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Looking for a loan at a competitive interest rate with minimal fuss?

We offer loans from 12.95%, and we specialize in getting you the finance you require.

Every day, we arrange finance for our customers, from Cape Reinga, all the way down to the Bluff, and everywhere in between. We’re proud to say that we have helped over 20,000 kiwis get the finance they needed, when they needed it.

Our loans start from $1,000, and go all the way up to $500,000, with repayments starting from just $25 per week. We provide Personal Loans, secured or unsecured, Car Loans, Bridging Finance, Mortgages and Debt Consolidation Loans. We can also provide tailored finance packages offering you deferred payments, interest only payments and residual payments to fit your lifestyle.

YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Applying for loans with various companies not only wastes your time, wastes your money, and most importantly adversely affects your credit score. Your credit score drops with each application you do! We only perform 1 credit check and 1 PPSR, and we send this to a range of accredited finance providers to get the best deal for you.

At Central Finance and Loans we understand that every loan application is as unique as the client that sends it, so we assess each application individually based on its merits. Utilizing our long standing experience in the finance market, we handle the process from start to finish making the application process easy, so all you have to do is relax while we do all the work on your behalf.

With the backing of numerous underwriters leading the New Zealand finance industry, we can offer you finance for almost anything you need.

Our aim is to provide you with a friendly, professional, helpful service so you can achieve your goals and financial rewards faster and easier.

It’s not just about getting finance, it’s about getting the “right” finance for you.

Feel free to give us a call on 0800 100 630 to speak to an experienced consultant, or simply complete our 5 minute online application

Using Excel s CUMIPMT Function to Determine Interest Paid Over Multiple Loan Payments #bad #credit #loans #guaranteed #approval

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K2 Tech Update | Tech Tip

Using Excel’s CUMIPMT Function to Determine Interest Paid Over Multiple Loan Payments

On occasion, you might have the need to determine how much interest is paid on a loan over multiple payments. For example, perhaps you are preparing a tax return and need to know how much interest you paid during the course of the year. There are multiple approaches to solving this problem, including building an amortization schedule in Excel. However, the fastest method may be to use Excel’s CUMIPMT function and in this tip, you will learn how to take advantage of this little-known feature.

To begin, consider the worksheet shown in Figure 1 . In cell B7, a formula containing the CUMIPMT function has been entered to calculate the total interest paid beginning with payment seven and continuing through payment eighteen.

Figure 1 – Using CUMIPMT to Determine Interest Paid Over Multiple Loan Payments

The syntax of the formula containing the CUMIPMT function closely resembles that of a formula containing a PMT function. More specifically, the syntax of the CUMIPMT function is as follows:


Rate = The interest rate on the loan,

Nper = The number of payments over which the loan is amortized,

Pv = The original principal value of the loan,

Start_period = The beginning payment number for which total interest will be computed,

End_period = The ending payment number for which total interest will be computed, and

Type = A value of “0” or “1” to indicate whether loan payments occur at the end of the period (0) or the beginning of the period (1).

Returning to the example presented in Figure 1. as shown in Figure 2 , the total amount of interest paid on the loan beginning with payment number seven and continuing through payment number eighteen is $8,588.94. Instead of building a full amortization schedule or using other methods, you can arrive at this solution that is really nothing more than an extension of the very common PMT function.

Figure 2 – Completed Example of CUMIPMT Function

While numerous methods exist for calculating the amount of interest paid over multiple loan payments, perhaps none is easier to implement than Excel’s CUMIPMT function. With this function, you can quickly and easily calculate the amount of interest paid by simply entering a formula that contains a function that closely resembles one that you likely already use – Excel’s PMT function. Therefore, the next time you need to calculate the amount of interest paid over multiple loan payments, consider using Excel’s CUMIPMT function to speed the process of obtaining the correct answer.

For a video demonstration of this tip, please visit .

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Construction Loans

Construction Loans Made Easy And Then, Even Easier

Our goal is to give you as much control over your loan as feasible. Building a new home from the ground up can be a trying experience. And we won t get in the way, create needless worry or slow you down. To that end, an easy-does-it Construction Home Loan from Mountain America is one less thing you ll have to worry about. Additionally, Mountain America Credit Union s one-time or two-step loans offer you the flexibility to get exactly what you want; Mountain America s services and service providers afford you the convenience to do it hassle-free.

How we make a Construction Loan more convenient:

Meet with a mortgage specialist

One-Time Construction Loan

Two-Step Construction Loan

Owner-builder vs. Contractor

Factors to Consider


Construction loan draws are partial disbursements of the loan to pay material suppliers and the contractor(s) during construction. This ensures funds are being used properly and construction is on track. There are a number of ways you or your contractor can receive draws from Mountain America. You may:

  • Pick them up at a branch location near you (requires two days)
  • Mail checks directly to vendors
  • Mail checks directly to contractor
  • Pick them up at our corporate headquarters

Regulations require Mountain America to have your signature on each draw request before disbursment of any funds will be made. We advise you to have your contractor sign this form also, but it is not mandatory.

Loan Closing Made Easy

In addition to managing your closing documents from home, you can enjoy that convenience throughout the entire loan process.

  • Apply Online No need to call or come into the branch to start your mortgage. One click can put you on the path to homeownership.
  • Upload Documents Now you can save a trip to the branch by uploading all of your key mortgage application documents, including paystubs and tax information, from your computer.
  • Green and Secure At the end of a traditional loan process, you typically leave with a huge stack of paperwork. With Quick Close, only a handful of documents are printed. The rest are securely stored on a flash drive that you can take with you.
  • One Signature Review the documents from home and then provide a digital signature at the title office. It s applied to the mortgage, and you re on your way in no time.

Take advantage of a mortgage process that is quick, convenient, simple and secure.

Choose Wonga over quick loans online #money #loan

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Choose Wonga over typical quick loans online

Looking for loans online?

Wonga is an innovative digital finance company. We’re here to ease your short term, urgent cash flow needs. So if you’re short of cash due to an expected bill or emergency, we could help.

Why use Wonga?


We always show you the full costs upfront and the total amount to repay before you apply. There are no catches or hidden fees and if you repay early, you will save money as you only pay interest for the days you borrow.

Our flexible, short-term service comes with a representative APR of 1,509%APR, but bear in mind that the average loan duration is usually less than 20 days. We provide short-term loans, while APR is an industry-standard calculation that looks at annual repayment costs. We don’t actually charge thousands of percent in interest.

Wonga is a responsible lender and we carefully assess all applications on an individual basis and only lend to applicants whom we believe can comfortably afford to repay their loan on their promise date.

You should always think carefully before committing to any form of credit. If you can’t repay on time we’d urge you to contact us immediately. We always want to help you if you are experiencing financial difficulties and we’ll try to find a fair and flexible solution that takes your financial circumstances into consideration.

Flexible and convenient

Wonga offers a flexible online service where you get to choose how much to borrow and for how long. You can even pay back early and save on interest, as we only charge for the number of days you actually borrow. If your online loan application is approved, we’ll send the money within five minutes.

We also make repaying your Wonga loan as easy as possible as we automatically collect repayment from the debit card which you register with us. Please make sure you read about how we collect payments for further detail.

You can also apply for a Wonga loans online 24/7 through our website and mobile.

To be eligible to apply for a Wonga loan, you must:

  • Be a UK resident
  • Be over 18
  • Have a UK bank account and debit card
  • Own a mobile phone

If you need to get in touch, our contact details are:

Home VoIP Satellite Phone Service – Exede Voice #phone #service #over #internet


Exede Voice: Home Phone Service

Get $10 off

Get $10 off

Why Exede Voice is a great choice for home phone service

  • Get unlimited local and long distance calling to destinations in all 50 states, plus Canada.
  • Enjoy great call quality plus voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and many other popular features.
  • Save money over traditional landline phone service.
  • Transfer your current phone number (in most cases) or get a new phone number – your choice.
  • Use of Exede Voice will not count towards your Exede data allowance.

Don’t settle for unreliable or expensive phone service when there’s a better alternative. Always be connected with Exede Voice.

Proven technology

Exede Voice uses “Voice over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) that has been specifically optimized for the Exede satellite network. It’s also the only VoIP service where calls don’t count against your internet data allowance.

Getting started with Exede Voice is as simple as connecting your phone or base station to the Exede WiFi Modem with a phone cord. If you have an older Exede modem, you’ll need a Voice Adapter, included with the service. For additional information, please visit our Voice FAQ page .

Find Me, Follow Me:

Advanced forwarding options to make sure you never miss an important call.

Built to work alongside your smartphones

  • Connect multiple cellphones to Exede Voice and let one number do it all.
  • Voicemail directs into your smartphone email for easy access.
  • Send calls you don’t want directly to voicemail, while important calls don’t get missed.

Here’s how phone service works over the Exede network:

Email Sign-Up

College of DuPage – Adult Fast Track #adult #fast #track, #21 #and #over, #degrees #and #certificates, #admission #criteria, #enrollment, #busy #lifestyle


Adult Fast Track

Accelerated Programs for Motivated Adults

The College of DuPage Adult Fast Track program (AFT) is an accelerated program for adults 21 years and older who are seriously committed to continuing their education, but require accommodation for their busy lifestyles. While the Adult Fast Track program is intensive and rigorous, it is manageable for individuals who are highly motivated and self-disciplined. Students may take individual selected courses or complete an entire degree in this alternative format.

Degrees and Certificates Available

Students may earn an Associate in Arts (AA) degree, an Associate in Applied Sciences (AAS) degree in Management, and a Certificate in Management, Supervision, Entrepreneurship or Organizational Leadership. More degrees and certificates will be available in the future. Students may also enroll in a variety of core general education and/or elective courses that can then be used to satisfy the requirements of other degrees or certificate programs.

Course Scheduling

AFT courses start and end on uniform dates during both the first and second eight-week segments of the fall and spring semester. (One eight-week segment is offered during the summer semester, as well.) Classes typically meet in the evenings or on Saturday mornings. AFT courses are offered at five convenient locations: the main campus in Glen Ellyn, the Addison, Carol Stream, Naperville and Westmont Centers.

Admission Criteria

  • Students must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Students enrolled in traditional COD programs may enroll in AFT courses if they meet the age requirement.
  • Students of other colleges or universities attending COD are also invited to enroll in AFT courses if they are at least 21 years of age.

Adult Fast Track students are subject to placement testing and prerequisite requirements. We encourage all AFT students to begin working toward the completion of their degree-level math requirement(s) early in their studies, and to complete a degree-level math course(s) by the time they have earned 30 college credit hours.


If you are a current or returning COD student, or have already applied and been accepted to COD, you can self-register (online) using myACCESS. You must be at least 21 years of age. (Note that you cannot register prior to your assigned registration date.)

To register, go to log in, click on myACCESS for students, and follow the instructions provided under Registration. starting with Search/Register for Sections. This will take you to the Search/Select Classes page.

To view all AFT classes offered during a particular term:

    1. Go to the Term drop-down menu and select the term in which you’re interested
    2. Go to the Course Types drop-down menu and choose Adult Fast Track
    3. Go to the Academic Level drop-down menu and click on Undergraduate

If you are an adult student interested in AFT but have not yet applied for admission to COD, you can do so quickly and easily at Just follow the step-by-step directions. (If you have admission-related questions, please call Admissions at (630) 942-2626. Once notified of your acceptance, you may self-register using myACCESS.

Office Location
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 3B11
Glen Ellyn Campus
425 Fawell Blvd.
Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137


Angel Kearns Adult Fast Track

“None of this would be possible without the dedication College of DuPage has for its students. I feel smarter. I feel like a better person. I’m going to contribute something. This experience has taught me that I’m stronger than I thought. Coming in, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this. It has made me a better, stronger woman and a role model for my children.”

  • Rita Kuzmenko Adult Fast Track

    “The Fast Track program is created to better fit into the schedule of working adults. However, the courses are not easier and, in fact, students are often doing the work of an entire semester in one eight-week course. Prioritization is crucial,” Rita Kuzmenko said. “But when a person finishes the program, they have truly earned their degree. The Fast Track Program prepared me well for the degrees I earned afterward.”

  • Susan Neustrom Adult Fast Track

    “The lesson I learned from my experience at COD is that the value of education is not only what you learn in the textbooks. Book knowledge is great, but the real value of education is that it opens your mind to possibilities, allows you to reflect on your inner self, and helps you to discover your true potential and purpose in life.”

  • VoIP for Cell Phones – Cheaper Mobile Communication #voice #over #ip #service


    VoIP For Mobile Phones


    Jaxtr is a nice and completely free service that allows you to make phone calls to and from fixed or mobile phones. You first need to create an account and submit a phone number through which you can be contacted. Then you can call other people who have done the same. The first time, you need to call them through the web interface or jaxtr, then, once you have saved the virtual number of the person on your phone, you can call them from it the next time. International calls are also supported. Note that the phone number you submit will not be seen by other people, but a virtual number will be used instead, assigned by jaxtr. More

    Is Your Inbox Out of Control?

    Believe it or not, our free, daily newsletter can help you use tech better and declutter your inbox. Sign up now!


    You might be asking why Skype does not come first of this list, with its hundreds of millions of users. While Skype shines in PC-to-PC communication (for how long more?), its presence in the mobile arena only fills a gap in its services. Skype has softphones for Nokia Internet Tablet, Windows Mobile devices and WiFi phones only. Recently, Skype has launched its own mobile phone, called the SkypePhone, which carries all Skype functionalities and services. It is however not yet available in all countries at the time I am writing this. Read more on Skype mobile. More

    Continue to 7 of 7 below.


    Rebtel gives international numbers for your local contacts, and therefore allows you to make international calls at low rates. What you pay is the local GSM fee plus a small fee for Rebtel. You have to type your contact s international number and Rebtel will create a local number for the area you are in, for you to call them. More

    Truphone VoIP Service Review For Mobile Phones

    F-5A Freedom Fighter #wargame #wiki,wargameeuropeanescalation,f-5a #freedom #fighter,wargame: #airland #battle,wargame: #red #dragon,norway,f-5a #puff,autonomy,stabilizer,ground #attack #aircraft,f-5a #freedom #fighter,time #over #target,nato


    F-5A Freedom Fighter

    Available to NATO forces, the F-5A Freedom Fighter is an American -built multi-role fighter used by the Royal Norwegian Air Force.


    History Edit

    The Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter is a twin-engine, single-seat, tactical fighter. The F-5A was developed in the late 1950’s as a supersonic lightweight fighter, but found little use in American arsenals – the later F-5E Tiger II was employed as a MiG-21 simulator in aggressor squadrons. However, the F-5A and subsequent family saw great success as an export fighter, and was sold to, or license-built in more than 30 countries. The Royal Norwegian Air Force purchased 108 Freedom Fighters, 78 of them F-5A’s, as part of a military aid agreement. The first Freedom Fighters arrived in 1966 and served for nearly four decades.

    Overview Edit

    AirLand Battle Edit

    The F-5A Freedom Fighter is an inexpensive light strike platform available to Norwegian and NATO decks. At only 35 points per fighter, the F-5A is an economical platform which may be used to effectively attack lightly armored vehicles and infantry. It carries eight 127mm rockets and two M39A2 20mm cannons, the latter of which allow the F-5A to harass enemy helicopters and provides a small level of defense against fighters. As one might expect, the F-5A is vulnerable to attack by enemy fighters and long range SAMs, having no on-board ECM, or air-to-air missiles. Due to its low cost, these drawbacks are far from prohibitive.

    Red Dragon Edit

    The F-5A Freedom Fighter in Wargame: Red Dragon is a relatively inexpensive light strike platform available to Norwegian and NATO decks. At 50 points per aircraft, the F-5A is more expensive than in AirLand Battle, carries the same loadout and has largely the same characteristics, though its Zuni rockets have slightly less power than in the previous installment. Its benefits and drawbacks are largely the same in Red Dragon as AirLand Battle.

    Weapons Edit

    AirLand Battle Edit

    How Some Payday Lenders Charge Over 700% on Loans #college #loan #interest #rates

    #payday lenders

    How Some Payday Lenders Charge Over 700% on Loans

    A little known loophole is letting some payday loan companies dodge state laws and charge interest rates much higher than the states would otherwise allow, a CNBC investigation has found.

    The loophole involves payday lending firms affiliating with Native American tribes and taking advantage of tribal sovereignty to offer loans online that would otherwise be blocked by many US state laws.

    Payday lenders—which make short-term cash loans, often to poor or financially struggling customers—target a national audience rather than members of the tribes involved and take advantage of their nominal affiliation with a tribe to charge annual percentage rates of more than 700 percent in some cases.

    In some cases, the tribes receive a financial benefit from the payday lending firms — sometimes including a percentage of the overall business. The firms, in turn, lend cash to struggling borrowers at sometimes steep interest rates. (Read More. New Model Breaks From Payday Lender Pack .)

    But CNBC found at least one case in which a tribal official said he had no idea a payday lending firm was using the tribe’s name, and, in an interview with CNBC, accused that lender of fraud.

    Here’s how it works in one case:

    An online lender called Cash Fairy is owned the Fort Belknap Indian Tribe in Montana. On its website, Cash Fairy explains that it is a “Tribal enterprise and economic arm, wholly owned and operated by the Fort Belknap Indian Community (“Tribe”), a federally-recognized sovereign American Indian Tribe, and created by the Tribal Council for the benefit of the Tribe.”

    The website advertises cash loans of up to 50 days at an annual percentage rate of 782.14 percent. That means, the website notes, a customer would pay $10.71 to borrow $500 for just one day.

    For most companies making loans in New York State, for example, the maximum allowable annual percentage rate is 25 percent.

    But Cash Fairy can lend online to people living in New York State because tribal sovereignty means it is not subject to the New York regulations. And it’s operating in a growth area — a 2010 report by JMP Securities found that 35 percent of all payday loans made that year originated online and that share will grow to 62 percent by 2016.

    The sovereignty loophole has angered some state leaders across the country, who say non-tribal businesses are simply using a Native American cover to charge exorbitant rates over the internet.

    “We started to receive some complaints about outrageous rates, non-disclosure of those rates,” said Colorado Attorney General John Suthers. “And when we went after the payday lenders they showed up and said you can’t touch us, we’re not subject to your state regulations because we are affiliated with a tribe.” (Read More. ‘Shadow Bank’ System Will Thrive Under New Rules – Bove .)

    CNBC Investigations Inc.

    But Suthers argues many of the firms aren’t really tribal at all. “These affiliations are very loose,” he said. “In fact, the only affiliation is, ‘allow us to use you as a front and we’ll pay you a small percentage of our gross profit or net profit.’ There’s no physical location on the reservation or anything like. They have unbelievable rates.”

    Now the federal government is getting involved. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley (D) has sponsored the SAFE Lending Act, which would require online lenders to play by the rules established by the state where the borrower resides, not where the business is established. That means a company registered in Oklahoma would have to abide by New York State regulations if it made loans there — a provision that could curtail the flexibility of many of the tribal affiliated lenders.

    Merkley told CNBC that payday loans often become rolling debt that can cripple families.

    “This has devastating impacts, and its why more than two dozen states have banned these practices — these 400, 500 percent loans,” Merkley said. “And its why we should make sure that when a state has said in democratic fashion that these will not be tolerated in our state, … we do not allow the Internet to be used as a loophole to bypass those state’ s rules.”

    But there’s a trade group for tribal lenders, and it doesn’t like Merkley’s legislation — arguing that payday loans are often the only source of credit for poor people who don’t have access to bank accounts or who would otherwise pay bounced check fees.

    “The Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA) mandates that all of its members adhere to all applicable federal lending laws and follow a strict set of Best Practices that ensures consumers and the tribes’ sovereignty are equally protected,” said Barry Brandon, the group’s executive director.

    “Today, our products serve the 60 million Americans considered under banked who need financial services delivered in a responsible way,” Brandon said. “It is unfortunate that Senator Merkley elected not to consider the recommendations from several Native American associations that were offered as this proposal was being drafted. If he had, his legislation could have made real progress for consumer protection, rather than crippling e-commerce in Indian country and access to the financial products on which so many people rely.”

    The payday lending business can be controversial even within the tribes that are invited to participate in, and profit from, the lending. In one case, a payday lending debate appears to have created a political rift in a tribal council. (Read More. Crackdown Needed in Predatory Lending .)

    In January, the tribal council of the Wakpamni District of the Ogala Sioux tribe in South Dakota met to consider a proposal from a consultant who proposed teaming up with a payday lender. The idea bitterly divided the tribal leaders, who debated the finer points of the proposal as well as the morality of payday lending itself.

    CNBC Investigations Inc.

    At one point, a consultant pitching the business to the tribe offered some blunt advice about the very business he was pitching. “My advice is don’t take out a payday loan,” the consultant said, according to a recording of the meeting obtained by CNBC. “Let the white people take out the loan and let us make money off them.”

    Ultimately, the decision split tribal leaders, and the meeting came to a head. Tribal President Sandy Two Lance failed to get the support she needed to sign the proposed contract. On the tape of the meeting, however, she says she will sign the deal anyway. “I know you are going to say you can’t do that without the executive board,” she says on the recording. “But I’m going to do it and see where we go. I’m expecting restraining orders after I sign this.”

    Another member of the tribal leadership, however, said he was under the impression that the contract was not valid, because the top leaders hadn’t agreed to the deal. And one said he was shocked when CNBC called and pointed out that the payday lending business,, says on its website that it is affiliated with the Wakpamni District.

    “We were not aware of this payday lending project on the Internet until you brought it to our attention,” said Richard Little Hawk, the secretary of the Wakpamni District. “We believe that a fraud has been committed on us and these individuals pulled a fast one on us.”

    Here’s where the situation gets even more murky. CNBC contacted tribal president Sandy Two Lance who agreed that her signature on the payday lending contract had not been made according to tribal procedure, but she said she shredded the agreement when other members of the tribe complained. Richard Little Hawk said he has not spoken to Sandy Two Lance in months, and does not know where the tribal president is.

    Despite the tribal leadership chaos, the website of explains that it charges annual percentage rates of more than 782 percent. And it says in fine print that it “is the DBA for the Wakpamni Lake Community of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, a Sovereign Nation. Loans made by Fast Money Store are serviced by Cash Cloud LLC.”

    Officials listed in corporate records as affiliated with Cash Cloud LLC did not respond to requests for comment. One of those listed in Arizona state incorporations records as a member or manager of Cash Cloud, Richard Corbridge, said he was not able to comment, and referred CNBC to a man named Chad Jardine, who Corbridge said was the CEO of the firm. However, Jardine left a voice mail for a reporter saying, “I am not the CEO of Cash Cloud.”

    He did not respond to a follow up telephone call.

    AT – T Voice Over LTE Reaches Milestone #voice #over #lte


    AT T Innovation Blog

    I’m excited to share a big network milestone with you today. Our VoLTE network (Voice over LTE) covers more than 295 million Americans. That includes more than 27 million active subscribers – more than any other U.S. carrier. We’ve set up the network so customers in covered areas who have capable devices get instant access to VoLTE as soon as the coverage is live.

    You’ve been talking and surfing the web simultaneously on AT T for years. But now VoLTE lets that happen at 4G LTE data speeds. VoLTE also lets us offer HD Voice. HD Voice produces more natural sounding audio by extending the frequency range of the audio signals, resulting in remarkably clearer calls.

    We’re rolling out VoLTE market-by-market and testing each market before launching. This gives customers the best possible experience. To see if HD Voice is available in your area, check out .

    You might remember John Donovan mentioning we were working to let our customers enjoy clear HD Voice audio quality and video calling features when placing VoLTE calls to customers of other carriers, and vice versa. Well, I’m pleased to report this month we saw the first VoLTE exchange between our customers and another carrier in limited, select areas. We’re working with others on this same feature, too.

    Staying connected is everything. Here’s more we did this year to help you stay in touch with the people that matter most:

    • Wi-Fi Calling complements our already great network coverage and is an option for making calls in areas where a cellular signal is tough to get. It’s available on compatible devices with iOS 9 installed. We plan to offer it on other operating systems in the future.
    • NumberSync uses the power of our network to link your compatible devices to your primary mobile number. This means you can send and receive texts, as well as make and receive calls, from a secondary device using the same number that your contacts already recognize. This will work when your smartphone isn’t with you, nearby or even powered on. We launched NumberSync first on the Samsung Gear S2 and plan to bring the feature to other devices in the future.
    • Video Call is now available in VoLTE coverage areas if you have a Samsung Galaxy S 6 Active. There’s no need for a separate app. You can also switch between a HD Voice call and Video Call without hanging up.
    • Advanced Messaging . like video calling and VoLTE, is part of AT T’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) platform. Advanced Messaging has some cool features, making your texting even better. If you and the person you are texting both have a Samsung Galaxy S 5 mini or Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, it shows you when your message is delivered, when it’s read and when the other person is typing their reply. You can also send larger files up to 10 MB.

    It’s been a busy year for us and our network. But we’re excited to bring you new ways to interact with friends, families and colleagues. There are more innovations coming in the future. I’m looking forward to sharing the news with you later on. In the meantime, you can visit to learn more.