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Personal Loan

Personal Loans in Hong Kong

People normally set aside a sum of money to finance any need that may come their way. Unfortunately, savings may not be enough for unexpected expenses like medical bills or take too long to accumulate to answer a pressing need such as owning a car. Personal loans offer a quick way to bridge this gap.

In Hong Kong, around one third of the residents owe debt other than housing mortgage loans with an annualized 40% surge in bank lending on June of this year. For those interested, information is the key to getting a product suitable to your needs.

Secured vs Unsecured Loans

Personal loans can be classified as either secured or unsecured. Secured loans have lower interest rates but require security, like your house, in exchange for the money you borrow. Defaulting on your payments could risk losing your collateral. As such, many people opt for unsecured loans with higher interest rates instead. Unsecured loans are issued by financial institutions based on your income, credit rating, and other specified criteria.

Types of Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans are classified as a personal line of credit or personal cash instalment loan. Personal line of credit allows people to draw as much credit available and pay interest only on the used amount. This is an option that can be included on a card or a current account.

A personal instalment loan, on the other hand, lends a fixed amount which needs to be paid in fixed monthly instalments within a chosen tenure. The rate and the maximum amount will depend on your income, credit score, and chosen tenure. Different institutions impose different loan caps, repayment periods, and internal requirements so being rejected from one doesn’t necessarily mean a rejection from all.

Application Process

Financial institutions have made the application process relatively easy by providing online application alternatives. You need to fill up the form and submit it together with a copy of your identity card, income documents, and proof of residence such as a utility bill. The application will be assessed and money will be disbursed upon approval.

Savings Tips

Talk to your chosen lender who can help assess your requirements. The person can explain the different repayment options and calculate the interest payments for different tenures. In addition, since approval and interest rates depend on your credit rating, make a habit of checking your credit score to ensure that everything is in order. Remember to compare different offers in the market for the best deals before applying. Simultaneous applications to different institutions will increase inquiry amount in your credit report which could prompt institutions to offer you a higher interest rate. If you have no credit history or have a less than ideal credit rating, try applying to non-bank lenders that have less stringent requirements. Finally, make sure to read the fine print for hidden fees. An application charge is often imposed on the disbursed loan amount as well as early repayment charges if you decide to pay off your loan before the maturity. Late penalties will also be incurred for overdue payments. As always, borrow only what you need and what you can afford to repay. Happy hunting!

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Compare Loans, Cards, Accounts and more!

Welcome to Quiddi Compare! We are leading price comparison site in the UK offering the best rates for loans, cards, accounts and more. Using our simple loan comparison can save you so much time. Instead of shopping around for the best loans, we feature some of the best loan providers in the country and our easy to use comparison tables allow you to search, compare and save money.

You can compare loans by looking at the Representative APR and repayment example to give you an idea on how much you will be repaying over time. You can also use our ‘Smart Search’ tool that will ask you a few basic details and then personally recommend you the providers with the highest approval rates.

Find the Best Loan Rates

We are committed to offering the best loan rates in the UK. Our dedicated team updates the comparison tables on a regular basis and we are always looking for new partners to ensure our customers have access to the best loan and financial products available in the UK.

We know that making decisions over which provider to use can be confusing. To make life easier we provide a list of useful information for each product to help you understand key terms and things to consider when applying. We try to make the entire process from applying to repaying as clear as possible so you don’t have to worry.

How does it work

Our service is completely free to use and to apply with one of our providers, all you need to do is click on the company of your choice and it will take you directly to their site where you will be able to apply safely and securely.

Follow our blog for regular guidance and advice on how to choose the best products and smart ways to manage your finances. Keep up to date with our social media for any changes that we make and get involved in regular giveaways and competitions.

2015 FHA Loan Update – Rates, Requirements, Changes and More #secured #loans #for #people #with #bad #credit

#fha loan qualifications

FHA Loans in 2015: Changes, Requirements, Rate Forecasts and More

October 21, 2014 | By Brandon Cornett | 2015, all rights reserved | Duplication prohibited

to see how much you can afford.

It happens every year at this time. Right now, a lot of would-be home buyers are shelving their purchase plans until after the holidays. That means they are looking ahead to 2015, with an eye on mortgage rates, home prices, and lending standards.

To support these over-the-horizon buyers, the Home Buying Institute is publishing a series of updates for 2015. This update includes 2015 FHA loan requirements and guidelines, along with a 12-month rate forecast provided by Freddie Mac.

What Is an FHA Loan?

The FHA loan program remains one of the most popular financing options for home buyers, especially first-time buyers. But the rules of the game have changed over the last few years. In short, it has become harder to qualify for these loans, and the government is charging higher mortgage premiums than in the past.

We will get to the 2015 guidelines and requirements in a moment. But first, let s answer a common question among first-time home buyers:

What is an FHA loan anyway?

FHA mortgage loans are insured by the federal government. The program is managed by the Federal Housing Administration and its parent organization, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Federal Housing Administration insures lenders against losses that may result from borrower default. This government-provided insurance is the primary difference between FHA and conventional or regular home loans (learn more ).

Down payments are another FHA distinction. Borrowers who use this program can put as little as 3.5% down when buying a house.

These days, many of the banks and lenders that provide home loans in general offer FHA products as well. The program has become much more popular since the housing market crashed, though its popularity has waned a bit over the last two years. These loans are particularly popular among first-time buyers, due to the relatively small down payment mentioned above.

Here s one thing borrowers should know about FHA loan requirements in 2015: Contrary to popular belief, they are not necessarily easy to obtain. That may have been true to some extent in the past. But it s not anymore. Let s discuss the reasons why

FHA Changes: Not an Easy Loan Anymore

There is a longstanding notion that FHA loans are easier to obtain, when compared to a regular conventional loan. This is due to the government insurance mentioned above.

There is some truth to this notion. Historically, borrowers who could not qualify for conventional financing have been able to use the FHA program as a last resort. The government backing makes lenders a bit more forgiving, when it comes to borrower qualifications and credentials.

But the qualification gap has narrowed over the last two or three years. The reason for this is that the Federal Housing Administration s capital reserve fund (the money they are required to have on hand) took a huge hit during the housing crisis and subsequent recession. In fact, the FHA went into the red for a while, having no reserve funds at all.

In 2013, the usually self-sufficient agency required a taxpayer bailout of $1.7 billion to cover losses resulting from shaky loans made during the housing collapse. That was the first time in the agency s 79-year history that it required taxpayer funding to stay afloat.

In the wake of those troubles, the Department of Housing and Urban Development made a series of FHA program changes designed to (A) bolster revenues and (B) reduce future losses. Among the changes were new credit-score rules for borrowers, higher insurance premiums. and reduced limits on maximum loan size. In short, the agency is now requiring higher standards for borrowers, and charging more for FHA loans. These rules will apply to borrowers in 2015 as well (see the guidelines section below).

2015 Guidelines and Requirements at a Glance

FHA guidelines and requirements for 2015 will be very similar to what they are now. No major changes have taken place over the last few months, and none have been announced for the months ahead. That doesn t mean HUD won t make additional program changes sometime during 2015. They certainly could. It just means we don t anticipate anything new for the foreseeable future.

Here is an overview of FHA loan requirements and standards for 2015:

  • This program is open to all borrowers who meet the minimum eligibility requirements below. It is not limited to first-time buyers, contrary to popular belief.
  • All FHA borrowers are required to make a down payment of at least 3.5% of the sale price or the appraised value (whichever is less).
  • To qualify for the 3.5% down-payment option mentioned above, borrowers must have a credit score of 580 or higher.
  • Borrowers with a credit score between 500 and 579 must put at least 10% down, if they can get approved at all.
  • There are debt requirements as well, but these are a bit more lax when compared to the credit scores above. Generally speaking, a borrower s total monthly debt load should account for no more than 43% of his or her monthly income.
  • HUD allows borrowers to have higher debt-to-income ratios if the lender can identify and document significant compensating factors. Such factors might include a long history of timely mortgage payments, excellent credit, or significant cash reserves. For a complete list of compensating factors for high-debt borrowers, refer to HUD Handbook 4155.1, Chapter 4, Section F.
  • Borrowers with credit scores below 620, and total debt-to-income (DTI) ratios above 43%, may encounter additional scrutiny during the application and approval process. Borrowers in this bracket may have to undergo manual underwriting. The underwriter will be looking for compensating factors to make up for the low-score / high-debt situation.
  • Lenders can impose their own guidelines on top of those promulgated by HUD. This is known as an overlay. So it s possible for a borrower to be turned down due to a low credit score (for instance), even though the score meets HUD s minimum cutoff. There are essentially two sets of requirements the lender s, and the government s.

Note: This is a brief overview of 2015 FHA standards and guidelines. For more information on this subject, refer to or Additionally, there are exceptions and allowances to many of the requirements mentioned above. Borrowers should not assume they are unqualified based on one or more of these guidelines. The only way to know for sure is to apply for the program.

Mortgage Rate Forecast for 2015

This is the part where we gaze into our crystal ball to conjure an FHA mortgage rate forecast for 2015. Actually, I m going to defer to a third party on this one. Here is a chart that shows Freddie Mac s expectations for 30-year fixed mortgage rates, between now and the end of 2015.

Freddie Mac is the government-controlled corporation that buys and sells mortgage-backed securities. They have been running a weekly survey of lending rates since 1971. The chart above shows their economists best guess for rate changes over the next four quarters. This chart applies to both FHA and conventional (non-government-insured) products. So it could be viewed as a 2015 forecast for FHA loan rates as well.

If this forecast proves accurate, it means that borrowers should expect gradually rising interest rates between now and the end of next year. Not a spike by any means but a motivator nonetheless. When you consider that home prices are also expected to rise next year in most U.S. cities, it sends a pretty strong signal to buyers. Postponing a purchase could cost you money.

Learn more: We have built a separate website for borrowers who are interested in this financing program. If you would like to learn more about FHA loan requirements and guidelines for 2015, visit and download our e-book. It is available in PDF format at no cost whatsoever. The website also includes a Q A blog with new articles added every week.

Disclaimer: The 2015 FHA rate forecast above is based on third-party data and estimations. This outlook does not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher. We make no claims or guarantees about future conditions within the mortgage industry or broader economy.

Debt Consolidation Calculator – More money in your own pocket each month. #interest #rate #on #car #loan

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See How Much You Can Save By Consolidating Your Debts

Should I consolidate my personal debt into a new loan?

Additional Information

If you are like many people who find themselves with too much debt, you may need to consider refinancing or consolidating your loans. You might find yourself in a predicament where no matter how hard you try, you just cannot cut expenses any further or earn more income. The only solution is to lower your monthly debt payments.

There are only three ways to lower monthly debt payments: reduce the principal amount, get a lower interest rate, and extend the payments over a longer term. These three principles are used in refinancing and debt consolidation. Let’s see how these work and then look at the advantages and disadvantages.

How Much Debt Can You Handle?

If you feel that you have too much debt, you are not alone. Most people have substantial debt; many have more than they can handle. However, debt is not all bad. Sometimes it makes sense to use borrowed money for investments. However, most folks are not using debt in that way; they are using it to make ordinary purchases of things they would probably be better off without, anyway. In our competitive society, spending has become a status symbol. This encourages people to spend more than they should — more than they have. Consequently, they run up tremendous debt.

While some debt is okay, too much debt is not. So, how do you know whether you have too much debt or not? First let’s look at the different kinds of debt we might incur.

Responsible Use Of Credit

While credit is very important to the economy, its abuse is harmful. Credit is extended with the faith that borrowers will repay the debt. Goods and services are provided on credit with the expectation that they will be paid for with money in the future. Credit makes commerce more convenient. When credit is abused, everyone loses. Credit abuse increases the cost of credit to everyone.

One should never use credit to purchase things for which one will not be able to pay in the future. Many impulse purchases are made on credit with little thought given to how the debt will be repaid in the future. If one calculated the true cost of goods bought on credit, one would have second thoughts about making the purchase in the first place. Here is an example: a new television flat-screen HDTV model retails for $5,000. If purchased on a credit card with a 12% annual percentage rate (APR) compounded daily, and with minimum monthly payments of $166 paid over three years, it winds up costing over $5,980. Is it worth almost $1,000 more to have it now (furthermore, the retail price in 3 years will probably drop)? That is like going into a store that advertised “SALE–ADD 20% TO EVERY PURCHASE.”

No More Rain (In This Cloud) – Angie Stone #no #more #rain #in #this #cloud


No More Rain (In This Cloud)

There’s no hiding place
When someone has hurt you
It’s written on your face
and it reads
broken spirits
lost and confused
empty, scared
used and abused
a fool, ooooooh
ain’t it funny the way you feel
show’s on your face
and the smile you used to wear
seems a little bit out of place
just hold on
in time it gets a little better

My sunshine has come
and I’m all cried out
and there’s no more rain in this cloud(repeat)

So, you want to leave
to you I shall give
all the space that you requested
hope you don’t live to regret it
So you say you’re in your prime
baby don’t waste your time
remember my love
it’s only a thin line

My sunshine has come
And I’m all cried out
and there’s no more rain in this cloud (repeat)

Spring has come
and winter’s gone my way
don’t look around for me child I’ll
(I’ll be long gone, long gone, long gone)
Not afraid
because the seasons have changed
I’m gonna count my blessings
and just follow the sun

My sunshine has come
and I’m all cried out
and there’s no more rain in this cloud

You brought me down
you brought me way down
you. you. you brought me down
what goes around
comes around
what goes up
must come down

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SAP Hotel Management: Serving the hospitality community with integrity, loyalty and qualitySAP Hotel Management #sap #hotel #management: #serving #the #hospitality #community #with #integrity, #loyalty #and #quality. #sap #hotels #specializes #in #hotel #management #of #both #full #service #and #select #service #hotels. #the #need #to #be #selective #in #choosing #a #hotel #management #company #has #never #been #more #important #than #it #is #today. #sap #hotels #provides #real #world #solutions #for #it\’s #owners #and #will #increase #your #hotel\’s #top #line #revenue #and #improve #your #hotel\’s #bottom #line #profit.


SAP Hotels specializes in hotel management of both full service and select service hotels. The need to be selective in choosing a hotel management company has never been more important than it is today. SAP Hotels provides real world solutions for its owners that will increase your hotel’s top line revenue and improve your hotel’s bottom line profit.

SAP Hotels LLC. is deeply rooted in the hospitality industry. Its senior management is comprised of a team of skilled professionals with averaging nearly 75 years of lodging experience. SAP Hotels LLC. upholds long-standing relationships with the industry’s most highly regarded brands.

SAP does not take a cookie cutter approach to our services and fees. SAP’s executive team will take the time to get to know you the owner and qualify the needs of your hotel. We will then work with you to design a program that will generate results. SAP can perform complete hotel management for your property or just provide, sales and marketing, centralized accounting or cost control support.

Our Services

SAP can perform complete hotel management for your property or just provide, sales and marketing, centralized accounting or cost control support. Read More

  • Day to day operation supervision
  • Establish and monitor business plans
  • Monitor and supervise all personnel matters
  • Implement and monitor purchasing and inventory controls
  • Implement and monitor food and beverage systems
  • Implement and monitor accounting systems including reporting
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  • Prepare, annual forecasts, budgets, and weekly variance analysis
  • Prepare, implement and monitor emergency and guest safety plans
  • Establish preventative maintenance programs
  • Prepare capital improvement schedules
  • Prepare goal-oriented bottom line targets
  • Involve owners in decision-making and in the review of hotel performance

. Know more about Operations

  • Development of top line budget
  • Annual marketing plan
  • Development of group booking goals
  • Development of locally negotiated account consumption goals
  • Sales solicitation goals
  • Sales performance bonus incentive
  • Creative site tour procedure
  • E-Marketing
  • Event management promotions and execution
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sales support and training
  • Public relations coordination
  • Collateral design
  • Quarterly targeted action plan
  • Sales Blitz coordination
  • Outside sales calls
  • Coordination of property and franchise marketing efforts
  • GDS, internet, print, social media marketing

. Know more about Sales and Marketing

  • Preparation of annual budget
  • Daily flash report
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Annual reporting and payments of all state, local and lodging taxes
  • Monitor the annual budgeting process
  • Provide financial results analysis and industry comparisons
  • Provide cash flow monitoring and distributions
  • Perform internal financial audits
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  • Administer banking relationships
  • Loan negotiations

. Know more about Finanance

  • Line Level Job Descriptions and Employee Handbook
  • Management/Associate’s search
  • Best Hiring Practices
  • Employee Relations and Retention
  • Termination Procedures
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. Know more about Human Resources

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MutualBank Announces the Promotion of Jean DeHart

Friday, October 23, 2015


Personal Social Media Account Security

For many of us, social media has become a part of our everyday lives and helps us conveniently keep tabs on the people and topics we care most about.

Recently however, there has been an increase of social media account take overs by cybercriminals. As stated in the media, one contributing factor in some of the social media account takeovers has been the use of weak passwords.

Tips for creating a stronger password:

Social media additional security options:

Another way to help avoid social media account takeover is to use the additional security options available. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security that drastically decreases your chances of account takeover. Two-factor authentication is essentially the using of two separate components to verify your identity, the combination of something you HAVE with something you KNOW. A good example of two-factor authentication you most likely are already used to is withdrawing cash from an ATM, for example. Having both your debit card AND knowing a pin number is required to complete the withdrawal and protect your identity.

A popular and convenient two-factor authentication method is using a combination of both an online password and a text message verification sent to your phone. Enabling this type of authentication typically follows this process:

  1. Enter your password into Facebook or another website
  2. Immediately receive a text on your phone with a temporary pass key
  3. Enter the passkey received back on the site/app and you re logged in

This may seem like overkill, but enabling this two-factor authentication will drastically decrease the chances of your social accounts being hacked. And actually, the process of setting up and using this authentication is pretty simple and convenient.

How to enable two-factor authentication:

Many popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and others already support two-factor authentication. To learn more about how to do so on the most popular sites on the web, be sure to check out this article:

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Medical Office Billing and Coding Diploma Program

On-campus and online

Classes in the program include instruction in computer billing applications, administrative procedures and medical law, along with classes in CPT, ICD and HCPS coding and insurance claim processing. Upon graduation, students could be prepared to take the national voluntary Certified Professional Coding exam, administered by the American Academy of Professional Coders.

As the healthcare industry expands, the need for those who can process the insurance claims and manage healthcare paperwork is growing. Although related, medical billing and medical coding are two separate functions. Also known as medical records and health information technicians, medical billing and coding specialists organize and manage health information data. They ensure its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper and electronic systems. They use various classification systems to code and categorize patient information for insurance reimbursement purposes, for databases and registries, and maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories.

People who have strong technology skills and are detail-oriented may enjoy a career as a Medical Biller Coder.

Demand for both medical secretaries and health information technicians is expected to increase by 14% though 2024, creating many job opportunities for trained professionals. 1

Local News, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, one more day with you.#One #more #day #with #you



One more day with you

Labor Day weekend traffic deaths in Alabama plunge in 2017

Alabama State Troopers investigated three traffic fatalities and one drowning over this Labor Day weekend, which lasted between 12:01 a.m. Friday, Sept. 1, and midnight Monday, Sept. 4. That’s a 40 percent drop from last year, when troopers investigated five traffic deaths.

One more day with you

Labor Day weekend saw fewer Georgia traffic deaths in 2017

Nine people were killed in traffic crashes in Georgia during the 78-hour Labor Day weekend travel period, according to the official count from the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

One more day with you

Prepare now for Hurricane Irma, Georgia insurance commissioner warns

Georgia insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens is urging Georgians to begin preparing now for the threat of severe weather from Hurricane Irma.

One more day with you

Dave Eggers, bestselling author of The Circle, coming to Auburn Sept. 12

Dave Eggers, international bestselling author of the tech-dystopia satire “The Circle,” will come to Auburn University Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. to speak about his books, share his life experience and provide a free book signing.

One more day with you

Here are the Top 5 best-rated coffee shops in Columbus

For some people, there’s nothing better than the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning — or anytime, really. Luckily, Columbus is stocked with a collection of great coffee shops to whet any caffeine hound’s appetite.

One more day with you

Hurricane Irma, now a Category 5 storm, menaces U.S. east coast

The latest forecast models show Hurricane Irma barreling toward Florida and then veering north, putting Georgia, North Carolina and even Alabama in the firing line of the now Category 4 storm.

One more day with you

D-Day survivor Jim Wooters dies at age 95

Jim Wooters, a sailor who served on the USS Arkansas during the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France, died Friday of natural causes at the Orchard View Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center in Columbus. He was 95.

One more day with you

The Black Softball Circuit tournament is like a family reunion

The competition is fierce at the Black Softball Circuit World Softball Championshiops, but off the field the 150 teams from across the country come together as family

One more day with you

[email protected] Balloon Fest and Car Show

One more day with you

Spotted Monday morning at the Labor Day Classic 10K

Spotted at the Labor Day Classic 10K Monday, September 4, 2017.

One more day with you

Spotted Monday at the Old Russell County Courthouse Labor Day Fair

Spotted at the Old Russell County Courthouse Labor Day Fair Monday, September 4, 2017.

One more day with you

Police chief discusses officer-involved shooting in Columbus

A Columbus Police domestic violence call turned deadly Monday afternoon in Oakland Park. During a scuffle with the man involved in the domestic call, a Columbus police officer shot and killed him inside the home at 2857 Ramsey Drive home shortly after 4 p.m. Monday, Police Chief Ricky Boren said.

One more day with you

Man killed Monday was witness in 2016 murder trial, linked to suspect in 2 killings

Travis Porter, 35, was killed August 4, 2017, in a shooting on Farr Road in Columbus, Georgia.

One more day with you

Crickets MCSD board conducts public hearing doubleheader, but nobody speaks

The third and final public hearing on the Muscogee County School Board’s revised millage rate will be 9 a.m. Sept. 12.

One more day with you

Man charged with molesting 13-year-old girl twice at Columbus apartment

A 25-year-old man was accused of molesting a teen twice September 4, 2017, at a residence within 1 mile of Cooper Creek Parkway in Columbus, Georgia.

One more day with you

Hearing continued for murder suspect in two Columbus shootings

Reginald Jamal Jackson, 26, faces murder charges related to the death of Michael Fleming and Brandon Scott, both 34. They were shot during separate July incidents in Columbus, Georgia.

One more day with you

Phenix City police seek person of interest in credit card fraud case

Police person suspected of using reported stolen credit card

One more day with you

Two arrested on drug charges after authorities conduct search warrant

A man and woman face drug charges in Russell County

One more day with you

LaGrange man charged with robbing house, Jeep in Auburn

James Romine charged with theft, burglary

One more day with you

Man sentenced for drunken sexual assault in CSU dorm room

John Ezekiel Goff, 22, who had been attending CSU on a scholarship, will serve 10 years in prison and 10 on probation for two counts of sodomy and one of aggravated sexual battery.