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Undergraduate Student Loan Calculator

Major Decisions: Graduates Earnings Growth and Debt Repayment

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Median Initial Earnings Growth in Early Career, by Major

Graduates of majors with initially low earnings experience faster earnings growth during the early-career years.

Labor Market Training Expenditures as a Percent of GDP in OECD Countries, 2011

The United States does not currently invest heavily in vocational training compared with other countries, and funding for vocational training has declined over the past decades. The United States spends less than 0.05 percent of its gross domestic product on vocational training opportunities for workers.

Probability of Children s Income Level, Given Parents Income Level

While social mobility and economic opportunity are important aspects of the American ethos, the data suggest they are more myth than reality. In fact, a child s family income plays a dominant role in determining his or her future income, and those who start out poor are likely to remain poor. This figure shows the chances that a child s future earnings will place him in the lowest the or the highest quintile depending on where his parents fell in the distribution (from left to right on the figure, the lowest, middle, and highest quintiles).

Median Earnings and Distribution of Students by Attainment in Community Colleges

Many workers can benefit substantially from worker training programs, which provide education and skill development that lead to increased economic opportunities and better jobs. Students who earn two-year degrees in a high-return field, four-year degrees after a two-year degree, or certain career-oriented certificates, earn median salaries of $34,000 or more per year. Students who earn two-year degrees in low-return fields or who do not complete their programs earn around 33 percent less.

College Completion

College education has historically driven increases in labor productivity, which in turn lead to wage growth. This same trend has emerged during the last 40 years. As women s college-graduation rates jumped over 20 percentage points since 1970. female workers wages increased by similarly high rates.

Return on Investment to a Bachelor s Degree

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