. Workstation: it is for sheltered systems and helps to filter most of the messages. It also includes rules defined under paranoid and server levels.

Logcheck is also capable of sorting messages to be reported into three possible layers which include, security events, system events and system attack alerts. A System Administrator can choose the level of details to which system events are reported depending on the filtering level though this does not affect security events and system attack alerts.

Read more about it at the Development team s logcheck website

3. Logwatch

Logwatch is a Linux/Unix system logfile analyzer and reporter that can be easily customized and it also allows a System Administrator to add additional plugins, create custom scripts that serve specific logging needs.

Log monitoring open source

Logwatch Linux Log Analyzer

What it does is to review system logfiles for a given period to time and then generates a report based on system areas that you wish to collect information from. One feature of this logging system is that it is easy to use for new System Administrator and it also works on most Linux distributions available and many Unix systems.

Visit the project homepage of Logwatch

4. Logstash

Logstash is also an open source data collection and logging system available on Linux, which capable of real-time pipelining, which was originally designed for data collection but its new versions now integrated several other capabilities such as using a wide range of input data formats, filtering and also output plugins and formats.

Log monitoring open source

It can effectively unify data from various log source systems and normalize the data into targets of a System Administrators choice. Logstash also allows System Administrators to cleanse, compare and standardize all their logging data for distinct advanced analytics and also create visualization use cases as well.

Read more about it at Logstash website.


That is it for now and remember that these are not all the available log management systems that you can use on Linux. We shall keep reviewing and updating the list in future articles, I hope you find this article useful and you can let us know of other important logging tools or systems out there by leaving a comment.

What is network behavior analysis (NBA)? Definition from, corporate network monitoring.#Corporate #network #monitoring


network behavior analysis (NBA)

Corporate network monitoring

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Network behavior analysis (NBA) is a way to enhance the security of a proprietary network by monitoring traffic and noting unusual actions or departures from normal operation. Conventional intrusion prevention system solutions defend a network’s perimeter by using packet inspection, signature detection and real-time blocking. NBA solutions watch what’s happening inside the network, aggregating data from many points to support offline analysis.

Corporate network monitoring

Corporate network monitoring Corporate network monitoring

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After establishing a benchmark for normal traffic, the NBA program passively monitors network activity and flags unknown, new or unusual patterns that might indicate the presence of a threat. The program can also monitor and record trends in bandwidth and protocol use. Network behavior analysis is particularly good for spotting new malware and zero day exploits.

A good NBA program can help a network administrator minimize the time and labor involved in locating and resolving problems. It should be used as an enhancement to the protection provided by the network’s firewall, intrusion detection system, antivirus software and spyware-detection program.

10 Best Open Source VPN Server Softwares #server #monitoring #open #source


10 Best Open Source VPN Server Softwares

Wondering how to have your own open source VPN server? Can you download free VPN server. There are plenty of options available as open source software. Setting up a VPN of your own can be really easy with open source VPN servers.

We have a round up of best open source VPN servers to setup up your own VPN. Unlike enterprise VPN solutions, using a open source VPN software will not cost you a fortune.

You can easily download VPN software on your computer and start using it for personal privacy. However, the VPN setup may be more involved if you are setting it up for your business.

Protecting your data is not easy on web. When you are doing business it becomes even more important to secure your confidential data from malicious hackers around the web. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the most effective way to secure your data. Many enterprises use VPN solutions to protect data from going into wrong hands.

VPN connections are important for business establishments because of the sensitivity of the data that are being transmitted across the web. It is quite easy to use snooping software to crack the connection and trap the packets that are being transmitted through the web.

Both wired and Wi-Fi connections don t allow the basic security of the data. VPN setup thus allow a secure connection which encrypts the data and ensures that it cannot be tapped into.

There are dozens of VPN server solutions available, some of them are free and most of them are paid. Below are some open source and free options to setup VPN server for your home or business.

It s an open source Virtual Private Network solution that is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems and offers a secure environment to connect to your network. OpenVPN allows simplified OpenVPN Connect UI, OpenVPN server capabilities and enterprise management capabilities. It also allows a secure environment for access to your private cloud network resources.

It s a wired VPN gateway which is a secure service for small companies for having their own private networks. The built in firewall allows secure remote access using PSec, OpenVPN (SSL), L2TP and PPTP VPN. One of the major benefits of Securepoint TERRA wired VPN gateway is its compatibility with other VPN systems.

It s a free open source VPN GUI which works between your computer at one end and the VN on the other end. It works for the Mac OS versions and is based on OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

It s a free open source VPN server which is based on Tomato 1.27. It offers automatic adding and removing of firewall rules as needed, Site-to-site tunnels creation sans custom configuration, option to redirect the internet traffic through the network tunnel and accept and push DNS options.

It s free VPN server which works with only Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows Vista (32bit). iPIG works seamlessly with major firewall software like Zonealarm or Norton Internet Security. It uses a powerful 256-bit AES encryption technology which ensures that your connection with any WiFi network or wired network is completely secure. iPIG can secure your data against any forms of snooping or spying technique. What s more, the iPIG server express edition allows up to 5 users free of charge.

LogMeIn Hamachi is a VPN server which supports both Windows and Mac OS systems to create a secure private network which can be created on demand across any internet connection, for both compute and mobile users. LogMeIn Hamachi can be managed across the web securely. LogMeIn Hamachi also offers multiple options for networking including Gateway Virtual Networking, Hub-and-spoke virtual networking and mesh networking. It works for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

It s a 64 bit VPN which is compatible with the Windows 7 64 bit version. It became popular when Cisco failed to upgrade its VPN to 64 bit and found that Shrew Soft is a better alternative. It is compatible with most VPN hardware manufactured by major companies such as Cisco, Juniper and Checkpoint. It is also compatible with Linux and BSD versions.

It s is an open source GUI for BSD, Windows and Linux operating systems. LiliVPN works primarily for Windows version 7.

It s an open source VPN server which has features such as connect and disconnect, username and password input, supporting multiple open source VPN connections, and has a feature called Kwallet which stores all login details. Furthermore, KOVpn supports the open VPNS management interface access control.

OAST is a platform independent GUI for OpenVPN-client, which allows the user to manage multiple VPN connections at a time. It has an overall simple look and feel to it and has simple functions like monitoring the connection status.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solution denotes the hardware, software, encryption and authentication protocols used to ensure that users across two physical locations separated by a few miles or a few thousand or more, can securely exchange data and access all network data without any third party interfering or accessing the same. VPN uses an internet connection for transmitting the information packets to and fro. It uses encryption to ensure that the packets which are transmitted over the internet cannot be deciphered or read by third party software or humans. It also uses authentication protocols to ensure that only computers which are given access to the network, can access it.

Hope you found this list useful, What is the VPN solution you have use? Please don’t forget to share with me in comments.

Exchange Monitoring – Monitor Exchange Server #monitoring #exchange


Exchange Server Monitoring Means Less Troubleshooting

Plan for mailbox database capacity

View mailbox database size including volume usage, transaction log size, and file size. This helps determine overall capacity constraints. You can drill into individual mailbox details to determine if a large mailbox should be moved to another database to load balance capacity.

Automatically collect stats and get alerted about issues so you can troubleshoot with real-time and historical performance data.

Proactively identify storage performance issues

When storage volumes run out of available disk space, it leads to issues where Exchange can t store additional emails. Planning your disk storage for Exchange server is critical because high disk latency leads to performance issues.

For optimum storage performance, it s essential for admins to consider:

  • Deploying high performance disks and spindles.
  • Selecting the right RAID configuration.
  • Improving performance by aligning your disks.

Stay ahead of mail storms

Mail storms can come from applications, viruses, and large email aliases. By monitoring all aspects of Exchange (the Hub Transport Server, Mailbox Server, Edge Transport server and the CAS) you can receive alerts about issues in advance, before Exchange stops working.

Quickly troubleshoot user mailbox issues

Instead of running a script to find usage details for a specific user, you can find user details by typing the user’s name into the search bar in the Users By % Mailbox Quota Used widget. Within seconds, you can troubleshoot the user’s issue. Drilling into the user’s details, you can view the number and size of mailbox attachments, mailbox synced devices, and sent/received mail trends, which can indicate a spam issue with the user’s account. With this information, you can also report on user mailbox details to clean up the mailbox database.

Social Media Monitoring #tracks #social #media #monitoring


Social Media Monitoring Services

Get a handle on what people are saying about your brand

Millions are talking. Our Social Media Monitoring helps you track what they’re saying. This fast-growing virtual-communication realm is exploding with information about your brand. CSC ® Digital Brand Services Social Media Monitoring identifies, tracks, and consolidates all social media mentions of your brands and trademarks.

CSC can also help you proactively register social media usernames and manage all your social media assets in one place. With your credentials secured and centralized, you can be sure your social presence is protected. And when infringing content or usernames are detected, CSC’s online Enforcement Team is there to help you enforce your rights.

  • Social Media Username Registration and portfolio management. This subscription service offers you an effective, worry-free way to register and maintain vanity URLs on key social media sites, as well as new and emerging ones. CSC’s web-based portfolio management platform provides a central and secure database for all of your social media account registration information alongside your domain names and other digital assets.
  • Social Media Brand Monitoring. This powerful service helps you discover what consumers are saying about your brands. Social Media Monitoring is a subscription-based service that provides focused, detailed reporting on all social media mentions of your brands and trademarks—from online posts, to blogs, tweets, articles, and other social media mentions. Data is refreshed every four hours, every day, or every week, according to your needs. Built on CSC’s unified monitoring platform, NameProtect ®. our Social Media Monitoring platform includes such features as sentiment analysis (both positive and negative), results consolidated by author, and the ability to query against the depth and breadth of results.
  • Social media abuse. Our Enforcement Team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of content removal. which varies from platform to platform, but is available across many of the bigger social media networks. The lack of a governing board or organization overseeing ownership means that each social media outlet has specific terms of service that must be followed when registering or attempting to recover handles. Social media site guidelines tend to be geared towards consumers, but when you encounter brand abuse or trademark infringement on social media sites, our Enforcement Team can often help you take defensive action.

Expert advice. Smarter decisions.

Our Brand Advisory Team provides complimentary advice and analysis to ensure that your brand and intellectual property are protected in the social media channel. We:

  • Develop a username registration strategy, including recommendations for future-proofing usernames
  • Centralize and safeguard the management of your social media usernames
  • Formulate a social brand monitoring program
  • Create a framework for mitigating different types of brand abuse detected on social media

For more information on social media monitoring services, please complete the form to the right.

Read more

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UltraVNC VNC OFFICIAL SITE, Remote Access, Support Software, Remote Desktop Control Free Opensource #remote #desktop #connection, #remote #desktop #software,, #remote #control #software, #remote #control, #remote #computer #access, #vnc, #computer #remote #control, #remote #access #system, #pc #remote #control, #windows #remote #access, #vpn #software,remote #control #software, #pc #remote #access,remote #pc #access, #vpn,remote #access #security, #remote #desktop #access, #remote #pc #software, #remote #access #vpn, #remote #desktop #connection, #remote #support #software, #remote #support #tool, #remote #desktop, #remote #administration, #elearning, #remote #desktop #sharing, #remote #monitoring


Ultra VNC remote access tools

WARNING: NOT owned by us.
Please update links to

Ultra VNC is a powerful, easy to use and free – remote pc access softwares – that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen. The program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely. It means that you can work on a remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it, right from your current location.

VNC, the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) allows a desktop to be viewed and controlled remotely over the Internet. A VNC server must be run on the computer sharing the desktop, a VNC client must be run on the computer that will access the shared desktop.

UVNC Software Products

Supported operating systems

-95**, 98**, Me**, NT4** (only supported with the old v1.0.2)
-2000 (need the w2k exe)
-XP, 2003, Vista. Win7, win 8, win 8.1, win 10, Windows Server 2003, Server 2003 R2, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2
Its embedded Java Viewer allows you to connect (and make File transfers) from a simple Web Browser on any system supporting Java (Linux, Mac OS. ) to an Ultra VNC server.
Pchelpware and uvnc2me require XP or later.


All VNCs Start from the one piece of source (See History of VNC ), and should follow the RFB protocol for their communications (some rather loosley). This common start point means that most of the vnc flavours (variants) available today “usually” talk nicely together, allowing for easy cross platform desktop sharing to occur.
Pchelpware and uvnc2me are not rfb compatible

remote pc access software

If you provide computer support, you can quickly access your customer’s computers from anywhere in the world and resolve helpdesk issues remotely! With addons like SingleClick your customers don’t even have to pre-install software or execute complex procedures to get remote helpdesk support.

Who Should Use UltraVNC

Anyone who needs to support local or remote Windows users will find UltraVNC Products are must-have tools UltraVNC Products have been specifically designed to answer the needs of:

  • Help desk (Internal External)
  • IT departments
  • Remote Computer Support companies
  • Remote Computer Access
  • Remote demonstration
  • eLearning, classroom control
  • Individuals that want to help their relatives and friends, or access their home PC from work or cybercafes

UltraVNC is free for ALL usage.
ALL=this include commercial usage

About Us

We are a small team of highly motivated and cool people 🙂
Our goal is to make the more powerful, user-friendly and no-brainer free Remote Control software available.

UltraVNC is Free and distributed under the terms of theGNU General Public License.

Thanks to Jim ( ) for his help getting the new website up and running

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For technical questions, use the forum first.

Home Security Systems #business #alarm #monitoring #companies


Total Security and Fire Protection Systems Backed by Bay Alarm

Your Bay Alarm Solution

Security is all we do. That’s why our expertise is unmatched. We’re a family-owned, locally-operated business three generations strong. Our employees live in the neighborhoods we serve, so we have deep relationships wth local police and fire departments. We know the local codes. And we know how to deliver fast, personalized service to our customers. We’ve built our reputation on it.

You’re The Parent Now

You’re The Parent Now

New baby? We take care of all your home security needs so you can focus your attention on your new arrival.

You’re New To The Neighborhood

You’re New To The Neighborhood

Rest assured knowing we’ve been here for years. We even know your local law enforcement officers by name.

Your Pets Are Your Family

Since 1946, homeowners like you have relied on Bay Alarm for security systems that protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. Here’s what we can do for you.

24/7 Local Alarm Monitoring

Our Monitoring Center leads the industry for home security monitoring, with extensively trained agents, 5-Diamond Certification, FM Approval, UL listing and a fully redundant backup monitoring center.

Alarm Systems

Our industry-leading home alarm systems come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, one-year warranty, and 24-hour emergency repair service.

Home Automation

Control your home security system, lights, locks, and thermostat remotely, right from your smartphone or mobile device.

Doorbell Cameras

Add an extra measure of security to your home with the SkyBell camera doorbell. See, hear, and speak to whoever’s at your door—from wherever you are.

Fire Alarms And Smoke Detectors

Rest easy knowing our trained home security professionals monitor your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors 24/7.

Patrol And Response

Our Agents are trained to assist police. They’ll check your home when you travel. They’ll even provide safety escorts to your door in many neighborhoods we serve.

Security Cameras

Get the security of properly installed home surveillance cameras from Bay Alarm.

“The system that your company installed is working perfectly and we are very happy with our system. I wanted to thank you and your installers personally for a great job, all the work was done professionally and exactly as contracted. If you need a great review or reference, let us know.”

Boys and Girls Clubs

Bay Alarm is a proud sponsor of the Boys and Girls Clubs. Community involvement is a key part of Bay Alarm s culture and business approach. We join with our neighbors in supporting local youth.

Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC)

Bay Alarm provides the Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center in California with scholarships for prospective law enforcement officers. With this assistance, those at the beginning of their careers can get the training they need, and start a career keeping the public safe.


NetOne unites the best independently owned security companies in the nation and we are proud to be a part of this important professional organization. Our expertise is strengthened through networking with our partners in security.

What are the benefits of having a monitored burglar/fire system?

Our Monitoring Center is staffed with Bay Alarm’s own industry-leading highly trained professionals who can dispatch the proper authorities within seconds of an emergency. We are UL-listed and Five Diamond Certified. We can even help identify and prevent false alarms, saving you the trouble of irritated neighbors or false alarm fees.

Why can’t I buy a system over the phone or online?

Security systems shouldn’t be one size fits all. That’s why we insist on sending one of our security experts to your property instead of just showing up to install. This way you end up with a customized security system that suits you and your property’s needs.

Can I arm and disarm my system from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can! We offer a service called Bay Alarm Connect™ (formerly Total Connect) that connects a free app for your mobile device.

TEAMWired Commercial Fire Alarm in Houston 281-345-9474 #houston,access #control,security,camera,fire #alarm, #alarm,installation,inspection,monitoring,install,service,repair



Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Quality Services

TEAMWired has been providing the Houston Metropolitan area with Access control, Fire and Security Alarm services since 2007. In our growth we have taken on a larger sales force, more numerous technicians and a design TEAM. See/Print our latest brochure

Our team is comprised of skilled technicians, a knowledgeable sales force, dedicated management and certified designers. All members exude a skill base of knowledge, accuracy, skill, and productivity.

TeamWired has 24/7 emergency service members and equipment on loan while parts are ordered or customer’s equipment is being repaired to prevent any downtime. This is a TEAMWired service that is unmatched.

From sales and installation to service and monitoring we are courteous and thoughtful to our clients’ needs. Providing this service helps us achieve one of the best reputations in the industry. We recognize that true service starts with listening to our customers. Let us know how we can serve you better!


We install fire alarm systems and have monitoring and inspection for fire alarm systems. We are a leading Houston fire alarm company.


We install, maintain and upgrade camera systems to the latest DVR or NVR equipment.


Our Access Control. from magnetic locks to motion sensors to access cards to exit buttons.

Design and Engineering

Our Fire Alarm Design. We design fire alarm systems for architects,engineers,fire alarm companies and property owners. See our Design Flyer.

Our Services


Protecting your belongings and preventing personal injury by staying within code is always #1.


With a good camera system and nvr or dvr you can have evidence of any event within the scope of the camera angle.


Your keypad or card reader with an electronic door lock give you the peace of mind knowing no one enters without identification.

Real User Monitoring – powerful real-time transaction monitoring from Correlsense, java performance monitoring tool.#Java #performance #monitoring #tool


Real User Monitoring

SharePath Real User Monitoring (RUM) Express provides a real-time view into the actual experience of your end-user, including availability, response times, and service levels. This free, enterprise-class software helps isolate problems and pinpoint bottlenecks in your data center, network, or online application.

Monitor all transactions 24×7 for visibility into the true end-user experience and know whether any applications require immediate attention.

Supports multiple applications for approximately 85% less than other comparable real user monitoring solutions.

Apple iOS Encryption

Apple has announced that with iOS8, which was made available to the public on September 17, Apple no longer stores the encryption key of the device so that the device can be unlocked by law enforcement. This encryption architecture is important for the corporate reader to understand, to help protect corporate assets. So I thoughtRead More

Java Bytecode Instrumentation: An Introduction

This post is not a usual one since I simply want to address a technical question: “what is Java bytecode instrumentation (BCI)” and also explain what can and can’t be done with BCI regarding the problem of transaction tracing. It’s just that I’ve been asked about it again and again, and there is a real confusionRead More

APM Transaction Topology Mapping

Here we explain how SharePath Transaction Topology Mapping works and how it lets users pinpoint performance problems in an application and automatically map components in an architecture through auto discovery. What is transaction topology mapping? A topology is a directional graph that shows how objects are related to each other. In terms of performance monitoring, aRead More

Enterprise Application Performance and Real User Monitoring

In the perfectly elastic, brand new, and unfortunately mythical enterprise that we mentioned earlier, all applications were developed using Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby, or another modern environment. It is certainly true that there are many Enterprise Application Performance and Real User Monitoring tools that work well for new or existing applications written on one ofRead More

Software Application Performance

How do you escape from good Enough island? Most people start with a fresh look at their strategy, architecture, and software portfolio. They do a white board exercise and design a cloud-centered, standards-based, open source, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, NaaS, everything-as-a-service environment. That’s the fun part. Then they map the “as is” to the “toRead More

Redefining Application Performance

Remember three-second response times? In the days when everyone wore a suit to work, application performance was measured in seconds. Any response time less than three seconds was a victory. At five seconds, the telephone calls began. More than that and there was bound to be a meeting. As an experiment, Google application performance. You will get more thanRead More

The Top 3 Reasons an Application Hangs

Do you experience application hang problems? If so, read this article to discover the top 3 reasons applications hang and cause slow performance. If you have been in the IT industry long enough, you probably know this story well. The application works fine, then, suddenly, the application hangs with no apparent reason. You restart theRead More

Performance and Real User Monitoring Basic Statistics and Google Sheets

In order to have a better understanding about performance and real user monitoring, one should have some understanding of statistics. (This is increasingly true as that is the technology that drives analytics.) The most basic statistics are the average, standard deviation, and the variance. Here we explain those in the simplest possible manner (so thoseRead More

Error-handling: A Fable in Code

One of my favorite domains to review in existing applications, because it tends to be so error-ridden, is error-handling. Too many programmers regard a language s exception-handling syntax as a solution rather than just a mechanism, so error-handling tends to be misguided or at least neglected. A little more attention in this area often paysRead More

Safety of WebSockets and Other Advanced Parts of HTML5

Is it OK to use WebSockets? Absolutely. Why, then, reader Klaas Hemstra wonders, did I write in The Dangers of HTML5: WebSockets and Stable Standards that the WebSocket protocol is an unstable spec ? The short answer is that this was the best I know in March 2011 when I wrote these words; the preceding hyperlinkRead More

Cloud-based Monitoring Service for Servers, Networks, Websites and Web Services, SaaS Monitoring #uptime #monitoring #service


Cloud-Based IT Systems Monitoring
Made easy and affordable

Take advantage of a modern hosted monitoring software

  • On-premise and cloud-based systems monitoring – a physical server in-house or AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or DigitalOcean off in the clouds, Anturis can monitor it all.
  • Seamless agent-based and agent-less monitoring – configuring external monitoring of web services and websites and internal monitoring of servers, applications and networks takes only a matter of minutes.
  • Centralized monitoring – monitor multiple data centers in different geographical locations from a single dashboard.
  • Scalability – easily add as many infrastructures and components as you require, and streamline them for different tasks, departments, offices, or clients.
  • Smart notifications Anturis offers customizable email, SMS, and voice call alerts and employs techniques that eliminate false alerts and alert spam .

Anturis as a server monitoring service

  • Track important server performance metrics. CPU usage, CPU load, RAM, disk space, disk usage, SMART attributes.
  • Quick and easy agents installation – set up server monitoring by simply running a single shell command or through a standard Windows installer wizard.
  • In-house and cloud-based servers – monitor physical Windows and Linux in-house servers as well as virtual servers or containers off in the cloud.
  • Analyze historical and real-time server statistics Anturis monitoring tool helps you to get the information you need to keep your entire infrastructure in top shape through network maps, charts, tables, dashboards and periodical reports.

Anturis as a network monitoring service

  • Network devices monitoring. Ping, SNMP devices, printers.
  • Network channel quality monitoring. packet loss, jitter, latency.
  • Network interface monitoring. traffic, packets, errors, discards.
  • A wide range of network protocols. ICMP, HTTP, TCP, SSH, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3.
  • Infrastructure schema view with impact-dependencies modeling – create meaningful and logical dependencies between network components.

Anturis as a website monitoring service

  • Multiple monitoring locations – Anturis has global coverage to ensure that your websites, applications and services are available from different regions and countries.
  • Website uptime monitoring
  • Response time monitoring
  • SSL/TLS Certificate expiration monitoring
  • Body and header content monitoring
  • Full page load monitoring
  • Web transactions monitoring

Anturis as an application monitoring service enables you to monitor:

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Remote Monitoring Auto Dialer #alarm #systems #without #monitoring


The Perfect Remote Monitoring Solutions

Instant Pump Alarm Notifications Plus Data-Logging for Remote Equipment

OmniSite systems are tried and true; trusted by over 1,300 government utilities and municipal organizations across the US and Canada.

Our cellular telemetry powered remote monitoring devices provide data logging and real-time monitoring in one easy to use package.

With OmniSite, you ll not only have top notch reliability and service, but an economical solution that saves you time and money .

Compare Our Costs VS. Other Systems

When compared to up-front fees, annual SCADA system maintenance, PLC upgrades, and software licenses, OmniSite saves municipalities thousands of dollars. Stop wasting time and money on SCADA features you won t use and switch to an OmniSite Remote Monitoring Solution.

Download our Worksheets to Calculate Your Cost Savings

Need to Integrate with an Existing System?

OmniSite cellular monitoring systems can act as an economical backup or expansion to your traditional SCADA system, without sacrificing features or service. From backup controls to data-logging and real-time pump alarm notifications, OmniSite fits most projects and budgets. Simply install OmniSite on your equipment and you’re part of our reliable cellular network.

OmniSite s full line of remote monitoring and notification systems come standard with budget friendly, but rock-solid, operation. Click the images below to learn more about each of the products.

Crystal Ball

Quick and Easy Installation

Our systems make field installation fast and efficient. All of our systems can be installed in under 4 hours, compared to weeks or months for a traditional SCADA installation. The installation savings alone should make the switch to OmniSite a no-brainer. Our systems can be installed by anyone! From the technical genius to a technician splicing their first wire, we have a system anyone can install, setup, and maintain.

All Software is Included

After installation you simply go online and finish programming through our GuardDog web interface, no custom software installations. Just open your browser and complete two simple steps: (1) Create a “call out” list for alarm notifications. (2) Create the alarm triggers for each input channel of our equipment. Fill out a few online forms to completely program your device; no ladder logic or custom software development needed.

How Our
Technology Works

We re In The Cloud

The OmniSite system is completely cloud based. This means all software and data is stored outside of your facility on our secure server. This saves you time, money, and energy because you don’t have to mess with software, servers, IT staff, or the electricity costs of running powerful SCADA servers.

Data Security and Reliability

We ve built a secure infrastructure to ensure your data is safe from web threats such as hackers, trojans, and viruses as well as natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

There are also physical security safe guards such as a single point of entry, keycard and biometric screening and video surveillance throughout. All data has electrical and communications backup sytems so we can provide access to data 24/7, no matter the situation.

Reach Remote Locations

We can go where other monitoring solutions can’t. Our reliable cellular network blankets the nation. OmniSite systems reach distant pump, lift, well, and flare stations without running expensive telecommunications lines.

Real Time Alarm Notifications and Data Logging

OmniSite using the local Cellular Network automatically logs every state change that triggers an alarm. Real time alerts are sent each devices “call out” list. The notifications can be customized to send out a text, email, and/or phone call to 15 people in your organization. Need to delay a notification? OmniSite can handle that. Need to be notified right away? OmniSite specializes in real-time alerts and notification systems. Our remote equipment monitoring system is completely customizable to your project .

Access Data From Anywhere and at Anytime

Don’t get locked into centralized systems with limited availability. Access your secure web-based portal from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Program your device, see current and historical alerts and notifications, see important run-time data or run reports anytime you need to. Our devices collect valuable information, so municipalities and organizations can make educated decisions on deploying technicians, which saves time and money.

The simplicity of the system, reliability of cellular connectivity and the increase in monthly savings, coupled with the volume of information and enhanced control I now have over my systems, made the OmniSite Crystal Ball solution the remote monitoring system of choice for us.

Tom Miller, Landfill Supervisor, Waste Management

One of our cost savings with OmniSite is paying less overtime for call ins for pump issues. We are getting emails and texts that alert us to pump issues while operators are on duty. This allows us to be proactive with issues before major problems arise. Omnisite’s ease of installation and setup has allowed our maintenance personnel to install units on their own, program notifications to whomever may need them at any time, and swap out any parts without calling in for outside service help.

Karrie Hutson, Plant Chief Operator, Noblesville Utilities

I purchased my first SmarteLight this week and installed it yesterday. I cannot say enough good things about your sales and tech. support staff. I found them to be very easy to reach and very knowledgeable and helpful. Installation and set up was very user friendly, and the light met all expectations. I have about two dozen different systems and hope to install one on each. I believe the product and the GuardDog service are reasonably priced and again thank you for your kind service.

Jeff Brown, General Manager of Operations, W.R. Willis Rentals

Nagios XI – Easy Network, Server Monitoring and Alerting #network #monitoring #software, #monitoring #software, #server #monitoring, #application #monitoring, #network #monitoring #tools, #network, #monitoring, #system #metrics, #nagios, #xi, #nagios #xi


Enterprise Server and Network Monitoring Software

License Levels

Nagios XI is available in three different license levels: 100 Node, 200 Node, and Unlimited Node. A node is anything with an IP address or domain that you would like to monitor (switches, routers, firewalls, workstations, and other network devices). There are no restrictions on the number of services that can be monitored. Each license includes twelve months of maintenance (upgrade entitlements) and email support.

Standard Edition vs. Enterprise Edition

Nagios XI is available in two different editions: Standard Edition and an Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition provides users with additional functionality and includes features that are designed to aid in large-scale configuration, forecasting, and scheduled reporting. Each license includes twelve months of maintenance (upgrade entitlements) and email support.

  • Easy Configuration Wizards
  • GUI Configuration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Enhanced Visualizations
  • Custom User Dashboards
  • Custom User Views
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Custom Actions
  • Dashboard Deployment
  • Notification Escalations

Buy Now

  • Everything in Standard Edition Plus:
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Capacity Planning Reports
  • Web-Based Server Console Access
  • Bulk-Modification Tools
  • Audit Logging
  • Notification Deployment
  • SLA Reports
  • Scheduled Pages
  • Automated Host Decommissioning

Buy Now

*Note: Enterprise Edition licenses require annual renewal of Maintenance & Support – or – Maintenance-Only contract.

Already have Nagios XI and looking to renew? View our renewal plans .

Frequently Asked Questions

The Nagios XI system is comprised of two categories of licensed code: 1) Open Source foundation cores and components like Nagios Core, PNP, and NDOUtils and 2) the Nagios XI UI and system frameworks. The Nagios XI UI and system frameworks are released under a commercial license and contain some code used under license by Nagios Enterprises that cannot be released under an OSS license. Purchasing a Nagios XI license grants you a perpetual license to use the XI UI and system frameworks, including the licensed code.
Learn more about Nagios XI license levels.

Yes! Nagios XI is available free of charge for monitoring small environments. Nagios XI installations with a free license are limited to monitoring seven (7) hosts (nodes). There is no limitation on the number of services that can be monitored with a free license. Students may qualify for increased or unrestricted monitoring limits based on their needs and qualifications.
Download Nagios XI and try it for free.

Nagios XI is supported by our team of professionals. Forum and email support are included in the base license price for Nagios XI. Optional phone support contracts are available to customers who require additional support services.

Yes! We distribute Nagios XI as a virtual machine to ensure you get it up and running quickly. Manual installation is possible to physical servers running RHEL or CentOS and is available to customers that require it.

Yes! Migrating both standalone and distributed Nagios Core environments to Nagios XI is possible. Contact us if you would like professional assistance with migration.

Yes! Nagios XI is designed with extensibility in mind. Because it uses Nagios Core as a monitoring engine, you can use your custom Nagios plugins and event handlers, as well as community add-ons to extend XI s native functionality. Discover thousands of plugins for Nagios XI at the Nagios Exchange!

Yes! Many of our plugins and add-ons can work with either Nagios XI or Nagios Core and are released under an OSS license.

We think it means really great things for the long run. First, we re dedicated to maintaining and developing Nagios Core for the long term. Ethan Galstad original creator and Father of Nagios is actively involved in the design and development of XI and knows that its long-term success depends on a solid foundation of proven, Open Source components like Nagios Core. We believe Nagios XI benefits the Open Source project by providing increased resources and further improvements in terms of scalability and extensibility. Nagios is more than just the OSS monitoring core it s an entire ecosystem of thousands of add-ons, extensions, and contributors worldwide. We will continue to further expand and contribute to the community as the result of our work with Nagios XI and our customers.

Nagios XI is available in two different editions: Standard Edition and an Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition provides users with additional functionality and includes features that are designed to aid in large-scale configuration, forecasting, and scheduled reporting. Each license includes twelve months of maintenance (upgrade entitlements) and email support.

Workplace Options #external #website #monitoring


Labor Solutions is a suite of products
designed to provide unique technology-based
support for the evolving workforce.

  • Work-life balance solutions as enhancements
    to Employee Assistance Programs, or as
    economical, stand-alone company benefits.

  • Telephonic referrals to local, qualified
    child and elder care providers.

  • Individual employee support and company-wide
    testing and analytics.

  • Knowledgeable guidance from attorneys and
    financial experts.

  • Keep your EAP current and competitive.

  • Stay connected with employees around the

  • Tools for HR and management to help companies
    run more smoothly.

  • ADT Home Security System Specials #adt #home #security, #adt #monitoring, #alarm #monitoring, #adt #deals, #adt #offers, #adt #specials, #adt #alarm #system


    0nly $99 Installation Fee

    Having ADT Home Security Means Feeling Safe At Home

    Having an ADT monitored home security system means feeling secure when the family is at home or away, this is because ADT is the number one home security company protecting families. This is a company that believes technology is an investment against home break-ins and other dangers, such as smoke, fire or carbon monoxide.

    The protection begins with six ADT monitoring centers, the monitoring centers have the latest equipment available and when your adt alarm system alerts the monitoring center, a well trained agent is there to alert the authorities to the emergency. This can give a family peace of mind whether they are at home sleeping or away on vacation, the family members, their home and possessions will be safe if there is an emergency.

    One of the reasons why ADT is the number one company in home security protection is the ADT monitoring centers, ADT has six monitoring centers and this means your call will be answered immediately. This includes situations like blackouts, when the lights go off or the telephone lines are down in an area there is another monitoring center ready to take over. That means the home and family still have the same great home security protection with monitoring incase of an emergency and that is a secure feeling.

    How ADT Monitoring Helps to Protect Homes And Families

    ADT is a company that focuses on giving families the best protection possible and for this reason they use the latest technology in their equipment both in the home and at the monitoring centers.

    It also means when there is an emergency and the home alarm signals the monitoring center they are prepared for emergencies and the proper authorities will be sent to the home. This leaves the family time to exit the home from smoke or fire and get to safety knowing the authorities will arrive soon. One other thing this may do for many families is that it could help lower their home insurance premiums. This gives the insurance company security that will be shown in the cost of the home insurance. Having an ADT monitored home security system can give a secure feeling to your home and family. click here to order ADT home security monitoring.

    Have Questions?
    Our Home Security Consultants Can Help!

    Call Today: 1-877-218-9672

    Consultants Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am-1:00am EST
    Sat 9:00am-12:00am EST
    Sun 10:00am – 10:00pm EST

    Copyright 2011-2015

    *Next day installation subject to availability in your area. $99.00 Customer Installation Charge. 36-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $35.99 per month ($1,223.64). Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic check. Offer applies to homeowners only. Local permit fees may be required. Satisfactory credit history required. Certain restrictions may apply. Offer valid for new ADT Authorized Dealer customers only and not on purchases from ADT Security Services, Inc. Other rate plans available. Cannot be combined with any other offer List of ADT dealers click here

    ** To qualify for the Relocation Discount Guarantee, you must have been under contract with ADT for at least two years and your ADT account must be in good standing. You must also provide ADT with the name and telephone number of the new occupant of your former residence. This discount cannot be combined with any other offers and is valid for residential customers only. Alarm systems for businesses can be found at

    Actual system may vary from item pictured.

    Apple iOS app monitoring #synthetic #monitoring, #synthetics #monitoring, #availability #monitoring


    iOS app monitoring

    Optimize iOS app performance

    Dynatrace mobile application monitoring enables you to monitor the stability, performance, and usage of your mobile apps in real-time. Start to monitor your mobile iOS application with Dynatrace and these easy steps :

    • Select your platform: Apple iOS
    • Select Cocoapods as method of dependency management
    • Modify your podfile
    • Add application identification keys to your Info.plist file.
    • Build and run your app

    Improve mobile user experience

    Dynatrace is here to help you with integrated monitoring of both your mobile apps and your backend services. Dynatrace makes it easy to find the root cause of a problem within minutes, enabling you to proactively avoid negative reviews of your app!

    Get to know your user base: Have a high percentage of returning users?

    Dynatrace iOS app analytics monitor and track:

    • Users / sessions
    • New users
    • App version distribution
    • Geographic regions

    Monitor your app s performance

    When it comes to mobile user experience, performance is key. You need to understand the level of performance that your customers perceive whether they re using an Android device or the latest iPhone. Dynatrace shows you:

    • Top HTTP requests
    • Number of HTTP requests
    • Error rate
    • HTTP requests size
    • Request time

    Poor HTTP performance can be an indication of an inefficient communication strategy. It can be a challenge to find the right balance between too many HTTP requests and payloads that are too large both lead to poor user experience. High HTTP error rates are often the result of backend infrastructure issues. Dynatrace helps you identify such bottlenecks.

    Sign up for Dynatrace today!

    Are you employing responsive design to create a mobile-friendly web experience? Beware that mobile-friendly doesn t always mean user-friendly. So, how do you avoid disaster?

    Join Dynatrace web performance experts Klaus Enzenhofer and Stefan Baumgartner to learn the basics of high-performance mobile development through the examination of real-world, performance-killing code examples. Topics covered include:

    • How to identify major issues within mobile page construction
    • Best practices for managing CSS and JavaScript
    • Things to consider when going global with your web application

    Check out our full library of 60+ on-demand webinars here!

    See the full picture, including your backend services

    Both native and hybrid mobile apps rely on backend service infrastructure of ever increasing complexity. Dynatrace automatically discovers your entire application stack with Smartscape technology. Findings are visualized in an interactive map that you can click through to access performance statistics for individual components.

    With smartscape. you see all the interdependencies within your environment from your apps all the way down to the underlying services, processes, hosts, and datacenters. By correlating events across all monitoring perspectives, Dynatrace is able to pinpoint the root cause of each detected problem in your application-delivery chain.


    Dynatrace has helped Mixvisor track down errors and gain insights on our architecture that we wouldn t of normally been able to spot. The alerts and real user monitoring are essential tools to help us deliver music to our customers.

    Understand how and why iOS app crashes occur

    With the ever-expanding number of potential device-type, language-resource, and device-resolution combinations, it s impossible to test your iOS app under all scenarios. Crashes are practically unavoidable.

    Dynatrace crash occurrence statistics show you the platforms and other criteria under which your iOS app crashes most frequently. Crash occurrence statistics are often a great early indicator of the root causes of issues.

    Mobile crash reports enable you to filter crash results based on app version. Crash reports even provide downloadable stack traces that pinpoint the causes of crashes. Percentages of happy, crash-free unique users are also listed. Dynatrace provides insights for:

    • Crashes
    • Affected users
    • Percentage of crash-free users
    • Crashes per minutes
    • Crash reports

    Start mobile app monitoring in under 5 minutes!

    Mobile App Performance Monitoring for Quality of Experience #mobile #app #performance #monitoring


    Mobile app performance monitoring

    Mobile application monitoring to evaluate user experience

    Mobile APM, a complete mobile application performance monitoring solution combines two key components:

    • Synthetic Monitoring (active monitoring). on real devices (iOS. Android ), to monitor a critical user journey 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Real-User Mobile Monitoring. an agent is embedded in your mobile application (iOS or Android SDK) to provide comprehensive coverage of mobile devices and usage cases.

    In addition to monitoring mobile apps, ip-label measurement robot address the need for testing mobile networks. Our Robots are available for installation on market-standard devices to perform cost-effective performance audits. Results are then displayed on Dataviz .

    Monitoring mobile app performance round the clock

    Test the availability of your mobile apps in a controlled context 24/7. Synthetic Monitoring is performed by navigating on Apple (iPhone/iPad) or Android devices emulating user behavior on a critical journey: opening the application, logging on with keyboard input, search actions, browsing, swipe navigation (down, right, left), etc.
    Mobile application KPIs are returned for each action, in addition to a screen and network capture whenever an error occurs, and an alert is generated if an incident occurs. Combined with metrics from mobile real-user monitoring (RUM). the diagnostics ip-label supplies are the richest on the market.

    Insights into the experience of each mobile real user

    Real-user monitoring of your mobile applications. By implementing ip-label’s mobile APM library. also called SDK (Software Development Kit), you dive deep into the internal workings of your application to observe how it behaves in real-life situations. The real-user app performance metrics gathered from actual usage cab be delivered on ‘native’ screens or via ‘webviews’.

    Breaking open the application black box, ip-label’s SDK also provides visibility into the operation of your app s calls to third-party services (web services, etc).

    Monitor mobile network coverage

    To check the quality of coverage in mobile situations (subsidiaries, in cars, and so on), ip-label offers two types of Mobile APM software:

    • Crowdsourcing based on simple downloading tests. The application which conducts this kind of mobile network performance testing is published on Google and Apple stores for mass market distribution.
    • A measurement robot embedded within your mobile app tests your business s target servers and usage cases. This robot is designed to be installed in real-user devices. for example those of your coworkers or ip-label consultants. Embedded measurement robots allow for fine configuration of targets and test types, and maintaining collection on an SaaS platform managed by ip-label.

    Rapid Response Monitoring #rapid #response #alarm #monitoring


    Rapid Response Monitoring, a company that makes an application to help dealers collect past due payments, recently added Rapid Response Monitoring as its first Affiliate Partner Program member, a program that specifically applies to companies with a central station.

    The application uses text messages and emails to notify customers of past due balances and gives them a link to either send a one-time payment toward that balance or set up a payment plan, depending on their contract.

    The idea behind ItsPayd is to help companies with collecting past due payments, but in a more friendly way that preserves the customer relationship and ultimately reduce attrition. “We can actually have the greatest impact on improving customer experience at the least likely moment, and that’s at the past due space,” Ken Green, company CEO, told Security Systems News .

    “We’ve got one of our customers, who’s a [security] dealer—they’ve reduced attrition by 40 percent,” Green said. “We’ve recovered over 50 percent for them within the first 30 days.” The company benefited even more by maintaining the relationship and keeping these customers on, he said. does about 90 percent of its work with security companies, mostly security dealers and monitoring centers.

    Rapid dealers receive discounts on ItsPayd’s monthly subscription fee, through Rapid being a part of the Affiliate Partner Program. The Affiliate Partner Program specifically applies to third party monitoring centers and full-service companies with central stations. ItsPayd is currently looking to get more members in the program, according to Green.

    ItsPayd is currently working on an integration platform with MKS, to be completed around the end of the summer, Green said.

    ItsPayd was founded last year and went to beta with its product in August 205. The company went live with its offering in January 2016.

    Yesterday, May 21, I headed down to this year’s Northeast Security Systems Contractors Expo, in Marlborough, Mass. It was great to catch up with some of the companies I met at ISC West, and meet some new ones. In central stations, the biggest theme I heard about was that regional shows help monitoring centers get to know their dealers, in person and face-to-face.

    Just as I was starting my first lap of the show floor, I briefly met Russ Ryan, organizer for the show.

    After that, I ran into Jessica DaCosta, director of sales for ESA, and chatted about the upcoming ESX show.

    I also met with Worthington Distribution’s Nolan Male, director of training. Worthington is a security disitributor based in Tafton, Penn. in the northeast part of the state.

    I met with a few members of the Affiliated Monitoring team out in Vegas last month, but at this show I got to meet Jesse Rivest, company territory manager. Rivest was recognized as one of SSN’s “20 under 40,” Class of 2013. He mentioned that the Northeast Security Systems Contractors Expo is a good way to stay in touch with current dealers, and get to know prospective ones.

    At Alarm Central’s booth, I got to meet the company’s vice president, Kerry-Anne McStravick. She told me about the benefits of being a smaller central station—Alarm Central monitors around 40,000 accounts, she said—like getting to know dealers on a more personal basis. Alarm Central is based in Quincy, Mass.

    When I spoke with All American Monitoring at ISC West, I heard about its new offering: cameras under the company’s MeyeView brand. Lisa French, national sales representative, and Laura Hutchinson, national dealer support, told me that there had been a great response to the cameras since their announcement last month at ISC West and during demos at this expo.

    Rapid Response is another company I got to meet at ISC West, but it was great to see Danial Gelinas, Bryan Bardenett, company senior account manager, and Ron Crotty, in charge of new business development/corporate training. Bryan told me that a big benefit to regional shows is getting to know dealers in their area, and hearing about the issues and concerns affecting that area.

    I got the chance to briefly catch up with COPS Monitoring. Bart Weiner, COPS’ senior account executive, also mentioned the benefit of regional shows to connect on a more personal level with dealers and “put names to faces.”

    I stopped by Centra-Larm’s booth. Scott Mailhot, company VP of operations, and I talked about the eye-catching booth design, which I could recognize from the sidewalk—before even entering the show. This booth design is the same one that made its premier at ISC West last month.

    Daniel Shaw is the assistant central station manager for NEXgeneration Central, based in Providence, R.I. He told me a bit more about the company, defining the footprint for its 35,000 accounts as predominantly on the east coast.

    Keith Jentoft, president of RSI Video Technologies, walked me through the company’s various camera models and the variety of places they can be applied.

    Tom Camarda, national sales executive for U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corp. gave me a demo of the monitoring center’s recent integration with SmartTek, putting a GPS tracking and monitoring service into an app.

    My day in Marlborough ended by talking with Keith Jentoft again. This time we spoke a bit about PPVAR, and the importance of finding common definitions—like the Texas Police Chiefs Association did in early April .

    ESA just wrapped up its annual Day on Capitol Hill, bringing to the attention of lawmakers several topics of consequence for the security industry, including school security.

    The ESA has positioned itself as a partner with Security Industry Association in developing a comprehensive guide to help end users and legislators better understand what electronic security technologies they have at their disposal to bolster school security.

    “Most school districts don’t know what type of security to install, and many legislators don’t understand all the technology that’s out there and what exists,” said Daniel Gelinas, who attended the event in his capacity as government liaison for Rapid Response Monitoring. ESA’s Electronic Security Guidelines for Schools, he said, were designed as an authoritative resource to address that knowledge gap.

    The timing of the school security guide is especially good, in light of the latest appropriations act cleared by Congress in January. which contains $75 million in funding for assessing methods to improve school security.

    But ESA’s activities on the Hill weren’t limited just to school security matters. The association and industry members are also pushing for expanding the industry’s access to the FBI’s background check database, allowing security companies to better vet their employees for prior criminal activity.

    Gelinas said the pair of bills addressing this (one in the House, another in the Senate) would not be a mandate. Rather, if enacted, they would allow security companies in the 26 states without the licensing requirement for the database to access it.

    The organization was also in the Capitol promoting funding measures that would protect against elderly abuse through expanded use of video surveillance in nursing homes. Gelinas noted that this would not be a mandate for health care facilities, but would instead give concerned families the option to use electronic security systems to ensure that elderly relatives are getting proper medication and care.

    The final area of focus for ESA was getting Congress to back a balanced approach for smoke alarms and other early fire detection systems, putting them on “the same footing as sprinklers” when it comes to receiving tax incentives and government grants, Gelinas said. That would involve amending the Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act to include life safety, fire and smoke alarms.

    I plan to give more space to this final issue, and some of the aforementioned ones, in an upcoming legislative roundup.

    Credit Sesame – Free Credit Score – Monitoring on the App Store #credit #sesame, #free #credit #score # # #monitoring, #credit #sesame, #inc., #finance, #business, #ios #apps, #app, #appstore, #app #store, #iphone, #ipad, #ipod #touch, #itouch, #itunes


    Credit Sesame – Free Credit Score Monitoring

    Great marketing but the app is a fail

    by Juliana Marquez

    First of all, you can’t even see your credit report. They charge you to view it. Secondly, their commercial says the app puts together a plan for you; not true. The app simply tells you what’s your eligible for, example I had an offer from a credit card that might save me money in interest. it’s all a gimmick. There’s no way to actually have a plan like pay off this, pay off that, don’t apply for credit and your score will be approximately xxx. Unfortunately, this is a fail. There are better apps out there to help you with your credit. What a waste of time!

    I making changes now!

    I just found that when I started my new job it caused a lot of problems. I have always had good credit. They had issues with payroll and I was late on my house payment. Geez 35 % of my score! I just called mortgage and I’m sending them a goodwill/adjustment letter to possibly correct this. I would never have figured it out without you! Thanks

    Too many emails.

    I’d give this app 5 stars, if they didn’t slam me with useless email every day. Credit Karma is highly recommended.

    This app used to be great, but within the last month, it has gotten ridiculously bad.
    The number of accounts is WAY OFF. One thing I wish they’d do (that Credit Karma does) is show the reason why your credit score goes up or down. Not just show the number, but explain what made the number change.

    Customers Also Bought

    Performance Monitor Data into SQL Server tables – Tomas Lind #sql #server #performance #monitoring #counters


    Performance Monitor Data into SQL Server tables

    On a machine running SQL Server there are a lot of performance counters that can be used to create baselines or to investigate performance problems. Those specific to SQL Server can be sampled regularly from the system table sys.dm_os_performance_counters. But those belonging to the OS must be gathered in some other way. Since I m a SQL Server DBA, of course I want the counters saved to a table in SQL Server

    The command line tool Typeperf can be used to log performance monitor counters to different targets, one of those beeing SQL Server. This great article covers it all, showing in detail how to get performance monitor counters into SQL Server.

    In this blog post, I just want to sum up the basic steps and add some points about scheduling. For a more detailed description, check out the article Collecting Performance Data into a SQL Server Table .

    Create the PerfMon database

    Typeperf will automatically create the necessary tables to log to, but the database must already exist. Create a database named PerfMon. I suggest that you use simple recovery model.

    Create an ODBC connection

    Typeperf only uses ODBC to connect to databases, so create a System DSN named PerfMonDS .

    Create a PerfMonConfig file

    The list of counters that will be sampled must be saved in a text file. Create the text file C:\PerfMon\PerfmonCounters.txt with the following content:

    It is up to you to decide what counters to sample, but those above are the ones I usually start with, assuming you already collect the SQL Server specific counters somewhere else. You could also add SQL counters to the list above if you like.

    Tip: to see a list of all available counters, type TYPEPERF -q at the command prompt.

    Create a SQL Agent job PerfMon

    The following command line command is used to start the sampling:

    -cf points to the file with counters.
    -si is the sampling interval, in the example above it is every 10 seconds. Default is 1.
    -sc is how many samples will be taken. The process shuts down when this many samples have been collected. Default is to run until stopped somehow.
    -f is the output file format. In the example above it is the ODBC connection created earlier. The !log1 is not a typo, leave it like that. (Read more about collection sets in the article mentioned above.)

    Create a SQL Agent job named PerfMon with a job step running the operating system command above:

    Performance Monitor To SQL Server SQL Agent Job Step

    Create a schedule for the job if you like. For instance, you can make the job start whenever SQL Agent starts:

    SQL Agent Start When Agent Starts

    If you skip the -sc parameter, the job will run until stopped.

    Create a SQL Agent job PerfMonPurge

    The TYPEPERF process can gather huge amounts of data if you re not careful. Make sure not to sample too often and to not run the job longer than necessary. As a way to keep the table size down, create a SQL Agent job that deletes samples older than a specified number of hours. Use the following SQL template:

    This will delete samples older than 24 hours.

    The number of rows in the dbo.CounterData depends on the machine it is running on. A lot of CPU cores and lots of disks will create more counters. Running the above on my laptop with two disks and one core for one hour resulted in 7180 rows.

    How to collect at specific times

    If you want to set up a collection of counters, say for 1 hour every day; create a SQL Agent job that starts TYPEPERF at the desired time. Secondly, you need to use the -sc parameter to limit the number of samples. If you sample every 10 seconds (the -si parameter), and you want to run for an hour that is: 6 per minute * 60 minutes = 360 samples.

    Querying the counters

    The following T-SQL can be used as a template to query the counters. It creates Max, Min and Avg aggregates per minute:

    TechNet has a list of all the windows performance counters. From that list on the counters used above:

    Memory\Available MBytes

    Shows the amount of physical memory, in Megabytes, immediately available for allocation to a process or for system use. It is equal to the sum of memory assigned to the standby (cached), free, and zero page lists.

    Paging File\% Usage

    Shows the greatest percentage of the paging file that was in use during the sample interval.

    PhysicalDisk\Avg. Disk Queue Length

    Shows the average number of both read and write requests that were queued for the selected disk during the sample interval.

    PhysicalDisk\Avg. Disk sec/Read

    Shows the average time, in seconds, of a read of data from the disk.

    PhysicalDisk\Disk Read Bytes/sec

    Shows the rate, in incidents per second, at which bytes were transferred from the disk during read operations.

    PhysicalDisk\Avg. Disk sec/Write

    Shows the average time, in seconds, of a write of data to the disk.

    PhysicalDisk\Disk Write Bytes/sec

    Shows the rate, in incidents per second, at which bytes were transferred to the disk during write operations.

    Processor\% Processor Time

    Shows the percentage of elapsed time that this thread used the processor to execute instructions. An instruction is the basic unit of execution in a processor, and a thread is the object that executes instructions. Code executed to handle some hardware interrupts and trap conditions is included in this count.

    System\Processor Queue Length

    Shows the number of threads in the processor queue. Unlike the disk counters, this counter shows ready threads only, not threads that are running. There is a single queue for processor time, even on computers with multiple processors. Therefore, if a computer has multiple processors, you need to divide this value by the number of processors servicing the workload. A sustained processor queue of greater than two threads generally indicates processor congestion.

    Posted by Tomas Lind

    Tomas Lind – Consulting services as SQL Server DBA and Database Developer at High Coast Database Solutions AB .

    Loan Guaranty Monitoring Unit – Home Loans #interest #rates #for #car #loans

    #home loan

    Home Loans

    Loan Guaranty Monitoring Unit

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Loan Guaranty Monitoring Unit is to protect the interests of the Government and the veterans we serve by ensuring that program participants process and close VA home loans in accordance with the law, regulations, and program directives.

    The VA Loan Guaranty Monitoring Unit was created in 1989 to perform oversight of VA lender operations through a program of performance audits. Lender audits are performed both onsite at lenders’ offices and at the Monitoring Unit’s office in Nashville, Tennessee. The audits include a review of loans to determine that the lender met VA requirements in the appraisal and valuation of property as well as the processing, underwriting, and closing of the home loan. Although the Unit has a current staff of 15 employees, it has performed approximately 1,500 lender audits since its inception.

    The results of Monitoring Unit audits include:

    • Obtaining refunds to veterans for unallowed charges and overcharges.
    • Ensuring that the homes which are security for loans meet VA minimum property standards.
    • Protecting the taxpayer against loss by obtaining indemnification for loan processing that clearly does not meet program requirements.
    • Recovering losses suffered on loan defaults that result from poorly processed loans that should not have been made.
    • Educating lenders about program requirements to improve the quality of loans.