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Low documentation home loans: what are they and should you apply? #stafford #loan

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Low doc home loans

Low doc loans are designed to assist people who do not qualify for a traditional home loan to buy a property. Low doc (or low documentation) loans still require the application to be made in writing, however you may not be required to provide much of the paperwork that is necessary with standard home loans, such as proof of income, assets or liabilities. The low doc loan relies more on a method called self-verification, where you state your income without the verifying documentation.

Who can benefit from a low doc loan?

Low doc loans are designed to benefit those people who have some existing equity or a deposit saved, and have trouble showing evidence of regular income. This could apply to the self-employed or casual workers. Low doc loans could also be made available to people with a bad credit history.

Low doc loans are also sometimes abused by people who have income they have omitted to declare to the taxation office. Failure to declare taxable income is an offence and, if caught, offenders are forced to pay penalties that far outweigh the savings they intended to make by breaking the law.

Why should I take out a low doc loan?

If you fall into any of the categories above and wish to purchase a property, a low doc loan could be your only option for obtaining the required finance. As with any major financial decision, always weigh up the pros and cons and determine whether you can afford the repayments. There could also be extra costs involved as many lenders will charge an inflated interest rate when standard documentation is not produced on application. Mortgage insurance is also a standard requirement with low doc loans, which adds further to the cost.

Most low doc loans will cover up to 80% of the value of the property (80% LVR), although the more financial documentation you can present to the lender, the higher the percentage could be.

Types of low doc loans

There are three main types of low doc loans: self-declared income, account statement and asset lend. Each of these low doc loans have slightly different eligibility requirements.

Self declared income

The most common low doc loan, where the lender will offer a home loan on a signed declaration of income, with no accompanying evidence. In general, 80% of the property value is loaned and the interest rate can be higher than a standard loan

Account statement

Requires more substantial income evidence, such as a letter from your accountant, however interest rates are usually more in line with a standard home loan .

Asset lend

This type of low doc loan requires the least evidence to be presented, in some cases no proof of income or signed declaration is needed. The loan is secured purely on the value of the property. These loans have substantially higher interest rates and, in general, a lower percentage of the value of the property can be borrowed.

What to look out for

Low doc loans generally have certain conditions and extra costs attached, such as:

Is a guarantor loan right for you? #unsecured #debt #consolidation #loans

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Is a guarantor loan right for you?

    Thursday 8 May 2014 17:22 BST

If you don’t have much of a credit history or you have bad credit, getting a loan can be difficult. You’ll either struggle to get a loan in the first place, or you’ll end up paying such a high rate of interest, you could easily land yourself with serious debt issues. Quite recently a new type of loan has been introduced in the UK. A guarantor loan allows you to take out a loan, where a second person acts a guarantor.

Below is a quick and easy guide to the most common questions regarding guarantor loans.

What is a guarantor loan?

Guarantor loans are unsecured loans that require a second person to act as a guarantor. Guarantor loans can be over terms of one to five years and you can borrow anywhere between £1,000 to £7,500. They offer an ideal solution for people with bad credit, who would otherwise be unable to obtain a loan. Guarantor loans are not payday loans, the interest is much lower and you will not be charged any up front or arrangement fees.

Is a guarantor loan right for me?

If you have a bad credit history or have been rejected by other lenders, then guarantor loans could be the right choice for you. A guarantor loan also allows you to borrow a higher sum than you would be able to with other types of loans targeting people with poor credit. It’s also possible to rebuild your credit history by demonstrating that you are a responsible borrower and are able to make the repayments on time.

How can I apply for a guarantor loan?

Firstly like all loan applications, you must be over 18 years old and have a UK bank account where the repayments can be collected. You will still need to show that you can afford the repayments and that you are capable of paying the loan back in a timely fashion.

Who can act as a guarantor for me?

Almost anyone can act as your guarantor, as long as they are not financially linked to you (i.e. spouse). A guarantor could be a family member, friend or even work colleague. For your guarantor to be accepted they will usually need to be over 21 with a good credit history and also be a UK home owner. Checks on your guarantor are usually identical to normal credit checks – they will need to provide bank statements, bank details and proof of ID.

How much interest will I pay?

Interest is more than likely to be higher than a loan where a good credit history is needed. The APR of guarantor loans varies depending on the company, but the APR is usually around 50 per cent. It’s important to remember that although this is relatively high, it does represent the risk undertaken by the lender. You’ll also find that this is one of the lowest APRs available to people with bad credit history. Many other ‘bad credit’ loans, such as payday loans charge APR upwards of 1,000 per cent. Although the APR is higher, a guarantor loan, when paid back on time, is a great way to improve your credit score and improve your overall credit rating.

How do I choose the best guarantor loan?

Several companies have begun offering guarantor loans. The two most important factors to take into consideration are the interest you will pay and any other hidden fees. Guarantor loans from offer some of the most competitive rates currently available and they are also very up-front about everything. There are no hidden fees or extra charges throughout the period of your loan.

A guarantor loan isn’t for everyone, but if you credit history is poor and you’re in need of some extra cash, they can be a great solution.

Hugh Tyzack is founder and managing director of GBP Loans Limited, which was formed in 2008. GBP Loans specialises in no fee guarantor loans. GBP Loans has been a driving force in trying to eradicate bogus fee charging and is now one of the UK’s biggest providers.

If You Have Really Bad Credit You Can Apply Here For Loans #loan #agreement #template

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If You Have Really Bad Credit You Can Apply Here For Loans

If you have failed to keep track of your income and expenditure, it’s highly probably that you’re one of the hundreds of Americans who find themselves with bad credit. Debt, like death, is a certainty in the lives of everyone; however, insurmountable debt only happens to people who take their spending for granted.

Debt can seriously damage your credit history, not to mention your reputation. Most people who suffer from debt experience numerous rejections from money-lending firms everywhere. Financial institutions are wary of people with debt and are hesitant to help them in their time of need. That is why most people who are already in debt remain in debt.

You don’t have to go through this kind of credit dilemma. These days, you can readily find loans available to people like you who have really bad credit. These loans, aptly referred to as really bad credit loans, will help you get through the tough times, times when emergencies arise and cash just isn’t anywhere to be found. Indeed, really bad credit loans are the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Companies or websites that offer really bad credit loans have almost similar requirements that you need to satisfy before your loan can be approved. These requirements, while forgoing your bad credit history or low credit score, usually just include age and, sometimes, proof or documentation on income, among others.

Firms dedicated to helping people with really bad credit and offer really bad credit loans normally provide debt consolidation as one of the features of their services. Through debt consolidation seminars or manuals, you can gain information on how you can free yourself from debt and start anew.

Like any other kind of loan, however, really bad credit loans have to be paid back. People with really bad credit are often overjoyed and excited at the prospect of being lent money despite their bad credit history that, once again, they forget about their obligation to pay back the loan. If you’re not careful, you could end up in even greater debt than when you first started.

There are different ways with which you can repair your credit history and clean up the credit mess you’re in. To make sure you pay back your really bad credit loans and to reduce the amount of debt you owe in general, it’s highly recommended that you stay away from borrowing big amounts of money for the time being.

If there is no real emergency, then learn to scrape by with what you have. It’s also best if you ask for help from a financial advisor or consultant, free of charge if possible. This way you can get sound advice on how to fix your credit from someone who’s an expert on the subject.

Live a life free from debt. Practice good spending habits and learn monetary responsibility. Avail of one of the many really bad credit loans in the market and start taking control of your financial situation right now.

How To Get A Student Loan When You Have Bad Credit #car #loan #calculators

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How To Get A Student Loan When You Have Bad Credit

While you would have had to be very busy to ruin your credit before even starting college, it can still happen.

This is especially true if you take a few years off before going to college.

Regardless, there are student loan options that will get you through college in spite of your previous credit blunders.

No reputable  lender willingly advertises loans to borrowers with bad credit. However, “bad credit” may refer to borrowers with little or no credit history as much as it may apply to those with poor credit records. Student loans that require no credit check are extremely limited. Source

Here are some bad credit student loan options that you should look into

The Stafford Loan is a federal loan that s based on your need, not on your credit rating.

To apply for a Stafford Loan you must first fill out a financial aid form (FAFSA) because your school must determine that you have a financial need.

You must be a legal citizen or legal resident of the United States, must be accepted into a college and enrolled (or plan to enroll at least part time), and must not have defaulted on a previous student loan or owe any refunds from a previous education grant.

The Stafford Loan is issued directly to your school, and you need to reapply each year.

The Perkins Loan is a federal loan that is awarded through your school.

You may receive a monetary loan or work study job based on eligibility.

Loans are awarded based on need and the program you are enrolled in (such as a teacher certification or professional credentialed program).

Past payment history on previous student loans is taken into account before awarding a Perkins Loan.

In selecting Perkins Loans recipients, a school must consider evidence of a borrower s willingness to repay the loan. Previous delinquency, default, or other failure to meet repayment obligations on a previous loan is evidence that the borrower is unwilling to repay other loans. Source

Loans For Disadvantaged Students

There are several smaller loan programs that give money to students going into certain medical fields.

One example is the Nursing Student Loan . Approved students receive low-interest rate loans in order to complete their degrees. Participating schools select recipients and determine the amount of aid the student needs. To apply for this type of loan you must attend a school that participates in this program. You must also be from a disadvantaged background, and you must be a legal U.S. citizen or resident.

Another example is the Primary Care Loan  which is for students who are training to be primary care doctors. Medical students must enter and complete residency training in primary care within 4 years after graduation and practice in primary care for the life of the loan. Your school determines your eligibility.

Student Loans Based On Need

Let s not forget the availability of scholarships and grants which give you free money for college based on need.

Students must be able to demonstrate financial need and (for some loans and grants) meet specific criteria.

Needy students should always start with the Federal Pell Grant when looking for money for college.

Home Loan Repayment Calculator: How Much You Can Afford? #business #loans #for #women

#home loan repayment calculator

Tips for your situation

Loan details

You can use this calculator to work out your home loan repayments with different loan sizes, interest rates, loan terms and repayment options.

What interest rate should I use?

You can use the Bank Standard Variable Rate (BSVR) of one of the major banks, less a 0.7% discount.

This is a good rough guide, although it is likely that we may be able to get your a better interest rate than this.

However, to determine what your payments would be if interest rates were to increase, put in an interest rate around 1.5% higher than the current BSVR.

This will help you figure out if you would be able to afford the loan, if rates went up.

What loan term should I use?

Generally, most mortgages in Australia are for a 30 year term. You can choose any term you like even up to 40 years, which is the maximum term offered in Australia.

Please keep in mind the shorter your term, the higher your repayments. However, the faster you pay off the loan, the less interest your will ultimately pay.

Is it better to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

Despite what you might have heard in the media, there is no benefit to paying weekly or fortnightly as opposed to making monthly repayments. Some lenders divide the monthly repayment by two to work out how much you would pay if you were to make fortnightly repayments.

This is actually paying more than the true fortnightly repayments. If you make extra repayments then you will pay the loan off faster and will save money, this is why paying fortnightly appears to give you a benefit.

Making monthly repayments and paying more than the minimum is the most effective way to save money on your mortgage. If this is combined with an offset account you can easily reduce your interest expense without making a noticeable change to your lifestyle.

What does interest only mean?

If you are making interest only repayments then you are not actually paying off your home loan. You are just paying the monthly interest to the bank.

The advantage is that your repayments are smaller. The disadvantage is that you will not actually pay off your loan and ultimately you will pay much more in interest.

Investors often use interest only loans on their investment properties to keep their monthly commitments low and to allow them to use their spare funds to pay off their non-tax deductible debts first.

Can I pay interest only payments on a weekly basis?

The majority of lenders only allow interest only repayments to be made on a monthly basis. There are a few ways around this, however very few people choose to do this as there is no benefit in paying weekly or fortnightly if you are paying interest only.

How can I work out my borrowing capacity?

To do this, first determine how much you would feel comfortable repaying each month, then use a 1.5% higher rate than the current BSVR. This method can help you work out how much you could comfortably borrow without having to change your lifestyle or current spending habits.

This is a simplified method of working out your borrowing capacity. However, you can also use our borrowing power calculator or our mortgage brokers can give you a more exact figure using our software.

We never recommend that you borrow to your limit as this leaves you very little surplus money to spend on holidays or to keep on stand by for unforeseen circumstances.

Speak to a mortgage broker

Our mortgage brokers are here to help you apply for a loan that suits your needs. If you are trying to minimise your loan repayments or pay off your loan as quickly as possible, we can help you develop a strategy.

Please enquire online or call us on 1300 889 743 for more information.

Can You Qualify for a Home Improvement Loan with No Equity? #home #loans #for #bad #credit

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Can You Qualify for a Home Improvement Loan with No Equity?

A home improvement loan with no equity will be virtually impossible through traditional lending institutes. However, the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) offers a home improvement loan with no equity that applies to singly family homes, multifamily homes, manufactured homes, and historic homes.

You can obtain a home improvement loan quickly with no appraisal, no annual fees, no points, and no equity requirements.

The maximum loan with no equity is $25,000 and it is available for only the improvements outlined by the FHA. Those improvements include, room additions or remodels, wiring, fences, walls, roof repair or replacement, air conditioning, heating systems, paint, wallpaper, hardwood flooring, tile, and carpeting.

If you plan to obtain an FHA home improvement loan with no equity, you must do so before you begin your project. You will be required to present a written estimate for amounts over $7,500, and you must hire licensed, qualified help. You are not allowed to do the work yourself.

If the FHA home improvement loan with no equity sounds right for you make an appointment with the FHA office closest to you to discuss the details.

Can You Be Preapproved for a Home Loan With Poor Credit? #pioneer #military #loans

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Can You Be Preapproved for a Home Loan With Poor Credit?

Poor credit can affect your ability to obtain a home loan preapproval quickly, if at all.

Lending Guidelines

Because of the variety of loan products, lenders can follow a number of different lending guidelines. Some are put out by government agencies such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Others come from government-sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Lenders also have their own standards. Obtaining a preapproval, then, can mean having to navigate through a number of different guidelines.

Effects of Poor Credit

Poor credit can make getting a home loan at a reasonable interest rate harder for a prospective home buyer. Below a certain level, poor credit can prevent a hopeful borrower from getting a loan at all. Preapproval can be a long and complicated process because borrowers with poor credit pose more of a risk for any lender. Accordingly, most go over applications backed by poor credit very carefully.

Subprime Lending

Getting Preapproved

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  • Can you get an Obama loan modification? #get #out #of #debt

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    Can you get an Obama loan modification?


    • Government program cuts mortgage payment to 31 percent of income.
    • Borrowers must be delinquent or in imminent danger of default.
    • Borrowers must contact loan servicer to apply.

    Borrowers who can’t afford their mortgage payment may want to take a look at the Home Affordable Modification program, which is part of the Obama administration’s Making Home Affordable plan.

    The Home Affordable Modification program creates a uniform process for loan servicers to modify existing mortgages for homeowners who meet the following two conditions:

    • They spend more than 31 percent of their income on monthly housing costs.
    • They already are delinquent or in imminent danger of default because of a major change in their financial situation.

    The rules are complicated. The federal government has issued top-level guidelines, but Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have their own specific guidelines. In addition, lenders, loan servicers and mortgage insurers may have their own requirements as well.

    The program was introduced primarily for mortgages owned or secured by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; however, other mortgages may also qualify if the loan servicer chooses to offer this program.


    Borrowers are advised to call their loan servicer to discuss their situation. Many of these servicers are overwhelmed with customer inquiries, so you’ll need to be patient and persistent.

    While you’re on hold, read our summary of the guidelines from the government and Fannie and Freddie.

    Can You Get Instant Cash Now? #loan #calculator #free

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    Cash Now

    Can You Get Instant Cash Now?

    What can you do when a financial disaster strikes and you find yourself without cash? If you have bad credit, finding a way to get much needed funds can be a challenge. If you have good credit, waiting on approval from a bank loan may take too long. Credit card cash advances are expensive. Is it possible to get instant cash now?

    When you need cash immediately, a payday loan may be just what you need until your next paycheck arrives. Perhaps you think you can t qualify for a fast cash loan. Perhaps you are unsure about what the benefits are.

    Below are three benefits of applying for instant cash:

    1. Instant Cash Now: Money is deposited directly into your bank account for almost immediate access.

    2. Easy Approval: Approval for an instant cash loan is much easier than it is for a bank loan. Typically, all you need is a job, an active bank account, and you must be a U.S. citizen over 18 years old. Some lenders may require more qualifications. If you have poor credit, you may still be approved.

    3. Convenient: Simply fill out a brief, online application, receive offers from lenders, get approved, and gain access to your funds. Repaying the loan is simple and easy, too. Most lenders automatically deduct the loan amount from your bank account on your next pay day.

    As with any loan or financial transaction, an instant cash now loan has rules and requirements that must be followed. Understanding the purpose behind the fast cash loan will help you manage your loan wisely. Payday loan lenders devised instant cash now loans in response to a large part of the population s need for quick money because of an emergency expense. Banks were not filling this need for those who needed money quickly or who had bad credit ratings. The high cost of credit card cash advances was prohibitive for many and not available to everyone. Lenders realized that hard-working people who may have had financial difficulties in the past needed a way to gain quick access to cash just until their next paycheck. To fill this need, the short term personal loan was invented.

    Because of the short term nature of these loans and the fact that they are available to people with poor credit, most lenders charge what may be perceived as a high interest rate. When the loan is repaid on time, however, the interest does not continue accruing, as with credit card cash advances.

    Below are four tips to help you manage your payday cash advance wisely:

    1. Read all terms and conditions before accepting the loan.

    2. Make sure all of the requirements are in writing.

    3. Ask your lender questions if you do not understand something.

    4. Pay your loan back on the due date. Do not ask for a rollover or extension.

    Payday loans can mean the difference between making it through until payday and suffering a severe financial setback. By using sound judgment, developing a plan to pay the loan back on time, and following all terms and conditions, you can get instant cash now and get through your financial crisis.

    Note: “One hour cash,” “instant loan” and other disbursal time estimates indicate possible disbursal rates. Actual disbursal may vary, but will arrive no later than the following business day.

    Auto loans that really get you moving #home #mortgage #rates

    #car loan rate


    low rates and flexible terms for easy auto loans

    Let s hit the road

    Whether you’re picking the kids up from practice or heading out for a weekend camping trip, your car connects you to the things you love. With competitive interest rates, helpful online tools and extra protections, BECU auto loans make it simple to get behind the wheel.

    Used cars at new car rates

    At BECU, cars up to two years old qualify for new car rates whether it’s a brand-new, or one new-to-you, you can benefit from our competitive interest rates.

    We believe in second chances. The BECU reprice program is just that a second chance. Improve your credit score and/or payment history, we may reprice your auto loan with a new, lower APR (if you’re not already receiving the lowest rate we offer).*

    It’s important to know the answers to these questions before you start looking at cars. Use the calculators below to get an idea of how much your monthly payments might be and what car or loan types are best for you, so you can make sure that the car you want is affordable.