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Control-o-meter – social skills tool for kids with autism, helps with voice volume, other behavior #asperger\’s,autism,social #skills,social #skills #group,social #skills #teaching,social #thinking,speech #therapy,voice #volume


Control-o-meter social skills tool for kids with autism, helps with voice volume, other behavior

In this blog I provide you the downloads to make simple devices to help children on the autism spectrum to increase awareness of voice volume. Additionally, there are downloads to create similar devices to help with levels of silliness and physical distance from others.

Children with Asperger s and other autism spectrum disorders often have difficulties producing the appropriate voice volume in different settings. Some children on the autism spectrum speak too quietly. Others speak too loudly. Still others do not compensate adequately for the social milieu or ambient noise level. Since I am not a speech language pathologist myself, I don t know the reasons for this problem. I assume it has something to do with theory of mind deficits; if their voice sounds like the right volume to their own ears while they are speaking, then they must assume that a listener can hear it the same way.

The control-o-meter device is easy to make. I saw a colleague using one years ago with an Asperger s boy who talked too loud. I recently saw a speech language pathologist using a professionally manufactured one with another child in speech therapy. I have created two other control-o-meters to help kids with physical distance problems and with problems determining the right level of formality for various occasions.

At the bottom of this post, you can check out what the meters look like when they are finished.

How to make the volume control-o-meter.

Go to the following link to download the resource: CLICK HERE

How to use the control-o-meter:

1. Use words like this with the child on the autism spectrum: People can make their voices louder and softer. It s an important social skill. It s like turning the volume up and down on a TV. The control-o-meter will be used now to help you with the volume control of your own voice.

2. Play with it. Try using the control-o-meter to make my own voice louder and softer. As you move the arrow, notice how my voice gets too soft and too loud!

3. Now, let me try controlling your voice volume. Watch the arrow, and make your voice louder or softer as I move the arrow around.

4. Try keeping the control-0-meter around during class and group activities now. You can use it instead of verbal prompts.

The other two meters are used the same way. Proceed through steps one through four and make up your own social skills learning activities.

These aren t hard to make and they are handy social skills tools for kids on the autism spectrum.

The volume control-o-meter looks like this when finished.

The Control-o-meter for levels of formality looks like this when finished. I have made a nice Silly to Serious card game, another free download click on this picture to be linked to it.

The Control-o-meter for physical proximity looks like this when finished.

The photo below shows a clever customized variation, sent in by Cherene Neuman, Forest Lake Area Schools, Minnesota.

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Thank you for visiting Database Systems Corp. ( DSC )

DSC is a privately held corporation founded in 1978. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, our company develops and markets computer software products and computer telephony systems for a wide variety of industries and government organizations. Database likewise provides consulting services relating to our products including in-house and on-site training, customer support and maintenance, and customized development. DSC has developed the PACER predictive dialer phone system which includes a full featured IVR system and ACD software. Voice broadcasting systems and services are provided by our organization, along with our award winning CRM software solution – Telemation.

Why Choose Database Systems Corp.?

DSC has a proven history of success in our industry with a depth in technical expertise, service, and products that is hard to match. We can provide your organization with reliable and time-tested solutions. Database has weathered the ups and downs of our volatile industry by focusing on our strengths and listening to the needs of our users. Included is a partial list of some of our Customers that we’ve had the privilege to serve.

Glossary of Terms

We have published a list of terms and phrases used frequently throughout our website. In addition when these terms are the subject of a particular webpage in our site, a link is available to go directly to this page where the term may be defined and explained.

Website Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

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What is VoIP?

VoIP or Voice over internet protocol is a term referring to the technology used for making telephone calls through the internet. As it leverages on the power of the internet, VoIP is very Flexible and Versatile. Its potential is almost limitless as it grows along with technology.

Over the years, more and more people are switching over to VoIP. Known for its many benefits and Low Costs, VoIP is especially useful for people who requires having repeated long overseas conversation with a particular number. They can leverage on the 100% free On-Net calls which only VoIP can provide. And this is only one of the many benefits of VoIP!

What You Need?

Want to start using VoIP? All you need is a high speed internet connection. These Internet connections can be either DSL, Cable or Fibre from any high-speed Internet service providers in your area. Calls can be made via an IP-Phone, Smartphone, Computers or even Normal Telephones(with an adapter or IP-PBX). For those of you wondering, an IP-Phones integrate VoIP technology into a regular-like telephone handset, offering advanced communication features. Basically Great Features Easy To Use!


This biggest advantage of using VoIP over the standard PSTN is costs. Basically, cheap IDD calls of a high quality. As internet directly connects different providers all over the world, you will save money due to the shorter routes taken for each call. With proper software/hardware, VoIP can bring you additional features like Call Transfer, Call Forwarding etc. The benefits will increase even more as technology improves.

How It Works

Calls can be made to both local and overseas. Below is an illustration of how regular VoIP Calls and Free On-Net Calls are made.

Regular VoIP Call

On-Net Call

Mobile Ready

VoIP for Cell Phones – Cheaper Mobile Communication #voice #over #ip #service


VoIP For Mobile Phones


Jaxtr is a nice and completely free service that allows you to make phone calls to and from fixed or mobile phones. You first need to create an account and submit a phone number through which you can be contacted. Then you can call other people who have done the same. The first time, you need to call them through the web interface or jaxtr, then, once you have saved the virtual number of the person on your phone, you can call them from it the next time. International calls are also supported. Note that the phone number you submit will not be seen by other people, but a virtual number will be used instead, assigned by jaxtr. More

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You might be asking why Skype does not come first of this list, with its hundreds of millions of users. While Skype shines in PC-to-PC communication (for how long more?), its presence in the mobile arena only fills a gap in its services. Skype has softphones for Nokia Internet Tablet, Windows Mobile devices and WiFi phones only. Recently, Skype has launched its own mobile phone, called the SkypePhone, which carries all Skype functionalities and services. It is however not yet available in all countries at the time I am writing this. Read more on Skype mobile. More

Continue to 7 of 7 below.


Rebtel gives international numbers for your local contacts, and therefore allows you to make international calls at low rates. What you pay is the local GSM fee plus a small fee for Rebtel. You have to type your contact s international number and Rebtel will create a local number for the area you are in, for you to call them. More

Truphone VoIP Service Review For Mobile Phones

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The University Center for the Performing Arts is South Florida s premier independent performing arts school. This year marks our 36th Anniversary of serving our community with the highest standard and best value in performing arts education for children and adults.

Our faculty of Resident Artists offer students of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to explore and challenge their artistic capabilities. With more than 75 scheduled weekly classes, students are given a wide range and variety of classes and workshops to choose from. Class time is devoted to developing skill, technique and performance abilities in a healthy, positive environment. Each student is observed for proficiency, attitude, and approach as they train in their specific area within the performing arts.

Performance opportunities are available for students wishing to develop their performing abilities and stage presence. Students may become involved in performance workshops and student productions. The University Center frequently holds concerts and recitals in its black box studio theater. Opportunities for performing include the Adult Actor s Workshop, Children s Ballet Theatre Project, Musical Theatre Workshop, Theatre Performance Workshop, Adult Student Concerts, and end of term presentations.

The University Center for the Performing Arts also serves as home to the Paul L. Rodensky Foundation for the Arts as well as our own professional resident dance company, ImpulsiK.

Download the UCPA App

Directions to the UCPA

The University Center for the Performing Arts
2240 S.W. 70th Ave, Unit A Davie, FL 33317

From I-95 or the Turnpike:
Take I-595 West.
Exit at Davie Rd. (exit #7).
Right turn on Nova Dr.
Right turn on S.W. 70th Ave.
(one street west of College Ave.)

From University Drive:
Go east on State Road 84.
Turn right on S.W. 70th Ave.
(two streets past CarMax. Signature Grand is on the corner.)

For more information call: 954-475-3000

UCPA s PERFORMANCE TEAM is a select group that performs in numerous shows, events, and competitions. All performers must meet all requirements in order to be a member. For more information on our performance team requirements, annual auditions, etc. please contact us at 954-475-3000. AUDITIONS FOR OUR UPCOMING 2017-18 SEASON WILL BE ON Tuesday, August 15th, [ ]

AT – T Voice Over LTE Reaches Milestone #voice #over #lte


AT T Innovation Blog

I’m excited to share a big network milestone with you today. Our VoLTE network (Voice over LTE) covers more than 295 million Americans. That includes more than 27 million active subscribers – more than any other U.S. carrier. We’ve set up the network so customers in covered areas who have capable devices get instant access to VoLTE as soon as the coverage is live.

You’ve been talking and surfing the web simultaneously on AT T for years. But now VoLTE lets that happen at 4G LTE data speeds. VoLTE also lets us offer HD Voice. HD Voice produces more natural sounding audio by extending the frequency range of the audio signals, resulting in remarkably clearer calls.

We’re rolling out VoLTE market-by-market and testing each market before launching. This gives customers the best possible experience. To see if HD Voice is available in your area, check out .

You might remember John Donovan mentioning we were working to let our customers enjoy clear HD Voice audio quality and video calling features when placing VoLTE calls to customers of other carriers, and vice versa. Well, I’m pleased to report this month we saw the first VoLTE exchange between our customers and another carrier in limited, select areas. We’re working with others on this same feature, too.

Staying connected is everything. Here’s more we did this year to help you stay in touch with the people that matter most:

  • Wi-Fi Calling complements our already great network coverage and is an option for making calls in areas where a cellular signal is tough to get. It’s available on compatible devices with iOS 9 installed. We plan to offer it on other operating systems in the future.
  • NumberSync uses the power of our network to link your compatible devices to your primary mobile number. This means you can send and receive texts, as well as make and receive calls, from a secondary device using the same number that your contacts already recognize. This will work when your smartphone isn’t with you, nearby or even powered on. We launched NumberSync first on the Samsung Gear S2 and plan to bring the feature to other devices in the future.
  • Video Call is now available in VoLTE coverage areas if you have a Samsung Galaxy S 6 Active. There’s no need for a separate app. You can also switch between a HD Voice call and Video Call without hanging up.
  • Advanced Messaging . like video calling and VoLTE, is part of AT T’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) platform. Advanced Messaging has some cool features, making your texting even better. If you and the person you are texting both have a Samsung Galaxy S 5 mini or Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, it shows you when your message is delivered, when it’s read and when the other person is typing their reply. You can also send larger files up to 10 MB.

It’s been a busy year for us and our network. But we’re excited to bring you new ways to interact with friends, families and colleagues. There are more innovations coming in the future. I’m looking forward to sharing the news with you later on. In the meantime, you can visit to learn more.

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Exploring. Learning. Growing. Mastering. Imagining. LOVING MUSIC

Come Discover the New Mozart in You!

New Mozart School of Music is the largest music school in Palo Alto. We offer an unparalleled music lesson experience to our students and families.

Our team of caring and experienced teachers give piano, violin, voice, cello, guitar, flute, and saxophone lessons to complete beginners to professional musicians every week. We’ve helped thousands of families in the Peninsula learn music over the years.

We believe that learning music enriches lives, teaches perseverance, and most importantly, allows us to discover the joys of creating music.

Go here to find out why more Palo Alto families choose us for music lessons.

Thanks for visiting us here and let us know how we can help.

One on one instruction is available for piano, violin, cello, flute, saxophone, guitar, and voice.

Our private lessons run year round and you can join us anytime.

We have students learning just for fun and students who excel in Certificate of Merit, ABRSM, Guild, Carnegie Hall Achievement, ASTA, NATS exams competitions.

Our experienced and nurturing teachers have a proven track record of helping students reach their musical goals.

Why New Mozart

The claim that public speaking tops death as the greatest human fear led Jerry Seinfeld to say, “So if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than giving the eulogy.” Now consider how much more terrifying the public performance of music must be – hundreds of eyes and ears trained on a single person as he or she makes a complex instrument speak in what amounts to a foreign language.

A three-year-old child is a wonder to behold. She is a sponge for information, eyes wide open, hands grasping, ears attuned. It’s easy to feel that the main function of a parent is keeping inappropriate things out of reach. But there’s a positive side to this, of course. This is the age at which the child is most receptive to good things as well.

There are many ways in which you can support your child’s instrumental work at home to enhance and extend their musical experience. Here are a few ideas:

Listening to live music

There is nothing quite like hearing music performed live. As well as the obvious benefits of listening to the music itself,

Discover the New Mozart in You!

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Recently Google has released its new Nexus 6 mobile phone, and it comes with several tweaks, one of which is the fact, that the device is locked for several carriers. Previously Nexus smart phones were open for all carriers and any SIM cards, but it seems that Nexus 6 still can be useful for various carriers in some cases.

With more than 45% of consumers are expected to buy smart phones or any other digital devices during this festive season, has created a list of shop advices for parents where to get a first mobile phone for their child.

Mobile Internet revolution does not show any signs of slowing down, with income almost 73 Billion GBP per year for TOP5 European countries.

CounterPath Corporation, being the true leader in sector of differentiated mobile VoIP software applications, has announced about deployment of its Bria Mobile softphone by, in order to empower subscribers of company’s VirtualPBX service to transform their cellular phones into VoIP endpoints that are operationally completely interchangeable with the appropriate business VoIP platforms.

Companies Accenture and one of the prominent eCommerce entity Acquity Group have announced a definitive agreement. In framework of the initiative Accenture acquires Acquity, thus improving marketing positions and extending the outreach of IT services that Accenture brings up to its customer base.

Providers List





ALLITERATION – is the repetition of initial consonant sounds.

ALLUSION – is a direct or indirect reference to a familiar figure, place or event from history, literature, mythology or the Bible.

APOSTROPHE – a figure of speech in which a person not present is addressed.

ASSONANCE – is a close repetition of similar vowel sounds, usually in stressed syllables.

ATMOSPHERE / MOOD – is the prevailing feeling that is created in a story or poem.

CACOPHONY – Harsh sounds introduced for poetic effect – sometimes words that are difficult to pronounce.

CLICHE – an overused expression that has lost its intended force or novelty.

CONNOTATION – the emotional suggestions attached to words beyond their strict definitions.

CONSONANCE – the close repetition of identical consonant sounds before and after different vowels.

CONTRAST – the comparison or juxtaposition of things that are different

DENOTATION – the dictionary meaning of words.

DISSONANCE – the juxtaposition of harsh jarring sounds in one or more lines.

EUPHONY – agreeable sounds that are easy to articulate.

EXTENDED METAPHOR – an implied comparison between two things which are essentially not alike. These points of comparison are continued throughout the selection.

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE – Language used in such a way as to force words out of their literal meanings by emphasizing their connotations to bring new insight and feeling to the subject.

HYPERBOLE – an exaggeration in the service of truth – an overstatement.

IDIOM – is a term or phrase that cannot be understood by a literal translation, but refers instead to a figurative meaning that is understood through common use.

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JARGON – language peculiar to a particular trade, profession or group.

JUXTAPOSITION – is the overlapping or mixing of opposite or different situations, characters, settings, moods, or points of view in order to clarify meaning, purpose, or character, or to heighten certain moods, especially humour, horror, and suspense. also Contrast

LITERAL LANGUAGE – what is said is based in reality without the comparisons used in figurative language.

LITOTES – a form of understatement in which something is said by denying the opposite.

METAPHOR – a comparison between two things which are essentially dissimilar. The comparison is implied rather than directly stated.

METER – any regular pattern of rhythm based on stressed and unstressed syllables.

METONYMY – use of a closely related idea for the idea itself.

MOOD – see atmosphere

ONOMATOPOEIA – the use of words which sound like what they mean.

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PARADOX – a statement in which there is an apparent contradiction which is actually true.

PERSONIFICATION – giving human attributes to an animal, object or idea.

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UNDERSTATEMENT – this is saying less than what you mean in the service of truth.

VOICE – the creating and artistic intelligence that we recognize behind any speaker.

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Business VoIP

Business VOIP products available for existing TPG Broadband On-net customers:

Once off Setup Fee per Order:

$ 788.76 Minimum total cost for Business VoIP over contract term calculated as: (Contract term 18 months x Business VoIP Package monthly access charge x number of Business VoIP Package ) + (Business VoIP Pay As You Go plan monthly access charge x number of Business VoIP Pay As You Go ) + (Number of VoIP services x $20 Business VoIP Prepayment Outside Included Value ) + (number of TPG Handset x $69) + $ 79.95 Setup + $10 Delivery fee. Minimum total cost for TPG Broadband On-Net in accordance with your existing TPG Broadband On-Net contract.

Unlimited Calls
to Local and Standard
National Landlines

Call Mobiles in OZ
at Super Low Prices

PABX Functionality
in the Cloud

Business VoIP Features:
TPG s range of services and features help you making the most out of your Business VoIP service

Voicemail service gives you the capability to divert any incoming calls to your voicemail, or divert calls to your voicemail if not answered within a specified number of rings or if your number is busy.
Callers have the option of reviewing or changing their message. You can also record a customised greeting message to make your voicemail more personal. You can nominate a preferred mobile number to which we can send notification that you have received a voicemail message. More details

Voicemail to Email

Your Voicemail messages will be delivered to your preferred email instantly, so you can grab your important messages anywhere. The voicemail message will be attached to your email as .wav file. More details

Important things you need to know

Critical Information Summary (Business VoIP Package)

Please click here to see the Critical Information Summary which sets out the important information about the service you selected.

Critical Information Summary (Business VoIP Pay As You Go Plan)

Please click here to see the Critical Information Summary which sets out the important information about the service you selected.

Special Note:

Business VoIP service uses VoIP technology and requires an active TPG Broadband On-Net connection with a Static IP address. With VoIP we are able to carry your voice calls in a digital format over the internet and then convert it back to a standard voice call at the other end. If there is a broadband connection outage in your premises due to power or other faults, the Business VoIP service will not work and you cannot make phone calls including “000” emergency calls. TPG Business VoIP does not support Fax, EFTPOS, Back to Base alarms, Line Hunt, Foxtel program purchase, analogue modems and calls to 19/1900 numbers. Business VoIP will only work at the location of your TPG Broadband On-Net service nominated at the time of application. You cannot roam to different locations with Business VoIP service.

TPG Business VoIP Package is a package deal on an 18 month contract which includes 3 VoIP Services with 3 TPG VoIP Handsets. Cancelling any single component of this package is not possible without cancelling the whole package in which early termination charges will apply. The early termination charge is 50% of the monthly charges that would have been paid between the date of cancellation and the end of the contract period, up to a maximum of $350.

If you are still in contract and you wish to change the Business VoIP Package to other TPG plans, you will incur the early termination fee.


The Business VoIP service is discounted based on new customers agreeing to waive the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG). For more information please contact TPG Business Solutions Team on 1300 365 313.


Bandwidth is the total capacity of your broadband connection. Your bandwidth will be shared between the calls you make from your Business VoIP service and other Internet usage (e.g. browsing, video streaming). TPG does not guarantee that you can make concurrent calls at all times. Making concurrent calls is dependent on the available bandwidth of your broadband connection.

Third Party Equipment:

Third party VoIP Handsets & Software clients are not supported and cannot be used with TPG Business VoIP service.

Service Number:

At registration time, you may be able to port your existing service number to TPG or have TPG supply a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number. This service number will be allocated to you based on the standard zone unit of your address. TPG cannot guarantee the allocation of sequential number blocks for your Business VoIP services. We will allocate DID numbers and dispatch the VoIP handsets after the initial payment has been debited from your bank account or credit card. TPG will use its best endeavours to supply the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) with your address details for the purpose of emergency services (000) calling.


You may be able to transfer your service number from your current phone provider (Telstra, Optus, AAPT, Primus and others) to TPG. We may not be able to port your service number in all circumstances this includes rotary dial numbers, multiple numbers, ISDN & complex service numbers, failure to provide account details, contractual obligations with your existing provider or where we do not have a porting arrangement with your existing provider. You cannot port the telephone number used on your TPG Broadband On-Net service to Business VoIP.

Business VoIP Prepayment Outside Included Value:
All TPG services are prepaid. You must pay the monthly recurring charges in advance. In addition, you must make a prepayment for usage that is not within the included value (if any) for the plan that you have acquired. Your initial prepayment will be $20. After registration, you may nominate how much you wish to prepay but the minimum prepayment is $20. The prepayment will be debited from your nominated bank account or credit card. By acquiring and continuing to use the service, you agree to an automatic top up of your prepayment. The top up will occur when the amount of prepayment falls to below $10. When that happens, TPG will debit a sufficient amount from your bank account/credit card to restore your nominated prepayment amount. If your usage is high, this can occur more than once per month. You authorise TPG to make such debits to your account/credit card. If you do not exceed the Included Value and do not incur any charges that are excluded from your plan, there will be no automatic top-ups. We will send you messages about your usage and the debits during the month. Your service will become inactive if our attempts to debit credit card/bank account to top up your prepayment are unsuccessful. If you do not use the prepayment, it will be forfeited to us when you cancel the service. You agree that no bill will be provided for this service and that direct debiting of your account or charge to your credit card may occur notwithstanding that no bill is provided and that it may occur even though you may not have had the opportunity to check charges at least 10 working days before the debit.

Equipment Delivery:

A $10 delivery fee applies if equipment is not collected from TPG’s Head Office. All equipment will be delivered in one package.

Quick Links: