Aug 6 2017

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Myrtle Beach Auto Accident & Car Accident Attorneys

For nearly 20 years, the residents of Myrtle Beach have relied on the auto accident attorneys at McCutchen, Mumford, Vaught & Geddie, P.A for their various legal services. Located conveniently on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach, the firm helps numerous people and businesses who require exclusive legal counsel. MMVG’s six car accident attorneys have more than 140 years of legal practice in all extents of the law.

Each of our six car accident attorneys concentrate on different sections of the law. This allows our clients at MMVG to directly work alongside an educated lawyer who can provide strong direction and representation for a widespread assortment of legal matters:

  • Personal Injury : After a serious accident that results in serious injuries or the death of a family member, we hold drivers, property owners, nursing homes and corporations accountable.
  • Work Injury : After a work-related accident or injury, we make sure you receive the worker’s compensation benefits you deserve and pursue actions against third parties.
  • Criminal Defense : If you are accused of drunk driving, traffic violations, drug possession, theft, assault, or other criminal charges, we will fight for your rights.
  • Construction Law : Whether you are a property owner, Homeowner’s Association, builder, or subcontractor, we help litigate for defects, payment disputes, and other conflicts.
  • Real Estate and Development : Have a real estate issue regarding residential or commercial property, timeshares, HOA’s, or other real property matters? We offer comprehensive counsel and litigation services.
  • Other Legal Needs : We are the place to come when you need estate planning, probate, business transactions and help with other matters that arise.

Are You From Out Of State?

Have an accident and are visiting from out of town? The auto accident lawyers at MMVA willingly represent snowbirds and vacationers that are involved in an accident in Myrtle Beach or when passing through the State of South Carolina. Whether you remain in the area or head back home, our car accident attorneys are able manage your case and connect with you about its development.

Your Lawyers At The Beach

Countless individuals have a bad perception of working with attorneys because we have the reputation for being unapproachable and frightening. Our goal at MMVG is to make you comfortable, first by dressing the part of beach attorneys. During court and other settings where we represent you, we remind our adversaries of our reputation as trial lawyers and business counselors by dressing the part in tailored suits and power ties.

Though we are personable and calm in the office during appointments, but we are all business when it comes time to protecting our clients. Our entire legal team, which includes both attorneys and employees, work hard to make sure that your legal issues are resolved. Our method regularly produces exceptional results, receives kudos from our legal community, and wins admiration and appreciation from pleased clients.

When you need legal assistance, call the auto attorneys at McCutchen, Mumford, Vaught & Geddie, P.A for a consultation, depending on your schedule we can schedule evening or weekend appointments to better fit you. If you have a personal injury matter, we offer a free initial consultation. Just call us today at 843-449-3411 or toll free at 843-497-9123. or contact us online today.

Luther O.
McCutchen, III

Luther O. McCutchen, III, one of the firm’s founding principals, has been practicing law since the 1970s. He has extensive experience representing homeowners and property owners associations. He is also involved in multiple other facets of the firm’s civil litigation and personal injury practice.

Meet Attorney

Patrick W.

In 1989, Patrick W. Mumford and Luther McCutchen formed McCutchen & Mumford, P.A. the beginning of our firm. Wayne’s law practice is concentrated in real estate, business law, and timeshare. He also is an active speaker, having written and taught nine courses, and authored two books.

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Gene Palmer
Vaught, III

Gene Palmer Vaught III’s practice is concentrated in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, and worker’s compensation law. Gene is heavily involved in defective product cases. Gene also has significant experience in criminal law. He is a member of the South Carolina Trial Lawyers’ Association.

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Norton Brown
McGaughy Geddie

In 1999, he was invited to join the firm, then titled McCutchen, Mumford and Vaught. He was hired to open the North Myrtle Beach office concentrating in residential and commercial real estate. He has developed a large residential practice with emphasis on development and commercial real estate.

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Gregory J.

Greg received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in 1986. Prior to joining the Firm, he worked in the trust industry with extensive experience in Trust and Estate Law. He currently has a real estate practice with an additional emphasis in wills and probate.

Meet Attorney

Luther O. “Mac”
McCutchen IV

Mac began at McCutchen, Mumford, Vaught & Geddie, P.A. in 2012. He maintains a civil litigation, criminal defense and personal injury practice. He is active in the community, is member of the Horry & South Carolina Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division and gsSCENE Young Professionals.

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