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Graduate School – Graduate School – Texas Woman s University, graduate school for human resources.#Graduate #school #for #human #resources


Graduate School

Graduate school for human resources

Graduate school for human resources

Graduate school for human resources

Graduate school for human resources

Graduate school for human resources

Why TWU?

  • Quality academic programs
  • Affordable tuition
  • Scholarships for graduate students
  • Our graduates get jobs that pay well
  • Work side-by-side with faculty

U.S. News and World Report ranks TWU ’ s library and information studies and occupational and physical therapy programs among the nation ’ s best. TWU is the only university in Texas to offer PhDs in dance, occupational therapy, physical therapy and women ’ s studies.

Want to learn more?

Scholarship for veterans, reservists, and active duty students

Starting Fall 2017 a new scholarship fund will be available for graduate students who are veterans, reservists, or active duty. The TWU Veteran Graduate Scholarship award amounts will vary on a case by case basis. Applicants should contact Alex Alvarado, TWU’s Certifying Official, at [email protected] for more information and application instructions.

Sociology alumna receives national Herbert Blumer Graduate Student Paper Award

Andrea Laurent-Simpson, Ph.D., a December 2016 graduate of the Texas Woman’s University sociology doctoral program, has received this year’s Herbert Blumer Graduate Student Paper Award. This award is presented annually to the author of the best graduate student paper in the tradition of symbolic interaction by the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction.

Dance alumni receives fellowship to write feminist choreography book

Texas Woman’s University alumna Candice Salyers has received a $30,000 fellowship from the American Association of University Women to write a book on feminist choreography.

Texas Woman ’ s student named Schweitzer Fellow

Roselyn Cedeno Davila, a Texas Woman’s University master’s student in health studies from Dallas, will spend the next year learning to effectively address the social factors that impact health after being awarded a fellowship with the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the prestigious Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Program.

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Certificate 3 in allied health assistance online courses

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Looking for Health opportunities in Australia ?

There are currently 35,984 Health job openings in Australia*. The average salary for a Health job in Australia is $52,318.

The Australian Government Department of Employment estimates a projected employment growth to 2018 of 229,400 jobs for the Health industry in Australia .

Gaining a Health qualification will significantly increase your career prospects for Health jobs in Australia. Studying an online course with an accredited Australian provider gives you the flexibility you need to study at your own pace.

Employment in the Health industry in Australia

Australia has a population of 23,625,031, with a total of 11,645,500 people currently employed. The average job seeker age for Australia is 37 years and the current unemployment rate sits at 5.7%. Part-time workers make up 46% of the workforce in Australia .

Education in Australia

  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification: 29%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a cert III or higher VET qualification: 31%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia without a post-school qualification: 36%

Disclaimer: Career FAQs Pty Ltd ABN 39 299 617 067 (Career FAQs) markets the education and training services of a range of Australian tertiary course providers, and receives a commission from them for each prospective student. Career FAQs is not an education provider. All material and information regarding our education providers and their courses – on our site, via email, or over the phone – is delivered through our capacity as their agent. The material shared with you on the website is provided as general information only. It is not intended as professional advice, and should not be taken as such. All information is provided in good faith, and is believed to be accurate and current as at the date of publication. However, Career FAQs provides no guarantee that any information or material on the website, or linked websites, will be accurate or complete. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Career FAQs 2017

Career FAQs markets a range of courses from leading Australian tertiary education providers and receives a commission from them for each prospective student.

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Infor CloudSuite HCM

Power your organization with modern HCM

Since business runs on talent, growing companies like yours need human capital management solutions that work, and work well. As you grow, your business demands a wider range of capabilities—without adding unnecessary maintenance, deployment time, and cost. You need talent management and HR systems that are strong enough to meet your workforce needs today, but innovative enough to adapt in the future. With ever-evolving global competition and workforce expectations, it’s critical for HR to have modern HCM solutions that are up to the challenge.

Discover Infor CloudSuite™ HCM, a powerful set of cloud-based human capital management solutions built to adapt to your organization’s evolving business strategy. This solution replaces complex processes, workflows, and systems with sophisticated, yet intuitive technology. And that gives your HR professionals the opportunity to deliver streamlined processes and remarkable experiences to the workforce, creating significant value across the organization.

Differentiating value

Infor CloudSuite HCM provides broad talent and HR optimization capabilities, unique and insightful science-driven tools, and flexible technology so you can target your key business objectives now and in the future. Infor CloudSuite HCM makes it easy for you to buy, deploy, use, and maintain modern HCM technology in one solution from a single vendor.

Broad capabilities

Deploy the HCM capabilities and end-to-end functionality you need in one solution from a single vendor, with great depth and breadth compared to other available solutions.

Science driven tools

Build competitive advantage, predict outcomes, tailor programs to individuals, and optimize day-to-day decisions by applying powerful science to talent processes.

Flexible technology

More easily buy, deploy, use, and maintain one of the most agile HR cloud technology solutions, even as demands change.

Welcome to the Counseling Center: Texas State University #lonely, #lonliness, #txstate, #texas #state #university, #texas #state, #suicide, #mental #health, #jedcampus, #jed #foundation, #lbj #student #center, #relationship #issues, #prevention, #paws #alert, #how #to #deal #(develop #effective #approaches #for #life), #resources #for #veterans, #atrisk, #group #counseling


Welcome to the Counseling Center


Each semester, when the Counseling Center has no more capacity to add new clients seeking ongoing counseling, we replace initial consultations (ICONs) with one-time sessions for the remainder of the semester. As of Monday, July 31 st the Counseling Center will begin offering one-time sessions. These one-time sessions are an hour in length and focus on problem solving more immediate issues. If students are in need of further services, we will help them connect with additional resources outside of the Counseling Center.

Counseling Center services are free, confidential, and provided by trained professionals to currently enrolled Texas State students while classes are in session.

Counseling Center Services include brief individual, group, and couples counseling, consultation and crisis response, and workshops about coping with stress and other mental health topics.

Individual counseling is also available on a limited basis at the Round Rock campus. Click here for details.


Effective August 1, 2016, concealed carry of a handgun by license holders is allowed on Texas public university campuses subject to the restrictions imposed by statures and by the University President. Concealed carry is prohibited in some buildings on Texas State University Campuses, please see

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International Institute of Management (IIM) is a best practices education and consulting organization. The Institute’s executive education and training courses provide CEOs, entrepreneurs and management consultants with the most advanced business thinking and practices.

Government and corporate leaders leverage the Institute’s consulting and training services to help them solve complex business problems and develop new strategies and systems to improve their performance.

The corporate education and action learning services cover the ten general management functions, including strategic planning, leadership, operations, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, information systems, business law and managerial economics.

The Institute’s career development programs are specialized, accelerated and experiential. All of the management training seminars and workshops are designed for professionals; we does not accept students seeking initial employment, postsecondary education, or initial vocation licensing.


Management Training Courses

Professional Management Training
Seminars. Courses. Workshops.

© 1998 – 2017 International Institute of Management, USA.

6 Essential Open Source Tools for Web Designers #design #applications,design #resources,free #software,open #source #for #designers,open #source #software


6 Essential Open Source Tools for Web Designers

The web runs on open source software. Most of it is in the back end, with most of the world’s servers running on some form of Unix or Linux. Those servers run hundreds, if not thousands, of open source utilities, script interpreters, and so on. Once in a while, though, the open source stuff gets all the way to the browser, where the user can see it.

Okay, that happens a lot. Case in point: WordPress; you’re seeing it now. But the conversation, when it comes to the tools of web design, is often dominated by software you have to pay for: Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch, the Affinity suite, Sublime Text, and about two-thousand web-based prototyping apps. When we do talk about open source web design software, we talk about WordPress, and occasionally the GIMP…or something.

In this article, I wanted to highlight some other open source projects that are active, lesser-known, and rather promising. I expect great things from each of these projects, if only we can get people looking at them:

1. Krita

Krita is a powerful graphics editor with a heavy focus on illustration and digital painting. The Internet is awash with illustration. More and more designers are choosing to use illustrations, and even digital paintings, to bring life to their web designs. Sure, most of it’s in vector format for reasons of SVG, but if you want a more traditional look to your graphics, Krita has your back.

It also has most of the features you’d expect to find in a traditional graphics editor. I wouldn’t use it for designing mockups (though you could) simply because there are easier ways.

2. Visual Studio Code

Once upon a time, it was weird to think of Microsoft having anything to do with open source software. Now, they have Ubuntu running in CLI mode on Windows, and they’re giving away a free text editor. Ever since Visual Studio Code launched, it has developed quite the fan base. And why not? It’s fast, it’s extensible, it works.

Now, if you’re already entrenched with Sublime Text, Atom, or one of the other famous text editors, there’s not much reason to switch. This is especially true if you’re on a Mac, or running Linux. The big draw is VS Code’s integration with other Microsoft development tools. If you run Windows and code in ASP.Net, for example, you might see what this text editor has to offer you.

3. UIkit

If you like looking at front end frameworks for fun, or the “Big Two” aren’t cutting it for you, try out UIkit. It’s byte-conscious, and it’s modular, so you only have to use the bits you want. Their Github repo shows a fair bit of action. Most importantly, it looks pretty good by default, which is what most people want out of these frameworks.

4. Pencil Project

You may remember Pencil from the days when it was just a Firefox extension. Well, Pencil has since become a mature, stable wireframing/prototyping app in its own right. It lacks some of the extensive collaboration features of online apps in its category, but it’s great for anyone who needs or likes to work offline.

With a large library of elements and stencils available, you should be able to pick it up and start prototyping fast. It’s still under development, with version 3.0 launching in February, and the latest bugfix release on May 11th.

5. kodeWeave

kodeWeave is a newer project that looks a lot like CodePen, because it basically serves the same purpose: experiment with bits of front-end code. The big difference is that in addition to using it as a web app, you can download it as a standalone app for Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android.

This is great for offline development, of course, but it’s also great for those projects where your client might prefer not to have project data and code experiments in the cloud. It also comes with comes with CSS preprocessors, and just about every framework you can name off the top of your head.

Bonus: it can integrate with an app called WebDGap to export your code as a native desktop or mobile app, so it’s pretty great for prototyping.

6. GrapesJS

GrapesJS is a site builder. Well, it’s more of a site builder framework. You can open it up and edit your site designs online. It supports responsive design (of course), editing the code yourself (if you really want to), several preview modes, undo/redo and more. It also has a set of pre-defined page elements that you can drag and drop in.

But really, GrapesJS meant to be dropped into other people’s projects. You can include it in a bigger app, such as a site builder service, an installable CMS, a newsletter managing app, or really anything that might need HTML/CSS templates that can be customized by the end user. And it is pretty easy to use. There’s a learning curve for anyone not familiar with web design, as there always will be, but it’s a quite capable page editor.

Honorable mention

Honorable mention goes to Synfig Studio. a 2D animation app. It doesn’t have a lot to do with web design, so it didn’t make it onto the list proper. However, it can be used to make content for the web, and has come a long way in the last year. The team deserve a shout out.

Many other great OSS projects have come and gone. Some are even still being regularly developed in relative obscurity, used by only a handful of loyal, loving fans. And maybe Richard Stallman. Go have a look around Github, SourceForge, and other havens of OSS software. Something out there might find its way into your web design process, and maybe even into your he…

…okay, I can’t finish that with a straight face.

By Ezequiel Bruni

Ezequiel Bruni is a web/UX designer, blogger, and aspiring photographer living in Mexico. When he\’s not up to his finely-chiselled ears in wire-frames and front-end code, or ranting about the same, he indulges in beer, pizza, fantasy novels, and stand-up comedy. More articles by Ezequiel Bruni

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HR Courses | Human Resource Management

Effective Human Resource Management is vital to an organization’s success. Our self-paced online HR Courses provide instruction on the skills needed to be an effective HR Manager. These courses can be taken individually or as part of of our Certificate in Human Resource Management. We combine an interactive study experience with the convenience of the Internet to make learning interesting and engaging. Our HR courses are perfect for individual professional development but also for organizations with a group of employees to train. Enroll today!

  • Self-paced, web-based classes
  • Register and start courses instantly
  • Print your certificate upon class completion

Human Resource Management Certificate Program

Access Time: 180 days

Course Credit: 14.0 HRCI Credits | 3.0 CEUs

Effective human resource management is important in every company. However, small businesses often cannot justify a full-time HR professional to manage employee relations, compensation, policy-making, performance management and employee appraisals. This certificate program covers the basics of managing benefits and policies that support staff. The courses included in the curriculum are:

  • Compensation
  • Employee Selection
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Talent Management and Career Development

Human Resource Management Classes

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 3.5 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

In this course you will consider the many issues surrounding the key aspects of pay policy including legal requirements, pay equity within an organization, competitive pay within the relevant industry, how and when to grant raises and different methods for structuring payment.

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 3.0 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

This course covers the process of selecting the best candidate from a large, diverse pool of high-quality applicants. Based on D. Quinn Mills’ book, Principles of Human Resource Management. the course discusses how to conduct an effective job interview, asking questions that elicit relevant information and avoid discriminatory questions. You will also learn how to discover more about a candidate through the use of reference checks, background checks and testing.

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 3.0 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

This course covers many of the major employment laws, Equal Employment Opportunity issues and the anti-discriminatory regulations employers must be aware of in hiring, promoting and firing employees. Learn the basic steps to take in dealing with discrimination complaints and how to develop and maintain a diverse workforce.

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 0.5 CEUs

HR Management includes recruiting, screening, interviewing, training, appraising, disciplining, rewarding and developing employees for both business and non-profit enterprises. Since all managers have HR responsibilities, it’s vital that they understand key concepts of this increasingly important function, especially since many HR decisions have possible legal ramifications. The course draws on material from Harvard Business School professor D. Quinn Mills’ book, Principles of Human Resource Management .

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 3.0 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

This course addresses the different elements of performance management. In its broadest sense, “performance management” is what every good manager does every day. They make sure employees know what they need to do to achieve the organization’s goals, check to make sure the employees are doing those things, praise employees for doing the right things and use constructive criticism when that is not the case. A formal performance management system simply makes sure all those management tasks get done consistently across an organization.

Access Time: 30 days

Course Credit: 2.0 HRCI Credits | 0.5 CEUs

Learn about the challenges and issues that organizations face in developing and retaining their employees. This course discusses career development programs, the five stages of the career life cycle, tools for career development and issues that human resource departments face with career management. This course draws on material from Harvard Business School professor D. Quinn Mills’ book, Principles of Human Resource Management .

What people are saying

Corexcel’s online business skills courses are great for anyone seeking to improve their skill set, learn new subject matter or gain CEUs. These courses are comprehensive and high-quality. The use of multimedia offers a learning format that appeals to all types of learners, helping students to learn quickly and immediately apply their new knowledge on the job.

Jennifer Slater, MNM, PHR

Resources and Links

General information about Corexcel. Discover who we are, what we do and how we can help you. More.

Browse our course categories page. Links to each of the categories which contain a list of the courses we have available. More.

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Human Resource Systems

The Human Resource Systems contain various modules that you can choose from to suit your company requirements. The HR modules handles all your day to day HR tasks to simplify how you manage your employees.

What makes Intoweb’s Human Resource software different?

  • All the Human Resource Systems runs online, which allows you to access any information from anywhere in the world at any given time, as long as you have Internet access. Keeping a handle on your business has never been this easy.
  • The Human Resource Systems runs securely on your Intranet or you have the option to use our hosted solution where you can rent some of the modules
  • You only choose the Human Resource modules that you want to use, thus you only pay for the modules you will use
  • Our Human Resource Systems are completely customizable and can integrate with most other systems
  • If there is a HR system that you need that we don’t already have, we can build it for you
  • Our modules cover the full spectrum of Employee Management, from hiring new staff to disciplining

We are continuously adding more modules to our Human Resource Systems. Below is a list of modules we currently have available and working on. If you don’t see the system you are looking for, please contact us to discuss the possibility of creating a custom system for your company.

Click on the module to read more about it.

Employ Staff

Recruitment System
The Recruitment system contains various features that will assist you in finding the perfect job candidate. You can submit job information online, capture CV’s that are received and liaise with applicants.

Induction Software
The Induction system allows new employees to quickly, easily and effectively learn the company environment and what is expected of them. The induction system tracks the usage of the new employee ensuring they have completed all the induction materials.

Manage Staff

Employee Management System
The Employees module consists of various features allowing you to perform general human resource management tasks such as life cover and medical aid management, employee history, perks and incident reports.

Time and Attendance Management
The Time and Attendance module is designed to keep track of the activities attendance of employees. The system features time projected and taken on project, and various reporting systems.

Leave Management System
The Leave Management system provides a way of managing leave effectively in a company. Keeping track of employee leave, leave applications and types of leave, the system can ensure that HR Records are up to date and in good order. The system fully integrates with all other modules including the Payroll Module.

Vehicle Management System
This module is designed to document all vehicle information integral to fleet management and maintenance. A list of vehicles within the company’s fleet is listed by registration number, make and model.

Project Management System
Efficiently plan, organise, manage and execute your projects and resources. With task, project and resource tracking, you will always have a good overview of the project status and overall usage of your resources.

Task Management System
With the Task Management System you can efficiently plan and manage tasks within the scope of a project. Tasks are assigned to resources and tracked online.

Develop Staff

Appraisal System
Appraisals have been made easy with our Appraisal Module which allows you to add notes during the period for which you appraise your employees and allowing both the employee and manager to complete a pre-appraisal assessment before the appraisal meeting, and also records information from the appraisal meeting. Each employee can be set up with KPI (Key Performance Indicators), which can be set and measured.

Skills Development Module
Track employee Skills Development throughout your organisation, register and develop Skill Development plans, and recover SDL tax.

Learner Management System
The Learner management system streamlines the presentation of courses and manages learners.

Empower Staff

Contacts Module
Use the Contacts module as a central information system on your Intranet to set up contacts for your organisation. These contacts can be added to categories such as IT suppliers, Printing suppliers, General Maintenance, Emergency, etc.

Resource Booking System (Diary Management)
The Resource Booking System is used to organise the resources in your company. These resources can include people or equipment such as boardrooms and projectors. Other users can see when a person or resource is booked out. Appointments can also be set to private, thus it shows a person is not available, but it doesn’t display the details of the appointment.

Online Chat System
The online chat system will allow employees to communicate with each other quickly and effectively. This elimanates the abundance of email and physical communication and can help to elimante possible misunderstanding as well as the time it takes to wait for responses.

Discipline Staff

Disciplinary Module
The Disciplinary Modules enables employers to follow the correct procedures when you need to dismiss or discipline an employee, Intoweb system provides you with the information you need to minimise your risk of unfair dismissal charges.

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Study bachelor of nursing online

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Looking for Nursing opportunities in Australia ?

There are currently 6,949 Nursing job openings in Australia*. The average salary for a Nursing job in Australia is $50,050.

The Australian Government Department of Employment estimates a projected employment growth to 2018 of 229,400 jobs for the Nursing industry in Australia .

Gaining a Nursing qualification will significantly increase your career prospects for Nursing jobs in Australia. Studying an online course with an accredited Australian provider gives you the flexibility you need to study at your own pace.

Employment in the Nursing industry in Australia

Australia has a population of 23,625,031, with a total of 11,645,500 people currently employed. The average job seeker age for Australia is 37 years and the current unemployment rate sits at 5.7%. Part-time workers make up 46% of the workforce in Australia .

Education in Australia

  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification: 29%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia with a cert III or higher VET qualification: 31%
  • The percentage of people employed in Australia without a post-school qualification: 36%

Human Resources Course Descriptions and Coursework Information #courses #in #human #resources, #human #resources #course


Human Resources Course Descriptions and Coursework Information

Human resources courses teach students techniques for organizing businesses, hiring personnel and training individuals for a career. Human resource courses are typically available through online and on-campus bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in human resource management and business administration. Short certificate programs in human resources management also exist at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Continue reading to learn more about the available courses.

Show Me Schools

View popular schools

Essential Information

Some human resources programs prepare graduates to pursue certification from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), with some popular credentials being the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certifications. Graduates may qualify to work as human resources specialists or human resources managers. Students may take courses that cover topics such as employment law, employee development, business ethics and workplace investigations. A practicum course that combines all of the skills gained through human resources coursework may be included.

Except for certificate programs and highly specialized master’s programs in human resources management, most undergraduate and graduate programs include core business coursework. Such coursework usually encompasses the areas of accounting, marketing, business law, economics, finance and international business. Meanwhile, HR courses will study the following topics:

  • Management principles
  • Sexual harassment
  • Employee theft
  • Employee morale
  • Bonuses
  • Retirement
  • Budgeting

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Human Resources Development
  • Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Labor Studies
  • Organizational Behavior

List of Courses

Managing Organizations Course

Students taking this course gain an overview of management principles and techniques. They analyze the way many companies make decisions and develop leadership skills. Students also learn how to implement organizational techniques employed to keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. Typically, this course also deals with budgeting, to make sure the company isn’t operating in the red. Concepts related to the downsizing process are also explored.

Human Resources Management Practicum Course

Through this combined lecture and practical course, students learn the ways in which human resource managers hire and train individuals. Typically, it includes methods for motivating individuals. Students practice interviewing and determining which employees to hire. In the practicum portion of the course, professors set up lifelike situations for students to practice reactions to real-world scenarios common to human resource managers.

Ethical Considerations

In this intermediate-level course, students examine laws influencing civil rights and personnel laws. Students learn how to solve issues that arise in human resources, such as new employee selection, discrimination, gender or racial equality and sexual harassment. This type of course examines case studies where these issues came into place and discusses the appropriate ethical decisions that were made.

Hiring and Keeping Employees Course

Students taking this course learn advanced techniques for finding employees, interviewing them and choosing the best individual for the position. Typically, students plan ways to continually have employees on hand in case an individual quits or doesn’t work out. This course also covers how to recruit individuals in advance of needing positions to be filled. They learn ways to make potential employees interested in a job, and they also examine techniques for keeping them at the company, including offering worthwhile benefits.

Compensation and Benefits Course

What should a new employee make? How does a human resource manager make sure they’re offering a competitive wage? These and other questions pertaining to benefits and compensation are answered in this intermediate human resource class. Students are given the opportunity to weigh the advantages of offering end-of-year bonuses, health insurance and retirement savings to employees.

Conducting Workplace Investigations

When someone files a complaint against another employee, it’s often the responsibility of the human resource manager to get to the bottom of it. Some cases might even go to court, particularly those of sexual harassment or employee theft. This course provides students with the information they need to effectively communicate with employees to find out what happened. They explore techniques for learning what happened and decide the punishment, if one applies.

Next: View Schools

  • Doctorate
      • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership
      • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership – Ecclesial Leadership
      • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership – Entrepreneurial Leadership
      • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership – Individualized
      • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership – Human Resource Development
  • Master
      • Master of Arts in Law – Human Resources Management
      • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
      • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership – Futures Studies
      • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership – HR Management
      • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership – Interdisciplanry Studies
      • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership – Kingdom Business
  • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Science in Business – HR Management
      • Bachelor of Science in Business
      • Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies – Business
      • Bachelor of Applied Science in Management and Leadership
      • Bachelor of Science in Business – General Management
      • Bachelor of Arts in English – Government

Get Started with Regent University

8 Northcentral University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Masters degree applicants must have a Bachelors degree
  • Doctorate degree applicants must have a Masters degree
School locations: