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How General Electric Used Six Sigma to Transform Their Company #six #sigma #ge, #six #sigma #general #electric, #six #sigma #jack #welch, #six #sigma #training, #six #sigma #implementation, #six #sigma #leadership


How General Electric Used Six Sigma to Transform Their Company

How General Electric Used Six Sigma to Transform Their Company

General Electric is one of America’s most recognizable brands.

How did it get here? Probably by deciding that it wasn’t going to be an average company. On its site, the company points out that globalization and technological advancement have changed the way consumers do business. Today’s consumers have access to instant information, meaning there’s little room for error.

To compete with the rest of the world, innovators at GE knew they needed to be more than average. They needed to be exceptional so in the late 1980s, the company began focusing solely on quality control. In 1995, CEO Jack Welch made a goal for GE to become a Six Sigma company within five years by adopting the “Six Sigma Quality” as a part of the company’s culture.

What does Six Sigma mean to a company like GE? It means measuring the number of defects in your company processes to “systematically” determine how to reduce error and get as close to perfect efficiency as possible. According to the statistical formula behind Six Sigma, the process must only have 3.4 “defects” per million opportunities, or chances for error. Obviously, this requires something very close to perfection.

According to Bright Hub PM. just two years after adopting the Six Sigma strategy, GE gained $700 million in corporate benefits. Welch applied Six Sigma in four key ways that ultimately translated to a formula for success:

1. Training: GE required almost all employees to take a two week, 100-hour Six Sigma Training Program. Afterward, employees were asked to complete a project implementing those methodologies.

2. Mentoring: Mentoring was key to GE’s success. Full-time, Master Black Belt Six Sigma professionals were required to train and mentor employees whose jobs were integral to key processes. After those employees were trained and mentored to become Black Belts as well, GE Black Belt teams carried out different Six Sigma projects within the company. Green Belts were also able to join projects teams to a certain capacity.

3. Leadership: Welch also asked for commitment to their Six Sigma goals from both executives and the GE workforce, linking promotions and bonuses to improvement in quality. A Green Belt certification became a minimum requirement for promotion at GE and almost half of each area of bonuses depended on the successful implementation of a Six Sigma project. Even the CEO and President attended training sessions.

4. Focused Implementation: GE used three key implementation approaches.

  • “Show Me the Money” meant GE focused on the bottom line, cutting costs to compete in price-sensitive markets.
  • “Everybody Plays” meant that even outsourced suppliers were expected to participate in the Six Sigma initiative to make sure that the quality was assured from start to finish for each product.
  • “Specific Techniques” meant GE used process maps and other Six Sigma tools to rank and associate projects to overarching business goals.

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Trump Rolls Back Two Obama-Era Education Regulations #essa, #every #student #succeeds #act, #federal #regulations, #government #overreach, #president #donald #trump, #teacher #training,big #government, #education, #obama,education


Trump Rolls Back Two Obama-Era Education Regulations


President Donald Trump signed legislation Monday that rolls back two Obama-era education regulations — one regarding teacher training programs and another regarding requirements for states in meeting directives of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Trump signed H.J.Res. 58, which overturns the U.S. Education Department’s (USED) rule that relates to how teacher training programs are assessed. Additionally, the president signed H.J.Res. 57, which nullifies USED’s rule relating to state accountability requirements under ESSA.

The teacher training program requirement, part of the Higher Education Act, mandated states to rate training programs for teachers each year based, in part, on student outcome measures. The Washington Post describes the Obama rule as “broadly unpopular”:

Teachers unions said the regulations wrongly tied ratings of teacher-training programs to the performance of teachers’ students on standardized tests; colleges and states argued that the rules were onerous and expensive, and many Republicans argued that Obama’s Education Department had overstepped the bounds of executive authority.

The ESSA rule concerned states’ accountability in identifying failing schools and reporting their plans for improving them to the federal government..

In his remarks about these two House joint resolutions, Trump said they “eliminate harmful burdens on state and local taxes on school systems that could have cost states hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“So it’s the states and local-tax school systems, and that was very important,” the president added. “Parents, teachers, communities, and state leaders know the needs of their students better than anyone in Washington by far. So we re removing these additional layers of bureaucracy to encourage more freedom and innovation in our schools.”

The Republican-led Congress and Trump are overturning some Obama-era rules and regulations via the Congressional Review Act.

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MSc Computer Forensics

Forensic computer analysts may be involved in a range of investigations, such as online fraud, digital espionage, counter-terrorism, possession of illegal imagery and information theft. A typical investigation would involve identifying and securing computer equipment, followed by the application of forensic methods and specialist computer programmes in pursuit of evidence. Tasks include recovering data from digital media, analysis of records to establish the location of a device, uncovering data trails, careful documentation of the investigation, presenting findings and acting as an expert witness in court.

  • Computer Forensics and Crime Investigation (20 credits)
    To synthesise knowledge of the tools, techniques and practices associated with computer forensics. To develop the student s ability to apply computer forensics principles to a range of problems. To evaluate, analyse and synthesise different solutions to a range of computer forensic issues.
  • Forensics Techniques and Data Recovery(20 credits)
    To cover at an advanced level a number of both practical and theoretical principles regarding Computer Forensics and data Recovery for a range of different sources.
  • Network Security (20 credits)
    To enable students to evaluate, synthesize and validate the identification of security issues and their associated impacts against devices and protocols that make up networks and distributed systems.
  • Security Management (20 credits)
    To provide a knowledge of the tools and techniques available to secure and manage, in a meaningful manner, an information system. To develop the students ability to manage the security of an information system at a strategic, tactical and operational level.
  • Incident Management and Incident Response (20 credits)
    To evaluate, analyse and synthesize the capability to perform incident management and incident response.
  • Project Management and Research Methodology (20 credits)
    To understand current developments in project management, its techniques and tools, and to determine and use appropriate ones in contexts where there are many interacting factors.
  • MSc Project (60 credits)
    To provide the opportunity for students to employ autonomy and originality in the application of their computing, award and research skills to a complex problem. To provide an opportunity for the student to investigate a topical, award relevant issue of their choice in some depth. To produce a justified solution to a significant problem that is informed by a critical review of research. To further develop the student’s investigative, research, writing and presentation skills as a self-directed, autonomous learner.
  • Teaching

    Full-time students will typically spend 12 hours in classes each week. If you choose to study part-time, this is reduced to around six hours each week. You will study through lectures, tutorials, practical sessions, seminars and projects.


    You will need to spend a significant amount of time working independently, reading and preparing for assessments. While the style of coursework may vary, research-style papers or essays of around 4,000 words in length are typical. You will also work on a significant research project and a major project of your choice, where strong independent thinking, critical analysis and project management skills will be important.

    August 2017 – July 2018 Fees

    August 2018 – July 2019 Fees

    Additional Costs

    Students have access to a wide range of resources including textbooks, publications, and computers in the University’s library and via online resources. In most cases they are more than sufficient to complete a course of study. Where there are additional costs, either obligatory or optional, these are detailed below. Of course students may choose to purchase their own additional personal resources/tools over and above those listed to support their studies at their own expense. All stationery and printing costs are at a student’s own expense.


    You will have had the opportunity to develop skills that strongly relate to the role of a forensic computer analyst or an information security analyst. These include problem solving, a systematic approach to work and an awareness of security standards and legislation.

    Graduates of the MSc Computer Forensics degree will be well equipped for employment, including working for the police, security services, commercial sector, or organisations that specialise in computer security.

    Our Careers and Employability Service

    As a USW student, you will have access to advice from the Careers and Employability Service throughout your studies and after you graduate.

    This includes: one-to-one appointments from faculty based Career Advisers, in person, over the phone or even on Skype and through email via the “Ask a Question” service. We also have extensive online resources for help with considering your career options and presenting yourself well to employers. Resources include psychometric tests, career assessments, a CV builder, interview simulator and application help. Our employer database has over 2,000 registered employers targeting USW students, you can receive weekly email alerts for jobs.

    Our Careers service has dedicated teams: A central work experience team to help you find relevant placements; an employability development team which includes an employability programme called Grad Edge; and an Enterprise team focused on new business ideas and entrepreneurship.

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    The Eastern Cape Department of Health is offering the Nurse Training Programme 2018 in South Africa. The Lilitha College of Nursing Intake 2018 has been announced, and you can now apply online for the Nursing Training Programme 2018. The Nursing Jobs usually remain available / vacant in South Africa, and you may also avail the Nursing Vacancies after completing the Nursing Training Programme 2017 available at Lilitha College of Nursing, South Africa. If you are looking for Nurse Careers or Nurse Jobs, you have come to the right place. The Eastern Cape Department of Health Jobs will boost your experience level in short span of time, and you will get more better Nursing Careers. The Lilitha College of Nursing is now hiring the people for Nursing Training Course 2018. The Nurse Vacancies will be available for you after completing the Nurse Training Jobs 2018. The interested candidates should have a look on the Nursing Training Jobs 2018 before forwarding their training job application form to the concerned department. Nurse Training Jobs 2018 at Lilitha College of Nursing in SOuth Africa

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    The Nelson Mandela Children s Fund for 2017 / 2018 has been announced, and Nursing Training Bursary 2017-18 has been opened. If you are looking for the Nurse Training Courses, then you have come to the right place, as the Nurse Training Bursaries 2017-2018 are available at Nelson Mandela Children s Hospital in Parktwon, South Africa. The Nelson Mandela Nursing Training Programme 2017 will boost your experience level in short span of time, and you will get more better Nursing Vacancies or Nursing Jobs in near future. Nursing Careers usually remain available / vacant in South Africa, and you may also avail the Nursing Jobs after availing the Nursing Training Bursaries 2017 / 2018. The Nelson Mandela Children s Fund Vacancies are usually searched by a lot of students, so now the Bursary Programme 2016-2017 has been started, and you should get the full advantage of the Bursary Scheme. The Bursary Application Form should be submitted by the interested candidates at the first convenient to avail the Available Bursaries. The Nelson Mandela Children s Fund Bursary Programme 2017/2018 will manage your educational expenses, and

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    The Mpumalanga Department of Health is offering the Nurse Training Jobs 2017 in South Africa. The Nurse Training Programme 2017 is available for those candidates who are willing to go through Nursing Training Course 2017. The Nursing Jobs or Nursing Careers usually remain available / vacant in South Africa, so you may avail these Nursing Vacancies after having good experience in the field. Nurse Training Intakes in South Africa have also been announced by various companies, and now the Dept of Health has come up with the Latest Nursing Opportunities. The Department of Health is offering the Government Nurse Training 2017 i.e. a special Nursing Training Course in South Africa. The Training Programme 2017 is available for hard working and talented candidates. It is also pertinent to mention here that you may also avail the Nurse Jobs or Nurse Careers after completing the Training Programme 2017. The interested candidates should go through the complete details of Nurse Training Jobs 2017 before forwarding their nursing training programme application to the concerned department. The Nurse Training 2017 can jump start your career

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    Latest Nursing Learnerships 2017 are available at Mpumalanga Dept of Health, South Africa. The Nursing Learnership Programme 2017 should be availed by the serious and talented candidates in South Africa. Nursing is a field that needs good training and valuable experience to make you serve better in the field. Hence you can get Nursing Training at Mpumalanga Department of Health in South Africa by submitting your online application at the first convenient. It is also pertinent to mention here that you may also get Nursing Jobs in South Africa after completing the Nursing Training Programme 2017. The Nursing Training Courses are rare in South Africa, so you should take advantage of this Nursing Learner Training Jobs. Mpumalanga Dept of Health Vacancies / Careers mostly remain available for those candidates who have good experience in Nursing field. You may also get Better Nursing Careers and Careers after completing the Nursing Learnership Opportunities available in South Africa. Hence you should apply for the Latest Learnerships 2017 at Mpumalanga Department of Health after going through the complete job details as mentioned below. Mpumalanga

    Nursing Training Programme 2017 at Gauteng Government

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    Gauteng Government has announced the Latest Nursing Training Programme 2017 in South Africa. The Nursing Training Opportunities are rare in South Africa, and it is the best chance for you to apply for the Nurse Training Programme 2017 available at Government Department of Gauteng. The Nursing learnership Programme 2017 can boost your experience and expertise in the Nursing Field, so if you are looking for Nursing Learnerships 2017 / 2018, you have come to the right place. You can now apply for the Nursing Learnership Opportunities available in Gauteng, South Africa to get special nursing training. The Nurse Training 2017 will also be available for the upcoming batch. The Nursing Training Courses 2017 / 2018 have been offered by a lot of Nursing Schools in South Africa, and it is the necessary course for you to avail the Nursing Jobs available in South Africa. It is also expected that you may get more better Nursing Jobs and Career Opportunities right after successful completion of your Nursing Training for 2017. You can have a look on the Nursing Training Jobs available

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    The Gauteng Department of Health is offering the Latest Nursing Training Programme 2017 in South Africa. The Nursing Training Course 2017 is available at Ann Latsky Nursing College, SG Lourens Nursing College and Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing College. If you are looking for the Nursing Careers or Nursing Jobs, you have come to the right place, the Nurse Jobs are available for those candidates, who are willing to make their career in nursing field. You should avail the Nursing Training Opportunities for 2017 at first convenient. The Nurse Training Programme 2017 is available at Gauteng Government Department, so you should avail the Government Training Programme 2017 to boost your experience level as well as your expertise in Nursing field. The Government Nursing Training 2017 will help you in raising your nurse experience, and you will get more better Nursing Vacancies or Nurse Careers in near future. Nursing Learnerships 2017 are rarely available in South Africa, so you should not miss the Nurse Training Intake 2017. The interested candidates should have a look on the details of Gauteng Government Nursing Training

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    Who we are

    TMS safely, efficiently and comfortably moves people to and from various events around the country and the world. Our systematic approach to planning and managing operations ensures the best transportation solutions at the lowest possible cost.

    Where we operate

    TMS has extensive transportation experience in all major U.S. cities and in 2016 alone, managed events in more than 85 unique locations. Headquartered in Maryland, TMS has staff strategically located in 12 different cities across the country to provide in-depth local expertise regardless of your event’s location.

    TMS is the industry leader in providing shuttle services
    for tradeshows, public events, festivals, and sporting
    events. We can handle anything from small, high profile
    transfers to the largest events held today.

  • TMS has a passion for parking, and shows it every day with
    each and every vehicle entrusted to our care. From parking
    lot scouting and layout, to operational planning, ticket
    sales and real-time inventory, and on-site management,
    TMS’ commitment to premium service and delivery shines
    through to event organizers and attendees alike.

  • TMS delivers customized VIP transportation for your
    most valued event participants. Led by a committed
    TMS Platinum Professional, your speakers, politicians,
    dignitaries, and celebrities receive the very best
    personalized care and attention available.

  • TMS provides proven planning and operational support to
    federal, state and local agencies that require safe and
    reliable transportation for complex transportation problems.


    TMS has successfully managed numerous international projects
    spanning the globe. Our extensive worldwide experience includes
    working with sporting federations, companies, and government
    institutions to plan and manage transportation programs for
    many of the most complex events held today.

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    NotPetya: Even if you weren’t compromised, things to consider

    • QA Microsoft Traineeship Transforms Young Family’s Life 04 August 2017
    • HMRC Degree Apprenticeships Graduates Celebrate at Royal Festival Hall 03 August 2017
    • QA wins 2017 ERS Silver Award 26 July 2017

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    9 Tips for Improving Your Communications Skills

    According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communication skills are listed as the most important quality sought in job candidates.

    Here s a list of the most desirable traits (on a 1-5 scale, 1=not at all important, 5=extremely important):

    • Communication skills (4.7)
    • Honesty/integrity (4.7)
    • Teamwork skills (4.6)
    • Strong work ethic (4.5)
    • Analytical skills (4.4)
    • Flexibility/adaptability (4.4)
    • Interpersonal skills (4.4)
    • Motivation/initiative (4.4)
    • Computer skills (4.3)

    Now here s the kicker: of all those qualities, guess which one was cited most often as missing from prospective job candidates?

    That s right, communication skills.

    So whether you re looking to get ahead in the job market or within your own company your ability to communicate will make you stand out the crowd!

    Do you know how to communicate your value to leadership?

    Hire Joel and learn how to get the recognition you deserve for the work you do.

    Here are the 9 Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills:

    1. Make communication a priority. Take classes, read books, magazine articles or learn from successful communicators around you. Seek a mentor or coach.
    2. Simplify and stay on message. Use simple, straightforward language. Remember that Lincoln s Gettysburg Address was 286 words, about two minutes long.
    3. Engage your listeners or readers. Draw your listeners and readers into the conversation. Ask questions and invite opinions. Solicit their feedback.
    4. Take time to respond. After you ve listened (and understood) take time to draft in your head what you want to say.
    5. Make sure you are understood. Don t blame the other person for not understanding. Instead, look for ways to clarify or rephrase what you are trying to say so it can be understood.
    6. Develop your listening skills, too. The best communicators are almost always the best listeners. Listen without judgment and don t be distracted by thinking about what you want to say next. Then, respond, not react.
    7. Body language is important. Studies show that 65% of all communication is non-verbal. Watch for visual signs that your listener understands, agrees or disagrees with your message. And be aware that your body is sending signals, too.
    8. Maintain eye contact. Whether speaking to a crowd or one-on-one, maintaining eye contact builds credibility and demonstrates you care about your listeners.
    9. Respect your audience. Recognize your message is not just about you or what you want. You should sincerely care about the needs and the unique perspectives of those to whom you are communicating. One of the best ways to show your respect is simply by paying attention to what they say.

    Copyright 2005-2017 Joel Garfinkle, All Rights Reserved.

    Joel Garfinkle is recognized as one of the top 50 coaches in the U.S., and the author of 7 books, including Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level. He has worked with many of the world’s leading companies, including Google, Deloitte, Amazon, Ritz-Carlton, Gap, Cisco, Oracle, and many more. Visit Joel online at Garfinkle Executive Coaching. Subscribe to his [email protected] Newsletter and receive the FREE e-book, 40 Proven Strategies to Get Promoted Now!

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    If you reprint this article, please advise us that you have done so and forward a copy of the article, or a link to the web page where the article can be viewed, to Joel Garfinkle.

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    Muay Thai Gym in Khao Lak, Thailand


    Welcome to Rawai Muay Thai, one of the best training camps in Thailand. At Rawai Muay Thai we are committed to offering our guests the first rate Muay Thai training that has made us well-known around the world. Our Muay Thai trainers are the best at what they do, patient, friendly and gifted.

    We pride ourselves on teaching the proper Muay Thai techniques. We are a traditional Muay Thai gym and we teach all aspects of Thai Boxing, including Muay Boran and the Wai Kru ceremony, which is performed before every Muay Thai fight.

    Many of the people who come to train at Rawai Muay Thai come for the following reasons:

    • to improve fitness
    • to increase stamina
    • to lose weight
    • to increase muscle
    • to get fighting experience

    It s OK is you have done little to no Thai Boxing before. We accept students of all levels and ages. The Muay Thai classes offer an intense workout to help you get in shape and lose weight and increase muscle mass. Muay Thai technique is fun, and before you know it, the class is over and you are sweating and tired and amazed at what you just achieved.

    Some people come because they are interested in fighting professionally and want to improve their skills. We offer students a chance to fight in Thailand. Tuk, the owner of the camp, fought professionally for 15 years and knows pretty much everyone in the sport. He is well connected and can organize fights for anyone who wants to train hard.



    The professional teachers at Rawai Muay Thai we offer some of the best Muay Thai training in Thailand. Our students train twice a day, six day a week, Monday through Saturday. On Sundays we offer private lessons, by appointment only. You can book private lessons in the gym office the day before.

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    The CI Centre has over 50+ already-developed commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) training courses and briefings which can immediately be provided to your organization. They are conveniently on the GSA Schedule for quick, easy and immediate ordering at the best price already negotiated by the US Government.

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    We can provide the courses at your organization’s location or at a third-party facility.

    Your employees will benefit by learning directly from our world-class team of experts who each have 25-40+ years of real-world experience and expert knowledge to share in the counterintelligence, counterterrorism, investigations and security fields.

    As a manager, you will benefit from the rave course reviews, increased interest and buy-in to CI, CT and security, and a valuable workforce that is more aware of potential threats. Plus, the CI Centre is a turnkey company, meaning you can let us handle everything from registration to certificates.

    Let’s talk about how your organization can receive immediate, needed training by scheduling one or more of our courses and briefings for your employees. Call us at 1-800-779-4007 or 703-642-7450 or use our Contact Us form.

    Counterintelligence Strategy, Tactics and Skills

    COTS Training Courses and Briefings


    CI Centre’s Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) training courses taught by our expert instructors offer significant savings in procurement and maintenance to federal/state/local government and corporate organizations and we offer easy and efficient ordering.

    • Our COTS training courses have already been fully designed and developed. Your organization does not pay for the design and development costs because these are COTS courses.

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    • Our COTS courses are proven, successful entities, many of which have been delivered since 1996. You are purchasing a vetted course whose feedback from attendees has been consistently positive.

    • The information in COTS courses are kept up-to-date by the CI Centre. Your organization is not charged this maintenance.

    • Courses can be delivered by our expert instructors at our facility in Falls Church, VA (outside Washington, DC, at a third-party facility, or we can come to your location (travel expenses extra).

    • With set prices for the COTS courses, ordering is quick, easy and efficient. No need to write or issue Statements or Work, Request for Proposals or Bids, or conduct surveys—GSA has already negotiated the best price for the US Government. GSA Contract Number: GS-02F-0210R. Schedule 874 Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) under name of parent company David G. Major Associates, Inc.

    • Government credit cards are accepted as a form of payment for all purchases. We have the ability to meet your end-of-year money training requests.

    With COTS courses ready-to-go, your organization can fulfill your training requirements right now.

    For modified, tailored and customized courses (content, length) and training solutions, please give us a call.

    To schedule one or more courses for your organization, use our Contact Form or call us at 1-800-779-4007 or 703-642-7450.

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    Computer Technician Training Schools

    Computer technician training schools can offer you the essential skills needed to maintain and repair the computers that are behind every day life. You can gain hands-on experience working with computer hardware and software.

    Computer repair schools can offer you instruction related to various hardware and software applications and systems. You can learn how to troubleshoot and effectively solve a wide-range of computer problems. There are also computer repair training options that prepare you to gain additional industry certifications, such as A+ and Network+. These certifications can further your credibility within the industry and can present you with greater opportunities.

    Computer technician training can also prepare you to design, integrate, and manage business solutions related to computer technology. As a graduate, you can be qualified for entry-level positions within a wide range of business and technical environments. Learn more by clicking on one of the schools below!

    Featured Schools

    • Austin
    • Houston Bissonnet
    • Houston Hobby
    • San Antonio
    • Computer Information Technology
    • Baltimore, Maryland
    • Beltsville, Maryland
    • Towson, Maryland
    • Brownsville, Texas
    • Computer Support Technician
    • Edison (Iselin), New Jersey
    • Moorestown, New Jersey
    • Paramus, New Jersey
    • Computer and Network Support Technician
    • Computer Network Technician
    • Computer Systems Technician
    • Levittown, New York
    • Medford, New York
    • Computer Technician Networking Specialist
    • Atascadero, California
    • Oxnard, California
    • San Luis Obispo, California
    • Santa Maria, California
    • Online (AZ, CA, NV, OR, and WA Residents Only)
    • IT Network Systems
    • Austin, Texas
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • Computer Support Specialist
    • North Wales, Pennsylvania
    • Technical Support Specialist


    • Colorado Springs (North)
    • Colorado Springs (South)


    • Overland Park
    • Wichita (West)


    • Bloomington
    • Roseville


    • Kansas City (Northland)

    New Mexico

    • Albuquerque West


    • Georgetown
    • Lewisville


    • Online
    • Computer Support Specialist
    • Amityville, New York
    • Electronics Computer Service Technology
    • Online Distance Learning
    • Computer Support Technician

    Computer Technician Training: Four Important Steps

    Are you motivated to get the computer technician training you need in order to pursue an exciting, high-tech career? If so, career-focused education is one of the best ways to turn your natural aptitude for working with your hands and solving complex problems into a rewarding information technology (IT) career. Before you pick a program, and begin your training to become a computer technician, there are four steps in the process that you should be aware of.

    1. Consider Online vs. On-Campus

    When researching computer technician programs, you may want to ask yourself if you would learn best online, or if you are better suited to learning on-campus. Online programs can offer a more flexible schedule, often allowing you to complete coursework at the time that best suits you. If you work full time, care for children, or have other obligations, this might be a good way to fit education into your busy life.

    Online training can be an especially good option for those who are self-directed, self-motivated, and willing to actively work on improving motivation if they lose some momentum. However, some people who prefer plenty of face-to-face interaction with instructors and fellow students may feel better suited to on-campus learning.

    2. Gain the Necessary Skills and Knowledge

    As with many IT careers, you will need to possess up-to-date knowledge of industry-standard technology to succeed as a computer technician. Therefore, ensure the program you pick provides you with training in repairing hardware, troubleshooting software problems, and running automatic diagnostic programs. The more familiar you are with installing, modifying, and repairing different types of computer software and hardware, the better prepared you will be to solve a wide variety of technical issues.

    Some programs also provide you with training in Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), databases, and security.

    Whether you choose to obtain your computer technician training through a certificate, diploma, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree will depend on the amount of time you wish to commit, in addition to your previous education and experience.

    3. Obtain Hands-On Experience

    It is also important that your program provides plenty of time to practice your skills. After all, most people learn best by doing. Look for a program that develops your ability to solve complex technical problems through repeated trial-and-error practice with industry-standard equipment.

    Potential employers will certainly find your resume more attractive if you have some hands-on experience. One of the best ways to get experience beyond your classroom training is through an internship in the field. Some computer technician training programs offer this option to students because it’s a great way to get on-the-job training, and make valuable industry connections.

    4. Explore Certification

    There is a diverse range of IT industry certifications for you to choose from. Often, the certification indicates that you have a certain level of expertise in a specific technology. For example, by earning the CompTIA Network+ certification, you are demonstrating your ability to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot basic network infrastructures.

    Although certification is not mandatory, it is one of the best ways to enhance your credibility, and demonstrate to future employers that you have industry-recognized skills. If you’re interested in pursuing certification, research which IT certification might help you stand out in the competitive job market, and then find out if your chosen program offers preparation for that particular examination.

    Now that you have a better idea of what to consider when picking a program, take the next step today and browse this guide to computer technician training programs . You could soon be pursuing the high-tech career you have always wanted!