Dec 18 2017

United Cash Loans Customer Service Phone Number, Reviews #2500 #loan

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The people who call from this number a running a loan scam. They are not “United Cash” loans which is a legitimate payday loan company. If you go the the actual United Cash payday loan company web site or call them and they will tell you they don’t give loans over $1,000 and never ask for a prepayment on the loan as that is illegal. They will tell you were pre approved for a large loan ($10,000) in my case. They tell you to go get a green dot moneypak for the amount of the monthly payment so you can prove you can make your monthly payment. If you do that different people from this fake company will call you and require you to get more money paks for various reasons as as soon as you do that your loan proceeds with deposited into your bank account. You will never get any loan proceeds or get back the cash you paid for the moneypaks.

I borrowed $150. a couple of months ago and repaid the amount in full and on time, so you would think I would not have any problems getting a second loan and you would be wrong.

I have been told that I have to write for an explanation that I may or may not get in 8 to 10 business days.

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