Apr 21 2017

Emergency Loan – TWU Student Life Office – Texas Woman s University #payday #loans #for #people #on #benefits

#emergency loan # Emergency Loan The Student Life Emergency Loan Fund is designed to help students with unexpected emergency circumstances. It is not intended to help pay tuition, fees, or books. Additionally, the fund may not be used for payment of university expenses. The loan fund is designed to assist students with unplanned financial burdens such as medical expenses, childcare, lost jobs, car repairs, and other personal emergency situations which might interfere with continued enrollment or academic success. Students may borrow up to $500.00 through the loan fund per semester or summer session for a maximum of two loans per …

Nov 22 2016

Woman s On The Hook For A $25, 000 Sallie Mae Student Loan #loans #for #unemployed #people

#25000 loan # This Woman’s On The Hook For A $25,000 Private Student Loan She Never Knew Existed Photo used with permission my Alice Cortes Alice Cortes, 57, would be able to end her $25,000 student loan nightmare if only she could answer one question: Who is Jorge Torres? According to private student lender Sallie Mae, Torres was listed as Cortes’ co-tenant and the person they notified when she allegedly defaulted on a $13,000 Parents PLUS loan issued on behalf of her son, Brandon, in 2002. At the time, Brandon had enrolled to study IT network administration at the for-profit technology …

Oct 7 2016

Student Loans – TWU Financial Aid – Texas Woman s University #loan #consolidation #calculator

#educational loans # Student Loans Student Loans are an excellent form of financial aid to assist with educational expenses.  While some loans have forgiveness provisions (Texas B-On-Time Loan for example), loans are a debt and MUST BE REPAID .  Please borrow wisely. TPE Emergency Loans A Texas Public Education Emergency Loan is a short term loan granted to an enrolled student for the amount of tuition and fees only.  Loans are available for Texas resident students, non-resident students and foreign students. The maximum loan amount per student will be the minimum payment required to complete the current registration. For more …