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Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools for Windows 10, lan monitoring tools.#Lan #monitoring #tools


The Windows Club

Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools for Windows 10/8/7

It is best to use bandwidth and Internet usage monitoring tools when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers a limited quota for downloading and uploading. These tools not only monitor bandwidth and Internet usage or check the speed but also detect any suspicious network activity. This article lists some best programs for Windows 10/8/7, that are all very popular in the niche.

Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

ISP Monitor

ISP Monitor also allows you to check your Internet speed; after all, you should get the speed you actually pay for. Moreover, it offers real-time traffic monitoring. The built-in Traffic monitor displays current network speed via three different graphic modes. All three modes can be customized to suit your requirements.

In addition to all this, ISP Monitor displays the percentage used from your total quota and allows adjusting it before it reaches the threshold limit. For this, you need to set limits for download and upload by customizing the application’s settings. Optionally, you can choose to allow ISP Monitor to disconnect the Internet connection, once it reaches the limit. ISP Monitor is clean and does not contain any spyware or viruses.

Lan monitoring tools

Cucusoft Net Guard

Net Guard is free software to monitor your broadband usage and kill malware that wastes your bandwidth. It includes a small real-time floating window that indicates the real-time Internet Uploading and downloading speed.

The floating window can be hidden, or its opacity can be adjusted to make it transparent if it bothers a user. To hide or make the window transparent,

  • Right-click on the floating status window, #1.
  • Click on Opacity #2.
  • Select the opacity value you like. Then the floating status window will become transparent.

Lan monitoring tools

You can even set a traffic limit per month. How? Cucusoft Net Guard includes a ‘Forecast’ feature that automatically calculates the projected bandwidth usage for a month. Thus, you can easily determine whether your usage will exceed the limit for that month or not.

Lan monitoring tools

The program is compatible with all the later Windows versions, including Windows 8.


Lan monitoring tools

tbbMeter is a bandwidth meter to help you monitor your Internet usage. It allows you to see how much your computer is sending to and receiving from the Internet in real time. It also shows you how your Internet usage varies at different times of the day. This tool will help you to manage your usage to avoid incurring excess bandwidth fees or find your broadband provider slowing you down due to exceeding your monthly usage allowance.


Lan monitoring tools

FreeMeter is another very simple, easy-to-use portable network monitoring and diagnosis tool. Its main window graphically displays the data being transferred , to and fro, on your computer. It also includes many simple tools.

Find out what your Internet speed is, using these Internet Speed Tests.

Some of you might want to take a look at these tools too:

Home Security Systems and Installation – EMC Security #atlanta #security #monitoring


Home Security Systems

EMC Security is Georgia s security expert. Our affordable, professionally installed security systems are customized to your home and security needs, developed with the most technologically advanced equipment in the world, and fully serviced by our highly trained security technicians and customer service representatives.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We install a wide variety of dependable security systems and as a Honeywell Authorized Dealer, we are held to the highest level of standards. Our customers trust us to make sure their home is surrounded in EMC Security protection for ultimate peace of mind.

We recognize that every home in Atlanta is different. EMC Security provides free on-site consultations to ensure that we quote a home security system that s right for your home. Contact us today to set up your on-site consultation.

Home Alarm Monitoring

EMC Security is the only security company to offer Secure Path technology to help protect your home and loved ones in Georgia. The redundant or simultaneous monitoring which means that your home is connected to our central monitoring station here in Suwanee, GA and our reduntantly or simultaneously monitored center in Gainesville, FL.

Our monitoring centers are the most technologically advanced with the highest certifications and standards in the industry. Both stations are UL listed with CSAA Five Diamond Certification, providing you the fastest, most dependable protection available. Our average response time in 2016 was less than 14 seconds after an alarm activation!

Stay Connected and In Control

Remote Security Control

Protect and monitor your home anywhere you go from the palm of your hand with our groundbreaking mobile app.

This technology enables you to control your system through the use of an app on your smartphone or any web-enabled device such as your tablet or computer.

SmartHome Control

Have you ever left your house and wondered if you armed your system, turned off a light, or turned off the costly air conditioning or heating? How about when you can t remember locking the front door, or closing the garage doors? Have you ever wondered what you re teenage kids are doing when you re not home?

You can rest assured because you now have access to these conveniences from your smartphone, tablet, or computer:

Arm Disarm Your system from your smartphone

Control door locks garage doors from your smartphone

View live video of your children or pets from your smartphone

Save Money on Energy Bills

Select an icon below to see how easy it is to control your home

Our Commitment To You

We Earn Your Business Every Day

EMC Security believes that your alarm company should work hard to earn and keep your business. We have flexible purchasing options, so you are never required to sign a long-term alarm monitoring contract. Customer safety and customer service are our top priorities because we must earn your business every day.

State-of-the-art Services

Offering state-of-the-art services for intrusion alarms, monitoring and video surveillance, EMC Security delivers confidence and peace-of-mind by allowing you to use the latest technology to secure your family even when you re not there! An example of that is the scenario using your smartphone to know when your family comes and goes all from the palm of your hand.

Wireless Security Systems

Many home security systems rely on hard-wired, phone-line monitoring, leaving the home vulnerable to being disabled by cutting the phone line. EMC Security offers cellular solutions to protect homes with or without a phone line, assuring that your home and family are protected at all times.

Committed to Your Safety

EMC Security will work with you to assess your own unique security requirements for your home and your lifestyle. Our commitment to you and your family begins when we evaluate your security needs, surveying your living environment and habits to recommend one of the most critical pieces to protecting your home- your alarm system.

In parts 1 and 2 of our series on remodeling a home to make it safer for aging parents, we emphasized structural changes such as widening doorways and making floors slip-proof. Today, we’ll cover the kitchen. It’s important for senior citizens to be able to prepare a meal for themselves.

In part 1 of our Aging in Place serier, we discussed the preliminary steps to take when creating a safer home for parents that wish to stay in place as they age. However, mobility issues may make it necessary to remodel the home to accommodate a walker, wheelchair or electric scooter. Here.

This week is National Aging in Place Week, an event created by the National Aging in Place Council to help bring awareness to services available to seniors and their families to help them stay in their homes. A recent study by the Atlanta Regional Commission reports that most senior adults.

Contact Us

Call us at 770-963-0305 or complete the form below.

4 Good Open Source Log Monitoring and Management Tools for Linux, log monitoring open source.#Log #monitoring #open #source


4 Good Open Source Log Monitoring and Management Tools for Linux

by Aaron Kili | Published: December 25, 2015 | Last Updated: December 18, 2015

Log monitoring open source

4 Linux Log Monitoring and Management Tools

When an operating system such as Linux is running, there are many events happening and processes that run in the background to enable efficient and reliable use of system resources. These events may happen in system software for example the init process or user applications such as Apache, MySQL, FTP and many more.

In order to understand the state of the system and different applications and how they are working, System Administrators have to keep reviewing logfiles on daily basis in production environments.

You can imagine having to review logfiles from several system areas and applications, that is where logging systems come in handy. They help to monitor, review, analyzer and even generate reports from different logfiles as configured by a System Administrator.

In this article, we shall look at the top four most used open source logging management systems in Linux today, the standard logging protocol in most if not all distributions today is syslog.

1. Graylog 2

This is a fully integrated open source log management system that enables System Administrators to collect, index, and analyze both framed, systematic and disorganized data from just about any available source systems.

Log monitoring open source

Graylog Linux Log Management Tool

This logging system is highly pluggable and enables centralized log management from many systems. It is integrated with external components such as MongoDB for metadata and Elasticsearch used to keep logfiles and enable text search.

Graylog 2 has the following features:

  1. Ready for enterprise level production
  2. Includes a dashboard and an alerting system
  3. Can work on data from any log source
  4. Enables real time log processing
  5. Enables parsing of unstructured data
  6. Extensible and highly customizable
  7. Offers an operational data hub

For more information view the Graylog 2 website.

2. Logcheck

Logcheck is an open source log management system that helps System Administrators automatically identify unknown problems and security violations in logfiles. It periodically sends messages about the analysis results to a configured e-mail address.

Log monitoring open source

Logcheck Scans System Logs

Logcheck is designed as a cronjob on an hourly basis and on every system reboot by default. Three are different levels of logfile filtering are developed in this logging system which include:

  1. Paranoid: is intended for high-security systems that are running very few services as possible.
  2. Server: this is the default filtering level for logcheck and its rules are defined for many different system daemons. The rules defined under paranoid level are also included under this level.
  3. Workstation: it is for sheltered systems and helps to filter most of the messages. It also includes rules defined under paranoid and server levels.

Logcheck is also capable of sorting messages to be reported into three possible layers which include, security events, system events and system attack alerts. A System Administrator can choose the level of details to which system events are reported depending on the filtering level though this does not affect security events and system attack alerts.

Read more about it at the Development team s logcheck website

3. Logwatch

Logwatch is a Linux/Unix system logfile analyzer and reporter that can be easily customized and it also allows a System Administrator to add additional plugins, create custom scripts that serve specific logging needs.

Log monitoring open source

Logwatch Linux Log Analyzer

What it does is to review system logfiles for a given period to time and then generates a report based on system areas that you wish to collect information from. One feature of this logging system is that it is easy to use for new System Administrator and it also works on most Linux distributions available and many Unix systems.

Visit the project homepage of Logwatch

4. Logstash

Logstash is also an open source data collection and logging system available on Linux, which capable of real-time pipelining, which was originally designed for data collection but its new versions now integrated several other capabilities such as using a wide range of input data formats, filtering and also output plugins and formats.

Log monitoring open source

It can effectively unify data from various log source systems and normalize the data into targets of a System Administrators choice. Logstash also allows System Administrators to cleanse, compare and standardize all their logging data for distinct advanced analytics and also create visualization use cases as well.

Read more about it at Logstash website.


That is it for now and remember that these are not all the available log management systems that you can use on Linux. We shall keep reviewing and updating the list in future articles, I hope you find this article useful and you can let us know of other important logging tools or systems out there by leaving a comment.

What is network behavior analysis (NBA)? Definition from, corporate network monitoring.#Corporate #network #monitoring


network behavior analysis (NBA)

Corporate network monitoring

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Network behavior analysis (NBA) is a way to enhance the security of a proprietary network by monitoring traffic and noting unusual actions or departures from normal operation. Conventional intrusion prevention system solutions defend a network’s perimeter by using packet inspection, signature detection and real-time blocking. NBA solutions watch what’s happening inside the network, aggregating data from many points to support offline analysis.

Corporate network monitoring

Corporate network monitoring Corporate network monitoring

Download Now: Mobile Security Vendor Reviews and Ratings

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After establishing a benchmark for normal traffic, the NBA program passively monitors network activity and flags unknown, new or unusual patterns that might indicate the presence of a threat. The program can also monitor and record trends in bandwidth and protocol use. Network behavior analysis is particularly good for spotting new malware and zero day exploits.

A good NBA program can help a network administrator minimize the time and labor involved in locating and resolving problems. It should be used as an enhancement to the protection provided by the network’s firewall, intrusion detection system, antivirus software and spyware-detection program.

10 Best Open Source VPN Server Softwares #server #monitoring #open #source


10 Best Open Source VPN Server Softwares

Wondering how to have your own open source VPN server? Can you download free VPN server. There are plenty of options available as open source software. Setting up a VPN of your own can be really easy with open source VPN servers.

We have a round up of best open source VPN servers to setup up your own VPN. Unlike enterprise VPN solutions, using a open source VPN software will not cost you a fortune.

You can easily download VPN software on your computer and start using it for personal privacy. However, the VPN setup may be more involved if you are setting it up for your business.

Protecting your data is not easy on web. When you are doing business it becomes even more important to secure your confidential data from malicious hackers around the web. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the most effective way to secure your data. Many enterprises use VPN solutions to protect data from going into wrong hands.

VPN connections are important for business establishments because of the sensitivity of the data that are being transmitted across the web. It is quite easy to use snooping software to crack the connection and trap the packets that are being transmitted through the web.

Both wired and Wi-Fi connections don t allow the basic security of the data. VPN setup thus allow a secure connection which encrypts the data and ensures that it cannot be tapped into.

There are dozens of VPN server solutions available, some of them are free and most of them are paid. Below are some open source and free options to setup VPN server for your home or business.

It s an open source Virtual Private Network solution that is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems and offers a secure environment to connect to your network. OpenVPN allows simplified OpenVPN Connect UI, OpenVPN server capabilities and enterprise management capabilities. It also allows a secure environment for access to your private cloud network resources.

It s a wired VPN gateway which is a secure service for small companies for having their own private networks. The built in firewall allows secure remote access using PSec, OpenVPN (SSL), L2TP and PPTP VPN. One of the major benefits of Securepoint TERRA wired VPN gateway is its compatibility with other VPN systems.

It s a free open source VPN GUI which works between your computer at one end and the VN on the other end. It works for the Mac OS versions and is based on OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

It s a free open source VPN server which is based on Tomato 1.27. It offers automatic adding and removing of firewall rules as needed, Site-to-site tunnels creation sans custom configuration, option to redirect the internet traffic through the network tunnel and accept and push DNS options.

It s free VPN server which works with only Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows Vista (32bit). iPIG works seamlessly with major firewall software like Zonealarm or Norton Internet Security. It uses a powerful 256-bit AES encryption technology which ensures that your connection with any WiFi network or wired network is completely secure. iPIG can secure your data against any forms of snooping or spying technique. What s more, the iPIG server express edition allows up to 5 users free of charge.

LogMeIn Hamachi is a VPN server which supports both Windows and Mac OS systems to create a secure private network which can be created on demand across any internet connection, for both compute and mobile users. LogMeIn Hamachi can be managed across the web securely. LogMeIn Hamachi also offers multiple options for networking including Gateway Virtual Networking, Hub-and-spoke virtual networking and mesh networking. It works for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

It s a 64 bit VPN which is compatible with the Windows 7 64 bit version. It became popular when Cisco failed to upgrade its VPN to 64 bit and found that Shrew Soft is a better alternative. It is compatible with most VPN hardware manufactured by major companies such as Cisco, Juniper and Checkpoint. It is also compatible with Linux and BSD versions.

It s is an open source GUI for BSD, Windows and Linux operating systems. LiliVPN works primarily for Windows version 7.

It s an open source VPN server which has features such as connect and disconnect, username and password input, supporting multiple open source VPN connections, and has a feature called Kwallet which stores all login details. Furthermore, KOVpn supports the open VPNS management interface access control.

OAST is a platform independent GUI for OpenVPN-client, which allows the user to manage multiple VPN connections at a time. It has an overall simple look and feel to it and has simple functions like monitoring the connection status.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solution denotes the hardware, software, encryption and authentication protocols used to ensure that users across two physical locations separated by a few miles or a few thousand or more, can securely exchange data and access all network data without any third party interfering or accessing the same. VPN uses an internet connection for transmitting the information packets to and fro. It uses encryption to ensure that the packets which are transmitted over the internet cannot be deciphered or read by third party software or humans. It also uses authentication protocols to ensure that only computers which are given access to the network, can access it.

Hope you found this list useful, What is the VPN solution you have use? Please don’t forget to share with me in comments.

Exchange Monitoring – Monitor Exchange Server #monitoring #exchange


Exchange Server Monitoring Means Less Troubleshooting

Plan for mailbox database capacity

View mailbox database size including volume usage, transaction log size, and file size. This helps determine overall capacity constraints. You can drill into individual mailbox details to determine if a large mailbox should be moved to another database to load balance capacity.

Automatically collect stats and get alerted about issues so you can troubleshoot with real-time and historical performance data.

Proactively identify storage performance issues

When storage volumes run out of available disk space, it leads to issues where Exchange can t store additional emails. Planning your disk storage for Exchange server is critical because high disk latency leads to performance issues.

For optimum storage performance, it s essential for admins to consider:

  • Deploying high performance disks and spindles.
  • Selecting the right RAID configuration.
  • Improving performance by aligning your disks.

Stay ahead of mail storms

Mail storms can come from applications, viruses, and large email aliases. By monitoring all aspects of Exchange (the Hub Transport Server, Mailbox Server, Edge Transport server and the CAS) you can receive alerts about issues in advance, before Exchange stops working.

Quickly troubleshoot user mailbox issues

Instead of running a script to find usage details for a specific user, you can find user details by typing the user’s name into the search bar in the Users By % Mailbox Quota Used widget. Within seconds, you can troubleshoot the user’s issue. Drilling into the user’s details, you can view the number and size of mailbox attachments, mailbox synced devices, and sent/received mail trends, which can indicate a spam issue with the user’s account. With this information, you can also report on user mailbox details to clean up the mailbox database.

Social Media Monitoring #tracks #social #media #monitoring


Social Media Monitoring Services

Get a handle on what people are saying about your brand

Millions are talking. Our Social Media Monitoring helps you track what they’re saying. This fast-growing virtual-communication realm is exploding with information about your brand. CSC ® Digital Brand Services Social Media Monitoring identifies, tracks, and consolidates all social media mentions of your brands and trademarks.

CSC can also help you proactively register social media usernames and manage all your social media assets in one place. With your credentials secured and centralized, you can be sure your social presence is protected. And when infringing content or usernames are detected, CSC’s online Enforcement Team is there to help you enforce your rights.

  • Social Media Username Registration and portfolio management. This subscription service offers you an effective, worry-free way to register and maintain vanity URLs on key social media sites, as well as new and emerging ones. CSC’s web-based portfolio management platform provides a central and secure database for all of your social media account registration information alongside your domain names and other digital assets.
  • Social Media Brand Monitoring. This powerful service helps you discover what consumers are saying about your brands. Social Media Monitoring is a subscription-based service that provides focused, detailed reporting on all social media mentions of your brands and trademarks—from online posts, to blogs, tweets, articles, and other social media mentions. Data is refreshed every four hours, every day, or every week, according to your needs. Built on CSC’s unified monitoring platform, NameProtect ®. our Social Media Monitoring platform includes such features as sentiment analysis (both positive and negative), results consolidated by author, and the ability to query against the depth and breadth of results.
  • Social media abuse. Our Enforcement Team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of content removal. which varies from platform to platform, but is available across many of the bigger social media networks. The lack of a governing board or organization overseeing ownership means that each social media outlet has specific terms of service that must be followed when registering or attempting to recover handles. Social media site guidelines tend to be geared towards consumers, but when you encounter brand abuse or trademark infringement on social media sites, our Enforcement Team can often help you take defensive action.

Expert advice. Smarter decisions.

Our Brand Advisory Team provides complimentary advice and analysis to ensure that your brand and intellectual property are protected in the social media channel. We:

  • Develop a username registration strategy, including recommendations for future-proofing usernames
  • Centralize and safeguard the management of your social media usernames
  • Formulate a social brand monitoring program
  • Create a framework for mitigating different types of brand abuse detected on social media

For more information on social media monitoring services, please complete the form to the right.

Read more

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UltraVNC VNC OFFICIAL SITE, Remote Access, Support Software, Remote Desktop Control Free Opensource #remote #desktop #connection, #remote #desktop #software,, #remote #control #software, #remote #control, #remote #computer #access, #vnc, #computer #remote #control, #remote #access #system, #pc #remote #control, #windows #remote #access, #vpn #software,remote #control #software, #pc #remote #access,remote #pc #access, #vpn,remote #access #security, #remote #desktop #access, #remote #pc #software, #remote #access #vpn, #remote #desktop #connection, #remote #support #software, #remote #support #tool, #remote #desktop, #remote #administration, #elearning, #remote #desktop #sharing, #remote #monitoring


Ultra VNC remote access tools

WARNING: NOT owned by us.
Please update links to

Ultra VNC is a powerful, easy to use and free – remote pc access softwares – that can display the screen of another computer (via internet or network) on your own screen. The program allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely. It means that you can work on a remote computer, as if you were sitting in front of it, right from your current location.

VNC, the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) allows a desktop to be viewed and controlled remotely over the Internet. A VNC server must be run on the computer sharing the desktop, a VNC client must be run on the computer that will access the shared desktop.

UVNC Software Products

Supported operating systems

-95**, 98**, Me**, NT4** (only supported with the old v1.0.2)
-2000 (need the w2k exe)
-XP, 2003, Vista. Win7, win 8, win 8.1, win 10, Windows Server 2003, Server 2003 R2, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2
Its embedded Java Viewer allows you to connect (and make File transfers) from a simple Web Browser on any system supporting Java (Linux, Mac OS. ) to an Ultra VNC server.
Pchelpware and uvnc2me require XP or later.


All VNCs Start from the one piece of source (See History of VNC ), and should follow the RFB protocol for their communications (some rather loosley). This common start point means that most of the vnc flavours (variants) available today “usually” talk nicely together, allowing for easy cross platform desktop sharing to occur.
Pchelpware and uvnc2me are not rfb compatible

remote pc access software

If you provide computer support, you can quickly access your customer’s computers from anywhere in the world and resolve helpdesk issues remotely! With addons like SingleClick your customers don’t even have to pre-install software or execute complex procedures to get remote helpdesk support.

Who Should Use UltraVNC

Anyone who needs to support local or remote Windows users will find UltraVNC Products are must-have tools UltraVNC Products have been specifically designed to answer the needs of:

  • Help desk (Internal External)
  • IT departments
  • Remote Computer Support companies
  • Remote Computer Access
  • Remote demonstration
  • eLearning, classroom control
  • Individuals that want to help their relatives and friends, or access their home PC from work or cybercafes

UltraVNC is free for ALL usage.
ALL=this include commercial usage

About Us

We are a small team of highly motivated and cool people 🙂
Our goal is to make the more powerful, user-friendly and no-brainer free Remote Control software available.

UltraVNC is Free and distributed under the terms of theGNU General Public License.

Thanks to Jim ( ) for his help getting the new website up and running

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For technical questions, use the forum first.

Home Security Systems #business #alarm #monitoring #companies


Total Security and Fire Protection Systems Backed by Bay Alarm

Your Bay Alarm Solution

Security is all we do. That’s why our expertise is unmatched. We’re a family-owned, locally-operated business three generations strong. Our employees live in the neighborhoods we serve, so we have deep relationships wth local police and fire departments. We know the local codes. And we know how to deliver fast, personalized service to our customers. We’ve built our reputation on it.

You’re The Parent Now

You’re The Parent Now

New baby? We take care of all your home security needs so you can focus your attention on your new arrival.

You’re New To The Neighborhood

You’re New To The Neighborhood

Rest assured knowing we’ve been here for years. We even know your local law enforcement officers by name.

Your Pets Are Your Family

Since 1946, homeowners like you have relied on Bay Alarm for security systems that protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. Here’s what we can do for you.

24/7 Local Alarm Monitoring

Our Monitoring Center leads the industry for home security monitoring, with extensively trained agents, 5-Diamond Certification, FM Approval, UL listing and a fully redundant backup monitoring center.

Alarm Systems

Our industry-leading home alarm systems come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, one-year warranty, and 24-hour emergency repair service.

Home Automation

Control your home security system, lights, locks, and thermostat remotely, right from your smartphone or mobile device.

Doorbell Cameras

Add an extra measure of security to your home with the SkyBell camera doorbell. See, hear, and speak to whoever’s at your door—from wherever you are.

Fire Alarms And Smoke Detectors

Rest easy knowing our trained home security professionals monitor your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors 24/7.

Patrol And Response

Our Agents are trained to assist police. They’ll check your home when you travel. They’ll even provide safety escorts to your door in many neighborhoods we serve.

Security Cameras

Get the security of properly installed home surveillance cameras from Bay Alarm.

“The system that your company installed is working perfectly and we are very happy with our system. I wanted to thank you and your installers personally for a great job, all the work was done professionally and exactly as contracted. If you need a great review or reference, let us know.”

Boys and Girls Clubs

Bay Alarm is a proud sponsor of the Boys and Girls Clubs. Community involvement is a key part of Bay Alarm s culture and business approach. We join with our neighbors in supporting local youth.

Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center (LETC)

Bay Alarm provides the Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center in California with scholarships for prospective law enforcement officers. With this assistance, those at the beginning of their careers can get the training they need, and start a career keeping the public safe.


NetOne unites the best independently owned security companies in the nation and we are proud to be a part of this important professional organization. Our expertise is strengthened through networking with our partners in security.

What are the benefits of having a monitored burglar/fire system?

Our Monitoring Center is staffed with Bay Alarm’s own industry-leading highly trained professionals who can dispatch the proper authorities within seconds of an emergency. We are UL-listed and Five Diamond Certified. We can even help identify and prevent false alarms, saving you the trouble of irritated neighbors or false alarm fees.

Why can’t I buy a system over the phone or online?

Security systems shouldn’t be one size fits all. That’s why we insist on sending one of our security experts to your property instead of just showing up to install. This way you end up with a customized security system that suits you and your property’s needs.

Can I arm and disarm my system from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can! We offer a service called Bay Alarm Connect™ (formerly Total Connect) that connects a free app for your mobile device.

TEAMWired Commercial Fire Alarm in Houston 281-345-9474 #houston,access #control,security,camera,fire #alarm, #alarm,installation,inspection,monitoring,install,service,repair



Celebrating 10 Years of Providing Quality Services

TEAMWired has been providing the Houston Metropolitan area with Access control, Fire and Security Alarm services since 2007. In our growth we have taken on a larger sales force, more numerous technicians and a design TEAM. See/Print our latest brochure

Our team is comprised of skilled technicians, a knowledgeable sales force, dedicated management and certified designers. All members exude a skill base of knowledge, accuracy, skill, and productivity.

TeamWired has 24/7 emergency service members and equipment on loan while parts are ordered or customer’s equipment is being repaired to prevent any downtime. This is a TEAMWired service that is unmatched.

From sales and installation to service and monitoring we are courteous and thoughtful to our clients’ needs. Providing this service helps us achieve one of the best reputations in the industry. We recognize that true service starts with listening to our customers. Let us know how we can serve you better!


We install fire alarm systems and have monitoring and inspection for fire alarm systems. We are a leading Houston fire alarm company.


We install, maintain and upgrade camera systems to the latest DVR or NVR equipment.


Our Access Control. from magnetic locks to motion sensors to access cards to exit buttons.

Design and Engineering

Our Fire Alarm Design. We design fire alarm systems for architects,engineers,fire alarm companies and property owners. See our Design Flyer.

Our Services


Protecting your belongings and preventing personal injury by staying within code is always #1.


With a good camera system and nvr or dvr you can have evidence of any event within the scope of the camera angle.


Your keypad or card reader with an electronic door lock give you the peace of mind knowing no one enters without identification.