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Earn Graduate Credit

Many PBS TeacherLine courses offer learners the opportunity to earn graduate credits. Depending on the course you choose, you may have the opportunity to earn graduate credit from one of our national graduate credit providers or from a local college or university. To learn more about graduate credit and CEUs for national courses, please refer to these frequently asked questions .

To find which opportunities are available for your course, locate your exact course section in the course catalog and click the “View Details / Enroll” link.

The PBS TeacherLine course hours determines how many graduate credits you can earn:

  • 15-hour PBS TeacherLine course 1 credit hour
  • 30-hour PBS TeacherLine course 2 credit hours
  • 45-hour PBS TeacherLine course 3 credit hours

How to Apply

  1. Enroll in one or more PBS TeacherLine courses.
  2. If you are enrolled in a program of study, verify with your college or university that the credits are transferable.
  3. Once the course has begun, login to the course site. Read the graduate credit information in the “Announcements” area of the course site, and register and pay using the link provided.
  4. You will have until the course end date to register and pay for your credits with any provider.
  5. Some providers automatically send one transcript to the address on record, others require you to submit a fee and request for your grade to be sent to you. Please wait to request a transcript until your course grades have been posted by your facilitator.


The cost to obtain graduate credits is in addition to the tuition paid for the course, and is paid directly by the learner to the credit-granting institution.

Please check the following Web sites for pricing information:

Earn Continuing Education Credit

Many states and districts offer learners the opportunity to earn continuing education credits for taking PBS TeacherLine courses. Please see our CEU Help page for more details.

Salary Info for Accounting Technology Careers #master #in #accounting #salary, #salary #info #for #accounting #technology #careers


Salary Info for Accounting Technology Careers

Students in a computerized accounting technology certificate program learn to use computer software to provide bookkeeping and.

Accounting technology programs typically lead to an associate’s degree or certificate. Accounting technology is affiliated with.

Associate’s degree programs in accounting technology combine general studies with courses in foundational business management.

An Associate of Applied Business – Accounting Technology program equips students with a working knowledge of computerized.

  • Master of Business Administration – Personal Financial Planning
  • Master of Business Administration – Executive Management (Virtual Format)
  • Master of Business Administration – No Specialization
  • B.S. Accounting
  • B.S. Business Administration – Personal Financial Planning
  • B.S. Business Administration – No Specialization
  • B.S. General Studies – Business
  • A.S. Accounting
  • A.S. Business
  • A.S. General Studies – Business
  • View more
    • MBA in Accounting
    • MS in Accounting
    • MBA in Finance
    • Master of Business Administration
    • BS – Accounting
    • BS – Business Administration – Finance
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Organizational Behavior
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Business Development
    • BS – Business Administration – General
    • View more
    • Doctor of Business Administration – Management
    • MBA: Accounting
    • MS in Accounting
    • MBA: Finance
    • MBA
    • MBA and MS in Leadership (Dual Degree)
    • MBA: Leadership
    • BS in Accounting
    • Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education
    • BS in Applied Management
    • BS in Finance and Economics
    • BS in Business Admin.
    • View more

  • Are URLs Case Sensitive? #whois, #tiger #technologies, #tiger #technology, #tiger #tech, #tigertech, #web #hosting, #domain #name, #icann #accredited, #registrar


    Are URLs on your servers case sensitive ?

    Our Web servers do not treat URLs as being case sensitive. This means that your visitors won’t see an error page if they follow a link that accidentally points to a file named “mypage.html” on your Web site if the file is actually named “MyPage.html”: they’ll see the “MyPage.html” file, just as you probably expect.

    However, there’s a little more to it than that. The sections below have more details:

    Some background information

    We should first explain exactly what we mean by “case sensitive URLs”. Some Web servers (usually Unix servers) consider URLs to be case-sensitive. That is, they would treat each of the following URLs as referring to a different file:

    If you visited “” but the file was actually named “MyPage.html”, these kinds of servers would display a “file not found” error.

    Other Web servers (mostly Windows servers) would treat all these URLs as requests for the same file, because they use a file system that doesn’t care about capitalization. Using an incorrectly capitalized link on these kinds of servers doesn’t cause an error.

    It’s best to avoid this problem entirely by making sure that the capitalization of any URL links matches the capitalization of your file names, ensuring that your files work on any kind of server. However, if you have an existing site, these errors can be difficult to find.

    So do these kinds of links work on Tiger Technologies servers?

    Usually. Our servers use special software that (in most cases) makes links work even if they contain capitalization errors. In other words, although we use Unix servers for reliability, our servers treat URLs in the same forgiving fashion as Windows servers.

    That means that if you’re transferring your Web site from a Windows server to Tiger Technologies, you usually don’t need to worry about fixing the capitalization of links to avoid “file not found” errors. If your file is named “MyPage.html” and you have a link referring to “mypage.html”, it will work, just as it did on a Windows server.

    That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try to make your links match your file names. For technical reasons, pages that are accessed through miscapitalized links take a little more time to load. The delay is only a few milliseconds, but every little bit helps.

    Case-sensitivity and WordPress

    If you use WordPress to manage your site, WordPress itself has a rule that effectively says “make WordPress handle requests for any URL that doesn’t exactly match a file path on the disk, including the case of that path ”.

    So if you use WordPress to handle most pages on your site, but you also have “file.pdf” in a directory called “PDFs”, you’d need to access it using this exact URL:

    If you instead tried accessing it using “pdfs” as the directory name, like this:

    it wouldn’t work, because WordPress would notice that there was no file at that exact case-sensitive file path, and would handle the request itself (probably showing a “page not found” error).

    Some technical details

    Advanced users may be interested in knowing how URLs can be case insensitive even though Unix servers use a case-sensitive file system. The answer is that we use an Apache Web server module called “mod_speling ” (sic), which “fixes” URL requests that don’t exactly match an existing file. We have mod_speling configured to look for matches that differ only in terms of case, which almost always “does the right thing”.

    We should mention that there is a (quite rare) potential issue when relying on mod_speling to fix miscapitalized links, which is that mod_speling does not change the fact that the actual file system can still allow files with different capitalization to exist simultaneously. This can cause subtle problems if you mistakenly upload two files with names that differ only in capitalization.

    For example, if you upload a file named “mypage.html”, then later upload a file named “MyPage.html”, both files will exist on the disk, just as they would on any Unix server. The second upload will not replace the first file as it would on a Windows server. If you then use a link named “mypage.html”, you’re always going to see “mypage.html”, even though you might be expecting to see the new “MyPage.html” file you more recently uploaded. Stranger still, if you use a link that doesn’t match either file say, “MYPAGE.HTML” you’ll appear to get one of the files at random. Again, just make sure that your link capitalization matches the file names you upload to avoid any potential problems.

    Related Topics

    Automotive technology program #automotive #technology #program


    Diploma in Automotive Technology

    If your heart is on the fast lane, then this is the course for you. Not only will you learn everything you need to know about motorsports in class, you can even be a part of our very own Motorsports Team!


    • Focuses on repair, service, maintenance and diagnostic of motor vehicle.
    • Hands-on with 70% practical and 30% theory
    • Opportunity to work with a variety of Local,Japanese,and Continental car models.
    • Recognized by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and is fully accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) .
    • Education financial assistance is available.
    • Lifetime career placement is provided to all TOC graduates.

    Program Facilities

    Click here to see our state-of-the-art servicing equipment.

    Course Intake

    We have 5 intakes per year: Feb, Apr, Jul, Sept, Nov.
    Click here to know the exact dates of intake.


    DCS 1101 Introduction to Automotive Technology
    DCS 1102 Engine Mechanical
    DCS 1103 Chassis System
    DCS 1201 Engine System
    DCS 1202 Drive Train System
    DCS 1203 Automotive Electrical System
    DCS 1204 Steering System
    DCS 1205 Mechanical Workshop Practices
    DCS 1301 Automotive Wheels Tyres
    DCS 1302 Automotive Air-Conditioning System
    DCS 1303 Vehicle Maintenance Servicing


    MPU U1A Pengajian Malaysia (Malaysian Studies)
    MPU U2 Technical English
    MPU U2B Bahasa Kebangsaan A (Local) OR
    MPU U1B Bahasa Kebangsaan Komunikasi 2B (International)
    MPU U3A Pendidikan Moral (Moral Studies) OR
    MPU U3B Pengajian Islam (Islamic Studies)
    MPU U4 Project Work


    SIT 1230 Supervised Industrial Training



    DAT 2401 Petrol Engines
    DAT 2402 Advanced Drive Train System
    DAT 2403 Engine Computer Controlled System
    DAT 2501 Diesel Engines
    DAT 2502 Engine Electrical Electronics System
    DAT 2503 Body Electrical Accessories
    DAT 2504 Advanced Chassis System
    DAT 2505 Emission System Turbochargers
    DAT 2601 Automatic Transmission 4 Wheel Drive
    DAT 2602 Customer Service Workshop Management
    DAT 2603 Advanced Automotive Electrical Electronics


    MSS 1252 Engineering Drawing Mathematics
    MSS 1253 Engineering Science


    SIT 1240 Supervised Industrial Training

    Minimum Results

    Best Online Master – s in IT Program Reviews 2017 #best #online #information #technology #degree


    Online Master’s in IT Program Reviews


    Networking details how the online university assists students in the online master s in information technology program in connecting with alumni and employment opportunities. Many schools have alumni associations, and in today s highly social world, Facebook and LinkedIn networks are becoming more and more common as well. The best online IT programs will also have career services to help newly graduated students find good jobs in the information technology field. Resources like this can be extremely valuable to students, and many of the best online IT programs will stand out in this area.

    The most important networking features
    • 15,000+ LinkedIn Network Members The school has a LinkedIn group for alumni with 15,000 members or more.
    • Alumni Association The school offers membership to an alumni association.
    • Career Services The school offers job placement or career services to students and graduates.
    • Facebook Network The school has a Facebook network of alumni, faculty, and students.
    • LinkedIn Network The school has a LinkedIn group for alumni and current students.


    Enrollment discusses general information related to the admissions process for the online master s in information technology program. This includes details about what kinds of students are accepted to the program. For most schools, this will include both full- and part-time students, and it may also include international students. In many cases, earning an online information technology degree can be done completely online, though some programs may require occasional visits to campus.

    Different schools will also have different levels of selectivity, which will have a large impact on the size of classes and overall quality of the student body. Enrollment will be a fairly important category to consider when choosing where to get an online IT degree because it says a lot about what the school is like and what students can expect from the IT program.

    The most important enrollment features
    • Entirely Online You can earn a degree entirely online.
    • Flexible Term Start The school does not require a Fall start for incoming students.
    • Full-Time The school allows students to be enrolled at full-time status.
    • International Student Enrollment The school offers enrollment to international students.
    • Mail-in Form You can apply by mail.
    • No Application Fee There is no application fee or application fee can be waived in certain circumstances.
    • Online Application You can apply online.
    • Part-Time The school allows students to be enrolled at part-time status.
    • Selective Admissions The school does not admit every applicant.
    • Transfer Credits The school accepts transfer credits to apply towards a degree.

    Student Engagement

    Student Engagement represents how well the online IT program retains its students and keeps them interested in their classes. This can be determined in part by looking at first-year retention rates and graduation rates. Above-average numbers indicate a high level of student engagement.

    Schools with selective admissions and excellent faculty credentials and training will also score high in this category. Student Engagement is relatively important because it will have a fairly large impact on the student s experience in the online program and the overall quality of the education they receive.

    The most important student engagement features
    • High Admissions Selectivity Score The online graduate information technology program received an Admissions Selectivity score of 50 or higher from U.S. News and World Report.
    • High Faculty Credentials and Training Score The online graduate information technology program received a Faculty Credentials and Training score of 75 or higher from U.S. News and World Report.
    • High Graduation Rate The three year graduation rate from academic year 2012-2013 was 60 percent or higher.
    • High Retention Rate The one-year retention rate from 2012-2013 was 85 percent or higher.
    • High Student Engagement Score The online graduate information technology program received a Student Engagement score of 65 or higher from U.S. News and World Report.
    • High Student Services and Technology Score The online graduate information technology program received a Student Services and Technology score of 45 or higher from U.S. News and World Report.

    Student Services

    Student Services describes the resources that the online IT degree programs offer to their students to help them with classes and assignments. Academic advising is provided by most universities to help students choose their classes and stay on track for graduation. Digitized library materials enable students earning their IT degrees online to have access to the same materials that on-campus students have, while 24/7 live tech support can help with any technical problems students encounter during their studies.

    The best online information technology programs will also offer online tutoring to students who feel they need a little extra assistance with their assignments. This category is pretty important because many students will take advantage of these services over the course of the IT program, so it s a good idea to pay close attention to this while choosing an online school.

    The most important student services
    • 24/7 Live Tech Support The school offers access to 24/7 live tech support.
    • Academic Advising The school offers academic advising.
    • Career Services The school offers job placement or career services to students and graduates.
    • Digital Library Students have access to digitized library materials.
    • Online Tutoring The school provides access to online tutoring.

    Application Requirements

    Application Requirements explain what documents prospective students are required to submit, aside from their application, when applying to the online master s in IT program. This frequently includes a personal statement, transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation. Some schools may even require a resume and a formal interview as well. Certain programs may restrict acceptance to students with prior coursework or a degree in information technology or to students with work experience in the IT field.

    While this category does contain important information for students to know when applying to these online IT programs, application requirements are generally pretty similar across all schools, so it shouldn t be a huge factor when deciding between multiple universities.

    The most important application requirements
    • Essay The application requires an essay or personal statement.
    • Formal Interview The application process requires an in-person or phone interview.
    • IT-Related Undergraduate Coursework Required The online school typically requires the applicant to have completed IT-related coursework.
    • IT-Related Undergraduate Degree Required The online school typically requires the applicant to have an undergraduate degree in an IT-related field.
    • IT-Related Work Experience Required The online school typically requires the applicant to have IT-related work experience.
    • Letters of Recommendations You are required to submit at least one letter of recommendation as part of the application process.
    • Resume You are required to submit a resume as part of the application process.
    • Test Scores The application requires copies of standardized tests scores (GMAT, GRE, etc).
    • Transcripts The application requires copies of education transcripts.

    Financial Aid

    Financial Aid lists the different ways that students can get financial assistance to put towards their online information technology degree. Federal student loans are always an option for students who qualify, but many schools also have grants and scholarships available as well, which is another good option for those who meet the requirements. This category is relatively important because earning a master s degree can get fairly expensive, though it shouldn t be too much of a concern when comparing different online universities because most schools offer similar kinds of financial assistance to their students.

    The most important financial aid features
    • Federal Student Loans The school provides access to federal student loans.
    • Grants The school provides access to grants.
    • Scholarships The school provides access to scholarships.

    Finding the right master’s in IT program for you

    With many routes to go in the IT field, students need to focus on a concentration of interest to help form the base of their career path. Knowing which schools are best in each area of focus can help make the decision easier.

    The 4 Best Online Master’s in Software Engineering Programs

    Integrity Business Solution, Inc #integrity #business #solutions, #inc. #(ibs), #woman-owned, #small #business, #woman-owned #business #(wob), #minority #disadvantaged #business #enterprise #(mdbe), #small #disadvantaged #business #enterprise #(sdbe), #washington #dc, #language #services, #intelligence #solutions, #information #technology, #training, #information #security, #cyber #security, #careers, #lanham, #


    Expertise. Dynamic. Dependable.

    Integrity Business Solutions, Inc. (iBS) is a woman-owned small and growing business providing quality service and support to government and commercial clients since 2000. iBS provides our clients with the finest experts in their field who deliver far more than basic services. iBS is a true partner who brings initiative to identify challenges, imagination to creatively pursue and find solutions, innovation to engineer solutions tailored to specific client needs and high-value, positive impact to our customers.

    iBS has a passion for National Security and provides high-quality intelligence and linguistic support to numerous intelligence community customers. With our multifaceted contracts, we have career opportunities available for talented professionals to help us fulfill that passion. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our practices honest and value our employees because our dedication is to them. Since 2000, iBS provides an environment where people matter and excellence thrives. We support our team to the utmost extent and believe in career growth and development for all team members. We offer competitive salaries and benefits.The iBS team continues to grow, we welcome everyone who is determined to grow and succeed to search our employment opportunities and apply by submitting your resume.Find your new career here . and become an integral part of our growing team.

    • Woman-Owned Business (WOB)
    • Minority Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MDBE)
    • Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDBE)

    Our corporate mission is to be recognized as a strategic, solutions-based industry leader devoted to innovation, ingenuity and the pursuit of excellence at every level through integrity. A team with a spirit of excellence as we partner with those we so serve in support of their critical mission goals.

    Our vision is to provide our clients with the finest experts through the collaboration of our core values of teamwork, excellence, mutual respect and imagination that has one vision, one voice, one focus.

    Most Wired Hospitals Tackle Cybercrime, Telehealth and Predictive Analytics #most #wired,chime,gil #hoffman,health #information #technology,health #it,hospitals,information #technology,marc #probst,mercy,perioperative,scott #ransom,telemedicine, #cybercrime, #ransomware, #american #hospital #association, #health #forum


    Most Wired Hospitals Tackle Cybercrime, Telehealth and Predictive Analytics

    If they didn t know it already, members of the hospital field s C-suites do now: Keeping health care data out of the hands of cybercriminals is harder than ever.

    Thanks to stories in recent months about the escalation in the types of acts criminals will take to profit from stealing hospital data or holding it for ransom, an awareness of the depth of the problem has reached the general public.

    We can t take this threat too lightly, says Jon Melling, a partner with information technology-focused Pivot Point Consulting. Patients and other interested stakeholders expect health information to be kept absolutely confidential.

    Cybersecurity is just one of the areas shown to be getting a lot of attention in the results of the 2016 Health Care s Most Wired survey, conducted by Hospitals Health Networks and Health Forum.

    (Log on to see the list of Most Wired hospitals. )

    Other matters growing in importance among the Most Wired hospitals and health networks include using data to make the transition from volume-based to value-based reimbursement; helping to connect hospitals in remote locations with specialists via video or audio; and continuing to work to make electronic health records more useful and shareable among different hospitals and health systems.

    But the protection of valuable health care data is at or near the top of chief information officers priority lists. The way [criminals are] getting in primarily is through phishing emails, says Lynn Sessions, a partner with law firm BakerHostetler. What happens is a health care employee gets an email thinking it s a legitimate email. And these are very convincing emails. And they end up giving up their username and password, Sessions says.

    Hospitals and health systems are fighting back in response to the threats presented by hackers, putting more resources into defensive systems and employee education, according to the results of this year s survey.

    Most Wired-designated participants already were big users of defensive measures such as intrusion detection systems every year since 2013, at least 92 percent of them used such approaches. Now, Most Wired hospitals and health systems are taking more aggressive steps to beat back the hordes of hackers and hacking programs searching for a way into hospitals information technology systems. Sixty-seven percent of Most Wired hospitals and health systems are using pattern detection to prevent automated logins, compared with 60 percent in 2015 and just 48 percent in 2013.

    Supporting Articles

    A less-discussed but still important threat that the hospital field is addressing concerns what s called social engineering. The practice entails using personal interaction such as posing as a co-worker or family member to obtain password information or some other means to crack into a hospital s data.

    When we do a security assessment, we look at technical security, the basics like bits, bytes and wires, says Munzoor Shaikh, a director in the health care practice of consulting firm West Monroe Partners, Chicago. But beyond the bits, bytes and wires, there s a lot of internal security measures that actually have to do with the human and the process side. Hospitals should have some type of process to limit that kind of risk, he says.

    Among Most Wired hospitals, 40 percent perform annual social engineering risk assessments, 28 percent perform unannounced assessments and 7 percent perform assessments quarterly. Eight percent perform such assessments no more frequently than every two years, and 17 percent never do, according to Most Wired data.

    Dialing up care

    The Most Wired hospitals and systems in the survey are users of telehealth to varying degrees, but experts say telehealth, in its different forms, is on the upswing, despite being hindered by reimbursement limitations. Telehealth is getting a lot more interest, says Chantal Worzala, vice president for health information and policy operations with the American Hospital Association.

    Part of the interest is driven by increased consumer understanding of how much more convenient it can be to interact with others using devices such as smartphones, and health care follows that trend, Worzala says.

    Another driver of the growth in telemedicine comes from the inpatient side of care, where telemedicine can limit the effects of caregiver shortages, she says. The same holds true for behavioral health care.

    Among those designated as Most Wired hospitals and health systems, the most popular use of telemedicine is for consultations and office visits (61 percent), while the use of telemedicine for rehabilitation (17 percent) was least cited by hospitals.

    Among the Most Wired, use of telemedicine for psychiatric examination or psychotherapy in the hospital setting involved close to half of respondents at 47 percent.

    Telemedicine would be improved by modernization of Medicare s handling of such care. It s extraordinarily limited in what will be covered, Worzala says.

    Analytics use growing

    Meanwhile, the use of IT data to better care for patients and patient populations continues to grow in popularity. Analytics is picking up very, very nicely, says Marc Probst, chairman of the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives and chief information officer for Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City.

    Probst notes that analytics used to be the domain of just a handful of academic organizations that were able to use the data they were collecting to conduct strong analyses and make better decisions for clinical and even financial practices. That capacity is spreading, he says.

    We re seeing a tremendous uptick in capability and use. That s a neat opportunity, Probst says.

    The survey data back up that view, with less than half (41 percent) of Most Wired hospitals and systems performing advanced analytics such as conducting controlled experiments or scenario planning and some form of forecasting.

    But 91 percent of Most Wired respondents are performing business intelligence analyses in a single department, and 82 percent of all respondents are.

    The practice of performing population health analysis with IT as its backbone also is still in the growth phase. The percentage of Most Wired hospitals and systems performing different aspects of pop health management implementation ranged from 48 percent that are synchronizing clinical and financial risk measures for clinical, operational and compliance standards to 84 percent that are identifying and targeting patients for outreach.

    Look for the use of these practices to grow sharply as the field transitions to value-based care models. Most folks would consider the analytics capability for a value-based environment to be an absolutely critical, necessary building block to be successful, says Scott Ransom, M.D. managing director of strategic solutions for Navigant Consulting.

    Integration of data for practical applications has room to grow and potential for great benefits. Fifty-nine percent of the Most Wired integrate clinical and claims data so they are accessible, searchable and reportable across the care community.

    Data management cuts costs

    Managing data properly helped Mercy, Chesterfield, Mo. when the large health system used clinical data to cut perioperative costs, and Mercy is applying what it learned in that area to other parts of its operations.

    In every health care organization, IT as well as the operations and clinical side are looking at ways to drive expense out of the organization, says Gil Hoffman, chief information officer with Mercy. Data play a role in that, figuring out ways we can do things more efficiently and still have the very, very best patient outcomes, Hoffman says.

    Mercy improved efficiency to the tune of $9 million by reworking its purchasing practices using supply cost data in perioperative care. This is an area that drove a large amount of the system s overall costs, says Betty Jo Rocchio, R.N. vice president of perioperative performance acceleration. Mercy standardized its perioperative supply choices in concert with surgeons on its staff and applied those choices across the organization, Rocchio says. In addition to saving money, outcomes have remained the same or improved, she says.

    The biggest task from a data perspective was getting it into an organized, actionable format so that people can make decisions and consume that information in a way that can drive their business, Rocchio says. Most of health care has a ton of data. It s the analytics that we struggle with.

    Here is a sampling of this year s Most Wired hospitals and health systems, in alphabetical order:

    Abington (Pa.) Jefferson Health

    Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital | Lincoln, Ill.

    Adventist Health | Roseville, Calif.

    Adventist Health System | Altamonte Springs, Fla.

    Advocate Health Care | Downer s Grove, Ill.

    Corporate News

    Metropolitan Learning Institute, Innovative approach is our way to success, metropolitan institute of health and technology.#Metropolitan #institute #of #health #and #technology


    metropolitan institute of health and technology

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    • Metropolitan institute of health and technology
    • Metropolitan institute of health and technology
    • Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    MLI Announcement

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    This uses institutional data to provide estimated net price information to current and prospective students and their families based on a student’s individual circumstances.

    Bright Outlook Occupation

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    All Programs offered by Metropolitan Learning Institute are identified as Bright Outlook Occupation by O*NET OnLine. Bright Outlook occupations are expected to grow rapidly in the next several years

    Student Support Network

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    The school maintains a student placement service which provides all students in Career Preparation classes and MLI graduates equal access to employment opportunities presented to the school.

    Our Campuses

    Rego Park New York,

    Rego Park, NY 11374

    Phone: (718) 897-0482

    Fax: (718) 897-5667

    Jackson Heights,

    New York Extension

    Jackson Heights, NY 11372

    Phone (718) 651-8424

    Fax (718) 651-8423


    Brooklyn Campus Extension

    Brooklyn, NY 11220

    Phone (718) 492-2120

    Fax (718) 492-2197

    Featured Programs

    All New York Programs are Approved by the New York State Education Department.

    MLI offers support and guidance with effective quality instruction and long-term academic support, excellent programs and courses covering the latest and most-demanded business and nursing/allied health skills, computer resources (hardware/software) using powerful current technology, ESL training/ counseling, hands-on practice and job development to prepare students for “the world of work.”

    Student Corner

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    All students and faculty are welcome to submit post. Contact your campus director

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    All students and faculty are welcome to submit post. Contact your campus director if you have interesting article or topic.

    Metropolitan institute of health and technology

    All students and faculty are welcome to submit post. Contact your campus director

    Online Masters in Educational Technology #educational #technology #masters #degree #online


    Online Masters in Educational Technology

    The Educational Technology M.Ed. program at Texas A M prepares students to work in the fast-growing field of learning technologies as:

    • Instructional designers
    • Learning and performance specialists
    • Course developers
    • Trainers
    • Instructional media developers
    • Technology coordinators
    • Evaluators

    Students develop a strong foundation in instructional design, learning theory, and innovative educational practices supported by technology. Graduates of our program can apply this knowledge to create more effective, efficient, and engaging instruction for a variety of settings, including:


    The Educational Technology M.Ed. program is flexible to meet the needs of diverse students, including those who work full-time. It requires 36 hours of coursework only online.


    • EDTC 602: Educational Technology Field, Theory, and Profession
    • EDTC 654: Instructional Design
    • EPSY 602: Educational Psychology
    • EPSY 673: Learning Theories
    • EPSY 622 or EPSY 636: Measurement and Evaluation in Education or Techniques of Research


    • EDTC 608: Online Course Design
    • EDTC 613: Integrating Technology in Learning Environments
    • EDTC 621: Graphic Communication and Interface Design
    • EDTC 631: Educational Video
    • EDTC 641: Educational Game Design
    • EDTC 642: Designing for Mobile Learning
    • EDTC 645: Emerging Technologies for Learning I
    • EDTC 646: Emerging Technologies for Learning II
    • EDTC 651: E-Learning Design and Development
    • EDTC 684: Internship
    • EDTC 689: Review of Research in Educational Technology
    • EPSY 624: Creative Thinking
    • EPSY 635: Educational Statistics
    • EPSY 646: Issues in Child and Adolescent Development
    • EPSY 679: Research on Teacher Effectiveness
    • EPSY 689: Program Planning and Grant Writing

    Students may include up to two courses not listed here in their degree program with advisor approval. Courses must be of graduate level standing.

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    10 Open Source Tools for Cloud Infrastructure and Management

    Cloud is not a new term and almost all enterprises use it in some way but the bottleneck is to manage the huge Cloud Infrastructure. There are many Cloud vendors those continuously provides new tools to help enterprise IT to build, buy, manage, monitor, tweak and track cloud services. But their fees might prick the companies budget pocket. So, here are some open source tools which help you to build, manage and monitor networks of virtual machines, private or hybrid clouds, tweak and track cloud services and much more…

    OpenStack software allows data centers to pool the compute, storage, and networking resources and manage them through a dashboard or via the OpenStack API.

    Apache CloudStack is designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines. This Apache Project offers a turnkey Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform. It s used both by public cloud computing vendors and by organizations running their own private clouds.

    Eucalyptus allows organizations to easily migrate apps and data to build private or hybrid cloud environments that are compatible with Amazon Web Services.

    Synnefo is a complete cloud infrastructure stack that provides Network, Image, Volume and Storage service. It manages Google Ganetti, OpenStack, and KVM.

    The FOSS-Cloud is a Software that enables you to create your own Private or Public Cloud. It is an integrated infrastructure to provide cloud-Services, Windows or Linux based SaaS. FOSS-Cloud covers all of the aspects of an Open Source IT environment.This multi-faced cloud computing solution includes virtualization, cloud desktop, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS capabilities.

    openQRM software manages a data center s infrastructure to build private, public and hybrid IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) clouds. This enterprise-class tool combines data center management system administration and IaaS provisioning into a single tool.

    OpenShift s helps you to make your job easier by taking care of all the messy IT aspects of app development and allows you to focus on your job by Coding your Application and satisfying your customers.

    Cloud Foundry is used to deploy your applications on a variety of infrastructures, including Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, and vSphere. It supports Java, Ruby, and Node applications out of the box.

    Docker provides a highly reliable, low-cost way to quickly build, ship, and run distributed applications at scale. It gives developers the freedom to define environments and create apps faster and easier and flexibility for IT ops to quickly respond to change.

    SaltStack software is easy enough to get running in seconds, scalable enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, and fast enough to control and communicate with them in milliseconds. SaltStack delivers a dynamic infrastructure communication bus used for remote execution, configuration management and much more.