Jun 12 2018

Tools and mortgage calculators for your home loan, home loan calculators.#Home #loan #calculators

Simple tools and calculators to help you plan

Home loan calculators

Use this calculator to help you work out how much you can borrow. It will also show you what your monthly repayments and how they could be affected by interest rate changes.

Home loan calculators

Home loan deposit

Use this calculator to work out how much you can save for a home loan deposit based on your weekly, fortnightly or monthly contributions.

Home loan calculators

Home loan comparison

Use this calculator to compare home loans based on whether you take out a variable or fixed interest rate loan.

Home loan calculators

Splitting your home loan

Use this calculator to work out what your monthly or fortnightly repayments will be if you split your loan into fixed and variable rate sub-accounts.

Home loan calculators

Extra home loan repayments

Use this calculator to work out the time and interest you could save on your home loan if you pay more than the minimum repayments each month or fortnight.

Home loan calculators

Stamp duty

Use this stamp duty calculator to work out what you will pay in government charges based on the amount you plan to borrow. Stamp duty varies depending on the value of your property, your loan amount and the state or territory your property is in.

Home loan calculators

Key Fact Sheet calculator

Generate a Home Loan Key Facts Sheet to understand and compare our home loan products.

Home loan calculators

Repayments calculator

The home loan repayment calculator can help you work out how much your fortnightly or monthly repayments will be based on how much you plan to borrow.

Home loan calculators

Refinance calculator

The refinance calculator lets you see how much you could save with different loan scenarios. Use it to help determine whether the home loan you have is the best solution for your circumstances or whether you should refinance.

Home loan calculators

Where can I afford to buy calculator

This calculator will provide you with a list of suburbs that have median prices within your range. Simply fill out the section on how much you can borrow, then enter the loan amount and property details into the second tab.

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Explore our Expertise section for helpful guides on choosing the right home loan, buying your first home, managing your existing loan and other information on property buying.

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Information and interest rates are current as at 26 October 2017 and are subject to change.

  • At the end of the fixed rate period, the interest rate will revert to the current standard discounted rates. Our Standard Variable rate is currently 5.30% pa (variable and comparison*) for owner occupied loans and our Investment Variable Rate is currently 5.87% pa (variable and comparison*) for investment loans. You will be notified of the discount that applies to your rate prior to the end of your fixed rate period.
  • Fixed rate loans may be subject to significant break costs. Please refer to your loan contract and terms for details of break costs applicable
  • Fees and charges apply.

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