Sep 26 2017

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Business and Corporate

Individuals and Families

International Issues

Enterprise Investment Schemes. We have set up dozens of companies qualifying for relief. Investors may qualify for Income Tax relief of 30% and/or CGT relief plus gains on the shares are tax free. See blogs or contact us to find out more.

Seed EIS. Similar to EIS – but with 50% Income tax relief to investors. Maximum investment is £100,000 per investor and £150,000 per company. We have already set up several companies to claim SEIS. See blogs or contact us to find out more.

The process of dealing with someone’s estate after they have died. Our solicitor co-ordinates a specialist team of accountants, financial advisors administrators

Our specialists can advise you on all the major tax issues you will face if you move to the UK. Our accountants can help you set up your business and our financial advisors will help you manage your money.

Our team in Sydney will deal with returns you need to file in Australia. You can deal with one of our UK offices.

Need to file in the US – but living in UK – we can help. We are enrolled agents. We can then work with any US agent you have engaged or help with the submission of the return

Annual accounts are required for any UK company. Our team can prepare these accounts in the correct format together with the related tax return.

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