Feb 16 2019

Linux offsite backup

#linux #offsite #backup # What about HIPAA compliance? All of our services and policies are HIPAA compliant. For more information on how we help you become compliant and on the security of our service, please refer to our compliance section What about compliance with regulatory agencies regarding retention? Our software offers multiple advanced retention policies. Many clients keep snapshots of their data at various points in time to satisfy auditing requirement. For example, you may need to keep your accounting software snapshots as of the last day of each quarter for 4 quarters, and also a year end for several …

Feb 16 2019

Online Backup

#online #back-up,data #protection,data #backup,remote #backup,offsite #backup,online #data #storage,data #backup #services,disaster #recovery,backup #service,business #continuity,,online #backup # About Online Backup Sterling Data Storage is a high performance online backup provider for small, medium and enterprise level businesses. Our online backup services give you peace of mind knowing that important data files are securely stored and available for your retrieval, whenever unforeseen loss of data occurs. Our management team has 100 years of combined experience in IT security, data storage and disaster recovery. From our 4 state of the art data centers in North America, we have a staff of 25 technicians and …