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Workers’ Compensation or Jones Act?

When a worker is injured in the maritime industry one of the first questions asked is whether the maritime worker should file a claim for workers’ compensation “workers’ comp” or Jones Act benefits. While state workers’ compensation insurance programs and the Jones Act both provide injured workers with important benefits and compensation, the two should not be confused.

Worker’s compensation programs are state regulated programs and the benefits provided to injured workers are established by the laws of the individual state. The Jones Act is a federal statute that provides certain rights and protections to seamen who are injured in the scope and course of their employment. It is important to understand that injured maritime workers do not have the ability to choose whether they want to pursue a workers’ compensation claim or a Jones Act claim – the law will dictate whether your claim should be filed under a state workers’ compensation system, the Jones Act or other federal and state laws that provide compensation and benefits to injured maritime workers. These laws can be hard to navigate and it is always best to consult with a lawyer who has extensive experience handling maritime and Jones Act accident claims.

Benefits Under A State Workers’ Compensation System

In the vast majority of cases individuals working in the maritime industry will not be eligible to collect state workers’ compensation benefits when they are injured on the job. Rather, injured seamen and maritime workers will typically need to file their claims under the Jones Act, or various other acts that protect maritime employees such as the Longshore Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA). If, however, your lawyer determines that your accident or injuries are covered by a state worker’s compensation program, you will generally be eligible to collect certain benefits such as:

  • Compensation for medical bills
  • Replacement income (weekly compensation payments)
  • Compensation for permanent injuries
  • Vocational rehabilitation/job retraining
  • Survivor benefits when a worker is killed

Benefits Under The Jones Act

If you are a maritime workers who is classified as “seamen” pursuant to the Jones Act you will be afforded certain legal rights and protections under the Act. These rights and protections include:

  • Maintenance Cure Payments When a Jones Act seaman is injured on a ship or vessel, the maritime employer is required to pay the seaman maintenance and cure benefits. Maintenance benefits cover your cost of living on the land while cure benefits are meant to compensate you for the reasonable medical care you need to treat and recover from your injuries.
  • Unearned Wages Jones Act seamen have the legal right to collect unearned wages from their employers when they are injured. Employers must pay these wages from the time of the accident up until the completion of the voyage.
  • Right to File a Jones Act Negligence Lawsuit When a seaman’s injuries are caused by employer negligence or the negligent actions of a co-worker, the seaman has the right to file a negligence lawsuit against his or her employer. In a Jones Act negligence lawsuit the maritime employee is generally able to seek damages similar to those in a traditional personal injury lawsuit, which may include past and future medical care, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability and disfigurement and the loss of enjoyment of life.

Do You Have Questions About Your Case? We Can Help

If you have been injured at work on a vessel and have questions about the Jones Act benefits or workers compensation and which you may be eligible to collect from your employer, the Willis Law Firm can help. We have decades of experience advising and representing injured maritime workers across the nation. When you schedule a free consultation with our firm a maritime injury attorney will carefully examine your case and explain all of the benefits you may legally entitled to.

Personal workers compensation insurance? / Video

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10 Most Common Workers Compensation Claims, workers compensation injuries.

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10 Most Common Workers Compensation Claims

Workers compensation injuries

Workers compensation is a form of insurance designed to help employees recover from injuries sustained in the workplace. Every state has different laws pertaining to workers compensation programs. Benefits provided to workers may include medical expenses, death benefits, lost wages and rehabilitation services. In most states, any business with at least one paid employee (even if that employee is temporary) is required to carry workers compensation insurance.

Nobody expects to be injured on the job. In fact, many employers dedicate a large portion of their budget to educating employees on safe practices, in addition to re-vamping facilities to meet safety codes.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 1.1 million injuries happened in the workplace in 2011, with an average recuperation time of eight days.

We’ve compiled the top ten most common workers compensation injuries, along with the positions that file the most claims every year.

1) Overexertion

Overexertion arises when one lifts, pulls, pushes or throws something, causing injury. This injury occurs when a muscle is pulled, or a joint is forced to move beyond its typical range of motion. This is most commonly seen in factory jobs, construction jobs, or jobs where physical labor is necessary. This is also commonly seen in police officers. This is the most common injury seen in the workplace, according to a study from the Department of Labor.

2) Slip or Trip and Falls

Many of the slip, trip, and fall claims arise from workers slipping on wet floors around the workplace. Many of these cases are also related to individuals slipping and falling on snowy walkways. Many security workers, groundskeepers, and store clerks can fall victim to wet floors such as in a store with a freshly mopped floor, or a groundskeeper walking around the perimeter of the building.

3) Fall to Lower Level

Falls to a lower level typically happen when a worker falls off a ladder, a roof, or falls down a flight of stairs. Roofers falling from a roof, construction workers slipping off a multi-level workspace, and teachers falling down stairs are all instances of falling to lower levels.

4) Bodily Reaction

A bodily reaction injury may occur when one trips or slips, avoids falling, but still sustains an injury such as a twisted or sprained ankle. This can happen anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Most commonly this is seen in police officers and nurses.

5) Struck by Object

While very plain, this injury occurs most commonly when something falls off a shelf, or things are dropped by another worker onto a lower level. Office workers, along with restaurant retail workers are all in danger of being struck by something.

6) Struck Against an Object

This injury occurs when an individual falls into something, or is physically forced into something such as a bookshelf, barricade, or other stationary object. Office workers and factory workers can easily become a victim of falling into something.

7) Highway Incident

Especially in the cases of truck drivers, one of the top causes of injury is an accident while driving (for business purposes) on the roadway. This is also a common occurrence for traveling business representatives and police officers.

8) Machinery Accidents

Machinery accidents are typically reported in cases where large, heavy machinery has injured a worker by crushing or mutilating. Most commonly seen in factories or construction workers, these accidents can have huge medical cost ramifications. Many states have enacted laws that require training for employees before allowing them to operate equipment, along with maintenance requirements for machinery to keep it in a safe working state. Keeping employees knowledgeable on equipment, along with keeping that equipment maintained are two important factors in protecting employees from injury.

9) Repetitive Motion

A repetitive injury is hard to pin-point, but is harder to prove. These injuries stem from workers doing the same motions over and over. Some examples of repetitive motion injuries can include using a mouse, sitting, lifting boxes, and working on an assembly line. Medically speaking, common injuries from repetitive or cumulative motions are tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and bursitis.

10) Workplace violence

According to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 375 workers were killed in shootings while on the job in 2012. Robbers were the assailants in 33 percent of the workplace homicides involving shootings in 2012, while coworkers accounted for 13 percent. There were two incidents in 2012 where at least 5 people were killed in workplace shootings; a total of 12 workers died in these two incidents. From 1992 to 2012, 140 government workers were shot and killed by a coworker while on the job. While nobody expects violence in the workplace, it does happen.

There are four positions that make up 20% of the total number of injuries: Police/Security officers, Nursing Aides/Orderlies/Attendants, Janitors/Cleaners, and Tractor-Trailer/Heavy Truck drivers. Due to the high physical activity required by these positions, along with the exposure to dangerous situations, these jobs are considered some of the highest risk positions for injuries.

Chicago Workers Comp Lawyer, Illinois Workers Compensation Attorney, workers compensation lawyer chicago.

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Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers

Under Illinois workers compensation laws, employees who are injured on the job are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits that are paid by the employer’s insurance carrier. Chicago, Illinois workers compensation attorneys Sheldon Minkow and Andrew Domin have more than 45 years of combined experience helping employees who have been injured on the job obtain the workers compensation benefits. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, do not hesitate to contact Illinois workers compensation lawyers Sheldon Minkow and Andrew Domin at (312) 704-8008 to learn more about your workers compensation rights.

Workers compensation benefits are paid by the employer’s insurance carrier. Often times insurance companies attempt to settle claims for workers compensation benefits quickly and for a reduced amount. Accordingly, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable Chicago workers compensation attorney to ensure that you receive the benefits that you are owed.

Workers compensation benefits are generally available for all types of workplace injuries, unless the workplace accident and resulting injuries occurred because the employee was intoxicated, using illegal drugs, or caused self-inflicted injuries. Workers compensation benefits may also be denied if the injuries were sustained during the commission of a crime or in violation of company policy.

The amount of workers compensation benefits to which an injured employee is entitled depends on the type and severity of the injury. Illinois workers compensation laws generally provide that injured employees are entitled to:

• Two-thirds of lost wages for the period of time that the injured employee cannot work

• Vocational rehabilitation or job training

• Lump sum payment if injured employee cannot return to his or her former job.

There are time limitations during which a claim for workers compensation benefits must be filed. In Illinois, a workers compensation claim must be filed within three years of the date the injury was sustained or within two years of the date the employee received their last workers compensation benefits. Under Illinois law, health care providers are prohibited from collecting on unpaid medical bills while a workers compensation claim is pending.

If you are injured on the job, you should immediately notify your employer of the accident and seek medical treatment. In order to obtain workers compensation benefits, you must provide documented medical information regarding your injuries. After you have received medical treatment, you should promptly file a workers compensation claim form with the Illinois workers Compensation Commission (IWCC).

It is the responsibility of the injured employee, and not the employer, to file all necessary workers compensation forms and the experienced Illinois workers compensation attorneys at Minkow Domin can help you prepare and file the necessary Illinois workers compensation documents with the IWWC.

If you have been injured on the job, do not hesitate to contact our Chicago workplace accident attorneys at (312) 704-8008 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about workers compensation benefits.

Attorney Fees for Workers Compensation in Illinois, illinois workers compensation lawyer.

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Attorney Fees for Workers’ Compensation in Illinois

Illinois workers compensation lawyerIllinois workers’ compensation attorneys charge on a contingency basis, meaning that they only recover a fee if they recover money for you. If they do not get anything for you, then their fee is zero. In other words you should never worry about whether or not you can afford a lawyer.

Contingency fees are a percentage of what you get at settlement or trial. In workers’ compensation, that percentage is typically 20%. This amount is set by law in Illinois. There are a few situations where you will pay less than 20%, and some situations where you’ll pay nothing, even if your attorney helps you get benefits.

For example, you should not be asked to pay a fee when your attorney simply helps you obtain routine, undisputed benefits. If you get your medical expenses paid, all of that money should go toward your medical bills. Illinois law actually says a workers’ comp attorney can’t charge you for this. The same goes for TTD benefits – temporary total disability. These are the payments you can receive for lost wages if you are unable to work. For routine benefits like these, unless your attorney has to fight for them (you were refused benefits or the amount is disputed or past payments are overdue), you should not be charged a percentage, or anything for that matter.

So, if you are injured at work and file a claim in Illinois, and you hire an attorney, and they help you file the correct paperwork and advise you on all available benefits and review your benefits to make sure you’re getting everything, it shouldn’t cost you anything.

On the other hand, if the insurance company disputes your medical treatment, your employer denies your claim, or there is an unreasonable delay in getting TTD payments, and your attorney goes to trial and is able to recover what you are owed, their fee will be percentage (20%) of the amount they are able to recover for you. The idea is that when benefits are disputed, an attorney has to do a significant amount of work in order to be successful, including going to trial in some cases. That said, most of the attorneys we recommend don’t take a penny from medical benefits even after a trial. As with any contingency fee arrangement, if you lose your case, you don’t have to pay your attorney anything.

For big cases (serious and/or permanent injuries), an attorneys fees may be limited to less than 20% of what you settle for or get at trial. The fee cap on these is 20% of seven year’s worth of TTD payments. An employee’s TTD rate is 2/3 of their average weekly wage. If your average weekly wage is $1,500, then your TTD rate is $1,000, and one year of TTD payments would be $52,000 which is $364,000 over seven years. Your attorney’s fee could not exceed 20% of this, or about $73,000. So, even if your attorney gets you a settlement of $500,000, their fee would be limited to $73,000.

In some specific serious and undisputed cases (such as death, loss of a limb, or complete vision loss in an eye) the attorney’s fee is capped at $100. “Undisputed” means that the insurance company and injured worker agree on everything, including the type of injury, the amount owed, and the time when payment is due. There is a very specific list of injuries that fall into this category.

Sometimes, workers do not hire an attorney at the time of their injury, but regret that decision at settlement time. We often hear from workers wondering whether the insurance company’s settlement offer is fair. Usually, it’s not. If you decide to hire an attorney at this point because you want to increase your settlement, the attorney’s fee is limited to a percentage of the amount they are able to increase your settlement over and above the initial offer. Technically, they can charge 50% of the increase, although many charge only 20%. It can be difficult to find an attorney if you have already received a settlement offer, because it means a lot of work for a smaller fee. If your attorney is unable to increase your settlement, then you owe them nothing.

While we understand that some injured workers don’t want to pay anything to a lawyer, the reality is that not only do most attorneys earn their money, but in almost every case you will end up with more money with a lawyer than without. In many offers, the insurance company will give you the lowest amount they can get approved by a Judge and then lop off 20% because no attorney is on the case.

If you switch attorneys during your case, your fee will not increase. The 20% limit applies to the total fees, even if it involves more than one lawyer. If you decide to change attorneys, the new and old attorneys will work it out among themselves. It won’t cost you a penny more.

There are some workers’ compensation attorneys out there who try to collect fees where they are not due or where the law actually says they are not allowed. Unfortunately, this puts responsibility on you, the injured worker, to know the law, which can be confusing.

If you need help understanding attorney fees for your workers’ compensation case, or if you would like a referral to an experienced and honest work injury attorney in Illinois, please contact us. We will always talk to you for free, and it’s completely confidential. If we do recommend a law firm for you, it will be someone independent of our office whom we have great faith in.

Workers Compensation and FMLA

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Workers’ Compensation and FMLA

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles eligible employees to job protected leave for qualifying reasons. FMLA allows eligible employees to take unpaid leave for up to 12 weeks in a 12-month period.

FMLA also protects the employee’s job during the leave period, and at the end of the leave an employer must return the employee to his or her original job or its equivalent. One reason an employee may go on leave is to deal with a serious health condition. Unlike workers’ comp, the cause of the condition isn’t relevant – it may have been work-related or not.

While both FMLA leave (assuming it’s for a serious injury or some other qualifying reason) and workers’ comp may run consecutively, the employer must inform the employee in writing that the leave is in fact FMLA leave.

This article will describe the differences between FMLA and workers’ compensation, including situations where both may apply.

Qualifying Reasons for FMLA

Unpaid FMLA leave must be granted to an eligible employee for any of the following reasons :

  • For the birth of child, and to care for the newborn child
  • For placement with the employee of a child for adoption or foster care, and to care for the newly placed child
  • To care for the employee’s spouse, child, or parent, who has a serious health condition
  • For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform his or her job

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides for health care and income replacement. It does not necessarily provide for job protection. Some state workers’ compensation provisions do provide for job protection. In return for such benefits, workers’ compensation laws generally indicate that employees relinquish their right to sue their employers for work-related injuries.

Can My Employer Force Me to Take FMLA for a Work-Related Injury?

The practice of employers requiring employees to use FMLA to take time off work if they are injured on the job is technically legal. Under the state and federal FMLAs, an employer can count an employee’s time out on workers’ compensation as family and medical leave as long as the employee is out for a reason that meets the FMLA requirements as stated above. However, the employer must do its due diligence before making such a determination to make sure they are not allowing the employee to exhaust the benefits they may be eligible for because of workers’ compensation laws.

Overlap of FMLA and Workers’ Comp

The FMLA and workers’ compensation provisions can overlap — an employee may suffer a workplace injury or illness that is a “serious health condition” under the FMLA as well. If this happens, the laws’ provisions can run concurrently. In other words, an employee may be off work receiving workers’ compensation benefits, and the time off is counted against the employee’s applicable 12-week entitlement to job-protected FMLA leave.

In situations where both the FMLA and workers’ compensation laws apply, employers must provide leave under whichever law provides the greater rights and benefits to employees. Therefore, employers cannot require a worker to take time off under FMLA instead of workers’ compensation if the person’s injury makes them eligible for the benefits of workers’ compensation.

Get a Free Initial Review From a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Workplace injuries can result in time off work, medical bills, and other complications, but your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for such events. It can all be quite confusing, particularly if your injuries are severe. If you have suffered an injury on the job and are in need of skilled legal assistance with a potential workers’ compensation claim, you can have an initial claim review absolutely free and with no obligations.

Federal Workers Compensation Attorney Alan J

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New Clients Call: 216-991-6890


Are you a federal worker who has been hurt on the job, or contracted a work-related disease? Do you have questions about FECA (the Federal Workers Compensation Act), or the OWCP (Office of Workers Compensation Programs)? Do you have questions about your rights in regards to Federal Workers’ Compensation work injuries or diseases?

We represent our clients. We do not refer you to another firm. We are not a referral service. We do our own representation. Our fee schedule is beneficial to the injured worker pursuant to the guidelines established by the Department of Labor (DOL). We represent civilian workers injured overseas or on military bases (Defense Base Act cases), Non-Appropriated Funds Claims, and Longshore claims. We also represent workers exposed to nuclear radiation.

My Story: How I started practicing Federal Workers’ Compensation

Three weeks after I started practicing law in 1962, my father called me into his office to discuss a new case. Sitting in the client chair was a man wearing a blue uniform with the words “Post Office”. My father said: “AJ, I want you to represent this man.” I replied: “But Dad, I don’t know anything about Federal Workers’ Compensation.” He answered: “You already know more than most lawyers – at least you know it is a Federal Workers’ Compensation case.”

I have represented USPS workers from that day to the present. I now represent USPS workers in every state. Our firm provides legal representation throughout the United States for injured civilian employees of the Federal Government from all Federal Agencies including:

  • Post Office (USPS)
  • The United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)
  • The Veterans Administrations (VA)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
  • Department of Justice (DOJ)
  • Department of the Interior (DOI, Park Service)
  • Department of Defense (DOD)

At any point in the process of seeking Federal Workers’ Compensation or appealing a worker’s compensation case, the advice of an attorney is helpful.

Let our family fight for your family.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney

OWCP Lawyer Alan J. Shapiro is the second-generation member of his family to practice Workers’ Compensation law. His father, Maurice Shapiro, beganworking in this specialty in 1934; and Alan has carried on the tradition since his graduation from Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 1962.

Today, Alan practices Federal Workers’ Compensation Law and State of Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law with his sons, Geoffrey J. Shapiro and Daniel L. Shapiro. Alan J. Shapiro is a Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist in the State of Ohio. Alan has more than 44 years of experience in obtaining justice for injured workers. Geoffrey J. Shapiro offers clients more than nineteen years of experience in a wide variety of litigation matters. Geoffrey is also a member of the California Bar. Daniel L. Shapiro has practiced with his father in the area of workers’ compensation administrative law since 1992.

Alan, Geoffrey and Daniel Shapiro offer their clients experience, integrity, and an old-fashioned work ethic augmented by up-to-date technology.

Practice Areas

  • Federal Workers’ Compensation Practice Nationwide
  • Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) claims
  • Federal Employee Compensation Act (FECA) claims
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers claims
  • Defense Base Act -Represent civilians working on military bases or for contractors overseas
  • Non-Appropriated Funds Claims
  • Ohio Personal Injury cases
  • OhioWorkers’ Compensation claim — in fact Alan Shapiro is a Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation claims

Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyer – Dini – Paoletti, workers compensation los angeles.

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Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyers

The Workers’ Compensation system in California was created to provide benefits to those who are injured while working. These benefits should pay for your medical care while also providing you income while you are unable to work.

Many employers don’t tell you what you need to do after you get hurt. They don’t give you the proper paperwork and they don’t send you to a doctor, even though they should.

Many employers tell you to “work through it,” or “wait it out.” That is wrong.

There are many different ways that you can be injured while working. Many injuries are the result of specific accidents and others develop over the course of time.

No matter what caused your work injury, your employer is required to provide benefits when you are hurt at work.

In order to obtain all the benefits you are entitled to, you should consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney today. You shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with insurance carriers and paperwork while recovering, let our firm handle that for you.

You should have a lawyer involved immediately to avoid any delays that will hurt your case.


Our office will:

  • File your claim and complete your Application on your behalf.
  • Find you an experienced doctor in your area.
  • Follow up with the insurance company and employer to make sure you are paid for the time you have to take off work.
  • If the insurance and employer refuse to cooperate, we will immediately request a hearing before a Judge and fight for your benefits.


Abogados de Compensacion del Trabajador de Los Angeles

Se lastimo en su trabajo? No esta recibiendo los beneficios que merece? No recibe tratamiento medico efectivo?

El sistema de compenzacion al trabajador de California, fue creado para proveer beneficios a ellos que se lastiman mientras estan trabajando.

Para poder recibir los beneficios, a los que usted tiene derechos, debe consultar a un abogado con experiencia de compenzacion del trabajador hoy mismo!

No debe preocuparse de tratar con las companias de aseguranzas y otros obstaculos mientras se recupera de su lecion. Deje que nuestra firma de abogados maneje estos asuntos por usted.

1 Workers Compensation Attorney in San Diego: Workers Compensation Lawyer San Diego, san diego workers compensation attorney. #San #diego #workers #compensation #attorney

The Law Offices Of Thomas M. DeBenedetto

At The Law Offices of Thomas M. DeBenedetto, we use our experience to get compensation for injured workers in San Diego County, California. No matter what type of work-related injury you have suffered, we will work to get workers compensation benefits for you.

We offer a free consultation to discuss your work injuries and options for recovering compensation. Call our law office today to speak to an experienced lawyer.

Do You Need Workers Compensation Benefits?

If you have been injured at work, you have the right to receive benefits. It s that simple. Unfortunately, the system you need to go through to get those benefits is anything but simple. It s extremely complex, and your employer and the workers comp insurance company will fight you every step of the way. You need a lawyer on your side who can even the odds and fight back. You will find that lawyer in Thomas M. DeBenedetto.

Have You Been Denied Benefits?

If you have been denied workers compensation benefits for any reason, there is no reason to give up. The majority of initial workers compensation claims are denied. Talk to a lawyer to determine your options for pursuing a workers compensation appeal. We are ready to take on even the most challenging cases and fight any denial in benefits.

We Can Get You Benefits

We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for injured workers. Our success is based on our experience, knowledge and willingness to be aggressive. If the insurance company refuses to do what is right, we will take the matter to court. Attorney Thomas M. DeBenedetto and his team will not stop pushing until you get the benefits you deserve.

Contact a Chula Vista Work-Related Injury Lawyer

Contact us now for a free consultation. Do not wait to pursue the compensation you are entitled to.We handle cases on a contingency basis. No recovery, no fee.

Our Staff

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Thomas M. DeBenedetto

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Donald Cline, Esq.

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Senior Hearing Representative

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Senior Legal Assistant

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Theresa Foster Caldwell

Legal Assistant / Medical Coordinator

San diego workers compensation attorney

San diego workers compensation attorney

Workers Compensation, florida workers compensation attorney. #Florida #workers #compensation #attorney

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that employers must have in case one of their employees is injured while working. While workers may not sue their employer for an accident in Civil Court, workers may open a claim for workers’ compensation benefits with the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims. Filing for workers’ compensation can be a complicated process. To ensure that fair compensation is received through workers’ compensation, an injured worker should speak with a reputed Florida personal injury lawyer to obtain more information about filing a successful claim.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In Florida, every employer with four or more employees (full-time or part-time) must carry workers’ compensation coverage. Construction companies with one or more employees must have coverage as well. All government entities must have coverage no matter how many employees work there. To know if the company you work for has workers’ compensation coverage, you can call the Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office. It is well worth your effort to have this information, should you need it in the future.

Benefits Available through Workers’ Compensation Coverage

There are many potential benefits offered to injured workers. Injured Florida workers may pursue compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses: This should include all doctor s visits, therapy fees, medical tests, medication and surgeries needed following a workplace accident. Under workers’ compensation rules you may have to visit an insurance carrier authorized doctor.
  • Temporary Total Disability: This is when a doctor says that you are completely unable to work because of your injury. The amount you can receive for time away from work depends on the severity of the injury. In most cases, you may receive two-thirds of your regular wages during your recovery. In severe cases, 80 percent of your regular salary may be covered for up to six months under temporary coverage.
  • Temporary Partial Disability: This is when a doctor believes you can return to work with restrictions.
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits: When a catastrophic injury occurs and the victim suffers a permanent disability, total disability benefits may be available.
  • Death Benefits: When someone is killed while working, the victim s family may pursue death benefits. Families may seek funeral expenses up to $7,500, compensation to dependants and additional benefits up to $150,000.

Third-Party Claims

Florida workers may also be able to file a third-party claim to receive additional compensation. For example, when someone is injured using a defective product at work, the victim may file for workers’ compensation benefits from the employer and a third-party claim against the manufacturer of the defective product. A third-party claim may be needed to receive fair compensation for a serious injury.

Seeking Legal Assistance for Workers’ Compensation

Many workers’ compensation claims are routinely denied because they do not have all the required information. Injured workers would be well-advised to seek the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney before filing for benefits. In cases where a claim has been denied, a skilled attorney may help the injured victim obtain benefits through the judicial process.

The Miami workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of Ruth E. Johnson help injured victims pursue compensation claims for their injuries and losses. We understand the financial burdens of a workplace injury and have helped numerous Florida workers and their families obtain fair and full compensation under the law. Call us today to schedule your free and comprehensive consultation.

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Experienced Sacramento Workers Compensation Attorneys Are On Your Side

Workers compensation attorneys at Anderson Johnson have helped thousands of injured workers, accident victims, and persons with disabilities obtain medical and income benefits from insurance companies, self insured employers, and state and federal disability programs.

If you have been injured on the job, contact an experienced Sacramento Workers Compensation lawyer at our law firm today.

Workers compensation lawyers in california

Workers compensation lawyers in california

Workers Compensation Lawyer, Sacramento

We help injured workers receive all the benefits they are entitled to as a result of their work injuries. It is not your fault you were injured on the job and you have a right to be treated fairly by your employer and their insurance company. As an injured worker you are entitled to receive all of the medical treatment reasonably necessary for a full recovery. If necessary you are also entitled to future care. While you miss time from work pursuant to your doctor’s orders you are entitled to temporary disability compensation. If you suffer permanent impairment you will receive permanent disability benefits based on the rating of disability. Last, if you are unable to return to your job you may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation. This webpage has general information about what to expect on your case.

Review from a former Workers Compensation Judge describing the work of Tom Johnson

The results obtained for the applicant were significant where the attorney took a case that defendants contended was less than a life pension case and obtained a permanent total disability award. This result is particularly significant for an injured worker who was under fifty years old when he was injured. The time involved included the deposition of an out of town doctor and two days of trial testimony. His care and responsibility were demonstrated by his development and presentation of the evidence. In the present case the applicants attorney was was very competent and knowledgeable in the area of workers compensation law.

Workers Compensation :

Return to Work Supplement Program

All injured workers whose injuries occurred in 2013 or later whose injury results in permanent disability that prevents them from returning to their date of injury job are entitled to a $5,000.00 payment from the state of California. Information on how to apply for the payment can be found at

Tom Johnson has 25 years of experience in representing injured and disabled workers and is a former law professor who taught a course in workers compensation. We maintain our focus on helping injured Californians by focusing our practice on California Workers Compensation. We keep our clients involved in the process and are available by phone, email or in person appointments. Please explore our website, and call for a free attorney consultation if you need help because of your injury or disability.

Workers Compensation Lawyer Tampa, Workers Comp Attorney Ft Lauderdale, lawyer workers compensation.

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Workers Compensation Lawyer Serving ALL of Florida including Tampa Fort Lauderdale

The Law Firm of Kevin A Moore is a workers compensation injury firm helping the victims of workplace accidents throughout Florida. Kevin’s workers compensation law firm is committed to helping you and your family understand your rights in a complex area of law. No matter where you live in Florida, from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale, he can serve all of your workers compensation needs.

The Law Firm of Kevin Moore helps the victims of Tampa workplace injuries receive just compensation for their injuries. Kevin is not just an attorney or another law firm. He is a highly experienced lawyer. He helps clients throughout Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and other cities and towns across the state of Florida.

He knows that the injured often have problems getting to an attorney’s offices. That is why he will come to you, no matter where you’re located.

A Workers Compensation Attorney Known For Winning Challenging Cases

Lawyer workers compensationKevin serves all victims of work related injuries and welcomes the challenges of difficult cases involving serious injuries and their complex issues. He knows how to fight the insurance companies and win. If you have been injured due to any workplace related incident, do not hesitate to call and talk to him. He will protect your valuable legal rights.

When your injury is serious enough and your workers comp claim is important to you, then call a qualified workers compensation attorney. It is critical that you find a capable and reputable lawyer specializing in workers compensation claims. Kevin’s success in achieving large settlements and awards demonstrates the quality of his firm, quality that he refers to as the “Advantage of Experience.”

Workplace Accident or Injured On The Job? You Are Entitled to Workers Comp

If you have been injured on the job or are suffering from the after-effects of a workplace accident, Florida’s state-mandated insurance program says that you are entitled to benefits. Kevin helps provide compensation to employees who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses. Contact Kevin and see what your case is worth.


Attorney Kevin A. Moore is an excellent representative. He communicated very well with me in keeping me informed of my status. I would proudly recommend others to him.

Kevin, I know without you my corrective surgery would not have happened. You are my hidden gem! And I thank you for making it happen. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I matter beyond family.

Lawyer workers compensation

Workers Compensation Lawyers Los Angeles, Work Injury Comp Attorneys, workers compensation los angeles.

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Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyers

Any occupation requires the employee to be in good health in order to fulfill the duties of his or her position. An injury, illness or disability can prevent an employee from performing the job in an optimal fashion or even put him or her completely out of commission, resulting in financial and emotional devastation for the injured worker and his or her family. That is why the workplace should be kept well-maintained for the protection of the employees. If an employee suffers an injury in the workplace, he or she may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

  • Over a Decade of Experience in Law
  • Dedicated Representation and Personal Commitment
  • Named a Rising Star Lawyer by other lawyers in Los Angeles
  • Prompt Communication
  • Comprehensive Case Review and Consultation Over the Phone with No Cost
  • History of Success

Recent Case Results

Class Action Law Suit

Kenton Koszdin files class action complaints against six employers and workers’ compensation insurance carriers accused of failing to pay interest owed.

Client Developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

There were multiple insurance companies involved and both denied liability for her injuries. After trial, client was awarded $267,000 and future medical care for life.

Car Sales Person Developed Back and Neck Pain

Client wins settlement with a life pension despite his claims being previously denied and defense arguing pre-existing conditions and drug addiction.

Full Benefits for Workers Families in Southern California

Self representation for a seriously injured worker, while not a good idea under the pre-2004 system, is an even worse idea in the new California Workers’ Compensation Law system.

For this reason, if you have a serious injury at work that will likely result in a permanent and lasting change in your ability to perform your current job or activities of daily living, it’s of the utmost importance to access as much information as possible about your legal rights and options.

A skilled attorney can help guide you through the maze of the workers’ compensation system so that you don’t have to suffer financially for your physical and emotional trauma. At the Kenton Koszdin Law Office, attorney Kenton Koszdin has been protecting the rights of those injured on-the-job in Southern California for over 10 years.

Types of Benefits in Los Angeles

If a workers’ compensation claim is approved by Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC), an injured worker may receive benefits for medical treatment for work-related conditions and cash payments that partly substitute lost wages. When a worker is recuperating away from work, temporary total disability benefits may be provided. If a specific medical condition causes persistent pain or other effects after the worker heals, then permanent disability benefits may be provided. Family members of a worker who dies as the result of a workplace injury or illness may be provided with survivor benefits.

Challenges for Injured Workers to Surpass

Due to the California Workers’ Compensation Law being dramatically changed to the detriment of injured workers, filing for benefits and obtaining benefits to the fullest extent that they are deserved is an even more complex process than it used to be.

For instance, when seeking benefits for an injury, depending on the circumstances, you will be required to complete a qualified medical evaluation in addition to a cardiovascular evaluation, neuromusculoskeletal evaluation, pulmonary evaluation, and psychiatric evaluation.

Moreover, an injured worker or family members of a deceased worker who receive notice of rejection of workers’ compensation benefits may wish to file an appeals claim, which involves unique requirements and demands in and of itself.

Another common hurdle that claimants must consider is the overlap of benefits and Social Security disability benefits. Although these programs are similar, workers qualify for workers’ compensation benefits from their first day of employment, but Social Security disability benefits are only provided to workers with a significant work history.

Protecting Workers’ Rights in Southern California

As a law firm that takes on a limited amount of cases at a time, we focus on providing our clients with the personal, individualized attention that they need and deserve. Los Angeles attorney Koszdin exclusively handles workers’ compensation and Social Security disability cases, lending his clients the advantage of having a lawyer on their side who knows the ins and outs of intricate filing and appeals processes.

Our goal at the Kenton Koszdin Law Office is to get our clients as well as possible both physically and financially. For a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help, please call (800) 438-7734. Tambien tenemos abogados que hablan espaГ±ol.

Should I Hire a Workers – Comp Attorney or Can I Handle My Own Case, attorney workers compensation.

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Should I Hire a Workers Comp Attorney or Can I Handle My Own Case?

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury and are wondering whether to hire a workers’ compensation attorney, the answer depends on the severity of your injury and the overall complexity of your case.

As a general rule, you may be able to get by without an attorney if all of the following statements are true:

  • You suffered a minor workplace injury, such as a twisted ankle or a cut requiring a few stitches.
  • You missed little or no work due to your injury.
  • Your employer admits that the injury happened at work.
  • You don’t have a pre-existing condition.

When to Hire a Lawyer

  • Your employer denies your claim or you fail to receive your benefits promptly. Employers and workers’ comp insurers routinely reject bona fide workers’ comp claims, confident that many workers will fail to appeal. Unfortunately, they’re usually correct. Up to 80% of individuals who are hurt at work simply accept the denial of their claim without appealing. Hiring a workers’ comp attorney costs nothing up front, and gives you the best chance to receive a fair settlement for your injuries.
  • Your employer’s settlement offer doesn’t cover all your lost wages or medical bills. If you’re not sure your settlement offer is good enough, don’t rely on the workers’ compensation judge to make sure that you’re getting a fair deal. Although workers’ comp settlements must have judicial approval, judges will usually sign off on any agreement as long as it’s not grossly unfair. If you really want someone to get you the best settlement possible, call an attorney.
  • Your medical issues prevent you from returning to your prior job, or from performing any work at all. If you’ve suffered permanent partial disability or permanent total disability, you may be entitled to lifetime weekly payments (or a single lump sum) to make up for your lost wages. These types of case can be monumentally expensive for insurance companies, and they’ll often stop at nothing to avoid paying you what you deserve. A knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney is essential in cases involving permanent injuries or illness.
  • You receive Social Security disability benefits. If your workers’ comp settlement isn’t structured properly, Social Security may be entitled to a large portion of your benefits. An experienced attorney will understand how to draft your settlement agreement to minimize or eliminate this offset.
  • Your boss retaliates against you for filing a workers’ comp claim. If your boss has fired you, demoted you, slashed your hours, reduced your pay, or engaged in any other form of discrimination because you filed a workers’ comp claim, contact a workers’ comp attorney immediately.
  • You have a potential third-party claim.Although the workers’ comp system was designed to keep work injury cases from the civil tort system, you are permitted to sue a third party whose negligence contributed to your injury. For example, a delivery driver who is struck by a negligent motorist can file a civil suit against the motorist in addition to receiving workers’ comp benefits. Civil damages often exceed workers’ comp settlements because they account for non-economic harms such as pain and suffering. Read more about third-party lawsuits in Nolo’s article on when you can sue outside workers’ comp.

What Your Attorney Will Do for You

Tilting the Scales in Your Favor

The workers’ compensation system may have been intended to provide prompt and fair compensation for injured workers, but it now appears to work mostly to the benefit of employers and insurers. Plus, insurance companies have teams of highly trained lawyers on their side. Hiring a seasoned workers’ comp attorney will go a long way toward tilting the scales in your favor. If you’re in any doubt about your ability to handle your WC claim yourself, don’t hesitate to call a workers’ comp attorney for a free consultation.

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workers compensation illinois

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Are Florida Appellate Fees Unappealing?

A decision issued late last week has largely skated under the radar, but has the potential for another big impact in the world that is Florida workers’ compensation. Florida Judge Mark Massey is read more .

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Permanent Disability Benefits

Permanent Disability benefits are designed to help replace wages lost if an injury leaves an employee with a permanent impairment and the employee is unable or less able to work after the injury. Permanent Disability Benefits are paid by the insurance company or self-insured employer and are to replace lost wages. These benefits are not paid by the Tennessee Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Total vs. Partial

There are two types of Permanent Disability Benefits: Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Benefits and Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Benefits.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Benefits

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Benefits may apply if an employee retains a permanent disability because of a work-related injury and is able to return to a job in the open market. The benefit is 66 and two-thirds percent (66 2/3%) of the injured employee s average weekly wage, subject to limitations depending upon the body part affected by the work-related injury (for injuries before July 1, 2014), and the employee s ability to return to his/her prior employment.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Benefits

Permanent Total Disability (PTD Benefits may apply if an employee is unable to return to any job in the open market because of a permanent disability due to a work-related injury. This benefit continues until he/she becomes eligible for old-age retirement under the social security law.

When are Permanent Disability Benefits due?

When the injury has healed and maximum medical improvement (MMI) is reached, the injured employee will likely be released from the treating physician s care. This could occur even though the injured employee may be referred for other additional services such as physical therapy, pain management and possibly work hardening sessions. When released, the authorized treating physician may assign a permanent impairment rating based on the applicable edition of the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment . The impairment rating, combined with vocational factors, may result in a permanent disability award.

How is the amount of Permanent Disability Benefits determined?

The impairment rating described above, combined with vocational factors, may result in a permanent disability award. Workers Compensation Specialists with the Bureau conduct informal Benefit Review Conferences, at no cost to the parties, to assist in reaching a final determination of that award. Learn more about the Settlement Process of the Benefit Review Program .

After the injured employee has reached MMI and is ready to mediate the settlement of his/her workplace injury, a party involved in the claim will need to complete and submit:

  • For injuries occurring on/after July 1, 2014, a Petition for Benefits Determination to request the services of a Mediating Specialist within the Bureau.
  • For injuries occurring prior to July 1, 2014, a Request for Assistance/Mediation Form C-40 to request the services of a Mediating Specialist within the Bureau.

Negotiating Permanent Disability Cases

Parties are encouraged to try to settle these issues through negotiations and are allowed to attempt to resolve the issues. So, while private negotiations are allowed, no party can file suit, in any court, to resolve issues regarding permanent disability benefits and/or future medical benefits prior to exhausting the Benefit Review Process . This requires the full and active participation of the parties in a mediation conducted by a Mediating Specialist within the Bureau. The Mediating Specialist will issue the paperwork indicating that the process has been exhausted when he/she is convinced that continued mediations are not likely to result in an agreement and an impasse has been reached.

Need More Help?

Rockville Workers Compensation Attorney #workers #compensation #defense #attorney


Practice Areas

Rockville Workers’ Compensation Attorney Helps Injured Workers Receive the Benefits They Deserve

Experienced Maryland counselor pursues payments for people hurt on the job

After a serious injury, the problems you face can seem overwhelming. As you look to rebuild your life, selecting an attorney to advocate for your legal rights might not be your first priority, but it should be: you only have once chance to secure the compensation you deserve. At Beiser Law Firm in Rockville, attorney Jonathan Beiser has delivered exceptional results for victims of serious injuries for more than 26 years. Whether your injury occurred in the workplace or not, I have the knowledge and experience to overcome the complicated bureaucracy and powerful interests that often frustrate those filing compensation claims. I diligently pursue the maximum compensation available for injured people throughout Maryland, in Washington, D.C. and nationwide, never forgetting the physical and emotional struggles my clients are facing.

Compassionate representation from a reputable law firm

In Maryland, Washington, D.C. and nationwide, you can trust Beiser Law Firm to deliver knowledgeable, effective legal representation no matter how complex your claim might be. Labor unions and professional organizations often consult with me because they know they can count on:

  • Strong community reputation — Over more than 26 years of practice, clients, colleagues and legal publications have praised the results I have obtained and my commitment to the local community. I have earned an AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell® in recognition of my legal ability and ethics by attorneys familiar with my work and have been a Super Lawyer for 10 years.
  • Individualized attention — At Beiser Law Firm, I represent each client personally. When you trust me with your legal matter, I take the time to understand your specific objectives thoroughly before developing a case strategy that offers you the best chance for success.
  • Responsive communication — Uncertainty over one’s legal rights makes a bad situation worse. You can count on having every question answered promptly and clearly.

At Beiser Law Firm, I always provide a free initial consultation so that injured people and their families can evaluate their options thoroughly before deciding how to proceed.

Dedicated attorney advocates for all types of injury victims

Beiser Law Firm delivers high-quality representation in Maryland and Washington, D.C. in a wide range of practice areas, including:

  • Workers’ compensation — If you have suffered an employment-related injury or illness, I can handle your workers’ compensation claim from start to finish so that you can obtain payment as promptly as possible for medical costs and lost wages.
  • Defense Base Act workers’ compensation — For civilian workers hurt on overseas military installations, I litigate Defense Base Act workers’ compensation cases from around the world. I regularly represent contractors that work for companies such as Academi, Triple Canopy, Patriot Group, SOC USA, Engility, L3 Communications, KBR, Mission Essential Personnel and Worldwide Language Resources.
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act — Beiser Law Firm skillfully handles Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act claims on behalf of injured dockworkers and harbor employees.
  • Social Security disability — If you’re seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, I can guide you through the often frustrating application and review process so that you and your family get the benefits you need and deserve.
  • Personal injury — People seeking personal injury damages due to the negligence of some person or business rely on me to maximize the compensation they receive through a verdict or settlement.

Even if you are unsure whether you are entitled to compensation for your injury, I will take the time to outline the relevant legal background and procedure so that you can make a fully informed decision to move forward.

Contact a Rockville workers’ compensation lawyer for a free initial consultation

Beiser Law Firm represents people in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and nationwide, in workers’ compensation and other injury litigation. Please call 301-298-1088 or contact me online for a free initial consultation at my Rockville office.

Awards Affiliations

Beiser Law Firm is located in Rockville, MD and serves clients in and around Garrett Park, Chevy Chase, Glen Echo, Silver Spring, Cabin John, Potomac, Derwood, Washington Grove, Gaithersburg, Sandy Spring, Olney, Takoma Park, Montgomery Village, Spencerville, Ashton, Montgomery County, Landover, Bowie, Lanham, College Park, Temple Hills, District Heights, Camp Springs, Oxon Hill, Upper Marlboro, Beltsville, and also Nationwide.

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Job Descriptions:

Membership Benefits



Latest News


Regular Local #9 Union Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm at the Union Hall at 7510 W. Mississippi Ave. Lakewood, CO 80226. The next regular union meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 6:30 pm. The Colorado Springs informational meeting is held on the first Tuesday following the regular union meeting in Denver. The next Colorado Springs informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 5:30pm at the Sheet Metal Training Institute; 1420 Quail Lake Loop, Colorado Springs; and the informational meeting in Fort Collins is held on the 3rd Monday of even months and will be held on Monday, December 21, 2015 at 5:30pm at the Teamsters Local 267 Hall, 434 S Link Ln, Fort Collins, CO 80524. SEE YOU THERE.

SMW Local 9 Health Fund

CNIC Health Solutions is Colorado SMW Local 9 Health Fund claims administrator. You can either call them at (303) 749-1156 or find them on the internet at At their website, you can: 1) Download claim details – to use the download functionality, go to select “Members”, and log in. If you have never signed up for the online system, please go to select “Members”, then click on the word “HERE” in the statement “New members please click HERE to create an account.”; 2) View deductible and co-insurance/out-of-pocket information; 3) Print temporary ID cards; 4) Submit questions and responses to Customer Service, including uploading documentation to respond to requests from CNIC regarding Other Insurance, Accident Details, etc.; 5) Paperless EOBs – In order to give you faster access to information and reduce impact on the environment, we encourage all members to sign up for paperless Explanations of Benefits (EOBs). Once you sign up, you will receive an email notification when an EOB is posted to your online account. You can then view, download and/or print your EOB. Sign up by selecting “Profile” in the upper right corner, “Paperless EOB”, then “Yes” and “Update”.

Instructions for Finding Providers in the Rocky Mountain ASO Network

To look up providers in Colorado for the Rocky Mountain ASO Network, go to and go to RMHP Quick Links. Click on the Locate a Provider/Hospital button, then 1) Go to My Plan is. In the Product Box, please select ASO/GETTINGUSCOVERED; In the Network Box, please select Search Entire Network; 2) I would like to find a provider in. Please enter the Zip or State; and 3) I would like to see. Please select the type of provider you would like to see. Click on the Search Providers button. You may also contact CNIC Health Solutions at (303) 749-1156 or (855) 295-2642 for assistance in finding providers.

WellDyneRx Welcomes You to Your New Prescription Drug Program

If you have any questions about your prescription benefits, please visit or call WellDyneRx toll-free at (888) 479-2000.


All retired tinners are welcome to join old friends and co-workers on the 2nd Tuesday of even numbered months for the Local #9 Retiree Meeting. The meeting starts at 10:00a.m. at the Local #9 Meeting Hall at 7510 West Mississippi Avenue in Lakewood, CO

we have no agenda – just coffee, donuts and catching up with other retirees. The meeting dates for 2015 are February 10, 2015; April 14, 2015; June 9, 2015; August 11, 2015; October 13, 2015 and December 8, 2015. Questions or suggestions can be made to Ron Halverson at (970) 532-4766.

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Lisa Filzen, PA-C

Lisa is a 2009 graduate of Marquette University with a Master’s in Physician Assistant studies. She also completed her undergraduate education at Marquette, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences. In addition to the required rotations in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, and Family Practice, she completed rotations in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Cardiology all in the Milwaukee area. Before joining our group, Lisa practiced in orthopedic surgery in Rockford, Illinois. She holds membership in the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Her interests include spending time with friends and family, running, and traveling.

Cynthia Filut, MSN, ANP-BC, APNP

Cynthia is a 1987 graduate of Carroll College with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing; 2000 graduate of Marquette University with a Master of Nursing in Adult Health. Cynthia is a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner with a current membership in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners as well as the ANA/WNA. Cynthia’s interest in health promotion and wellness education provides foundation to a patient-centered philosophy of care.

Jessica Roadt, PA-C

Jessica graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marquette University with a Master’s in Physician Assistant studies in 2015. Prior to this she graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Alongside her required clinical rotations including Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and General Surgery she completed elective rotations in Orthopaedic Surgery and Interventional Radiology. Jessica is currently a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistant (WAPA), and Physician Assistants in Orthopedic Surgery (PAOS). Her interests include; spending time with family and friends, traveling, and playing volleyball.

Steve Baugrud, PA-C

Steve graduated with his Master’s degree in physician assistant studies from the Chicago Medical School in 1998. Along with the required preceptorships in primary care, general surgery, and emergency medicine, he completed elective rotations in cardiothoracic and orthopedic surgery in the Milwaukee area. Steve practiced orthopedics for eight years in Northern Wisconsin before joining our group in 2006. Steve holds membership in the American Academy of Physician Assistants.
Steve’s interests are in surgery. He also enjoys outdoor activities, including cycling and wakeboarding.

James is a 2010 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Physician Assistant Program. Prior to that he graduated from Concordia University in Wisconsin where he studied Biology and Chemistry. James completed rotations in General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Orthopedic Surgery at Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin. Before his career as a Physician Assistant, James worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in the Milwaukee Area. His interests include spending time with family and friends participating in outdoor activities as well as sports.

Jennafer Hamel, PA-C

Bio to be added.

Sara Stoddard, PA-C

Bio to be added

Tom Anderson, PA-C

Tom is a 2014 graduate of Carroll University Physician Assistant Program. Prior to that he graduated from Concordia University of Wisconsin where he studied Biology. Tom completed rotations in General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Orthopedic Surgery. His interests include spending time with family and friends as well as playing sports.

Teagan Gerhart, PA-C

Teagan graduated Magna Cum Laude from Concordia University of Wisconsin with a Master’s in Physician Assistant studies in 2016. Prior to this she graduated from Stanford University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology. She played four years of softball at Stanford University achieving many honors. In addition to the required rotations in General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, Family/Internal Medicine, she completed rotations in Orthopaedic Surgery and Interventional Cardiology. Teagan is currently a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and the Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants (WAPA). Her interests include spending time with family and friends, outdoor activities, football, running and playing softball.

RESEARCH FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – WORKERS COMPENSATION LAW IN OHIO #research #frequently #asked #questions, #workers’ #compensation #law #in #ohio


The Law Library Staff prepares “Research Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) for the convenience of our users to provide access to a variety of sources addressing particular points of law. These are general legal information sources, and are not to be construed as a substitute for personal legal advice from an attorney. Please seek legal counsel to help you determine the applicability of any of the information in these resources to your specific situation. The Law Library makes no recommendation as to whether you should purchase any services offered by the websites contained in this FAQ.

  • Ohio Government Agencies

    • For information on Workers’ Compensation, including how to apply for Workers’ compensation benefits, information for businesses and medical providers, link to: Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
  • Law Firm Websites with Workers’ Compensation Information:

    • Gruhin Gruhin Attorneys: BWC claim deadlines chart ; descriptions of the various types of compensation, for example temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability; discusses payments for medical bills and wage loss.
  • Jaffy Law Firm. Has a Workers’ compensation guide, recent Workers’ compensation cases and more.

    The Cleveland Law Library makes no recommendation as to whether you should hire these firms for legal representation.

  • NOLO Q A. Can I be laid off while on Workers’ compensation leave?

  • WorkersCompensation.Com. Information for employees, employers, insurers, adjusters, medical providers and attorneys. Forms, news and legislative updates.
  • Books, Journals Recent Articles:

  • Workers’ Compensation Journal of Ohio

  • Avila, Janine T. The dual-capacity doctrine: one way to slay the workers’ compensation immunity dragon. 12 Ohio Trial 29 (Issue 2, 2002)

  • Avila, Janine T. Kissing cousins: the relationship of the dual-capacity doctrine to workers’ compensation. 21 Workers’ Comp. J. of Ohio 61 (Nov./Dec. 2006)

  • Bartman, Douglas, Workplace violence: does it fit within the intentional tort exception to workers’ compensation exclusivity. 76 Clev. Bar J. 28 (Apr. 2005)

  • Crosby, Elizabeth, The not-so-predictable costs of workers’ compensation. 77 Clev. Bar J. 32 (Nov. 2005)

  • Elliott, Linda U. et al. Is retrospective rating returning to fashion?. 21 Workers’ Comp. J. of Ohio 49 (Sept./Oct. 2006)

  • Fabian, John Matthew Antoinette F. Gideon, The law and psychology in workers’ compensation claims. 83 Law Fact 22 (July 2007)

  • Fulton, Philip J. Substantial aggravation: the more things change. . 17 Ohio Trial 7 (Spr. 2007)

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  • Stewart, Laura M. Joan M. Verchot, Faulty interpretation: The Ohio Supreme Court’s recent decision in Gross v. Industrial Commission raises questions about the no-fault system in Ohio workers’ compensation law. 22 Workers’ Comp. J. of Ohio 5 (Jan./Feb. 2007)

  • Termination for misconduct may terminate temporary total disability compensation. 1 Ohio Bus. L. J. 33 (Jan./Feb. 2007)

  • Verchot, Joan M. Employer’s perspective: gross injustice? The Ohio Supreme Court “voluntarily abandons” its decision in Gross I–but does Gross II solve the problem or just create new ones?. 22 Workers’ Comp. J. of Ohio 41 (Sept./Oct. 2007)

  • Verchot, Joan M. Laura M. Stewart, Industrial Commission raises questions about the no-fault system in Ohio workers’ compensation law. 22 Workers’ Comp. J. of Ohio 5 (Jan./Feb. 2007)

  • Volpini, Laura L. Do you know the consequences of terminating an employee on temporary total disability?. 1 Tort L. J. of Ohio 105 (Jan./Feb. 2007)

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  • Wilkinson, George B. Ohio workers’ compensation costs compare favorably to other states. 26 Workers’ Comp. J. of Ohio 1 (Jan./Feb. 2011)
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    • Georgia Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Plaintiff in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit At the beginning of this year, the Georgia Court of Appeals issued a ruling in Thomas v. Tenet Healthsystem GB, Inc. Ga. Ct. App. (2017), that
    • Georgia Federal Court Ruling Closely Examines Doctor’s Role as Expert Witness in Car Accident Case In any personal injury case, medical records and expert opinions with regard to injuries can be important in helping to establish the cause of the
    • Wrongful Death Due to Georgia Security Guard’s Negligence A recent Georgia premises liability and wrongful death case shows how apportionment law can complicate a solid case. The victim was murdered in the

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    Working at Comcast: 8, 006 Reviews #comcast #workers


    Comcast Employee Reviews

    Video/Internet/Voice Repair Technician (Current Employee) Ann Arbor, MI July 26, 2017

    This job is very stressful, and the company is a joke. They don t know what tf they want. Customer service is supposed to be their best product, but don t value when you do provide great customer service. Its all about the stats for this job. I was able to maintain great stats, but i felt like a slave working.

    Super discounted cable and internet services

    Technician III (Former Employee) Boca Raton, FL July 25, 2017

    Constantly playing a numbers game to meet your metrics.You will be very over worked and not given proper assessments. the goals they want you to meet are not possible and they keep getting harder each year. The company does have great benefits such as reduced cable accounts and 401k and stock options, but that is the Company. The Boca office that I worked out of only cares about how much you can get done in the least amount of time. It used to be a great place to work but over the years management was concerned with quantity not quality, they make you feel that they are not getting their monies worth out of you.

    Good benefit package

    Tech Support in Call Center (Former Employee) Philadelphia, PA July 25, 2017

    Comcast was a great company to work for with great benefits, moral boosters, bonuses, my only issue was that I did not have the technical background needed for some of the more difficult calls I received. Although the felt it was not needed for the job. I felt I was at a disadvantage because I did not have that skill set.

    salary and benefits

    Doorsales (Former Employee) Spokane Valley, WA July 25, 2017

    I got a negative paycheck after i quit, because a few people I sighed up quit their servers. After 70+ hour weeks I was lucky to make 100-300$. And if you lost customers you had to pay for it–as if it was your problems and mistakes that cost the company money.

    This was all over the news for a short while in spokane. It was a huge scam for customers and workers.–Yet the main comcast company didn t do anything to fix or help their workers –because we didn t really work for them.

    Getting a Fair Amount From Your Workers – Comp Settlement #california #workers #comp #laws


    Getting a Fair Amount From Your Workers Comp Settlement

    You can negotiate a settlement with your workers comp insurance company if you were injured at work and you have some type of lasting impairment.

    Types of Workers Comp Settlements

    In most states, you can negotiate a lump sum settlement rather than continuing to receive weekly permanent disability payments. In addition to future amounts the insurance company will owe you for permanent disability payments and medical care, you can also settle any disputed amounts, past-due temporary disability payments, and unreimbursed medical expenses.

    You can also negotiate an agreement for a structured settlement in which you ll receive payments over a period of time. In these settlements, you don t need to give up all of your future rights to medical care (in fact, in some states, you can t more on this below).

    Pros of Accepting a Settlement

    If you don t accept a settlement with your workers comp insurance company, you have two options:

    • You can accept what the insurance company is offering and take your weekly permanent disability payments for as long as the insurance company has indicated it will pay you, or
    • You can proceed to hearing or trial with the insurance company to try to win higher weekly payments or a higher lump-sum payment.

    Keep in mind that if you go to trial (in some states, called a workers comp hearing), the judge could end up paying you less than the insurance company is offering. Although this doesn t happen frequently, one of the advantages of a settlement is that it guarantees you benefits without the risk of a trial. And in some states, you can t receive a lump sum payment after you win at trial; you ll be limited to receiving weekly payments for a number of weeks or years.

    Another advantage of accepting a settlement is that it saves you the time it takes to wait for a hearing and the hassle and anxiety of attending a hearing.

    A third advantage is that you can often receive money from the insurance company in exchange for giving up rights to future benefits that you may never use. For example, if your doctor says that there s a 15% chance you ll need hand surgery in the future, you can demand that the insurance company pay you part of the cost of the surgery now. Of course, the likelihood is that you won t need the surgery and you get to pocket the money.

    Cons of Accepting a Settlement

    In most states, you can give up your right to future medical treatment for your injury. If there s a good chance you ll need surgery or expensive medicines in the future, you may not want to waive this right by settling it for a certain amount. If you do settle this right and you end up needing medical care, you may have trouble getting your heath plan to cover it.

    For some, another disadvantage of accepting a settlement is that the settlement money might be spent right away, leaving no weekly payments to help them with the possibility of lower wages in the future.

    Amounts to Settle

    Consider whether each of the following types of benefits should be a part of your settlement.

    Permanent Partial Disability

    If your work-related injury or illness caused you a permanent impairment, you are probably entitled to a payment for permanent partial disability (PPD). Your impairment doesn t have to rise to the level of a disability to qualify for PPD. It s sufficient if you are left with work restrictions that limit the work you can do, such as no lifting over 25 pounds, no walking on uneven surfaces, or no sitting for longer than two hours at a time, or if the limitations from your impairment will lower the amount of salary or wages you can compete for in the future. You can also ask for compensation for permanent scarring and disfigurement even if you aren t restricted in any way from your injuries.

    Before settlement negotiations begin, your insurance company should send you a permanent disability rating that can be converted into a monetary amount. For instance, in California, if you have a 40% permanent disability rating, the insurance company owes you 201 weeks of PPD payments at $230 per week, for a total of $46,230. (This amount could be increased or decreased by 15% depending on whether your employer offers you modified work, so that should be factored in as well.) The insurance company may use your rating to come up with a starting settlement amount, but you may want to ask for a moderately higher amount for permanent disability compensation plus the cost of future medical treatment and any past due temporary disability benefits.

    Permanent Total Disability

    Some states have different rules for total disabilities, and often pay life pension awards in addition to permanent disability payments. No one with a permanent total disability should try to handle settlement negotiations with the insurance company on their own; you need to hire a workers comp lawyer to represent you to protect your rights.

    Temporary Partial or Total Disability

    If your insurance company didn t pay you the proper amount of temporary disability (wage loss) benefits while you were off work recovering, this amount should be included in your settlement. In many states, a percentage of the amount past due should be added on to late payments as a penalty. If your insurance company paid you too late or too little, consult with a lawyer about the penalty, which can be significant.

    Medical Treatment

    You should include in your settlement any unpaid bills for medical treatment as well as the costs for continuing medical care. Estimate your future costs for doctors visits, hospital stays, physical therapy visits for flare-ups, surgery, and medications, and consider what the worst case scenario would be if your medical condition deteriorates. The insurance company won t pay 100% of your anticipated costs, and may in fact try to pay only around 25%, but you can ask for 75% of your future medical expenses. It helps your negotiating position if you can provide a strong opinion from your doctor that you ll need continued medical care or surgery in the future.

    In some states, you can settle your right to disability payments but keep your right to have the insurance company pay for your future medical treatment by leaving it out of your settlement. In other states, you can t settle away your right to future medical treatment; in these states, you re always allowed to go back to the insurance company to get it to pay for your medical care related to your work-related injury.

    Structuring the Settlement

    The actual wording of the settlement can be important to protect your right to future benefits, and this is where the fee for a workers comp attorney can really pay off. If your settlement agreement isn t worded in certain terms, for instance, and you apply for and receive Social Security disability benefits, your Social Security may be reduced because of your workers comp settlement. For more information about this, see our article on minimizing the workers comp and Social Security disability offset .

    Also, before you sign any settlement agreement, make sure you know the answer to these two questions:

    • Will your workers comp claim be completely closed following the settlement, or will it stay open (or can it be reopened) to pay for future medical costs?
    • Does the settlement amount represent all new money, or does it include permanent disability advances that you have already been paid?

    Because the details of a workers comp settlement can be tricky, unless your permanent disability is rated 10% or less, you should strongly consider speaking to a workers comp lawyer about your options for settlement and what a fair settlement amount would be for someone with your medical impairments.

    Judge s Review of Your Settlement

    In most states, a workers comp judge will have to review your settlement before it becomes official. This will take place at an informal conference. If you re not represented by a workers comp lawyer, at the conference the judge may attempt to make sure the settlement is fair to you, but without knowing your medical history, the judge is limited in helping you. It s better to consult with an attorney in your area who works with workers compensation applicants to find out if your insurance company s settlement offer is a fair one. Often a workers comp attorney can negotiate a higher settlement offer with the insurance company that you can do on your own.

    Get the compensation you deserve.

    Questions & Answers for Employees #wcc, #worker’s, #workmens, #insurance, #attorney, #legal, #law, #insurer, #policy, #workers’ #compensation, #job, #injury


    Please note that the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Workers Compensation Programs OWCP administers four major programs including: the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, the Federal Employees Compensation Program, the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Program and the Black Lung Benefits Program. The OWCP provides wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and other benefits to federal workers or their dependents who are injured at work or acquire an occupational disease,
    Go to their web site for information if your are covered under these programs. CLICK HERE

    What is workers’ compensation?

    Workers’ compensation is an insurance program established by State law that all employers having one or more employees, full or part-time, are required to have for the benefit of their employees. With few exceptions, every employer in the State of Maryland with one or more employees is required by law to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. An employer or employee cannot waive provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Law.

    What benefits are provided by this insurance?

    To be covered under workers’ compensation, an employee must have received an accidental personal injury while working (‘on the job’). The injury must have arisen ‘out of and in the course of employment’ in the words of the law. Not all workplace injuries are compensable. If your injury is determined to be covered then the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier will provide medical and hospital treatment and partial income replacement benefits until you can return to work or until you reach maximum medical improvement.

    The cost of workers’ compensation insurance itself is borne entirely by the employer. No payroll deductions are taken out of individual employees’ paychecks. If your claim is found to be compensable your weekly benefits and all medical bills will be paid directly by your employer or their insurer. DO NOT send bills to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.

    What information is the employer required to provide with respect to worker’s compensation?

    State law requires every employer to post an official notice in a prominent site at the workplace. It’s usually put up on an employee bulletin board, by a time clock, in an employee lunchroom or some similar location where workers will see it. The poster identifies the employer as having obtained workers’ compensation insurance and it outlines the responsibilities of both employers and employees. It also provides the employers full legal name, address, the Employer’s Federal Identification Number (FEIN) and the name of the insurance company providing this insurance. This information is needed when filling out a claim form.

    When should I report the accident?

    You should report any accident to your employer immediately. A delay in reporting may affect your claim.

    When and how do I file a claim?

    If you believe you have suffered a compensable injury, you may file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission by filling out an Employee Claim Form and then mailing it to the Commission. If your employer does not have one of these claim forms the Commission will send you one and all of the necessary information you may need. Forms are provided without charge.
    You can also submit your claim form online; print, sign and mail the form to the Commission.

    What do I do about a doctor?

    Your employer or your employer’s insurer will pay for your doctor’s visits and treatment if the injury is covered under Workers’ Compensation.

    What medical treatment will workers’ compensation insurance pay for?

    All doctor bills, hospital bills, physical therapy, prescriptions and necessary expenses related to the accidental injury are covered by this insurance up to the limits established by the Official Maryland Workers’ Compensation Medical Fee Guide.

    When am I entitled to benefits?

    You are entitled to income replacement benefits if you miss more than three (3) days from work. If you miss more than 14 days you will also be paid for the first three days, provided your employer did not pay you for any of these days. When your claim is received by the Commission (in the mail) a claim number and a ‘consideration date’ is assigned to it. The consideration date means that we allow your employer or his insurer until that date to raise any objections they may have to your claim.

    What if there are objections?

    The employer or insurance carrier will probably contact you directly and tell you what the objections are. They must also inform the Commission, stating their objections or issues in writing. If your claim is contested by the employer/insurer, it will be scheduled for a hearing before a Commissioner. You will be notified by mail.

    How much are the income replacement benefits?

    These benefits are called ‘Temporary Total Disability Payments’ and you should receive two thirds of your average weekly wage, but not more than the State’s average weekly wage for the year in which the accident occurred.

    How long will I receive these benefits?

    You will receive temporary total disability payments so long as you are unable to work because of the accidental injury or until you reach maximum medical improvement.

    What if my injury prevents me from returning to my job?

    If you are not capable of returning to your job or some other comparable job for which you are qualified, you may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation and training. Call the Workers’ Compensation Commission for more information.

    What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

    Vocational Rehabilitation is a process whereby a worker who cannot return to his former job as a result of an injury on the job is assisted in re-entering the workforce. A specialist in vocational rehabilitation provides services to the injured worker to enable them to return to work. Services may include testing, job placement, vocational counseling, on the job training and retraining.

    You may be a candidate for vocational rehabilitation if your injury is severe enough to keep you from returning to the occupation you held at the time of the injury. Your doctor may recommend that you find another occupation. You should be medically unable to continue with or return to your former job.

    What kind of benefits will I receive if I have a permanent disability?

    You will receive weekly benefits for a specified period of time based on the type and extent of your permanent disability. Benefits for workers who have been totally and permanently disabled may continue indefinitely. Medical evaluations are usually required to establish the nature and extent of any permanent disability.

    What happens after I file a claim?

    If you do not receive any benefits from your employer or their insurer, or are not receiving the benefits to which you believe you are entitled, you may request a hearing before the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Your case will be decided by a Commissioner who, like a judge, listens to both sides of the case and determines what benefits, if any, you should receive. The Commissioner’s decision will be based on the law and facts involved in your particular case. Any party disagreeing with a decision of the Commission may file an appeal with the Circuit Court. More information claim process diagram are located on the Benefits page.

    Do I have to have a lawyer?

    You may have an attorney of your choice to represent you, or you may represent yourself. The Commission itself does not represent you nor can any Commissioner be your attorney.

    Who pays the attorney?

    Do not pay money to anyone to assist you with your claim. If you hire a lawyer the Commission will fix the attorney’s fees. If an award is made to you, the fee will be deducted from your awards and paid separately by the employer or insurance company to the attorney.

    What if I want to hire a lawyer but don’t know one?

    If you are a resident of Maryland, you may call the Lawyer Referral and Information Service at (410) 539- 3112 in Baltimore. You may also check your local telephone directory (Yellow Pages) for the number of a local lawyer referral service or the Maryland State Bar Association at: .

    All necessary forms are supplied by the Workers’ Compensation Commission at no charge. Please provide form name, quantity and mailing information when ordering WCC materials from any of the sources below:

    State of Maryland
    Workers’ Compensation Commission
    10 East Baltimore Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202-1641

    I – ve been requested for a workers comp IME, now what? #who #is #the #best #workers #comp #lawyer


    What should I do if I ve been requested for a workers comp IME?

    Advice on what to expect during the independent medical exam and how to protect yourself

    The workers comp IME can be a great source of stress and confusion for injured workers in Michigan. The frequently asked questions below will help you understand what to expect during these doctor visits, and that the insurance doctors are not really on your side.

    To speak with one of our workmans comp lawyers now, call us at (855) 221-2667. You can also fill out our free consultation form. The call is free and the advice is free.

    Q. What is a workers comp independent medical exam (IME)?
    A. Employers and insurance claims adjusters commonly send injured workers for “second opinion” exams by an “independent” doctor. This is called an IME, which stands for insurance medical exam, or independent medical exam.

    These independent insurance doctors are selected by your employer or a workers compensation insurance company, and they are paid a lot of money to find nothing wrong with seriously injured workers.

    If you ve been told to see an IME, it s best to speak with an experienced workers comp attorney to make sure your rights are protected. Call us at (855) 221-2667.

    Q. Do I have to attend the IME?
    A. If you receive a letter requesting your presence at an independent medical examination, you are required by law to attend. The IME gives your employer or its insurance company an opportunity to have you examined by a doctor of their choice.

    It sounds confusing, but if you do not attend this examination, you face losing your workers compensation benefits. Yet insurance medical examiners will frequently say they seriously injured workers are not injured and can return to work.

    If you ve received a letter requesting an appointment with an insurance medical examiner, call one of our Michigan work comp attorneys at (855) 221-2667. We can protect your legal rights, and make sure an IME doesn t interfere with your benefits.

    Q. How can an independent medical exam hurt me?
    A. Workers compensation pays all reasonable and necessary medical treatment for your work injury. Workers compensation also pays wage loss if you are disabled and cannot work.
    Insurance companies frequently deny paying these benefits based upon the independent medical examination.

    Your workers compensation benefits can be stopped regardless of what your doctor says. But it s common for an independent medical examination to conclude that your condition is not work-related or that you can go back to work without restrictions. Many IMEs even find no evidence of injury. It may be determined that your condition is just part of the aging process or that your complaints are subjective and there is nothing wrong with you.

    The truth is that these examinations are not really independent. Insurance companies use the same doctors over and over again, because they know what to expect. Some of these doctors earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and make a career out of testifying for insurance companies.

    Q. What can I expect during the IME?
    A. The doctor who performs an independent medical examination will not provide any medical treatment and no doctor-patient relationship will be established.

    You will be asked some questions and undergo a physical examination. Some independent medical examinations only take up to 15 minutes.

    The doctor will then prepare a written report about your medical condition and give an opinion about whether you can work. This report should be provided to you or your lawyer within 15 days after it is completed.

    Do not be intimidated by the independent medical examination. This is standard procedure for most workers compensation claims. Individuals are frequently sent to these examinations even when benefits are being paid voluntarily and there is no dispute.

    Q. How should I respond to the doctor s questions?
    A. The doctor selected by the insurance company is not personally out to get you and is only giving his professional opinion about your medical condition. You should be polite and try to cooperate the best you can. Do not have an attitude or get defensive about any questions asked.

    We find that most doctors who perform these examinations appreciate honesty and straightforward answers.

    Our clients report that some independent medical examinations take no more than 10-15 minutes. Do not be discouraged or try your best to answer any questions that are asked.

    Do not exaggerate or fake symptoms as this can quickly be discovered during a physical examination.

    You will always have the opportunity to challenge a bad medical opinion in court. You can present evidence from your own doctor at this time. Fighting with the doctor at the independent medical examination will do you no good and can make your situation even worse.

    Q. How can I prepare for an IME?
    A. It is extremely important that you provide the examining doctor with an accurate history. Take some time to think about the date and circumstances of your injury before the examination.

    You should be able to explain how you were injured and what symptoms prevent you from working. You should also be able to explain how your everyday life has been affected.

    Be prepared to talk about any preexisting conditions. This is especially true if you had a prior injury somewhere else. Explain how you could work before but cannot now.

    Have questions about your independent medical exam?

    Call our work comp attorneys at (855) 221-2667, or you can fill out our free contact form .

    We have been protecting injured workers for more than 35 years. We can see to it that you receive the proper medical treatment, and that your work comp benefits are protected.

    Workers Compensation Training #federal #workers #compensation,federal #workers #compensation #training,owcp,workers #comp #training


    Workers Compensation Training

    We offer Workers Compensation Training for union officers and shop stewards. We teach both basic and advanced Workers Compensation courses.

    Course 1 Basic Workers Compensation Training

    This course is designed to assist union stewards, union officers, the employing agency, and the claimant too. It is designed to help everyone in the process by giving them the knowledge they need to properly file their workers compensation claim. The first part of this course will give you an explanation of the CA forms, a brief history of the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) and how it affects federal employees.

    This outline is for the basic course:

    1. CA-1
    a. What is a traumatic injury
    b. How to file for and receive continuation of pay (COP)
    c. How and why the agency can controvert your claim
    d. How to successfully defend your our controverted claim

    2. CA-2
    a. What is an occupational disease
    b. How to file your claim

    3. CA-2a
    a. What is a recurrence
    b. How and when you would file for a recurrence

    4. CA-7
    a. When and why you should complete this form
    b. What is a schedule award
    1. When should you submit for a schedule award

    5. CA-7a CA-7b
    a. Leave buy back
    b. When is it not feasible to buy back leave

    6. CA-16
    a. Authorization for medical treatment
    b. When is it used

    7. CA-17
    a. Duty status report

    8. Attending Physicians report

    9. Agency history and how your injury affects their budget

    10. Basic schedule award information

    11. How injuries that happen off your work station may be covered

    12. How injuries you may have had before you became a federal employee may be covered

    13. Question and answer session

    Course 2 Advanced Workers Compensation Training

    Our Advanced Workers Compensation Training Course advanced course is designed for those who have a good basic understanding of Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA).
    This course is designed to assist the employing agency, as well as the claimant. It is designed to help everyone in the process by giving them the knowledge they need to properly file their workers compensation claim and to prepare for hearings and appeals.

    The first part of this course will give you a quick review of the basic workers compensation course. This course will give you the knowledge you need to prepare yourself for any claims or benefits you may be entitled to under FECA regulations.

    1. Quick review of the basic course

    2. Schedule Awards

    4. Oral hearings and reviews of the written record

    5. Appeals before the ECAB

    6. FECA appellate rights

    7. Earning capacity determinations

    8. Fitness for duty examinations in FECA cases

    9. Over deduction of health benefits premiums in FECA

    10. Weighing medical Evidence

    11. Continuation Of Pay (COP) when third party pays

    12. OWCP s early nurse intervention program

    13. The premises rule

    14. Rehabilitation under FECA

    15. Question and answer session

    To schedule training sessions, or to learn more, call Federal Workers Compensation Consultants at 813-931-1984.

    Federal Workers Compensation Consultants

    Workers Compensation and Disability Retirement Specialists

    9639 N. Armenia Avenue

    Tampa, Florida 33612

    Workers Comp FAQ #attorney #workers #comp, #workers’ #compensation #basics


    Workers’ Comp FAQ

    Q: How do I know whether I am covered by workers’ compensation?

    A: Determining whether or not you are covered by workers’ compensation can sometimes be complicated. Generally, there are two main factors that determine your status: first, whether you are an employee, and second, whether your injury occurred as a result of your employment. It should be noted that neither of these factors is an absolute guarantee that you will be covered by workers’ compensation. For example, depending on the rules in place in your state, some employees (such as agricultural workers) are not covered by workers’ compensation. Also, if you were intoxicated at work or intentionally injured yourself, you might not be covered by workers’ compensation. When in doubt, you should contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, who can advise you of your rights.

    Q: If an employee is receiving workers’ compensation benefits, but returns to work, does the employee still get to receive workers’ compensation benefits?

    A: The answer to this question is maybe. If the return to work enables the employee to receive wages equal to or greater than he or she was earning prior to the injury, then it is likely benefits will be stopped. If, however, the employee is still experiencing a wage loss due to his or her injury, he or she may continue to receive wage loss benefits, although the benefits will most likely be for a lesser amount.

    Q: Can an employee recover workers’ compensation benefits, no matter what he or she did, because it is a no-fault system?

    A: No. Although most injuries are covered by workers’ compensation, that does not mean that employees have free reign to injure themselves, or act in any manner in which they choose, and then collect benefits. Generally, if an employee sustains injures as a result of intoxication or illegal drug use, benefits may not be payable.

    Q: Can an employee recover workers’ compensation benefits, even if he or she was not actually at the workplace when injured?

    A: The answer to this question will depend on the laws in your particular state, and the facts of the specific case. Generally speaking, if the injury arises out of and occurs within the scope of employment, it is covered. For example, if an employee is a traveling salesperson and is injured in the hotel where he or she is staying for business purposes, compensation may be appropriately paid.

    Similarly, if an employee is running an errand that takes him or her outside of the workplace, at the request of the employer, compensation benefits may be payable if an injury occurs in the course of running that errand. If the employee is on a business errand, but has stopped or deviated from that errand for personal reasons, then a closer examination of the rules and facts is necessary.

    Finally, employees injured while attending an employer-sponsored recreational event, like a company picnic or outing, may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits even though they were not physically on the employer’s premises at the time of the injury.

    Q: Is there any way I can have an attorney provide an initial review of my claim without paying anything?

    A: It’s not often necessary to file a lawsuit against your employer for workplace injuries, and it may in fact disqualify you from collecting workers’ compensation benefits. But it never hurts to speak with an attorney if you have questions about your injury, whether it’s covered, what is considered reasonable compensation, etc. But since you can have a qualified attorney take an initial look at your claim absolutely free, you have nothing to lose by asking.

    Top Workers Compensation Lawyers in Philadelphia County, PA #philadelphia #workers #compensation #lawyers


    Philadelphia County. PA. Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms

    Need help with a Workers’ Compensation matter?

    You’ve come to the right place. If you were injured on the job and believe you are entitled to workers’ compensation, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help.

    Workers’ compensation lawyers can assist with matters arising out of workplace injuries — including back and spine injuries and construction-related accidents.

    Use FindLaw to hire a local worker’s compensation lawyer to get compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

    Need an attorney in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania?

    FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning.

    Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

    Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania attorney for legal advice.

    How do I choose a lawyer?

    Consider the following:
    Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
    Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
    Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
    City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

    Not sure what questions to ask a lawyer?

    Here are a few to get you started:

    • How long have you been in practice?
    • How many cases like mine have you handled?
    • How often do you settle cases out of court?
    • What are your fees and costs?
    • What are the next steps?

    Want to check lawyer discipline?

    Top Workers – Comp Law Firm PA #pa #workers #comp #law


    What We Stand For

    Frommer D’Amico Anderson

    Frommer D’Amico Anderson is a workers comp law firm in PA. Their combined legal experience and their commitment to injured workers provide clients with unparalleled representation in the workers’ compensation arena and makes them the best workers compensation lawyers in Pennsylvania . Their history of securing over $50 million in settlements for their clients speaks volumes about their ability to fight for great results. In 2012 the law firm was formed in Harrisburg, PA, allowing the lawyers to practice exclusively in the field of workers’ compensation. Frommer D’Amico Anderson only represents injured workers, never employers. Frommer D’Amico Anderson is built on the belief that a small, efficient law firm comprised of highly experienced attorneys and paralegals can deliver outstanding legal services to its clients. Don t settle for inexperienced lawyers who will charge you an arm and a leg. Fill out our online form or give us a call today to get your case managed by experts for free!

    The partners have founded the firm on six core principles

    These six principles are not merely promises – they are the foundation upon which this firm is built. We believe in our clients and expect to earn the right to have them believe in us as their Pennsylvania workers compensation attorneys. Based out of Harrisburg, we are workers comp attorneys for all of central and eastern PA.

    We Specialize In Workers’ Compensation Law

    We are a Pennsylvania workers compensation law firm. We do one thing and we do it really well. We know workers compensation law, the medicine, each insurance company and the judges. We will find the right strategy for the best results.

    We Provide Free Case Management

    There are many problems that require a lawyer’s help while on comp that you should not have to pay for. Late checks, denied prescriptions and incorrect injury descriptions are some examples. We provide case management and will file petitions to address these and other issues at no charge to our clients. We are the best Workers Compensation law firm in Pa because we care about our client s needs.

    We Cover Costs

    Almost all workers compensation cases require someone to pay for medical records, doctor s reports, transcripts and deposition fees. These costs can quickly become very expensive, often totaling thousands of dollars. Many lawyers advance those costs to their clients or even ask their clients to pay the costs up front. We understand that for injured workers on comp, weekly checks are a lifeline, and that they do not have extra income to spare. That’s why, regardless of the outcome of a case, we stand by our clients and cover all costs.

    You Benefit From Experienced Attorneys

    Learning the skills needed to prosecute a workers’ compensation case takes years. Our clients are represented by one of the three partners. They handle each case personally.

    We Educate Clients

    We think questions are good. We take the time to teach the law that applies to your case and answer your questions, however long it takes.

    You Are Assured Direct Access to Partners

    All of our clients have a partner’s cell phone and home phone number with an invitation to call when needed. We know your worries are not 9 to 5. We will be there when you need us.

    Learn More

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    Saving money is a vital concern for nearly everyone. Because of this, it is important that you find the best possible rates for your insurance policies with coverage from the top companies. Luckily, it is much easier to find a great rate for insurance now more than ever before.

    In the past, you were pretty much stuck accepting whatever type of insurance your agent could find for you. Then, around ten years ago, nearly every insurance company started offering their product online. Soon after, people started feeling as though they were insurance experts and handled their polices online themselves. This wasn’t a bad thing—in many cases. However, there are downfalls to working directly with the insurance companies.

    In many cases, insurance customers do not understand what type of coverage they need. They take the lowest possible rate, without looking into the repercussions that could be caused. This is fine and good—until the time comes that they need to get something back from the insurance company.

    Because of this, working with an independent agency is actually still a superior way to obtain insurance. Our office can help you get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Additionally, we now offers features that make it even easier! For instance, you can compare insurance quotes online right from our website! Just follow links above to get rates on auto . home . life and, you can even buy online if you choose! Don’t worry, we’ll double check your work and make sure you didn’t miss anything 🙂 It’s all a part of what it means to Go Mega !

    Unlike trying to compare by visiting each site yourself, using one of these tools means that you are comparing apples to apples. Therefore, not only are you paying as little as possible, you are still getting the type of coverage you need. Spend some time researching the options, and then let us make things easy for you and save you money too!

    Mega Insurance Center Inc | Website Development by EZLynx Copyright . All Rights Reserved.

    Workers comp attorney atlanta #workers #comp #attorney #atlanta


    Workers’ Comp Help’s goal is to make the process of finding a workers’ comp attorney as easy as possible. Just fill out the free evaluation form located on this site and you will be put in touch with a workers’ comp attorney in your area for a free evaluation of your workmans’ compensation claim

    Workers’ Compensation, also know as workers comp, work comp, workmans comp and workmens comp, is a state-mandated insurance program, purchased by employers, that provides compensation to employees who suffer a work-related illness or injury. If your workers’ comp claim is successful, you will generally be compensated for any out-of-pocket medical expenses that are incurred due to a work related injury and any wages that are lost while receiving treatment or recovering from work related injuries.

    Some work related injuries can be so severe that the workers’ compensation process can be simple and straight forward. However, this will not be the case majority of the time. A workers’ compensation attorney will be able to guide you through the process and help you receive workmans’ comp benefits you deserve. If you believe your workers’ compensation benefits are being wrongly terminated, you should consider consulting a workmens’ compensation attorney as well.

    Most workers’ comp attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning you will not have to pay your work comp lawyer unless your workers’ compensation case is successful. If you are awarded workers’ comp benefits, your attorney will receive a percentage of your workers’ comp benefits. The percentage will depend on the state in which you are filing your workmans’ compensation claim and should be discussed with your chosen workers’ compensation lawyer.

    If you are unable to work due to a work injury, it is important to contact a workmans compensation lawyer who can start the claim process. If your workers comp case is not filed within the set time period, you will not be eligible for a workmens comp settlement.

    We currently accept workers compensation cases in the following states:

    • Alabama (AL)
    • Alaska (AK)
    • Arizona (AZ)
    • Arkansas (AR)
    • California (CA)
    • Colorado (CO)
    • Connecticut (CT)
    • Delaware (DE)
    • Florida (FL)
    • Georgia (GA)
    • Hawaii (HI)
    • Idaho (ID)
    • Illinois (IL)
    • Indiana (IN)
    • Iowa (IA)
    • Kansas (KS)
    • Kentucky (KY)
    • Louisiana (LA)
    • Maine (ME)
    • Maryland (MD)
    • Massachusetts (MA)
    • Michigan (MI)
    • Minnesota (MN)
    • Mississippi (MS)
    • Missouri (MO)
    • Montana (MT)
    • Nebraska (NE)
    • Nevada (NV)
    • New Hampshire (NH)
    • New Jersey (NJ)
    • New Mexico (NM)
    • New York (NY)
    • North Carolina (NC)
    • North Dakota (ND)
    • Ohio (OH)
    • Oklahoma (OK)
    • Oregon (OR)
    • Pennsylvania (PA)
    • Rhode Island (RI)
    • South Carolina (SC)
    • South Dakota (SD)
    • Tennessee (TN)
    • Texas (TX)
    • Utah (UT)
    • Vermont (VT)
    • Virginia (VA)
    • Washington (WA)
    • West Virginia (WV)
    • Wisconsin (WI)
    • Wyoming (WY)

    By requesting a free evaluation, the user will be provided with the name of an independent lawyer or advocate who will contact the user to do the evaluation. is not a lawyer or law firm. It is an advertising service paid for by the lawyers and advocates whose names are provided in response to user requests and it is not an attorney referral service. To find out the attorney or advocate in your area who is responsible for the advertisement, click here. By submitting a free evaluation, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the disclaimer and privacy policy .

    THIS IS AN ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT – Not an Attorney Referral Service
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    Home – Sheet Metal Workers International Association – Local 276 #sheet #metal #workers #local


    Our Members Make the Difference

    The membership of Local 276 consists of highly trained men and women applying their skills in the Sheet Metal and Roofing Industries on Vancouver Island. The very diverse nature of these trades in the Industrial, Commercial & Institutional (ICI), Shipbuilding and Residential sectors along with ever changing technologies require our members to be dedicated to their craft. Along with our partner Contractor’s Association we jointly share the responsibility to ensure that a well trained and versatile work force is available to meet the needs of the customer on any construction or fabrication project.

    For the Worker

    “A fair days pay for a fair days work”

    For the Apprentice

    A career with a future “Earn while you Learn”

    For the Employer

    “Working to meet your needs”

    About Us

    We are members of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association. The International Association represents 150,000 members throughout Canada and the United States.

    Empress Hotel
    Circa 1930

    The first Vancouver Island sheet metal union was originally formed in Victoria on July 3, 1909,back then we were known as the Amalgamated Sheet Metal Workers International Alliance, Local 134 .

    In March 1940, we became the Sheet Metal Workers International Association, Local 276 . Today Local 276 carries on the tradition of representing the skilled men and women working in the sheet metal and roofing trades on Vancouver Island.

    University of Victoria

    Through the collective bargaining process Sheet Metal Workers Local 276 seeks to establish and maintain desirable working conditions and provide for it s members and their families that measure of comfort, happiness and security to which every good citizen is entitled in return for his or her labour form a deep sense of pride in our trade, to give a fair day s work for a fair day s pay.

    Taxpayers pay millions for fed workers student loans #unsecured #loans

    #federal student loans

    Taxpayers pay millions for fed workers student loans

    Paul Singer, USA TODAY

    Members of Congress are not eligible for the loan repayment benefit.

    Members of Congress are not eligible for the loan repayment benefit. less

    Congress may let student loan interest rates double July 1, but some federal workers and congressional staff likely are protected from the impact by a taxpayer-funded benefit that provided more than $20 million last year for them to pay down their college debts.

    Congress created the benefit more than 10 years ago to make government jobs more appealing to job candidates who could get higher-paying jobs in the private sector. Meanwhile, a 2007 law that cut student loan interest rates in half will expire July 1, and Congress has been unable to reach a deal to extend it.

    A review of congressional spending records by USA TODAY and the non-profit Sunlight Foundation, a watchdog group, showed that the House of Representatives spent almost $15 million last year to pay down staffers’ student loans, while the Senate spent almost $6 million. Members of Congress are not eligible for the program.

    Federal agencies — which provide more detailed information — spent about $72 million in 2011, the last year for which data are available, to pay down student loans for 10,134 federal workers.

    Federal officials defend the program as a critical benefit that helps the government recruit and retain top talent. Congressional sources point out that participants are not protected from interest rate increases.

    “This is a program designed to help attract talented people to careers in public service since they can generally find higher salaries in the private sector,” said Adam Jentleson, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

    The program may make sense for some federal jobs, but it should be limited to those where the benefit really makes a difference, said Tom Schatz, president of the non-profit Citizens Against Government Waste. It is harder to defend for congressional staff, Schatz said.

    “It is really not hard to find a large number of applicants for any position on the Hill,” Schatz said. These jobs “are very prestigious” and staff are much more likely to take the job for a few years and then move on to another position out of government. Yet Congress makes up more than 20% of the total taxpayer expenditure on this program, despite having a small fraction of the federal workforce.

    Nationally, the amount of student loan debt has grown steadily, according to a report Tuesday by the congressional Joint Economic Committee. Two-thirds of 2011 college graduates have student loans, and overall “student debt has increased significantly in recent years, nearly doubling from $550 billion in the fourth quarter of 2007 to just under $1 trillion in the first quarter of 2013,” the report said.

    Congress established the student loan repayment program in 1990 for federal employees as a way to recruit and keep good workers. The program was not implemented for more than a decade. Congress extended the program to Senate staffers in 2002, once federal agencies started to offer the benefit, and the House followed suit in 2003.

    Participation in the program and its costs grew rapidly between 2002 and 2010, statistics kept by the Office of Personnel Management show. In 2002, 690 employees received the loan payments at a total cost of a little over $3 million. By 2010, more than 11,000 workers in 36 federal agencies had received loan payments totaling $85.7 million. That number dropped to $71.8 million in 2011.

    Congress does not provide detailed reports on how many staff members have their loans repaid or the cost. Records of House payments indicate how much is paid to individual student loan providers, but neither the staffers’ names nor the employers are included. An analysis of 2012 reports by USA TODAY and the Sunlight Foundation indicated that about 2,400 staff members were paid about $14.9 million or about $6,000 a year for each staffer.

    Senate reports indicate a $6 million maximum for student loan payments in 2011 and 2012 with total payments slightly under that figure. If each staffer received $6,000 a year, that suggests about 1,000 staff members received the payments.

    Federal employees can receive a maximum of $10,000 a year and a total of $60,000.

    Members of Congress are not required to provide the benefit for their staff, but many do because it helps them recruit better employees, said Brad Fitch, president of the non-partisan Congressional Management Foundation.

    “We know this is an important benefit,” Fitch said, in part because staff on Capitol Hill are paid anywhere from 20% to 100% less than private sector staff with similar responsibilities.

    In a survey of congressional staff that CMF plans to release this summer, “we specifically asked which benefits are appealing … student loan benefits were at the top of the survey,” Fitch said. The foundation helps train members of Congress on how to run their offices.

    The office of Sen. Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican and federal spending hawk, does participate in the program, said John Hart, Coburn’s spokesman. But “we’ve also put it on the chopping block,” Hart said.

    “We would be better off eliminating the program while, at the same time, rethinking the federal government’s relationship with education,” Hart said. “Student loan assistance programs are a circular subsidy that offsets the costs of Congress’ expensive desire to make education affordable. It’s government fixing one failed subsidy with another.”

    Aaron Smith, executive director for the youth advocacy group Young Invincibles said the loan repayment program is a great idea, but it also leaves Congress “protected from the interest rate hike in a way that ordinary Americans are not.”

    Congress lowered student loan interest rates in 2007 as part of an economic stimulus effort, but as of July 1 they will jump from 3.4% back to the 6.8% in place before Congress acted. The Republican-controlled House has passed a bill to peg new interest rates to market rates for other loans, but Democrats and the White House objected, saying the Republican plan would allow lending rates to fluctuate and create uncertainty for borrowers.

    Democrats are calling for a two-year extension of current loan rates to allow more time for Congress to figure out a better plan. The Senate rejected both Democratic and Republican student loan bills earlier this month.

    Car-loan program puts low-income workers on road to independence – NBC News #quick #loans

    #loans for cars

    Car-loan program puts low-income workers on road to independence

    autoplay autoplay

    Copy this code to your website or blog

    Christina Hubbert recently started on the road to a better life with the help of a low-interest loan that allowed her to buy a 2006 Honda, ending her dependence on public transportation.

    A car means Hubbert no longer spends two hours each way to and from work in suburban Atlanta. It means spending more time with her 3-year-old daughter — and no longer having to wake her up at 5 every morning so she can be in the office by 8. It also means saving hundreds of dollars each week in day care late fees she incurred when she couldn’t get to the center before its 6:30 p.m. closing time.

    “There was just no room to relax, no room to breathe. It was always just go, go, go, go, go,” the 24-year-old single mom told TODAY’s Erica Hill about a life dependent on public transportation and family who could provide her with rides.

    Hubbert bought her car in late March through Ways to Work, a program that offers low-income families loans on used cars after recipients successfully complete a series of educational workshops in financial literacy.

    Through Ways to Work, Hubbert now pays back her no-down-payment loan with 8 percent interest.

    “This is a hand up,” said Jeff Faulkner, the organization’s president. “Our clients buy their cars, and they pay interest on their car and if they are late, then they pay a fee on it.”


    Many in the program rely on public transportation to get to work, but transit’s lack of reliability can make it hard for them to keep a job, and limits their ability to earn more money for their families.

    Experts say that’s because transit systems haven’t kept pace with the movement of jobs and people from city centers to the suburbs. On average, low-income workers using public transit in metropolitan areas can only access 22 percent of the low-to-medium-skilled jobs for which they may be qualified, according to a Brookings Institution study on job accessibility in metropolitan areas.

    Faulkner said car ownership can have a direct impact on an individual’s financial success. He cited UCLA research that examined how job opportunities open up for someone with a car, versus someone who can only reach work, or a job interview, by city bus.

    “The number of job opportunities that are available in the car circle is about four times the number of opportunities that are available in the bus circle,” he said.

    Faulkner said Ways to Work places a heavy emphasis on helping its recipients understand steps they can take to repair their credit and improve their financial lives once they leave the program.

    “We provide the education and the kick in the behind to make them be successful with this obligation,” Faulkner said.

    Nearly all of the program’s recipients have reported their cars have helped improve their lives, according to the organization’s 2011 evaluation survey. About half said they not only made it to work on time more often, they also missed fewer days. About 44 percent reported getting a promotion or a pay increase since getting their car, the report found.

    “A car really is a freedom and economic driver for them,” Faulkner said.


    A vehicle certainly has freed up life for Hubbert. She says she now has hours of more time every day to spend with her daughter. She also has been able to talk to her daughter’s day care teacher and get a full report from her every day.

    “It’s amazing. The best feeling in the world,” she said.

    Hubbert is also saving money just by picking up her daughter on time, whereas once she could easily incur $100 in a single afternoon by being late.

    “Maybe four or five times a week. I was paying an extra $500,” she said, sometimes having to seek the extra money from her grandfather.

    It now takes Hubbert about 45 minutes to get to work instead of two hours, two trains and one bus. Ways to Work, she said, has left her dreaming about improving her credit history and possibly a better future.

    “I’m more confident in myself. That when I go to job interviews I don’t have to necessarily plan two or three hours ahead, waiting on a bus,” she said. “If I want, I can work closer to my house, because I don’t have to worry about, ‘Oh, the bus goes here and doesn’t go there.’ To be able to actually think about career moves and where I want to go, and going back to school.”

    Car-loan program puts low-income workers on road to independence – NBC News #student #loans #rates

    #loans for cars

    Car-loan program puts low-income workers on road to independence

    autoplay autoplay

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    Christina Hubbert recently started on the road to a better life with the help of a low-interest loan that allowed her to buy a 2006 Honda, ending her dependence on public transportation.

    A car means Hubbert no longer spends two hours each way to and from work in suburban Atlanta. It means spending more time with her 3-year-old daughter — and no longer having to wake her up at 5 every morning so she can be in the office by 8. It also means saving hundreds of dollars each week in day care late fees she incurred when she couldn’t get to the center before its 6:30 p.m. closing time.

    “There was just no room to relax, no room to breathe. It was always just go, go, go, go, go,” the 24-year-old single mom told TODAY’s Erica Hill about a life dependent on public transportation and family who could provide her with rides.

    Hubbert bought her car in late March through Ways to Work, a program that offers low-income families loans on used cars after recipients successfully complete a series of educational workshops in financial literacy.

    Through Ways to Work, Hubbert now pays back her no-down-payment loan with 8 percent interest.

    “This is a hand up,” said Jeff Faulkner, the organization’s president. “Our clients buy their cars, and they pay interest on their car and if they are late, then they pay a fee on it.”


    Many in the program rely on public transportation to get to work, but transit’s lack of reliability can make it hard for them to keep a job, and limits their ability to earn more money for their families.

    Experts say that’s because transit systems haven’t kept pace with the movement of jobs and people from city centers to the suburbs. On average, low-income workers using public transit in metropolitan areas can only access 22 percent of the low-to-medium-skilled jobs for which they may be qualified, according to a Brookings Institution study on job accessibility in metropolitan areas.

    Faulkner said car ownership can have a direct impact on an individual’s financial success. He cited UCLA research that examined how job opportunities open up for someone with a car, versus someone who can only reach work, or a job interview, by city bus.

    “The number of job opportunities that are available in the car circle is about four times the number of opportunities that are available in the bus circle,” he said.

    Faulkner said Ways to Work places a heavy emphasis on helping its recipients understand steps they can take to repair their credit and improve their financial lives once they leave the program.

    “We provide the education and the kick in the behind to make them be successful with this obligation,” Faulkner said.

    Nearly all of the program’s recipients have reported their cars have helped improve their lives, according to the organization’s 2011 evaluation survey. About half said they not only made it to work on time more often, they also missed fewer days. About 44 percent reported getting a promotion or a pay increase since getting their car, the report found.

    “A car really is a freedom and economic driver for them,” Faulkner said.


    A vehicle certainly has freed up life for Hubbert. She says she now has hours of more time every day to spend with her daughter. She also has been able to talk to her daughter’s day care teacher and get a full report from her every day.

    “It’s amazing. The best feeling in the world,” she said.

    Hubbert is also saving money just by picking up her daughter on time, whereas once she could easily incur $100 in a single afternoon by being late.

    “Maybe four or five times a week. I was paying an extra $500,” she said, sometimes having to seek the extra money from her grandfather.

    It now takes Hubbert about 45 minutes to get to work instead of two hours, two trains and one bus. Ways to Work, she said, has left her dreaming about improving her credit history and possibly a better future.

    “I’m more confident in myself. That when I go to job interviews I don’t have to necessarily plan two or three hours ahead, waiting on a bus,” she said. “If I want, I can work closer to my house, because I don’t have to worry about, ‘Oh, the bus goes here and doesn’t go there.’ To be able to actually think about career moves and where I want to go, and going back to school.”