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Distance Learning Doctoral Degree Program in Counseling Psychology #online #phd #programs #in #counseling, #distance #learning #doctoral #degree #programs #in #counseling #psychology


Distance Learning Doctoral Degree Program in Counseling Psychology

Research online doctoral degree programs in counseling psychology. Find out what you can learn in these courses and what you’ll need in order to participate in online learning to determine if it’s right for you.

Essential Information

A doctoral program in psychology usually requires 5-7 years of schooling beyond the baccalaureate degree. Online doctoral degree programs do not significantly differ in time or curriculum requirements from campus-based programs. However, online programs are typically hybrid in format, combining virtual courses with required campus-based or practical experiences; some programs require a residency.

Doctoral programs in counseling psychology are offered as Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degrees. Applicants need a baccalaureate degree in psychology in order to be considered.

Course Topics

A student earning a doctoral degree in counseling psychology online will be expected to complete classes covering the following topics:

  • Ethical and cultural issues in counseling
  • Addiction theories
  • Counseling techniques
  • Intervention practice
  • Marriage, family and addictions counseling
  • Adolescent and childhood counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Recovery strategies


Students are required to prepare and defend a dissertation based on independent research projects. Since research, statistics and completion of the doctoral dissertation are completed independently, an online delivery method is appropriate for a student working toward a doctoral degree in counseling psychology.

Online Learning, Residency and Practicum Requirements

An online doctoral degree program in counseling psychology also requires students to participate in groups, classes and seminars online. Many distance learning programs require periodic attendance at seminars or orientation sessions held at the main campus. Some Ph.D. programs may require students to spend additional time, up to one year, in residence. In addition, most online doctoral degree programs integrate practicum and internship experiences.

Licensing Requirements

Completion of clinical and internship work is required in order to be eligible for licensure. Graduates need to pass a state licensing exam in order to become clinical psychologists providing counseling services.

Most online doctoral programs in counseling psychology prepare students for licensure through a combination of online courses and in-person internships and/or residencies. Programs usually require completion and defense of a dissertation that includes independent, original research.

PhD in Public Health: Online Degree #online #public #health #degree #programs, #phd #in #public #health: #online #degree


PhD in Public Health: Online Degree

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Community Health and Preventive Medicine
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Physics
  • Health Services Administration
  • International Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Medical Scientist
  • Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene
  • Public Health Education
  • Public Health Medicine, Treatment

Essential Information

Online doctoral degree programs in public health are not common. The few available programs are designed for professionals who have many years of experience and would like to advance to leadership positions. These programs confer with a DrPH or a Ph.D. in Public Health degree.

Most coursework can usually be completed through distance learning, though short residency workshops are typically required. Also, on-campus attendance is normally necessary for comprehensive examinations, meetings with one’s dissertation committee and the formal dissertation review. Exams may also be required to be taken on campus.

Students may be allowed to complete a set of electives in a chosen specialization area, such as epidemiology or community health education, although some schools may not have as wide a range of online elective choices compared to campus-based class options.

Doctoral Degree in Public Health

Courses included in online doctorate programs in public health, including the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Public Health and Doctor of Public Health (DrPH), often incorporate leadership and management, epidemiology and ethics. Through classes in these areas, students can learn how to be influential leaders in the field of public health and advance their professional academic, research or healthcare careers. Students interested in this program may also be interested in an online Ph.D. program from a related area, such as public policy and administration.

Learning Environment

Many online Ph.D. and DrPH programs allow for the majority of the coursework to be completed online. However, some components of the program may have an on-campus requirement, such as the dissertation presentation and defense. Most programs also require students to pass a comprehensive exam or complete a doctoral dissertation. Some schools organize students into defined groups or cohorts who work together during their academic career.

Common Coursework

Online doctoral programs in public health do not typically have general education requirements. Students may conduct research, as well as learn about health policy, public politics, leadership and other related areas.


Students will study disease patterns in communities through research and analysis. Students may utilize computer modeling to define patterns and facilitate investigation. Some classes focus on specific diseases or specific populations.

Law and Ethics

Students will examine the legal system in the United States and how it applies to healthcare. Ethics surrounding patient care and management are often explored in such classes. Students will also consider various health insurance companies, as well as their ethics and legality.

Leadership and Management

Students will learn how to develop effective collaboration between groups and individuals to enhance company efficiency. Classes also explore change management. In addition to face-to-face interactions, students will also explore social networking and other technologies.

Career Information for Graduates

Graduates from doctoral degree programs in public health may seek careers as health educators or medical and health service managers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicted that between 2014 and 2024, employment opportunities for health educators would increase by 12%, while medical and health service managers would see a 17% increase ( ). In 2014, the BLS reported that health educators earned an average salary of $56,690, while medical and health service managers averaged at $106,070.

Amongst health educators, the BLS reports that individuals with a doctoral degree can pursue careers teaching at the postsecondary level. As of May 2015, there were 178,900 health specialties teachers at the postsecondary level who earned an average salary of $114,510.

Continuing Education

Many in the health services and education field seek professional certification to advance their career, such as the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) credential offered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. Medical and health service managers can work toward a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) certification administered by the American Health Information Management Association.

Professionals who wish to further their careers may opt for an online doctoral degree in public health, which typically covers leadership and management, epidemiology and ethics. Graduates may become educators or medical and health service managers.

Next: View Schools

See our list of the top free online public health courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to.

Learn about important considerations when selecting an online accredited public health school. Read on to get an overview of.

A bachelor’s degree program in public health is designed to provide students with the educational background, skills and.

A public health master’s degree program focuses on the conditions and needs of working in a community health center or another.

Areas of study you may find at University of Connecticut include:
    • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
    • Post Degree Certificate: Postbaccalaureate Certificate
    • Undergraduate: Associate, Bachelor
  • Medical and Health Professions
    • Clinical Laboratory Science Professions
    • Communication Disorders Sciences
    • Dental
    • Medical Administrative Services
    • Medical and Health Preparatory Sciences
    • Medical Assisting
    • Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Professions
    • Nursing Professions
    • Nutrition Services
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration
    • Public Health and Safety
      • Public Health Medicine, Treatment
    • Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Professions

Get Started with University of Connecticut

7 Wayne State University

Areas of study you may find at Wayne State University include:
    • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
    • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate, Postbaccalaureate Certificate
    • Undergraduate: Bachelor
  • Medical and Health Professions
    • Clinical Laboratory Science Professions
    • Communication Disorders Sciences
    • Health and Fitness
    • Medical Administrative Services
    • Medical Assisting
    • Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Professions
    • Medical Residency Programs
    • Mental Health Services
    • Nursing Professions
    • Nutrition Services
    • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration
    • Public Health and Safety
      • Environmental Health
      • Health Physics
      • Medical Scientist
      • Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene
    • Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Professions

Get Started with Wayne State University

8 Indiana University

Areas of study you may find at Indiana University include:
  • Medical and Health Professions
    • Communication Disorders Sciences
    • Health and Fitness
    • Optometric and Ophthalmic Services
    • Public Health and Safety
      • Community Health and Preventive Medicine
      • Public Health Medicine, Treatment

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Business Management – MPhil, PhD – Anglia Ruskin University #part #time #phd #business


Business Management MPhil, PhD

Explore the key issues occupying managers and leaders today – in a business school that brings together expert researchers, high profile organisations and professional people from around the world.

Full description

Pursue your research degree with us and you ll be part of a research community that s focused on the real-world challenges that the world s business, governments and NGOs face. These organisations work with us to generate cutting-edge knowledge and contribute to improved performance.

This creates an inspiring environment for our research graduates. You ll be immersed in our work and will enjoy expert supervision, with opportunities to network with our research partners. There s also our thriving postgraduate community, where you can share knowledge and ideas with professionals from many fields.

We can supervise your research in most areas of business and management, helping you to develop transferable skills which will be invaluable in your future studies or career.

Here are a few of our specialisms.

  • Economic paradigms, models and methodologies
  • International trade and foreign direct investment
  • Entrepreneurship and SME internationalisation
  • Innovation, knowledge and information economies
  • Global people management
  • Organisational change management
  • Public service change management
  • Leadership
  • Sustainable tourism

Our world-leading research

About our research

Supervision and support

Here at the business school we take teaching seriously as this will no doubt be an significant part of your continued success in academia. It is important that all our PhD students feel confident and prepared when standing in front of our students and so to support you we provide ongoing training and development, covering the following areas:

  • Introducing good teaching practice with informed formative feedback
  • Provision of a support network both peer to peer and from an experienced mentor
  • Opportunity to take up teaching at your own pace
  • You can work towards professional teaching accreditation with the Higher Education Academy
  • Regular informal observations and feedback
  • Familiarisation with innovative teaching methods and digital learning technology
  • How to write effective lesson plans that support the students learning and engagement
  • You will be provided with an experienced mentor and be given the opportunity to co-teach with an experienced member of teaching staff prior to going it alone

You’ll normally have two formal supervisors, with access to a wider range of experts as and when required.

Where you ll research

Your faculty

The Lord Ashcroft International Business School is one of the largest business schools in the East of England, with nearly 100 full-time teaching staff and approximately 6,000 students from more than 100 countries.

Our striking and award-winning business school building in Chelmsford, as well as new buildings in Cambridge, offer the most advanced learning technologies. We re well-recognised for our centres of excellence by students, employers and professional bodies alike.

What makes us stand out is that our courses don’t just give you sound academic knowledge they re at the cutting edge of current business practice and highly relevant to employers. This is owing to the close links we have with the business community and the partnerships we’ve developed with a wide variety of businesses and public service organisations.

We’re interested in people who are confident, ambitious and ready to take the challenge of making a difference in the world of business. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.

Where can I study?

Difference between Doctor of Education degree (EDD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) #doctor #of #education #vs #phd


Difference between Doctor of Education degree (EDD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Education degree (EDD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree are the two highest education degrees awarded by any recognized University. PhD degree can be obtained in various fields depending on the qualification and interest of the candidates. EDD is the highest academic degree earned from a university. This degree is basically meant for the candidates who are specialized in administrative or academic field.

EED and its Opportunities

Candidates having EED degree can find excellent opportunities in teaching field as it is an exclusive degree. They can apply for the jobs like professors and lecturers in any reputed university. They can apply for the high level professional positions available in the field of education. This degree is an excellent qualification for those who are handling the leadership role in any high profile educational organization. Candidates with EED degree can gain excellent salary and reputation in education industry. Candidates with EED degree can also practice psychology in academic and mental health field.

PhD and its Opportunities

There are various opportunities available for the candidates having PhD degree in any discipline. Some of the jobs openings are exclusive for the candidates having PhD degree. Candidates with this degree can get into the higher positions available in a particular field, as this the highest degree gained from a university. PhD degree holders can also pursue their career in research field. They can work as a leading scientist in any research organization. They can also work as professors in any reputed university. Other job opportunities available for them are research analysts, survey researchers and statisticians.

Key differences between EDD and PhD

  • PhD gives more focus to research while EED deals with educational practices
  • PhD degree can be taken in various disciplines while EED is discipline based degree.

Even though both degrees are equivalent, PhD concentrates on gaining more knowledge while EED deals with the application of vast knowledge. If the candidates are interested to pursue an excellent academic career, then they should prefer PhD degree. If they want to excel their career in education administration, then EED is the best option available for them. If the candidates are interested in the research field, then they should choose PhD rather than EED.

Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education #phd #in #education,fully-funded #phd #programs,phd #fellowships,phd #scholarships,phd #scholarships #in #education,phd #programs #in #education,phds #in #education,full-funding #phd,full-funded #phd,fully-funded #doctoral #programs,fully #funded #phd #programs,phd #funding,education,fellowship #tips,fellowships,health #education,music #education,special #education,teaching,united #states


Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education

Feb 07, 2013 • Views 448,064

Last updated May 1, 2017

Next in my series on How To Fully Fund Your PhD. I provide a list below of universities that offer full funding to all students admitted to their doctoral programs in education, international education, and educational leadership.

You can find several competitive, external fellowships in the ProFellow database for graduate and doctoral study, but it is useful to seek out PhD programs that offer full funding to all admitted students. When a doctoral program indicates that they provide full funding to their PhD students, in most cases this means they provide each admitted student full tuition and a stipend for living expenses for the four to six year duration of the student’s doctoral studies. Not all universities provide full funding to their doctoral students, which is why I recommend researching the financial aid offerings of all the potential PhD programs in your academic field, including small and lesser-known schools both in the U.S. and abroad.

Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, PhD in Education (Cambridge, MA): Harvard provides full financial support for PhD students for all five years of the program.

New York University, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development (New York, NY): NYU Steinhardt awards all students (including international students) who are offered full-time admission to our PhD programs a full funding and mentoring package.

Queen s University, School of Graduate Studies, PhD in Education (Ontario, Canada): Queen’s guarantees a minimum funding package currently valued at $18,000 [CAD] per year for fours years for full-time doctoral students; in most cases, funding packages are higher (2011-12 average: $25,800). In addition, Queen’s guarantees an international tuition award (or equivalent award) valued at $5,000 per year for four years for eligible international doctoral students.

University of California Irvine, PhD in Education (Irvine, CA): Effective 2015, all incoming UC Irvine PhD in Education students, including California residents, non-residents, and international students, are offered five years of financial support. Funding includes an academic year stipend or salary, tuition and Student Services Fee waiver, and student health insurance.

University of Colorado, School of Education (Boulder, CO): Admitted doctoral students received four-year funding packages including a stipend and a tuition grant equal to the cost of tuition (in-state and out-of-state).

Find more graduate fellowships for doctoral study and dissertation research in ProFellow s fellowships database .

© Victoria Johnson 2013, all rights reserved.

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Very useful information you ve presented here after scouring the internet for weeks. This term fully funded was the buzzword I was missing. Now to find fully funded PhD programs that can be done online with minimal residency so I don t have to uproot my family and my current teaching load. Are there
any online programs that are fully funded?

Tracy, I have not been able to find any so far. Online programs are typically offered by for-profit universities. However, if you can find a 3-year PhD position that does not require the normal 2 years of course (typically you need to have a Master s/postgraduate degree already to be eligible for these), you may not need to be in-resident. These programs are more common in Europe, Asia and Oceania. Thus you might spend some time abroad to get started, and then could complete your PhD dissertation remotely. This would require negotiation with your supervisors.

Try Colorado State University, their program is fairly new (10) but they have some online portion and a short residency program.

Graduate Education: Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Division #phd #bioethics #online


Loyola University Chicago has been offering high quality graduate education in bioethics for over 15 years. We offer a Doctorate Degree (D. Bioethics), Master of Arts (M.A.) and Certificate Programs ; the doctoral program offers concentrations in Clinical Bioethics, Organizational Ethics, Research Ethics, Public Health Ethics, and Catholic Bioethics.

Our innovative online environment supports practical education and provides valuable engagement and networking among peers and experts in the field of bioethics and health policy.

The online program is an excellent opportunity to network with highly motivated professionals representing a variety of disciplines that cannot be duplicated in a traditional classroom setting.

K Artnak, PhD, RN, CNS, MA
Click here to view all testimonials

Welcome video featuring the Online Bioethics Graduate Program faculty


  • Convenient, reliable and rigorous distance education for working professionals. Only top caliber graduate or professional degreed adult learners accepted.
  • With our partial tuition scholarships, our program is competitively priced (US News ranks Loyola among the top 50 Best Value Colleges ).
  • Taught by Loyola University Chicago faculty who are dedicated to online education with decades of combined experience.
  • The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).
  • U.S. News and World Report has ranked Loyola consistently among the “top national universities” and “best values” in its annual publications.
  • Washington Monthly ranks Loyola University Chicago among the top 100 national universities, emphasizing social mobility, research and service.
  • Very high retention rate.
  • Our program is committed to diversity and inclusivity.
  • For those students who are able to devote full-time to the program, the convenience of online learning does offer the possibility to complete the master’s degree in as short as one year.
  • Although our masters and certificate programs can be completed entirely online, many students opt to take one of our many blended courses that allow face to face interaction with fellow students and faculty. These blended courses typically require 2-3 days of on campus attendance.
  • Our students consistently participate in the professional bioethics discourse and routinely publish their work and present at national meetings. Click here for an up-to-date listing.

The key ingredients to a successful experience in an online educational program are the quality of the students and the dedication of the faculty. Join fellow physicians, nurses, chaplains, lawyers, social workers and other healthcare professionals in becoming future leaders in the field of bioethics.

“practical, formative, engaging. ” What our students are saying about our program.

“. allowed flexibility in my ability to learn. it’s been a value to my career.”
J Higginson, MD, MA

“. made me a better clinician in making bed side decisions.”
C Sammis-Berman, NP, D.Bioethics

“Perfect combination of theory and practice in facilitating ethics consultation. “
A Ochasi, STL, D.Bioethics

“Broadened my experience and my involvement in national bioethics. “
R Holt, MD, D.Bioethics

“. faculty are very engaged and continue to remain involved with me even after graduation.”
S Brown, MA, D.Bioethics

Online Ph #phd #leadership #online


Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership

Ideal for managers or supervisors who are interested in becoming better leaders, The Chicago School’s online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership degree program prepares graduates to take on executive roles in for-profit and nonprofit businesses. Guided by practitioner faculty, online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership students will focus on the following areas: Human diversity and ethics Research strategies Strategic [ ]

Ideal for managers or supervisors who are interested in becoming better leaders, The Chicago School’s online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership degree program prepares graduates to take on executive roles in for-profit and nonprofit businesses.

Guided by practitioner faculty, online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership students will focus on the following areas:

  • Human diversity and ethics
  • Research strategies
  • Strategic change management
  • Team-building
  • Organizational interventions
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Psychological theories of leadership and motivation
  • A range of electives to support each student’s individual career goals

Prepared to assume high-level consulting positions in today s global, multicultural business environment, graduates of the online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership program will be able to further their careers by creating and implementing leadership models that fulfill organizational needs and objectives.

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Online Program: Student Experience

Through the convenience of The Chicago School’s online programs, your life remains intact. Our online Global Student Dashboard is where you will find the coursework and assignments for your organizational leadership courses, interact with fellow students, and are asked questions from your instructor.

Sample Courses

Management Philosophy and Practice

This course looks at various management philosophies and their practical applications. Topics include an examination of management and leadership philosophies and styles, and a comparison and contrast of the differences between management, leadership, and mentorship.

Emerging Theories of Leadership

This course examines current theories regarding leadership. Topics include an examination of ethical leadership and the various theories of leadership and leadership development.

Envisioning the New Health Human Service Organizations

Students will apply advanced understanding of strategic management concepts to analyze and assess complex organization problems, envision new paradigms and innovative solutions, and create organizational change. This course investigates the complex ethical, legal, political, economic, regulatory, social, technological, and international issues facing health and human services leaders.

Hands-on Experience

Students must have access to an organizational environment that will be available for use in research and reference for course work.

Students also engage in two brief residencies (roughly three and one-half days each) at our Chicago campus, which provides an opportunity for face-to-face interaction and networking with fellow students from around the globe. At the first residency, which occurs during Year 1 of the program, students engage in focused seminars aimed at helping them formulate dissertation topics and prepare for the research process. At the second residency, in Year 2, students complete their competency exam. A third residency is optional.


Completion of the dissertation is an essential aspect of a student’s academic experience and professional education. It provides the school the opportunity to evaluate the student’s ability to apply Organizational Leadership theory and research and to think critically and creatively about an issue in the field.

The dissertation should clearly and concisely demonstrate the student’s command of the research in a specific area of organizational leadership. In the dissertation, the student will critically evaluate and synthesize relevant research and theory in the topic chosen for study. The student’s dissertation Committee is responsible for determining the appropriateness and acceptability of the dissertation proposal, and for final approval of the dissertation.

Admission Requirements

Admissions Operations
c/o The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
350 N Orleans ST STE 1050
Chicago, IL 60654-1822

Application to The Chicago School’s Organizational Leadership doctoral program is open to any person who has earned a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in psychology, the behavioral sciences, organizational discipline or other related field, and who meets other entrance requirements. Students applying to the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership (post-Master s) program must submit the following:

  • Application
    • Apply Online
  • Application Fee: $50
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
    • Three or more years of work experience is preferred
  • Essay Please answer the following question in approximately 500-750 words.
    • Tell us how leaders have personally inspired you in your professional and personal life.
  • Statement of Research (using APA format)Official College/University Transcripts
    • Students must submit official transcripts from all schools where degrees have been earned. The Chicago School requires that all schools be regionally accredited higher education institutions. Official transcripts may be sent directly from the institution or with your application for admission as long as they are official, sealed, and signed across the envelope flap when they arrive.
  • Preparatory Coursework:
    • Aside from general admission requirements, this program requires applicants to have successfully completed at least one (1) foundational course in statistics, and one (1) foundational course in psychology or organizational behavior with a grade earned of ‘C’ or better by the end of their first semester (second online term) of study. Students who have not done so through previous coursework must successfully meet this progression requirement though the options outlined in the catalog .

Tuition and Scholarships

The Chicago School is dedicated to keep our professional degree programs accessible to anyone regardless of financial status. In addition to the scholarships that may be available, our Financial Aid Department will help provide you with information to determine what financial arrangements are right for you.

HEC Paris #school #of #management, #specialised #masters, #master #of #science, #hec #international #business #school, #hec, #hec #business #school, #europe #management #school, #management #school, #international #business #school, #business #school #europe, #europe #management #school, #management #training #program, #graduates #students, #business #school, #graduates #studies, #master #degree #of #science #in #management, #schools #france, #schools #europe, #training #program, #higher #education, #professors, #faculty, #academics, #research, #msc, #mim, #mba, #executive #education, #executive #mba, #trium #global #executive #mba, #phd, #certificates, #majors, #custom #programs, #open-enrolment #programs, #custom #programmes, #open-enrollment, #finance, #marketing, #economics, #stratégy, #leadership, #entrepreneurship, #digital #business, #social #business, #sustainable #development, #management, #luxury, #energy, #innovation, #paris, #jouy #en #josas, #china, #qatar, #russia, #saint #petersburg, #beijing, #shanghai, #doha, #ccip, #paris #chamber #of #commerce #and #industry, #saclay, #saclay #university, #paris-saclay, #idex, #paristech, #cems, #leader, #europe, #ft, #financial #times, #ranking, #international, #hec #foundation, #association, #alumni, #graduates, #hec #campus, #library, #equis, #aacsb, #companies, #prospective #student, #executive, #senior #executive, #student, #participant, #recruiting #company, #researcher, #bernard #ramanantsoa


Specialized in education and research in management, HEC Paris offers a complete and unique range of educational programs for the leaders of tomorrow: Masters Programs, MBA, PhD, Executive MBA, TRIUM Global Executive MBA and Executive Education open-enrolment and custom programs.

Founded in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and founding member of Université Paris-Saclay, HEC Paris has a permanent faculty, more than 4,400 students and over 8,000 managers and executives in training every year.

Master in Management – Grande Ecole

The Grande École curriculum is divided into a generalist phase and a specialization phase. The first phase concentrates on business fundamentals, while the second one focuses on acquiring an expertise (chosen according to the professional goals of the student). The unique structure of the curriculum enables students to acquire both an excellent grounding in general management and expertise in a specific field. We firmly believe this combination is the key success factor in training future leaders and making a lasting impact on the careers of our students. The second year of the Master’s program Cycle is composed of a specialized and professional curriculum, and the composition of a research paper.

Specialized Masters / MSc

Specialized Masters are one-year Master’s degrees taught in French. They are designed for students who already hold a Master’s degree in an other field and wish to specialize in a specific field of management. MSc programs are one-year Master’s degrees taught in English. They are designed for students who hold a Bachelor degree in any field from leading international universities.


Custom designed for managers between the ages of 25 to 35 with previous work experience averaging 6 years, the MBA program addresses both functional and crossfunctional skills, through a fundamental and a customized thread to cover all areas of management in depth. Highly selective, the program has around 250 participants per year, from 52 different nationalities with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Participants gain hands-on, practical experience through seminars integrated into the curriculum, such as the MBA Tournament and the off-campus leadership seminar at St-Cyr Military Academy.

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA is a transformational experience which offers senior managers and executives from all around the world the opportunity to select one of the 8 majors that take place in 14 international locations, and also to take classes in any of its different tracks in France or Qatar.

The EMBA is an interactive and intensive program developed to provide executives with an understanding of the international business context, as well as the comprehensive, practical and innovative knowledge and skills they need, to put their vision into action.

TRIUM Global Executive MBA

TRIUM Global Executive MBA enables executives to understand the world, as it is today and will be tomorrow.

Ranked #3 Executive MBA worldwide by the Financial Times, it is a unique degree jointly awarded by 3 world-renowned universities: HEC Paris, London School of Economics Political Science, New York University Stern School of Business.

Executive Education

Speed up your career!

Executive Education offer training programs for business leaders and host over 8,000 executives and managers from the whole world, to assist companies in training managers, future managers and leaders.
Our desire is to offer executive education programs specifically built for managers and executives. They allow you to gain perspective by revisiting your convictions, learn from the diversity of participants in the class and offer proximity and access to corporate issues. HEC Executive Education relies on the excellence of the faculty of HEC Paris, the expertise of its external speakers and the international reputation of its research in order to offer its customers a unique and unforgettable experience.


Your Gateway to a career in research and academia

The mission of the PhD Program is to train top-level researchers in the major areas of management, and thereby faster the reputaion of HEC Paris in the best business schools in the world (MIT, Harvard; Princeton, LBS, INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge. ). Since 2015, HEC Paris delivers the ‘Doctorate in Management Science’ degree in partnership with the University of Paris Saclay.

Intensive course training during the first two years

7 specializations in management

Close supervision by international, research-driven, young and renowned Faculty members

Full involvement in the research ethos of HEC Paris

Financial support for research visits and conferences

Tuition waiver and financial support for living expenses guaranteed for the first 4 years

Summer School


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PhD Flopper

PhD Flopper

(PhD) Night-time scene. (PhD) The streets are mean. (PhD) The things I have seen. The good, (PhD) the bad, and the in-between. When you dive to prone, you are surely gonna own, PhD (Flopper)! When you dive to prone, it’s gonna shake ya to the bone, all the zombies gonna groan, ’cause of PhD! (PhD) The feelin’s growing strong. (PhD) So right that it feels wrong. (PhD) Like the chorus of a song. (PhD) Not short but not too long. Slap your body to the floor, everybody needs some more, of your lovin’, your explosive lovin’. When you dive to prone, it’s gonna shake ya to the bone, all the zombies gonna groan, cause of PhD! (PhD) (Flopper)! Damn straight.

— The jingle of PhD Flopper.

It has Doctor in the title. Just like me! ” — Edward Richtofen

PhD Flopper is a Perk-a-Cola featured in Zombies. It was introduced along with Stamin-Up in the map Ascension and returns in Call of the Dead, Shangri-La. Moon. Cell Block and Origins. PhD Flopper also makes an appearance in part as a Persistent Upgrade on Buried as well as an unobtainable Easter Egg on the maps Die Rise and Mob of the Dead. PhD Flopper has been replaced by Widow’s Wine in the remastered version of Ascension, Shangri-La, Moon and Origins, due to the absence of diving to prone in Black Ops III.

The Perk-a-Cola costs 2000 points and it has a dark blue and purple color scheme. The color of this perk is purple, and the icon is a nuclear symbol with shock waves surrounding it. PhD Flopper completely negates self-inflicted damage; however, the player will still groan and suffer temporary movement reduction when falling down from an elevated area. Another feature of this perk is that when players dive to prone from a height from which they would normally take damage, a 7.5 meter radius explosion is created upon landing.

The explosion is very powerful, with a maximum of 5000 damage at the center of the blast, and can kill zombies with one hit up to approximately round 20. Between rounds 20 to 30, PhD Flopper will begin to make crawlers, and on rounds beyond 30, zombies will retain their legs even in the center of the blast. The perk is made from prunes and some types of chemicals. However, as this is an explosive “weapon”, it should be noted that the player only receives 50 points per kill, when opposed to the 60 points that are acquired by using a bullet firing weapon, so using a gun would be advised if the player is going to buy something, such as other Perk-a-Colas. This perk does not seem to work when diving right on top of multiple zombies. It should also be noted when “flopping” that landing on a prone player while diving to prone will cause both players to be downed instantly, so one should avoid other teammates while diving.


Locations Edit

Call of Duty: Black Ops Edit

  • Ascension – In the room by Lunar Lander Д (closest to MP5K ), with the grenades available to purchase off the nearby wall. Can also be obtained from a Random Perk Bottle by finishing a Space Monkey round without having any machines attacked.
  • Call of The Dead – In the abandoned second floor of the multi-story building that branches off of the lighthouse. Can also be obtained from a Random Perk Bottle by killing George A. Romero.
  • Shangri-La – Will spawn randomly in the mines. (changes spawn with Stamin-Up. Double Tap and Deadshot Daiquiri ). Can also be obtained from a Random Perk Bottle by killing a zombie monkey as it cycles the power-up after it steals one.
  • Moon – Spawns on the far right side in the Bio-Dome near the Mystery Box spawn. Can also be obtained from a Random Perk Bottle by either jumping multiple times on the bounce pads or spawning one with a QED.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Edit

  • Die Rise – Unobtainable Easter Egg in the first elevator shaft from the spawn room.
  • Mob of the Dead – Found on a small boat along with Mule Kick near the dock area as an unobtainable Easter Egg.
    • Cell Block – Found in the corner of the library, in the same location as the Olympia. Next to the spawn room in Mob of the Dead.
  • Buried – Available as one of the Persistent Upgrades by taking a sufficient amount of fall damage repeatedly (Note that it does not protect the player from over-cooked grenades or fall damage). Not physically available nor is obtained from a Random Perk Bottle, which is achieved by killing all the Ghosts after traversing trough the mansion.
  • Origins – Obtained via the Der Wunderfizz machine. Not physically available.

Appearance Edit

The PhD Flopper machine is very thin, similar to that of Widow’s Wine. and is covered in blood. It has a yellow paint job (which later changes to purple) on the front of the machine. There are four levers, from up to down, coloured red, green, white and purple. Under them, a bottle dispenser with a coffee cup in it can be seen. Under that, the words “Flopper PhD” can also be seen. On the top of the machine, the PhD Flopper shield can be seen, with several rods with yellow spheres stick out of it.

Call of Duty Online Edit

PhD Flopper appears in Cyborg Rising mode of Call of Duty Online. translated as Armor Cola. It is exclusive to the character Sergeant. and is awarded to the player after surviving three rounds.

Gallery Edit

Online Counselor Courses, Training and Career Education #phd #in #counselor #education, #counselor #online #courses


Online Counselor Courses, Training and Career Education

Essential Information

Online counseling courses and degree programs are more common at the graduate level since most counselors must have a master’s degree to be eligible for state licensure. However, some four-year schools do offer distance learning bachelor’s programs in areas like addictions or substance abuse counseling, family therapy, or psychology, since academic requirements for this specialty vary by state. In addition, undergraduate degrees in relevant fields like psychology could also be pursued online to provide a foundation for further study in counseling.

Like those available on campus, distance learning graduate programs in counseling are usually designed to prepare students to meet licensing regulations, which include completing supervised experiences and passing a state-administered exam. For this reason, few programs are totally online as they require students to take part in a clinical component that can usually be completed in the student’s area.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Clinical Pastoral Counseling
  • Community Health Services
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Medical Social Work
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Mental Health Services Technician
  • Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
  • Substance Abuse Counseling

Program Options

Those planning to become a licensed counselor should expect to complete some on-site work as part of their education program, including possible campus-based residencies and clinical practice in a local mental health setting. Beyond that, students generally enjoy the flexibility that comes from taking online classes. At a time that fits their schedules, they can access lectures, assignments and other course materials through the schools’ virtual classrooms. Opportunities for peer and instructor interaction come from tools like discussion boards, chat rooms or even Web conferencing.

The following list offers some details on what to expect from distance learning programs in counseling.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Many schools offer online undergraduate degree programs in specific areas of counseling. For instance, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Addiction Counseling introduces students to a number of topics, including psychotherapy models, drug abuse fundamentals and the therapeutic process. Candidates are generally required to complete a number of general education courses, such as general psychology, English and math, early in the program.

Master’s Degrees

Those interested in pursuing advanced degrees in counseling may choose online master’s degree programs. Admissions requirements typically include a bachelor’s degree with credits in social science and perhaps some relevant experience. A variety of areas of specialization are available, and the specific courses taken may depend on an individual student’s area of concentration. Most online master’s degree programs can be completed in two years or less.

Course Topics

An online Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling may require students to complete courses, such as:

  • Abnormal psychology
  • Counseling theory and practice
  • Foundation of mental health counseling
  • Psychopharmacology

An online Master of Science in Family Therapy may involve some of the same courses but also requires students to complete courses specific to the field, including:

  • Family therapy theories
  • Sexuality and intimacy in families
  • Couples therapy
  • Perspectives in cross-cultural counseling

Doctoral Degrees

Designed for practicing professionals with master’s degrees, doctoral programs are generally based in research and introduce candidates to advanced topics in the field. Online doctoral programs in psychology or counseling generally lead to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree.

Course Topics

Students may be required to visit campus for certain courses and to receive academic advisement regarding their dissertations. Coursework could explore subjects such as:

  • Psychoeducational consultation
  • Counselor education
  • Assessment methods
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Clinical supervision

Online counseling programs may be available in formats that include that both online coursework and clinical experiences, which prepare students for licensure. Specific areas of counseling may be offered, such as family therapy, substance abuse and addiction counseling, and psychotherapy.

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Find out how to become a certified counselor. Research the education and training requirements and learn about the experience.

Is school counseling one of the careers you are considering? Read on to learn about the skills, qualities and traits you will.

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  • Ph.D. in General Psychology – Performance Psychology
  • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
  • M.S. in Professional Counseling with an Emphasis in Trauma
  • MS in Professional Counseling
  • M.S. in Mental Health and Wellness with Emphasis in Grief and Bereavement
  • M.S. in Mental Health and Wellness with Emphasis in Prevention
  • MS in Christian Counseling
  • MS in Christian Counseling of Substance Use & Addictive Disorders
  • BS in Counseling – Addiction, Chemical Dependency, and Substance Abuse
  • BS in Health Care Administration
  • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
  • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science
  • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Life Coaching
  • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Mental Health and Wellness Emphasis in Community Health Administration
  • Graduate Certificate of Completion in Forensic Psychology
  • View more
    • M.S. Nursing – Psychiatric Mental Health
    • Master of Business Administration – Health Care Administration
    • Bachelor of Science in Addictions Couseling
    • B.S. General Studies – Life Sciences
    • B.S. Healthcare Administration
    • A.S. General Studies – Life Sciences
    • Undergraduate Certificate – Pastoral Care and Counseling