Oct 10 2017

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Universal is the largest textile printer in America providing fabric printing services to garment manufacturers, fabric converters, and jobbers. We are the most experienced and dependable source for fabric roll printing. We specialize in wet printing, pigment printing, burnouts, flat-bed, rotary, and strike-offs. But simply put, Universal is the best when it comes to screen printing on cotton, rayon, polyester, acetate, and much more. Our core strengths include high-quality and quick turnaround.

We are an industry powerhouse when it comes to screen printing, which is by far the most used technology in textile printing today. We provide both methods of screen printing: rotary and flat-bed. Unlike our competitors, we have achieved a deep understanding of the science behind textile screen printing from the anatomy of a screen mesh to the final packaging of the printed product.

Universal is a trusted name in textile printing. We strongly believe that honesty is the best policy. We don t keep any secrets from our customers. If we see a potential problem with a customer s plan or idea, we will try to work with them to come up with the best possible solution.

If you are looking for a reliable and consistent source for fabric printing services, look no further. We are a hidden gem in the world of fabric printing. Through our talented people and their love for their trade, we are raising the bar when it comes to product quality and customer satisfaction.

We are the biggest and best textile printing company in the country because we all love what we do and we all work together to provide the best quality possible. We cannot stress how much quality means to us. Come visit us at our huge 96,000+ square foot factory located in the heart of Los Angeles garment district. We look forward to seeing you!

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