Mar 18 2019

True North, true north financial.

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True North, true north financial., NEF2.COM

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True North

True north financial


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My great grandfather was a ship builder from St. Ives, England, and the love of the sea has always been in my blood. The metaphor of the sea is very appropriate as today’s market climate continues to be “stormy” and volatile.

After 20 years of investment banking experience serving as Vice President of Investments with three of the top 5 largest financial institutions in the US, in addition to being personally mentored in market timing, trends and sectors, by the esteemed economist of his time, Dr. James McKeever (The McKeever Strategy Letter), because many financial institutions have limited investment options, I have made the decision to form an alliance with LPL Financial, the largest independent broker dealer in the nation,* and

I am excited to announce that I have started my own investment firm,

True North Wealth Strategies

By doing so, I will be able to offer many more investment choices and products from highly rated companies in the nation and throughout the world. Also, I will be able to work with teams of seasoned professionals in their field in offering better service to my clients and give them the personal attention that they deserve and require, especially in this tumultuous market environment.

In addition, I am partnering with my wife, Kathleen, as my Operations Manager, who is a highly experienced consultant with the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) credential. She was a former Long Term Care District Manager with Capital Assurance Company (a GE subsidiary) — representing all of Southern Oregon– and more recently an insurance counselor with AAA.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2015, based on total revenue.

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