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Aburt’s “Ultimate” Loan Comparison Tool

Hi, I’m Dr. Andrew Burt. I’m CEO of TechSoft. a custom software/web design company. I wrote this loan comparison tool when my family was looking for a loan, and I realized how difficult it was to compare loans accurately. All the loan comparison tools I found on the net were poor they didn’t take into account a lot of really important factors that could change the outcome, and cost people needless money.

Since I wanted to know the right answer, I wrote this tool to find out. Then I figured others could benefit from it too, so I put it up on the web.

The kinds of questions this page can help you with are: Which loan is better? Should you refinance your mortgage? (Lower monthly payments aren’t the whole picture.) Buy vs. lease? Pay cash vs. borrow? — all these questions have the same thing in common: There are so many factors they’re hard to decide. Moreover, one choice may be better only after a certain number of years — if you’ll sell before then, you made the wrong choice. Unfortunately, the wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars.

I wrote this software to take all the variables into consideration to answer the question: Which is better for your bottom line? That is, which scenario maximizes your total net worth? The web pages below will show you the answer, month by month.

So — What’s your goal? Click the link below to get to the worksheet:

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