Aug 31 2017

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How do we implement the Medicaid plan: Part one

With the first prong, our licensed social workers, also known as Elder Care Coordinators, (pictured to the right) will be working with you and the nursing facility in making sure that your loved one is properly placed in a Medicaid certified bed and that our application for Medicaid assistance will be supported by evidence of medical necessity.


How do we implement the Medicaid plan: Part two

Our Medicaid Case Developers (one of which is pictured to the right) work the second prong of our plan implementation assisting clients in collecting the documents critical to establishing and verifying eligibility for Medicaid services. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission (“HHSC”) will deny an application for assistance if they do not receive verifying documentation in a timely manner.


How do we implement the Medicaid plan: Part three

The third prong of implementation rests with our Elder Law Attorneys who are preparing the Medicaid application and needed legal documents. During this process, our attorneys focus to achieve three important goals: (1) do as little harm to the client’s financial and estate plan as possible; (2) prepare an application fully supporting our request for Medicaid assistance; and (3) protect our client’s assets against nursing home spenddown and the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (“MERP”).

Our Attorneys

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Mr. Hale’s interest in planning and teaching can be seen today in his emphasis on client education and community outreach initiatives.

Jacob Hale brings a creative element to the firm that results in a rare and highly effective approach to client matters.

Meeting the needs of our elderly clients is our highest priority. We share a common purpose – serving the aged and disabled in our community.

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