Jan 31 2018

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National News

Refinancing student loans

Sen. Warren Doesn t Like Navient Acquisition of Earnest

Senator Warren (center) with a couple of colleagues at a campaign rally in.

Betsy DeVos Breaks Headlines, Suggesting Student Loan Subsidization Paid for ACA

New Tax Bill Spells Bad News for Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction

CFPB Releases New Report with Student Loan Borrower Complaints from Past Year

Regional News

Refinancing student loans

University of Michigan Introduces Free Tuition Policy, Yet Still Struggles with Elitist Label

Pictured above is a building at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.“An uncommon education for.

Illinois Senate to Vote on Overriding Governor Veto of Student Loan Bill of Rights

K-12 Bentley School Offers Student Loan Repayment Benefit to Faculty

Washington D.C. Council Proposes New Student Loan Forgiveness Legislation

International News

Refinancing student loans

BBC Investigation Uncovers Shady Student Loan Fraud at UK University

A BBC Panorama reporter presented a 10-month-long investigation on student loan fraud involving.

UK Government Looks to Sell Student Loans Once Again

UK Government Reviewing Student Loan System, Impacting Student Borrowers

UK Graduates Overpaid Their Collective Student Debt by £50 Million in 2016

Industry News

Refinancing student loans

ReliaMax Insures and Services Another $73 million in Private Student Loans from MetaBank

The student loan industry has seen another major deal. ReliaMax, a large private student loan.

SoFi Closes the Biggest Loan Securitization Yet

SoFi Reportedly Discussed Acquisition by Charles Schwab, No Deal

Nelnet Announces Acquisition of Rival Student Loan Servicer

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Refinancing student loans


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