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Consolidate debts

into one manageable payment

If you are in a difficult financial situation with multiple debts to be paid off, then consolidating all your existing debts by taking out a debt consolidation loan with one monthly payment could help.

This easy to follow guide will tell you all you need to know about debt consolidation loans and help you decide if they are the right choice for you.

The 60 Second Debt Solution

Debt Consolidation

How Will Debt Consolidation Help My Finances?

A debt consolidation loan will make paying back what you already owe much simpler and potentially cheaper, offering a potential solution to your debt problems. You will not be able to reduce what you owe, but by consolidating your debt you only have to pay one manageable monthly payment, which could have an interest rate lower than those which you are currently paying.

By taking out a debt consolidation loan with one of our panel of lenders, you will also have the chance to improve your credit rating if you pay it off without acquiring any more debt.

Applying For a Debt Consolidation Loan

When applying for a debt consolidation loan, lenders will consider your outstanding debt, how long you need to pay it back, and your credit rating and history. If you have a bad credit rating they may only offer a secured loan, whereby your property is used as security. As such, if you are thinking of applying for a loan to consolidate your debt, this is something to bear in mind.

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Unsecured Debt

Unsecured debt is any debt that is not tied to an asset. This most commonly means credit card debt, but can also refer to items like personal loans and medical debt. Unsecured debt typically creates less stress and fewer problems than secured debt.

If you fall behind on payments for unsecured debts, your lenders have no claim on your property and cannot repossess items or foreclose on your home. That’s the big difference between unsecured and secured debt. It’s also what allows you to explore debt reduction options such as settlement to help you clear your debt faster and for less money.

Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is the most pervasive type of unsecured debt, with Americans currently carrying $672 billion on their cards. It is a revolving line of credit, meaning you can continue to borrow each month and carry balances over. As with other loans and debts, it’s best to pay more than the minimum payment each month. However, this is an especially important principle as credit card interest rates can be very high. Paying more than the minimum will get you out of debt faster and save money in interest.

Personal Loans

Private Student Loans

Medical Debt

Medical bills are a unique form of unsecured debt. While you can choose to make purchases on a credit card, and you can choose to fund an education with student loans, no one chooses to fall ill and incur medical bills. Still, studies show that 29 percent of U.S. adults have medical debt and/or problems paying medical bills.

  • Learn more about medical debt.

Apartment Leases

While rent isn’t typically thought of in terms of debt, when you fall behind on paying it, you actually become indebted to your landlord. If this happens, your landlord is likely to take action in order to evict you. However, since you are not at risk of losing any belongings, your debt is considered unsecured.

Cellphone and Utility Bills

As with unpaid rent, unpaid cellphone and utility bills are unsecured debts. If you are late paying your bills, servicing companies may disconnect your phone or utilities. However, they are not entitled to any of your assets or belongings.

Auto Repossession Overage Balances

If you miss enough payments on your auto loan, your lender will likely repossess your car. The lender then sells the car to make back the money you owed. If your car has lost value faster than you’ve repaid the loan, it’s possible the funds from the sale will not cover the entire amount you owe. The difference, called the auto repossession overage balance, is your responsibility. Since your lender has already confiscated the only asset to which it is entitled, this debt is unsecured.

Short Pay Mortgage Balances

A short payoff is one way to sell your home if you are underwater, meaning you owe more than the house is worth. Your mortgage-holder may agree to accept less than you owe. In return, you take on the balance as unsecured debt. This transaction is called a short payoff.

For example, assume your home is worth $100,000 and you owe $120,000 on it.  Your lender may be willing to settle the debt for only $110,000, but this leaves a gap of $10,000 that you owe. You will continue to make payments on this balance even after your home is sold.

Short payoff is usually only an option for borrowers who are current with their mortgage payments and have good credit. It saves money and does not harm your credit score.

Settling Unsecured Debt

Any unsecured debt may be eligible for settlement, a debt-reduction strategy aimed at reducing the total amount you owe. It is a useful strategy for individuals who find themselves with more debt than they can handle and want to get their finances back on track. It is often done with the help of a debt settlement specialist, who can speak to your creditors on your behalf and often negotiate reduced balances.

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A number of unfortunate circumstances like losing job, getting divorced, medical conditions due to accidents or illnesses might force bad credit upon you. Bad credit mortgage solution offered by a reliable firm like us can help you come out of your bad situation and once again enjoy a life of financial freedom.

We help our customers even at a point when they feel they are strangled at the verge of filing for bankruptcy and nowhere to go.

Bad Credit Score is not the End of the World

If your credit situation is in a very bad shape and your bank has declined you, you need no worries. We have a team of mortgage professionals who can give you a personalised advice on how to move further. Over and above, we have a portfolio of bad credit mortgage plans to meet your specific conditions and needs. We will evaluate your entire credit history and overall situation and give you the tips, tools and the right kind of bad credit mortgage plans that will help you come out of your unpleasant situation.

We work with Bruised Credit All the Time

One good thing about our bad credit mortgage plans is that you will not be turned down from a house mortgage when you have bruised credit. You can take advantage of our lowest mortgage rates for mortgage refinancing. Bad credit mortgage is one of our specialties and we have exclusive kind of credit mortgage solutions that can precisely suit your typical situation and needs.

Our proven expertise in this arena has helped a great number of people buy homes; build up their credit ratings and enhancing their credit status. Never allow a bad credit situation stop you from buying a home. In Canada we are a dedicated bad credit mortgage source for a large number of people and you too can benefit from our most reliable plans for bad credit mortgages.

Never Ever Worry About Bad Credit Score Again

If you are wondering whether you can purchase a new home, we can help you with the right kind of mortgage plans to realise your dreams despite your past credit issues. While most banks and money lenders will naturally turn down people who have recently filed for bankruptcy, a number of such customers have benefited from our bad credit mortgage plans. We can work with you closely to let you discover the best home loan option appropriate for your credit situation and budget.

Flexible Plans for Bad Credit Score – Suitable Low Interest Rates

We have a number of flexible plans for foreclosure mortgages. If your house is getting foreclosed and you are turned down from getting a loan sanctioned on account of your bad credit situation, you can benefit from our bad credit mortgage plans that can be customised for your situation and expectations.

Generally, it is hard to find a loan when you have a bad credit rating. The good news that will comfort you is that we have a potential experience in working with less-than-perfect and bad credit. We can work with you to assess your financial situation, help you build your credit situation and give you a bad credit loan to stop a foreclosure. You need only a few basic requirements to qualify. When a large number of people have been benefited from our services, you too can hope to stop foreclosure and regain your peace of mind.

Struggling with bad credit? Call 1-866-963-CMGC (2642) for comprehensive solutions from mortgage experts.

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AnyHour Loan-by-Phone

Products That Fund Dreams and Goals for Your Members

Auto dealers, retail outlets, competing banks: your borrowers have many choices when it comes to their financing. They ll often select the most convenient resource regardless of rates, terms and repayment methods.

But it would be better for both them and you if this business stayed with your institution as their most accommodating financial-service provider. We make it easy for you to offer the products that your members want and need, including:

  • Auto loans
  • Home equity loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Mortgages
  • Personal (unsecured) loans

AnyHour Online also uses the same software and decisioning models as the Loan-By-Phone service. If you offer both, your members will receive the same consistent results whether they apply by phone, online or in person at your institution.

We also provide flexibility in decisioning and a full marketing program to communicate your benefits to your members. AnyHour helps you present in-demand loan products while keeping your members accounts and services at your institution.

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Welcome to

To earn funding for you or your business, get the assistance you need from coaches who care.

We have found our niche when it comes to business funding education and grant one-on-one coaching.

If you want to become a successful business owner who has a special ability to envision and commit to lofty funding goals for your business, let us take you to the top of the funding pyramid and show you how to become one of the millions of Americans who will receive special funding this year for their business, their education, a new home, real estate investments or any other worth while venture.

If you are serious enough about funding your new or existing business or other worthwhile endeavor and have the willingness to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve your funding goals, we have the right people in place waiting to guide you every step of the way.

If you have the strength to persevere through a few bumps in the road along the way, and you aren’t fussy about where the money comes from: U. S. federal or local government, non-profit organizations, foundations, private donors, sponsors, government contracts, loans, angel investors, and/or venture capitalists, then U. S. Funding Solutions has a wealth of knowledge on how to tap into these sources for your business and other funding needs.

If you are teachable and have the ability to accept coaching and advice from professional funding coaches who inspire and train people just like you and who are qualified to coach people in all 50 states, let our team of coaches start working with you today. They are in touch with funding opportunities on a daily basis, and are they are constantly researching new grants opportunities for their clients as they become available.

If you are truly serious about increasing your odds of receiving a grant, you do so when you work with a professional grant coach who will give you the knowledge, strategies, and tools that you need to pursue your lofty personal and financial goals.

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Private Student Loan Debt Consolidation

Private loans represent only 10 percent of student loan debt, but that number $200 billion – is still significant and, in many cases, even harder to pay back than federal student loans.

Private loans usually carry a higher interest rate than federal loans and there are fewer relief options available when borrowers are in distressed situations. Like federal loans, private student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Thus, there is little incentive for private lenders to offer lower rates as they retain a strong claim over the debt even if the borrower declares bankruptcy.

However, thanks to a plentiful money supply the past few years, several banks and credit unions are now offering chances to consolidate private student loans.

The interest charged is still an obstacle, but because that rate is based on the borrower’s credit score, there is some wiggle room. When considering options to consolidate private loans, remember that you qualify for lower rates if you have graduated, taken a job and made steps toward improving your credit score.

Credit unions have become particularly aggressive in pushing private student loan consolidation. The average age of credit union members is around 50, so offering student loan consolidation is a way to attract a younger customer base.

Some credit unions and banks even offer discounts on interest rates if you become a regular customer or if you enroll in an automatic payment program.

At the very least, loan consolidation will help reduce the number of bills you have to pay each month, possibly lower your monthly payment and make it easier to keep track of progress.

Important Facts on Private Student Loan Consolidation

Comparing loan consolidation options is like shopping for any kind of loan from a private lender, meaning the rules vary from institution to institution. It is imperative that you compare each lender’s requirements before signing an agreement. Some of the areas to consider include:

  • Minimums and maximums. Each of the private lenders has its own lending limits and ceilings. The minimum loan amounts are between $5,000 and $10,000. The maximum amounts range from $40,000 to $300,000, with one institution setting no maximum. It is possible that a private lender may choose not to set a maximum, which may benefit you if your loans are large and the consolidation terms are better than your original terms.
  • Interest rates can be variable or fixed. The low end for interest rates is 4.75 percent with no real cap for maximum interest rate because that is based on your credit score. Beware of the variable rates on all loans, private loans in particular.
  • Almost all private loans require a co-signer. For students, this typically means Mom or Dad co-signing for the loan. Some lenders release the co-signer from the agreement, if the borrower makes on-time payments for a specified time. The length of time you must make payments may vary, but range from as little as 12 months of on-time payments to 48 months.
  • Discounts available. A few of the private lenders offer discounts of 0.25 percent or even 0.50 on the interest rate for automatic payments or opening an account at that institution.
  • Public or private. Be certain to check with the institution servicing your loan to determine whether it’s a federal loan or private loan.
  • Fees and penalties. The origination fees for private loan consolidation range from zero to five percent. Most lenders have no prepayment penalties.
  • Yes to Federal Loans. While it is not possible to consolidate private loans within the Federal Consolidation Program, it is possible to consolidate federal loans within a private consolidation program. The only advantage to doing so, however, would be if you qualify for a lower interest rate on the private consolidation loan. By consolidating federal loans, you may forfeit your right to options like loan forgiveness. income based repayment. extended terms and other benefits available in federal loan programs.

Personal Loans: Low-Interest Solutions Are Available From Now #small #loans #for #bad #credit

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A few years ago, the New York Times reported that companies offering personal loans with low interest are more numerous in some areas than traditional franchise operations. Now offers competitive, low interest unsecured personal loans that can help borrowers get out of a crisis.

(PRWEB) July 30, 2012

Low interest bad credit personal loans are offered by a variety of lenders. Some banks compete with private lenders and offer terms that appeal to consumers. However, low interest rate personal loans offered through traditional financial institutions also rely on the borrower s credit history to determine the terms of repayment. This criterion excludes a large portion of the population.

With low interest personal loans bad credit issues disappear. Customers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are in serious financial trouble simply because their bank refused to lend them any more money. Others borrowers have been trapped by high interest rates on previous loans. These borrowers often believe that no one will loan them money at a low interest rate. They might have a bankruptcy in their past, or a bad credit score might have invalidated their previous loan applications.

However, there are other indicators that can be used to determine a customer’s ability to repay personal loans with low interest rates. Borrowers who understand that each lender offers different terms of repayment are likely to find a satisfactory lending solution. If a borrower does not qualify at one institution, they can obtain a loan from an alternate source. Most borrowers can find a loan that will adequately meet their needs.

With online lending, the application process is expedited. Funds are often released within 24 hours. In addition, there are no limitations or stipulations imposed by the lender. There are no disclosure requirements or restrictions on how the money is used. This provides an unprecedented amount of flexibility for consumers as well as small business owners.

Personal loans low interest rates reduce the balance owed. Conversely, the amount of money that can be safely borrowed is effectively increased. A low interest rate loan allows customers to plan their finances ahead of time. Consumers can take advantage of this opportunity to obtain cash quickly and put it to work immediately. The money is instantly available, and it can be used to address the borrower’s highest priorities.

The application process has been simplified by the Internet. This flexibility enables people to resolve their most difficult financial situations discreetly. When used wisely, these funds can improve most short-term emergencies. For example, low interest personal loans for debt consolidation can help borrowers out of a credit crisis. Although these low interest personal loans for people with bad credit are easy to obtain, they must be handled responsibly.

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HSBC Mortgages: We have a mortgage for you

At HSBC, we offer a variety of mortgages designed to meet your specific mortgage needs.

Refinancing your Home

At HSBC, we offer expert advice when you’re ready to consider refinancing. Whatever your reason, we can provide the knowledge you need to make financial decisions that are right for you.

Helping First Time Home Buyers

Using HSBC’s convenient mortgage tools and talking to our knowledgeable mortgage consultants can help make buying your first home a smooth and worry-free process.

Help for Existing Mortgage Customers

Thank you for choosing HSBC to help with your mortgage needs. As an HSBC mortgage client, you have access to resources which include online account management, the ability to pay your bills, or getting answers to frequently asked questions.

Mortgage and home equity products are offered in the U.S. by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. and are only available for properties located in the U.S. Subject to credit approval. Borrowers must meet program qualifications. Programs are subject to change. Geographic and other restrictions may apply. Discounts can be cancelled or are subject to change at anytime and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking. Telematics. Diagnostics.

ELD, AOBRD, IFTA, DVIR, Dispatch, Messaging

Current and Future Conditions

Truck, Vehicle Asset Tracking Save $2,500 annually, per vehicle

Flexible Fleet Management

One GPS vehicle tracking platform which can be upgraded from basic service to an enterprise fleet management solution without changing the GPS vehicle tracking device.

Fleetistics provides vehicle tracking, equipment tracking and asset tracking. Some fleet management systems offer engine diagnostics (OBD or J-Bus) and telematics for safety and accident reconstruction. Upgrade the GO System to include AOBRD, ELD and DVIR to be FMSCA compliant. Use an API for easy integration with other applications or utilize services from over 100 integrated partner solutions.

  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Service
  • Productivity
  • Profitability.

Custom Integrations Partner Solutions

Data Driven Decisions

“The Fleetistics program is a great tool and it has allowed us to understand vehicle utilization at the our facility. Senior Leadership can now make more informed decisions about the future of our fleet. The Fleetistics program along with the excellent customer service have exceeded our expectation and we would highly recommend their program to companies that are interested in understanding how to right size there fleet.”

Curtis Satisfied Customer

Customer Service Driven

“The entire process from the introduction to the implementation to the training has been exceptional. The system has been easy to navigate and you all have provided excellent customer service with responses to my questions answered within an hour of me sending my email. Thanks to the entire team for being a pleasure to work with.”

A. Sneed Satisfied Customer

Total Solution

“Fleetistics provided me with a total solution, not just GPS units and software. They listened to my specific business needs and tailored a complete management solution. All other companies I spoke with tried to shoehorn my requirements into their canned solution. The team at Fleetistics not only asked questions about my business, they also listened to the issues I was experiencing and trying to solve with a GPS management system. Fleetistics is truly a solutions provider, not just a vendor selling equipment and software.”

M. McGregor Satisfied Customer

Rapid Response

“Prorate has been a customer of Fleetistics for 8 months. The service has been courteous and prompt. One of the very best parts of working with Fleetistics is Brandon. He has returned my calls quickly, even when he was on his vacation. I can always count on a quick solution to any problem we may have when I call Brandon. I would recommend Brandon Fleetistics to anyone.”

K. Brunes Satsified Customer

Recommend Fleetistics to any Transportation Company

“Lynn is a great Rep. Her attention to detail and follow up is unsurpassed. Customer service is an innate skill and ability, some have it others try to acquire it The skills professionalism and ownership of the sales cycle is natural for Lynn she has made working Fleetistics a pleasure. She has it. We are very pleased with the product application and would recommend Fleetistics to any transportation company.”

Gregory Wallace Satisfied Customer