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Refinance an Investment Property

Investment property loans

Create an account and get a personalized recommendation of how much you can afford and get your monthly payment.

Answer a few questions, and we’ll have a Home Loan Expert who specializes in investment property mortgages call you.

The Basics

Refinance Your Investment Property to a Low Rate Today

  • Maximize your return on investment – lower your monthly mortgage payment and increase your rental income.
  • Use the equity in your rental property to buy additional property or fund other investment opportunities.
  • Quicken Loans allows you to invest in properties with up to four units, and you can refinance at any time with no prepayment penalties.

Every day we help hundreds of Americans lower their monthly payment by refinancing. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Why You Should Choose Quicken Loans

  • You’ll get a completely online application process with less paperwork, and you can track the status of your mortgage application.
  • Our Home Loan Experts are available to answer your questions and help you understand the details so you get the right mortgage for you.
  • After you close your loan, you can manage your mortgage online without any hidden fees.
  • We service 99% of our mortgages, which means you can expect our great customer service to continue after you close.

Popular Loan Options for Refinancing Investment Properties

  • YOURgage Our exclusive program puts you in control of your mortgage. Choose a term between 8 and 30 years.
  • 30-Year Loan Avoid surprises and know your payment is fixed.
  • 15-Year Loan Pay off your investment quickly or borrow from your equity at crazy low rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are required to refinance?

The following is a list of documents generally required during the refinance application process:

  • Proof of income: Typically, you’ll need to show original pay stubs for the last 30 days.
  • Copy of homeowners insurance: Verifies that you have current and sufficient coverage on your home.
  • Copies of your W-2 forms: Required for each loan applicant and helps your lender verify past employment and income history.
  • Copies of asset information: Including accounts holding money for closing costs, statements for savings, checking and 401(k) accounts, and investment records for mutual funds or stocks.
  • Copy of title insurance: Helps your mortgage lender verify taxes, names on the title and legal description of the property.

How often can I refinance my home?

Some states have limits on how soon or how often their residents can refinance a home loan; these limits are often designed to ensure that the refinance process benefits the homeowner. Regulations aside, it’s very important to make sure that refinancing helps you meet your financial goals. Deciding if it makes sense to refinance your home depends on a number of factors: Does your current lender have a prepayment penalty? Do you have enough equity built up in your home? Are interest rates lower now than they were when you first got your home loan? Do you plan to stay in your home for many years?

Talk to a Home Loan Expert or use our refinance calculator to see if refinancing your home can help you meet your goal.

Property Investment NZ – Westpac Property Investment, investment property loans.#Investment #property #loans

Investing in property

Whether you’re a first time investor or this is your second or third investment property, research is key. The Property Investment Hub is here to help.

We have a range of valuable resources such as calculators, property reports and over 90 Investment Property Lending Specialists.

  • Apply online
  • Find an Investment Property Lending Specialist
  • Try our Property Investment calculator
  • Call us 0800 466 353

Am I a Property Investor?

You may be a property investor if you have bought a house with the intention of renting it out to gain income from it.

Second homes (such as baches or cribs) that are rented out for more than 6 weeks a year will be classified as investment properties

  • Investment property loans

Interested but not sure where to start?

Where to start if you’re thinking of investing in residential property

  • Investment property loans

    Need to crunch the numbers?

    Consider issues around equity, potential returns and the expenses you might not have thought about

    • Investment property loans

      Looking for some of the top suburbs to invest in?

    • Investment property loans

      Want to talk to an Investment Property Lending Specialist?

    • Investment property loans

      Interest rates

    • Investment property loans

      Tools and checklists

    • Investment property loans

      Your Home loan options

      REDnews Property News

      Westpac’s current home loan criteria and terms and conditions apply. An establishment charge and/or Low Equity Margin may apply. An additional fee or higher interest rate may apply to loans if the application is accepted but does not meet the standard lending criteria.

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    11 Methods for Financing Investment Properties

    There are lots of ways to get real estate loans or investment property loans – often only limited by your imagination. Here’s a lengthy list of ways to financing investment property.

    This page will provide you with both conventional and unconvential ways to fund your real estate investments. The collapse of bubbles in real estate values is spreading from the US to other parts of the world making potential for bank financing more difficult. Learn some of these unusal techniques to gain an edge in acquiring rental housing when values are low.

    The term “real estate investment loans” usually refers to the bulk of the money used to finance an investment property purchase and assumes you have a cash down payment. But we are going to use the term broadly and include ways to get money if you don’t have cash for a down payment.

    Now, I’m not your parent or your spouse, so I’m not going to nag you. But. if you’re spending more than you make, you need to get your house in order. Create a budget and add a category for savings. Save some money from your paycheck each pay period towards a down payment for your investment properties as well as cash reserves. The weird part about getting loans to fund your ventures, is that the less you need the money, the easier it is to get a loan. So make your finances look better.

    The next step is making sure your credit score is OK. Often called the FICO score, you can find your free credit Score online instantly! Hopefully it’s over 720 or at least 680. If not, here’s how to find out what it is and some suggestions for improving your credit score. Getting real estate loans from financial institutions is nearly impossible without a good FICO score but there are other sources to consider. If your FICO score is lower than 680 look into creative real estate investing ideas.

    One thing to keep in mind is that if you are using a bank for real estate loans, your interest rate and down payment requirements are generally higher. If you are going to rent out your current home and buy a second property to live in you can get a better interest rate .

    Do not lie to the bank and tell them that you are going to live in an investment property.

    This is loan fraud. If you are going to buy a lower priced property and you intend to live in it the bank might be suspicious of loan fraud, since generally people move up, not down, although in these times you could make a case for down sizing. If you buy a home, live in it for two years (best for tax purposes). Then when you rent it out, you are not doing anything illegal or unethical.

    How to Finance Investment Property

    Finding Investment Property Mortgages

    Get Investment Property Loans from Local Banks

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    Salient Features :

    All documents to be self attested.

    Fees and Charges

    The following is an indicative list of fees / other charges / outgoings that are payable depending on the nature of the loan availed (*):

    Processing fees

    Up to 1.50% of the loan amount or Rs. 3,000 whichever is higher, plus applicable taxes.

    Prepayment charges
    Fixed First Rate Loan

    There will be no prepayment charges payable for any amount up to and including 25% of the opening principal balance for a given financial year.

    However any part prepayment in excess of 25% or full prepayment shall bear a prepayment charge of 2%, plus applicable taxes, of the amounts being so prepaid (such amounts shall include all amounts prepaid during the given financial year).

    Adjustable Rate Loan

    For all loans sanctioned to individual customers:

    No prepayment charges shall be payable on account of part or full prepayments.

    For all other loans:

    There will be no prepayment charges payable for any amount up to and including 25% of the opening principal balance for a given financial year.

    However any part prepayment in excess of 25% or full prepayment shall bear a prepayment charge of 2%, plus applicable taxes, of the amounts being so prepaid if the prepayment is made within 3 years from the date of first disbursement of the loan (such amounts shall include all amounts prepaid during the given financial year).

    There will be no prepayment charges payable for any part prepayment if such a part prepayment is made after 3 years from the date of first disbursement of the loan.

    Full prepayment made after 3 years from date of first disbursement of the loan shall bear a prepayment charge of 2%, plus applicable taxes, of amounts being so prepaid if source of such prepayment is by the way of borrowing from a Bank / Housing Finance Company (HFC) / Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) or Financial Institution. (such amounts shall include all amounts prepaid during the given financial year).

    You shall be required to submit a Prepayment Request Letter along with copies of your Bank Statement or any other document that HDFC deems necessary to ascertain the source of funds used for the prepayment.

    Conversion fees

    We offer our existing customer the option to reduce the applicable rate of interest on the loan (by changing the spread or switching between schemes) through our Conversion Facility. You can take advantage of this facility by paying a nominal fee and opt for either reducing your monthly instalment (EMI) or loan tenure. Terms and conditions apply.

    To avail of our Conversion Facility and to discuss the various available options either click here to allow us to call you back or log on to our Online Access for Existing Customers. to get your loan account information 24×7.

    The following options of conversion are available to an existing customer of HDFC:

    Switch From Fixed First Rate Loan (During The Period Of Fixed / Initial Rate Of Interest) To The Normal Adjustable Rate Loan:

    Under the Fixed First product, during the fixed rate term, you have the option to convert to the normal adjustable rate loan on payment of an upfront conversion fee of 2.00% of the principal outstanding plus the undisbursed amount plus applicable taxes.

    Switch From Fixed First Rate Loan (During The Period Of Adjustable Rate Of Interest) To The Normal Adjustable Rate Loan:

    Under Fixed First product, during the adjustable rate term, you have the option to convert to the normal adjustable rate loan on payment of an upfront conversion fee of up to 0.50% of the principal outstanding plus the undisbursed amount plus applicable taxes.

    Switch From Normal Adjustable Rate Loan To Fixed First Rate Loan:

    You have the option to convert an existing adjustable rate loan to a Fixed First rate loan on payment of an upfront conversion fee of up to 0.50% of the principal outstanding plus the undisbursed amount plus applicable taxes.

    Switch To A Lower Interest Rate In The Adjustable Interest Rate Option:

    You have an option to convert your existing adjustable rate to HDFC’s current adjustable rate by effectuating a change in the spread as indicated in the loan agreement.

    The fee payable shall be 50% of the difference of the two coupon rates subject to a minimum fees of 0.50% of the principal outstanding being converted. The fee shall be up to a maximum of 1.50% of the principal outstanding being converted, plus applicable taxes.

    In case of a partly disbursed loan, the fee payable shall be on the principal outstanding plus the undisbursed loan amount.

    Cheque Dishonour Charges

    Rs. 200**

    Fees on account of external opinion

    Fees on account of external opinion from advocates/technical valuers, as the case may be, is payable on an actual basis as applicable to a given case. Such fees is payable directly to the concerned advocate / technical valuer for the nature of assistance so rendered.

    The customer shall pay the premium amounts directly to the insurance provider, promptly and regularly so as to keep the policy / policies alive at all times during the pendency of the loan.

    Delayed payment of interest or EMI shall render the customer liable to pay additional interest up to 24% per annum.

    Incidental charges expenses are levied to cover the costs, charges, expenses and other monies that may have been expended in connection with recovery of dues from a defaulting customer. A copy of the policy can be obtained by customers from the concerned branch on request.

    All applicable charges on account of Stamp Duty / MOD / MOE / Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India (CERSAI) or such other statutory / regulatory bodies and applicable taxes shall be borne and paid (or refunded as the case may be) solely by the customer. You may visit the website of CERSAI for all such charges at

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    Looking to generate income from real estate?

    Residential investment property mortgages differ from primary home mortgages in four key areas:

    Downpayment: Investment property mortgages usually require a larger downpayment.

    Interest Rate: Investment property mortgages usually have higher rates.

    Loan Underwriting: Residential investment property mortgages may be underwritten differently than properties that are owner-occupied.

    Property Size: At TD Bank, residential mortgages for investment properties are for buildings with 1 4 units. If you’re interested in a building that is mixed-use, commercial or more than 5 units, you may need to consider commercial financing for your mortgage needs.

    You can learn more about your best loan options and get a realistic price range for your search when you talk to your TD Bank mortgage advisor to get prequalified.

    • To get prequalified, you will need to provide your basic debt, income and asset information; your mortgage advisor will pull a credit report
    • By the end of your conversation with your advisor, you’ll know how much you prequalify for

    If your investment property is in a different state, keep in mind that your lender must be authorized to lend in that state. TD Bank operates in 15 states from Maine to Florida find a TD Bank near your property .

    Additional considerations:

    1 Local Phoenix, Arizona HOA Management Company #tri #city #property #management #mesa #az


    CITY PROPERTY has been providing professional HOA management services to Arizona communities since 1979.

    Brian Lincks is the President of City Property.

    At City Property Management, we strive to achieve great results. Our brand of integrity driven service, hard work ethic, education, diligence and adherence to best practices inspires confidence in our employees and the communities we serve. We are currently the second largest Homeowners Association (HOA) management company in the Valley, and also serve Pinal County, Maricopa, Flagstaff and Yuma.

    By utilizing modern, and overwhelmingly homegrown, technology has allowed us to do more with the people we have, and by making these tools readily available to our clients, our presence in the Community Management industry continues to grow stronger year after year. Great technology aside, we seek the brightest, honest and most qualified employees to best serve our communities. Beyond a qualified resume, our employees are compassionate and play on a winning team that is family oriented and openly relies on communication and respect. City Property Management celebrates and continues to encourage the great diversity of its employees. Since 2013, we have been consecutively awarded each year Phoenix Business Journal (PBJ)’s “Best Places to Work in the Valley” award and as our standard, we provide a safe, resourceful and fun environment for the people who work in our Company. We believe that happy employees provide the best service, not only in community management, but everywhere.

    We are more than just City Property Management, we are #TeamCity. Our passion for our team and HOA Community management has been going strong for more than 30 years, and we continue to remain innovative in efficiencies while nurturing the best team of personnel, in a great company culture.

    Our latest technological release includes the continually enhanced CITYCYNC ® Management software and Homeowner/Board Portals and also includes the CITYlink HOA App©. According to our research, we are the first management company to have a fully integrated, proprietary App with the many common sense functions you would come to expect in today’s high pace world. Team City wants to share it with you, as well as our full suite of HOA technologies. With the CITYCYNC ® Portals and the CITYlink HOA App©, our clients have access to important community updates and account information at the swipe of a finger or click of a mouse. This type of technological advancement for any HOA management company is one of the many investments City Property Management makes to ensure we are Modern, we are Confident, and we are Dependable. In tandem with HOA management, our team is ecstatic for the evolving technological world. With technology advancing at an exponential rate, it also allows us to thrive as just one of the largest, but the BEST community management company we can be. We are up for the challenge, because we are proud of our profession. We are proud of our strong leaders. We are even more proud of the service we provide and are confident we will make a great team! We Can Manage – let us show you how.

    602.437.4777 /

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    MN, WI, and SD Home Mortgage Loans

    As a Direct Mortgage Lender, MN, WI, and SD home loans are all we do. We beat the banks, the big internet lenders, and the Realtor’s in-house lender everyday with our great interest rates on home loans, and personalized service from LOCAL professional Licensed Loan Officers. Our ultimate goal is to create lasting relationships by closing your home loan on time with a stress free process.

    READY TO APPLY? Our Secure Online Mortgage Application is available 24/7. There is no application fee, and we will only move forward with an actual loan your permission after reviewing all your options with you.

    WANT JUST A QUICK QUOTE? Complete the Online Mortgage Rate Quote Form . This option allows our Licensed Loan Officers the opportunity to research current mortgage interest rates, refinance options and programs, then get back to you with our accurate quote.

    Check today’s mortgage interest rates based on your personal situation. Get live market mortgage rates and closing cost cost options. Pick what interest rate or closing cost option works best for you.

    Call (651) 552-3681. Speaking with an experienced, and Licensed Loan Officer is easily the best way to apply, or to obtain an accurate interest rate quote and an Estimate of closing costs.

    Your Loan Officer in an important decision. Why choose Joe Metzler to assist you?

    2016 – Top 300 Loan Officer in the Nation (National Mortgage News )
    2015 – Top 100 Loan Officer in the Nation (Orignation News )
    2014 – Minnesota Loan Officer of the Year (Minnesota Mortgage Association)
    2012 – Best Mortgage Professionals in the Twin Cities based on Customer Satisfaction (Minneapolis St Paul Magazine)
    2011 – Top 40 Most Influential Mortgage Professionals to Watch (National Mortgage Professional Magazine)
    2010 – Top 150 Loan Officer in the Nation (Origination News)


    We keep it simple for you! Slick advertising is not our game. We are a top MN lender, and it’s not just because of our LOW mortgage rates. Its because we offer the whole package. We provides fully automated processing, with all of the latest instant approval systems. We even give you instant Email notification for each step of your loan!

    NO applications fees

    Minnesota based – not some out-state 800 number

    Purchase: Using your Realtor’s in-house lender, or the big banks

    Refinance: Assuming the company you currently make payments to is your best option

    Dakota County First Time Homebuyer City Living Program Zero down Payment VA Loans and USDA Rural Development Loans HARP Lender in MN, WI, and SD (Home Affordable Refinance Program

    Mortgages Unlimited CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

    “Thanks for helping us get this done, I really didn’t think I could refinance. I called on a whim because you had placed my original mortgage on this house. Now we will be enjoying a lower house payment for years to come. Best wishes to you.”
    Angie W. St Paul, MN

    “Hello Joe Eric, I just wanted to personally thank you both for helping me secure my home in Cottage Grove. You made the process simple and easy to follow and took a lot of worry out of purchasing the home. I will gladly recommend you to anyone who is also seeking a home mortgage.”
    -Tim M. Minneapolis, MN
    (Read more client testimonials)

    Mortgage Loan Programs

    Conducting Your Minnesota, Wisconsin, or South Dakota Mortgage Rate and Lender Search

    Shopping for a home loan has never been this easy. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date mortgage rate quote for your loan scenario, call us at 651-552-3681. If you are simply shopping for a mortgage. you can fill-out our easy Mortgage Rate Quote Form and someone will usually contact you within minutes with that information.

    Y ou can also initiate the application process by completing our Secure Online Mortgage Application. We advertises our services in many places and we are committed to honoring the displayed rates and mortgage closing costs as defined by the various publishers’ guidelines.

    You can always count on Mortgages Unlimited for great rates and low mortgage closing costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are always here to address your concerns and offer you up-to-the minute mortgage quotes and home loan advice.

    Smart people know Mortgages Unlimited is your St Paul, Minneapolis best lender choice for your home loan needs.

    Our staff of Loan Officers are thankful for the opportunity to provide you with comprehensive mortgage rate quotes and mortgage closing cost information. Your Loan Officer will be happy to provide you with a Good Faith Estimate and Truth-In-Lending Statement so that you can better compare Mortgages Unlimited to other Mortgage providers. We wish you the best during your loan process, and remind you that a low rate quote is only part of your overall satisfaction!

    I know you have lender options, and I understand the importance of securing the very best interest rate and lowest closing costs for you and your family. I do not take that obligation lightly and will work hard to prove the value in having a long term relationship with myself and my team.

    Joe Metzler and his team are committed to helping you make a truly informed mortgage decision. Our advice goes way beyond just quoting rates and fees. We provide you with a complete analysis of your mortgage debt picture through analysis and reports. Most people don’t understand the life changing differences between different loan programs. We do. Learn More

    Get real interest rate and closing cost estimates so you can see specific numbers right up front. No surprises. Our rates are typically 0.125% to 0.25% lower than the big banks and little mom-and-pop mortgage brokers, with lower closing costs, too.

    With our low interest rates and low closing costs. you might be wondering about the kind of service or expertise you ll receive. You re in for a pleasant surprise. We ve gone to great lengths to streamline the loan process and make it the easiest, most convenient experience imaginable. No appointment needed. No account numbers or shoebox full of financial papers. Just the information that s in your head.

    Find out how good it feels to work with a lender that delivers on both price and service, and read a few real customer comments. Then you’ll know why we enjoys a 98.0% overall recommendation rating. which we’d like to point out is a far higher standard than mere satisfaction.

    I have closed thousands of loans in my career. That’s a lot! Those customers contributed to our continuing success because they know WE GOT THEM A BETTER DEAL!

    We can do the same for you ! So if you are checking mortgage rates in Minneapolis, St Paul, all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, or South Dakota. we can help you get the lowest cost mortgage of anyone on your area, saving you thousands of dollars!

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    The Time Insurance Agency

    The Time Insurance Agency ,located in Austin and San Antonio Texas, has been serving Central Texas since the early 1960’s with their insurance needs. We’re a local Austin company that speaks your language and understands your individual and personal situations. Time Insurance has an independent agent conveniently located here in Austin to help you with your homeowner, auto, and liability insurance. Give us a call today to get your insurance quote! Whether you are a new or existing customer we can help you!

    Time Insurance Agency was founded in 1961 by John P. Schuler, a retired Navy Pilot. His son, John W. Schuler, took over the agency from his father in 1985 and has maintained the same commitment to excellent customer service. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction as our core belief. As a locally owned insurance agency, it’s Time’s lack of bureaucracy that allows us to respond quickly to changes in our clients needs.

    Getting the right insurance policy doesn’t have to be complicated. Our insurance agents are located here in Austin to help you find the perfect policy tailored just for you and your needs. As an independent insurance agency, we can offer you a wide selection of carriers, such as Travelers and Progressive Insurance, as well as a variety of plans from auto and homeowners insurance to commercial liability and auto insurance. Time Insurance Agency has been providing coverage for the special risk industry for over 55 years right here in the Austin area!

    You can work with our independent Austin agents with confidence because we are fully licensed and insured. We maintain membership in the Austin chamber of commerce, and we have earned the distinct designation as a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent. Call or message us today to receive a quote for your personal home or auto insurance as well as commercial insurance needs.

    We can help with all of the following services:

    • Easy monthly installment plans
    • Fast quote turnaround
    • Accord Certificates issued same day
    • Friendly, Dependable Service you can count on
    • Local Austin office for your convenience

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    Seattle Area Tax Lawyers Serving Vashon Island, Bainbridge Island, Whidbey Island, Port Orchard Port Angeles, and Bremerton

    Let Us Deal With Your Tax Matter

    At Insight Law, we are a dedicated Bainbridge Inland Tax Attorney firm that focuses only on tax legal issues between taxpayers and the IRS, or State of Washington. Have you been contacted by the IRS or the State of Washington? At Insight Law, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, we help our clients efficiently resolve tax disputes, and minimize their tax liability. We are a tax attorney firm that serve all of the Puget Sound Area. We can protect your rights, and help you explore every option for tax relief to obtain the most favorable outcome without having to deal directly with the IRS or the State of Washington.

    We apply a value added approach to minimize your tax liability for the lowest possible cost by eliminating any useless steps that only increase your cost, but do not decrease your overall tax liability. We handle only tax matters at Insight Law, and are dedicated local tax attorney firm that only focuses our attention on learning every aspect of the ever changing tax laws. We can serve you effectively no matter where you are located in the Puget Sound Area.

    If you are having a tax problem, you need an experienced local Tax Attorney in the Vashon Island, and not a national chain of enrolled agents and CPAs based in Florida that charge you a lot and provide little in return. At Insight Law, we believe in client-centric service and place a heavy premium on prompt client communication, while still providing top-notch representation from an experienced local tax attorney.

    Our tax attorneys are experienced in every facet of tax controversy. If you are facing an audit, Notice of Deficiency, litigation, lien, levy, or garnishment, and you need a tax attorney in to represent you before the IRS, or you need representation in a tax matter against the State of Washington, let Insight Law be your representative. Headquartered in Seattle next the US Tax Court, with offices in Burien, Everett, and Bellevue, you will find us to be conveniently located wherever you are in the Puget Sound Area. We handle all tax matters including Income, Employment, Property, B O, and Estate and Gift Taxes.

    Even if you already have an outstanding Washington State or IRS Tax Debt, and are already subject to a lien, levy, or wage garnishment, we can help provide a Bremerton tax attorney immediately. You need a motivated and thorough representative to help you explore all of your options to reduce your overall tax liability. We use a comprehensive, strategic approach to minimize your liability and achieve the best possible outcome against the IRS or State of Washington. Insight Law can help provide immediate relief by stopping liens, levies, and garnishments, while working with you to reach a more permanent solution. Contact Insight Law today for a free consultation with an experienced tax lawyer in the Whidbey Island Area, and if we don’t think we can provide a viable solution to your tax problem, you will owe us nothing.

    Insight Law also provides Estate Planning Attorney services for you and your family. Let us use our extensive knowledge of tax and Washington State property law to provide the perfect estate plan for your family. We also handle Washington State probate matters for individuals in the Puget Sound Area.

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    Property Management Software

    Key Features

    PCHomes Property Management Software is designed to offer your letting agency business and your staff a way of simplifying and improving the lettings process, marketing, administration and customer management tasks, whilst encouraging better and more efficient working practices.

    Full Client Accounting

    • Easy to use full double entry client accounts system.
    • Produce Landlord statements with choice of formats and layouts.
    • Process Landlord payments to lists or BACs files.
    • Monthly trial balances – Simple journal transfer to Sage etc.
    • Compliant with best accounting practices.
    • Bank reconciliations on unlimited bank accounts.
    • Landlord annual income and expenditure tax reporting.
    • HMRC rent analysis Resident and Non-Resident Landlords S23 / S19.
    • VAT analysis reports.
    • Financial information displayed at Tenancy, Property or Landlord level.
    • Landlord floats/sink funds.

    Flexible Rent Collection, Deposit and Fees

    • Rent collections profiles for Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Six Monthly and Annually.
    • Collect Rent, Produce Statements and Pay Landlords – 3 easy bulk processes including BACS output files.
    • Tenant Receipt – flexible multi-thread receipts process for Ad hoc money collection.
    • Suspend rent collections.
    • Fees annually in advance, on rent due or on money collected.
    • Ad hoc Landlord and Tenant fees.
    • Tenant recharges.
    • Schedule renewal invoices – never miss a renewal fee again.
    • Recharges – include markups (where agreed).
    • Arrears management Section 8 notice.
    • Collect and refund deposits in part or full.
    • Process Deposit deductions.
    • Record deposits as Landlord, TDS, DPS or My Deposits.

    Suppliers and Repairs Management

    • Supplier Contact Information.
    • Integration with Fixflo™ Repairs Reporting add-in.
    • Supplier recharging.
    • Supplier mark-ups (if agreed) at Landlord, Supplier or system level.
    • Authorisation process for supplier invoices.
    • Supplier preferred products with default pricing.
    • Request a quote, Book a repair, Raise an invoice – All from one screen.
    • Repairs reporting and tracking.
    • Repairs Job request document and/or emails.

    Compliance and Reminders

    • Management visits reminders on 3 or 6 monthly.
    • Gas safety reminders.
    • EPC reminders.
    • Rent Reviews.
    • Insurance reminders.
    • User definable multi stage move-in process to include CO Testing, Legionella risk assessment and Fire/Smoke alarms.
    • Legal compliance for notices and tenancy agreements with built in prescribed information, underwritten by TFP .

    Other Features

    • Client logins – online access for your clients to retrieve statements, Invoices and other relevant documentation.
    • Guarantor referencing – approval to documentation.
    • HMO contact module – E-mail all occupants.


    PCHomes Plus Estate Agent Cloud Software for Sales, Lettings Property Management Available Anywhere

    • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
    • Microsoft Office supplied in the cloud
    • PCHomes upgrades taken care of by us
    • Automated daily backups
    • Perfect for multi branches with real time updates
    • One central location for all your data

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    PCHomes Estate Agent Desktop Software for Sales, Lettings Property Management

    • Full control of your own data
    • Software is installed on a physical computer or server
    • Not reliant on an internet connection
    • No forced upgrades
    • Full control on your privacy security

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