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IMPORTANT NOTE: The U.S. Department of Education (ED) has implemented a new Direct Consolidation Loan application process. This may affect customers’ use of this site.

As a result of implementing the new Direct Consolidation Loan application process, ED is in the process of disabling links and functions on this site. However, in this area, you can still access information about the Direct Consolidation Loan process that ED is phasing out.

Below is information to guide school customers who assist borrowers in determining if they should use this site.

  • If a borrower has not yet applied for a Direct Consolidation Loan and wants to do so. the borrower must use the new process on to apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan. Advise the borrower to go to and sign in to begin the new consolidation process.
  • If a borrower applied for a Direct Consolidation Loan via this site before May 18, 2014 and received notice that it was necessary to cancel his or her application, the borrower must use the new process on to apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan. Advise the borrower to go to and sign in to begin the new consolidation process.

    ED appreciates your understanding as it transitions to the new Direct Consolidation Loan process.

    Here you will find what Financial Aid Professionals need to know about Direct Consolidation Loans. If you don’t find it here, Ask Us.

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    Consolidating Student Loans

    Consolidating your loans means you are taking your individual student loans and combining them into one single loan. The individual balances with each loan holder are paid by your consolidation lender. Consolidating your loans may reduce the overall monthly payments and the overall total amount repaid with interest.

    The interest rate of a consolidation loan is usually a weighted average based on the individual loans used in the consolidation.

    Student Financial Services cannot tell you if a consolidation loan is right for you, however we can give you information to help you make the best decision for yourself. It is important you fully understand the terms and conditions of your consolidation loan because once your loans are consolidated, it cannot be undone.

    You can visit for a calculator that can help you decide if a consolidation would be a benefit to you. You are not required to consolidate your loans through Direct Loans and are free to consolidate with any lender of your choice. Be aware that any current borrower benefits you currently have with your lender may be lost after the consolidation.

    To view your student loan history, review the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS). NSLDS will provide you with your balances and lender contact information.

    Tier 2 – Loan Services – New York City Police Pension Fund #cheapest #home #loans

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    Taxability calculation methodology for pension loans is unchanged.

    Outstanding principal is defined as the total outstanding loan principal for all active loans, including NYC Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) loans, if any.

    A member may borrow up to 90% of his/her accumulated contributions, assuming minimum uniformed service of three years. The annual interest charged on unpaid loan balances is currently 4%.

    Why Pension Loans Cause Shortages

    When you take a pension loan, you cause a shortage in your Annuity Savings Fund (ASF) account. That s because the funds borrowed were earning 8.25% interest in the account, but you pay the loan back at 4.0% interest, which is 4.25 percentage points lower than what the borrowed funds would have earned had they remained in your account. Making regular pension contributions during the loan repayment period, or even fully repaying the loan, does not prevent the shortage from occurring.

    Note: The Police Pension Fund recommends that members carefully evaluate whether taking a pension loan is the best option.

    If the member s ASF account has fallen below the level required to obtain full Service Retirement pension benefits, that account is deemed to have a shortage. If not repaid, a shortage will reduce the member s pension.

    In addition, you may change your loan payment amount only during the months of May and November.

    If you die before retirement, loans with a combined balance up to $25,000 are insured, subject to how long each loan has been outstanding, as follows:

    Days Loan Outstanding % of Loan Insured

    Less than 30 days 0%

    30-59 days 25%

    60 89 days 50%

    Loan Taxability

    A pension loan will be taxed when the member borrows taxable contributions (i.e. 414H contributions made after 12/01/1989) and:

    – The loan principal is greater than $50,000; or

    – The loan exceeds the greater of 50% of accumulated deductions or $10,000; or

    – The term of repayment exceeds five years.

    The taxable portion of a loan is the portion of the principal consisting of untaxed contributions and associated interest. A member under the age of 59 1/2 will incur an additional 10% penalty on the taxable loan amount.

    If you borrow previously taxed contributions, the loan is not considered a taxable distribution and is therefore not subject to the maximum five-year repayment term above. Previously taxed contributions include 50% Additional contributions and contributions made before December 1, 1989.

    Form 1099-R Address. If you borrow taxable contributions, PPF must issue IRS Form 1099-R. We will send your 1099-R to the address listed on your loan application unless you request an address change in writing to: The New York City Police Pension fund, 233 Broadway, New York, NY 10279 (attention: Loan Services Unit.)

    Example: A member with an outstanding loan of $34,997 (Loan 1) requests a new loan (Loan 2) of $15,000 to be repaid in five years with 130 payments of $127.15. These loans may not be combined. When the member starts to repay Loan 2, he/she will now have two outstanding loans and will be making the following payments each pay period:

    Payment Number of Payments Current Principal

    Loan 1 $135.98 326 $34,997

    Loan 2 $127.15 130 $15,000

    Deferred Compensation Plan Loans

    The NYC Deferred Compensation Loan Program (DCLP) works in conjunction with loans taken at the Police Pension Fund. The maximum DCLP loan is the lesser of: a) 50% of a participant s DCP account balance; or b) $50,000, reduced by the highest outstanding principal at the Police Pension Fund during the 12-month period ending on the date of the proposed DCLP loan.

    Police Pension fund members seeking a DCP loan must have the Police Pension Fund certify their highest outstanding PPF loan balance during the above period. NYC Deferred Compensation will not issue a loan if the combined PPF/DCP loan balance exceeds the $50,000 DCLP maximum. (For more information visit www/ Click the Loan Services link; then click the Deferred Compensation Loans link.)

    Principal Residence Exception

    Ordinarily, a pension loan must be repaid within five years to avoid tax consequences.

    However, IRS Code 72 (p) (2) (B) (ii) provides an exception to this rule. When a member takes a taxable pension loan in order to purchase a principal residence, the IRS permits the member to defer taxes on that loan if certain conditions are met.

    To take advantage of this exception, the member must establish to the satisfaction of the IRS that he/she applied the loan toward the purchase of a principal residence.

    The maximum residence loan exception amount is $50,000 per member. If both spouses are uniformed members of service, each spouse may claim the $50,000 amount.

    This exception is not available to members of the service who are in the process of retiring.

    The Police Pension Fund does not provide tax counsel. It is the member s responsibility to comply with the terms of IRS Code 72 (p) (2) (B) (ii). It is therefore recommended that members consult with a tax professional prior to taking advantage of this exception.

    Taxable Loan Final Withdrawal at Retirement

    If a member takes a pension loan using taxable funds within five years of retirement and fully repays it by his/her retirement date, that loan will not be taxed. However, any unpaid taxable loan balance at retirement is considered a taxable plan distribution and may create or increase a shortage. If the member with an unpaid taxable loan balance at retirement is under 50 years old, he/she will incur a 10% early withdrawal penalty. To avoid taxes and the penalty, the member may roll this loan over to an IRA or other qualified retirement plan within 60 days of retirement.

    A member may elect to withdraw up to 90% of his/her required amount at retirement. This is called the final withdrawal (sometimes called the final loan ). The final withdrawal can consist of both taxable and/or non-taxable funds. The final withdrawal will also create a shortage . As with the above loan, the taxable portion of a final withdrawal must be rolled over to an IRA or other qualified retirement plan within 60 days of its issuance to avoid taxation and a possible early withdrawal penalty.

    At retirement, the Police Pension Fund provides every retiree with the tax-free/taxable breakdown of their ASF contributions as well as the tax-free/taxable composition of the final withdrawal and any outstanding pension loans, as applicable.

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    Understanding the way interest accrues on your student loan is essential to understanding how your student loan works. Interest accrues on your student loan every single day. even if your account is not in repayment. Additionally, your payments satisfy only the interest currently accrued on the account; a payment cannot satisfy future interest.

    For more on interest, read our Interest FAQ or view the current Interest Rate Charts .

    Interest Accrual Formula

    When you sign for your student loan, the amount you agree to pay for the disbursement check and all applicable loan fees becomes your principal balance. Your promissory note explains how interest accrues on that principal balance. We use a simple formula to calculate your daily interest accrual:

    Interest rate x Current principal balance Number of days in the year = Daily interest

    For example, Sara Student has a $10,000 current principal balance and 6% interest rate this year. Using the formula:

    0.06 x $10,000 365 = 1.6438356 (Round to $1.64)

    If this were a leap year:

    0.06 x $10,000 366 = 1.639344 (Round to $1.64)

    How Payments Apply to Interest vs. Current Principal Balance

    Interest accrues on your student loan from the day the loan is disbursed until the day you make the very last payment. The best way for you to manage the amount you owe toward interest vs. principal is to make your payments regularly and on time. The easiest way to do this is to sign up for Direct Debit. which automatically processes your payments every month on the exact due date.

    Depending on the owner of your student loan (the lender), we are required to apply payments in this order:

    • Accrued interest Late payment (if applicable) Current principal balance
    • Late payment (if applicable) Accrued interest Current principal balance

    Whenever you make a payment, we count the number of days since we processed your last payment. Your new payment must first satisfy the amount of interest that accrued in this time. The remainder of your payment then counts toward the current principal balance. If your payment is late, we will pay off the late fee before we apply any funds to your current principal balance.

    Top 98 Complaints and Reviews about HFC Financial Services #fha #loans

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    Consumer Complaints Reviews

    I could go on and on about my negative experience with HFC. The most recent was a lack of any assistance when going through a lower income period. Even worse years back the lies, the illegal charges, etc. It was so bad I almost had a nervous breakdown. There was never anything they could do and especially at a time when I would have qualified for another mortgage such as the harp program. They were not a lender that participated in anything but what they offered, which was NOTHING. I guess we took the mortgage. we suffer the consequences.

    We have had a 1st and 2nd mortgage with HFC since 2007. At that time any existing small loans or other mortgages were rolled into the new one with HFC (would show as paid off). Our new mortgage process enrolled us in the “on-time payment to lower interest” plan (they neglected to even start it until 2012). In 2010 we did a Chapter 13, (which is the one that pays everything off by us making a lump dollar payment to the court trustee), but the mortgages were not included. we did a direct pay to HFC for both. We paid off the HF line of credit during this whole process and because of the way the HFC/HB paperwork was filed, they got paid by the bankruptcy court too! So they actually got paid twice. And you say “illegal and crooks”. In Sept 2015, we became debt free except for the house. Intending to refinance, we completely replaced the roof. no problem with financing.

    HFC, and by way of connection, HSBC are crooks and no one in any government regulatory agency seems to have any jurisdiction over them. We need to find an attorney with guts who will do a class action suit to get this company to do right by their customers. In the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, we are being held hostage by a financial terrorist who is not even a US lender.

    Calculator – Tracker Marine Financial Services #college #grants

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    Estimate Monthly Payment

    Our Payment Estimator tool helps you estimate your monthly payments and choose the financing option that may work best with your budget. The tool will allow you to figure out your boat payment on different loan amounts, interest rates, taxes, and insurance.

    Easy 5 Step Process:

    1) Enter the amount of the loan you will need.

    2) Enter the down payment amount (see note below).

    3) Enter the interest rate for the loan (see note below).

    4) Enter the number of months the loan will be financed (see note below).

    5) Click on the Figure Payment button.

    • Down payment is usually between 10% and 20%.
    • Interest rates fluctuate based on market rates and customer credit ratings .
    • Fixed rate loan terms are often 60, 84, 120 or 144 months.

    This tool provides estimated monthly payments based upon the data you enter and is for illustrative purposes only.

    Many variables, including current market conditions, your credit history, and down payment or capitalized cost reduction, will affect your monthly payment and other terms. I nformation and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use and are not intended to provide investment advice. We can not and do not guarantee their applicability or accuracy in regards to your individual circumstances. All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes. We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues. Approval of credit is based on many factors; not all applicants are approved.

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    Why Creditnet?

    Creditnet is dedicated to helping consumers build, maintain, or repair their credit.

    Founded by credit experts, we provide unbiased reviews of the best offers for credit cards . credit reports and credit score products, identity theft and credit monitoring products, debt help programs, loans and more. However, we’re much more than just another comparison site for credit products. Since 1995, we’ve run the Internet’s oldest discussion forum about credit, answered nearly 500,000 credit questions, and served as a trusted resource for credit card advice, news, educational information, and tools to millions of visitors.

    If you have a question about credit, we want to help. Submit a question to one of our experts, or join our Credit Talk discussion forum . where you can connect with over 30,000 peers and learn how to improve your credit from those who have successfully done it themselves.

    Use Creditnet to Help You Build Your Credit Score

    Creditnet has consumers covered when it comes to every aspect of building their credit score and improving their personal finances. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to rebuilding your credit history, let Creditnet help you on the road to financial recovery. Here’s how we can help.

    Get Your Credit Report

    The first step in improving your credit score is retrieving your credit report. You can’t be sure of fraudulent errors or inaccuracies without combing through your detailed credit report.

    Creditnet offers both free credit scores and purchased reports. While you’ll get an idea of how you look through the eyes of lenders with your free credit score, your report is the most useful tool you can own when rebuilding credit. A false statement can be a credit killer. Identify the errors in your credit score and draft a dispute letter with the help of Creditnet to rid your credit history of those false statements that have a negative effect on your credit history.

    Build Your Credit from Scratch

    Everyone starts from somewhere, and no credit credit cards are the most simple step one can take towards building your credit history and your credit score. Credit cards for no credit can come in three forms: secured credit cards, unsecured credit cards and prepaid debit cards. Secured credit cards require a deposit, but their biggest perk is that they report to the three major credit bureaus. Unsecured credit cards for bad credit are another way to build credit, but beware or their high APR’s and make sure to pay back your balance in full. Prepaid debit cards. on the other hand, offer some great cardholder perks but building credit in a significant way is unfortunately not one of them.

    Improve Your Credit Score 

    If your credit score needs a boost, our Credit Talk Discussion Forum is full of helpful ideas and tools that any consumer will find useful in their journey back from bad credit. Included are dispute letters that you can use to contest errors, a useful and spam-free discussion on how to proceed when disputing or validating debt and literally thousands of other topics all aimed at improving your personal finance history.

    Plus, ​because we could all use expert advice from time to time, the Creditnet Learning Center includes useful phone numbers and emergency credit card services for everyone from the credit novice to the credit expert.

    Find the Credit Card That’s Right for You

    Did you know there are well over a thousand credit cards on the market today? With so many options available, finding the credit card that fits your wallet best can be a challenge. That’s why Creditnet’s credit card search tool above​ aims to make it simple by asking consumers what you want in a credit card. Plus, we only feature the very best credit card offers available today. There’s no filler on – just the best of the best for all different levels of credit.

    Because how you use a credit card determines which credit card works best for your budget, we ask you whether or not you plan to carry a balance, how much you spend in a given month and what you’re most interested in terms of rewards. Are you interested in a cash back credit card . How about a credit card with airline miles ,  or transferring existing debt to the best credit card for 0% interest ? Maybe you really just want a no annual fee credit card that keeps spending simple. Or maybe even all of the above!

    Whatever you’re looking for, our credit card search tool will generate all the credit cards you might like while filtering out the ones you definitely wouldn’t. This makes finding the best credit card for your lifestyle simple, fast and fun. So compare credit cards on, read our helpful reviews or post in the Discussions forum if you’re unsure about a specific topic, and let us help you in your journey towards a better credit score.

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    Direct Loan Services

    William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program is one among the three types of student loans avaliable through the federal government. William D. Ford Federal Direct. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Direct Loan Services at 4555 NW 103rd Ave # 105, Sunrise, FL. Search for other Loans in Sunrise on Federal Direct Loan can be either subsidized or unsubsidized. If, after your family contribution and financial aid have been subtracted from your total cost of ...Effective October 1, 2015, the current interest rate for Single Family Housing Direct Home Loans is 3.25% for low and very low income borrowers.borrowers, have at least one past due student loan account. (Source: FRBNY) Call Now (855) 293-6958 Let the Experts in Federal Student Loan Consolidation Help you. My Cornerstone Loan Home Page. Search. Questions? Please Call: 1-800 .. you may be eligible for forgiveness of up to $17,500 on your Direct Loan or FFEL program loans.Your Complete Student Loan Solution Center. With over 25 years of debt counseling experience, our professional Student Debt Advisers offer services that help you with:Overview: Federal Direct Loans. Direct loans are low-interest loans for students to help pay for the cost of a students education after high school.Help – Contact Information. Have a question about Title IV federal student aid or one of the services the Department of Education provides? Contact one of our. Federal Student Loan Overview; FAFSA ® Direct Consolidation Loan Application (paper) My Financial Aid History; TEACH Grant – Initial and Subsequent Counseling;direct loan services – Fast Approval Payday Loans is devoted to fair and straightforward lending practices and does its best providing payday loan services to those borrowers who appeared in a situation of cash shortage and needs to fix it fast. We step out as a mediator company between various lenders and borrowers and we make everything possible for the most satisfactory cooperation between the two.

    Fast Payday Loans are well-known short-term loans nowadays that are offered for a fixed period of time (2 weeks – 1month on average) for a fixed interest amount. It is an unsecured loan and is more expensive than regular long-term options; however, it is also easier to get due to the fact that payday lenders do not perform credit checks and are in general more lenient in their requirements.

    Application is easy and straightforward; it consists of the several steps.

    • You sign in the application form;
    • You provide few simple documents;
    • We send your application to the most suitable borrower;
    • You get approval;
    • You get the money transferred to your checking account (must-have).

    It is as easy as this. No credit checks and no time wasted in lines, no headaches and doubts about your chances for refusal.

    Documents that lenders are very simple. They basically need:

    • The proof of your legal age (18 years old);
    • The U.S. citizenship or residence;
    • The proof of employment;
    • The proof of income (at least $1000 per/mo);
    • In some cases there can be something else but the basic list is this simple.

    Advantages are numerous with such quick loans. There are many people who are actually unable to get a regular loan due to their poor credit score. This is unlucky complication that spoils life for many borrowers; and unfortunately, it is a very frequent one.

    However, it is quite different with payday loans – lenders are not at all that picky and fastidious. They are quite eager to help people in an unexpected financial complication and they accept all applications without a fuss. There should be very strong reasons for refusal; and the latter are absolutely rare occurrence. You do not have to be in possession of a brilliant credit score to qualify and this is the reason why so many people choose .

    Emergency Loan Repayment – Student Financial Services #small #business #funding

    #emergency loan


    UT Dentists, the faculty practice of the UTHealth School of Dentistry, offers quality care that combines the latest dental treatments and innovations with up-to-date technology.


    (UTHS) is a primary care provider and part of the faculty clinical practice of UTHealth School of Nursing.


    Professional Development

    Faculty Profiles

    Student Financial Services

    Emergency Loan Repayment

    Emergency loans advanced after July 1, 2006 will be set up with our service company, University Accounting Services (UAS). UAS will generate statements and process payments.

    Please note emergency loan payments will no longer be deducted from your financial aid checks. It is your responsibility to repay the loan directly to UAS.

    • You can chose to receive your statements in the mail approximately 30-days prior to the due date, or you can receive them electronically as described below.
    • You can go on line at the UAS website and do the following:
      • Review your statement and payment history
      • Receive your bills electronically online and on time
      • Make your payments online and never have to write another check.
      • Schedule your payments in advance, so that you never miss a deadline and thereby avoid penalties and damage to your credit rating
    • Your loan information will be reported to a credit bureau, which will help you establish good credit for future borrowing.

    General Information:

    • Emergency loans are due in full 90 to 120 days from the date of receipt.
    • Emergency loan payments can be made online, after receiving your statement and after creating an account, at: ; OR by mail to: University Accounting Service, LLC, P O Box 932 Brookfield, WI 53008-0932; OR by phone at: 1-800-999-6227 if you do not have a remittance statement.
    • Emergency loan payments can be made online. 10-days after receipt and anytime prior to receiving your first statement.
    • Presently, emergency loans cannot be repaid with credit cards.
    • Emergency loan payments are not accepted in the Office of Student Financial Services.
    • Emergency loans must be repaid in full prior to separation (i.e. graduation, withdrawal) from the University.
    • Delinquent emergency loans will be assessed a one-time $15 late fee.
    • An academic hold preventing registration, graduation, and release of financial aid will be placed on student s record until the delinquent loan is paid in full.
    • There are two options if you are unable to repay your loan in full by the due date. You must contact Student Financial Services to discuss either option at 713-500-3860.


    • A request for deferment should be submitted to your Student Financial Aid Counselor for approval at least 10-days prior to the payment due date. Deferments are granted in 30-day intervals with a maximum of 90-days (3 deferments) per loan. Any requests for deferment received after the loan due date will not be approved.
    • All requests for deferment must be submitted by the student. Requests received from anyone other than the student will not be approved.
    • To request a deferment, please download the Emergency Loan Deferment Request Form and complete and return it to UCT 2220; to expedite processing you may also fax it to 713-500-3863.
    • To verify approval or disapproval of your request, please check your loan status 5-days after submitting your request.
      • Approval = deferment ;
      • Disapproval = repayment or past due if request was submitted after due date.

    Monthly Payment Agreement (MPA)

    • An MPA can be requested by completing and submitting a Financial Arrangement Form. The MPA must be negotiated, approved and signed at least 10-days prior to the payment due date.