Oct 31 2016

Texas Debt Consolidation-How to repay debt in Austin, Dallas, Houston #college #student #loans

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Texas Debt Consolidation-How to repay debt in Austin, Dallas, Houston

If you’re in trouble dealing with multiple bills in Texas, and you don’t have enough money to cover your daily living expenses, it’s time you choose a solution like Texas debt consolidation to help you get out of debt. Go through the following topics to know what debt consolidation Texas is all about.

Texas debt consolidation – How it works

Texas consolidation gives you the chance to consolidate or merge multiple debt payments into a single monthly payment at a low interest rate. You can consolidate your bills by choosing any of the options below:

Option 1: Texas debt consolidation program

Texas consolidation programs are helpful for those who are employed and can pay off their bills. What you need to do is enroll in a program available with a Texas consolidation company.

A consultant with the Texas consolidation company will help you prepare a suitable budget and a payment plan for you depending on how much you can afford. Next, the consultant will negotiate with each of your creditors or collection agencies to reduce your interest rates, late fees, and penalties.

This lowers your monthly payments and makes it easier for you to pay off your bills. The best thing about a Texas debt consolidation program is that it replaces all your bills with a single affordable payment you make to the consolidation company. The company then divides and distributes the payment amongst all your creditors.

Option 2: Texas consolidation loan

This is an option where you take out a personal loan or a home equity loan to clear your bills in a single lump sum payment. But if you don’t have good credit, you may not be able to qualify for this loan. It is better to choose a personal loan because it doesn’t require you to keep your home as the collateral (as in a home equity loan). Find out more.

Other options for debt relief in Texas

Apart from consolidation, there are other options available for getting debt relief in Texas. The options are mentioned below:

  • Credit counseling: This is mostly offered by credit counseling agencies. It is a program wherein a credit counselor helps you with tips on how to budget your expenses and manage your bills better. Learn more.
  • Debt management plan: If the counselor finds that you’re unable to manage your bills simply by following a planned budget, then he may offer you a debt management plan. This is a plan under which credit counselors work with your creditors and collection agency and let you obtain low rates on your bills. The purpose is to lower your payments and make it easier for you to pay down your outstanding balance. Find out more.
  • Debt settlement: You can go for debt settlement Texas program when you want to get rid of your outstanding loans in a single lump sum payment. Once you enroll into the program, the debt settlement Texas companies will open a trust account for you. Thereafter, you need to save nearly 50% of the loan amount in the account. As soon as the required amount is saved in the trust account, the settlement company will convince your creditors to lower the payoff amount. This way, it will be easier for you to repay the bills with competence. Know more.
  • FAQ on Texas debt consolidation options

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