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#What country is iowa in \ #Video

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What country is iowa in

What country is iowa in

Janine: (641) 990-1925 • P.O. Box 96, Conrad, Iowa 50621

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Janine: (641) 990-1925
P.O. Box 96, Conrad, Iowa 50621

Fun, Quality Bus Tours

A Full Travel Experience

None of the Hassle

An Amazing Vacation

Welcome to DJ Country Tours, Inc.!

At DJ Country Tours, Inc., we are proudly family-owned and operated out of Central, Iowa, and take pride in providing quality tours to multiple destinations across the United States. When you feel that it is time to get away for a while, we do all that we can to make sure your vacation is one that you and your group cherish for years to come.

Our principles are simple, in that we treat each and every traveler with the utmost respect and superior hospitality. Our business has grown over the years because of those qualities, and we plan to continue that trend for many more trips to come!

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Jerry & Joyce Falta

2019 Wintertime Florida Fun

“We have been on 8 tours with several tour companies. Your tour was well organized and planned. You handled all the issues as they came up. You kept us entertained on the bus. The bus driver was courteous and got us to our destinations safely. You did a great job. We will definitely go on another fun adventure with you.”

Tim & Dena Kohler

2019 Wintertime Florida Fun

“The Tour Guide (Janine) was very friendly and managed the daily plan well. The trip was wonderful and very interesting.”

Sherry Wolfe

2019 Wintertime Florida Fun

“The hotels were the best. Always felt comfortable. Nice people and friendly. Hostess was beyond what is best. Good job DJ Country Tours.”

Steve & Becky Sandersfield

2019 Wintertime Florida Fun

“Thanks for being so flexible & take into consideration what we want to do. Glad there are several restaurant choices where we stop for meals.

Thanks also for watching out for us & dealing with any unexpected things that pop up.”

Rodney & Sheryl Playle

2018 Fall Tennessee Civil War Tour

“We always enjoy our trips with DJ Country Tours. The groups are always fun. The places are fun and educational. Would recommend DJ Country Tours to anyone.”

Carol Peterson

2018 Fall Tennessee Civil War Tour

“I have traveled with multiple bus companies and DJ Country Tours provides the best service and friendly staff I have been around.”

Carol Osborn

2018 Mystery Tour #2

“Trips with DJ Country Tours are great. Janine has each day well-planned out. Time for touring, time for shopping & some leisure time to yourself. You are dropped off near the doors of shows, museums, etc. I highly recommend DJ Country Tours.”

Jerri Fuller

2018 Mystery Tour #2

“First time with this tour company. Very well planned and lots of fun. I will tour with Janine again.”

Lois & Loren

2018 Review

“We were very impressed with all aspects of this tour – everything went so smoothly and well-planned! We enjoyed all of the shows & entertainment. Janine – you are a “Wonder Woman” – Tim did an excellent job of driving & dropping us off to the nearest door. We look forward to traveling with you in the future! And fellow passengers were so cordial & we met a lot of neat people & friends.

Thank you for everything – God Bless you.

2018 Branson Holiday #2″

Washington DC

2018 Review

“Thank you for the wonderful trip to Washington D.C. Loved our rooms going out, the B.R. breaks, the rest times before going out or the quiet down time after each day. It was all so amazing. And to walk under all the cherry blossoms was just plain awesome. How wonderful to just experience everything. Thanks Janine & Darlene for this time and also to Billie, our tireless bus driver who can just go everywhere! We love you all & are so looking forward to our next tour with you. Umm, not so much the step on guides. They’ve got to learn we are not little kids & that we all need to hear what they are saying. But all in all thanks for a great trip! R & J”

Terry and Veda Bergeson

2018 Review

“We really enjoyed the New Orleans, New York and Nashville trips. Janine and Darlene are very accommodating & fun to be around. We would highly recommend DJ Country Tours for your traveling.”

Larry & Terri Wendlandt

2017 Review

“Excellent trip! Enjoyed each day and all the attractions. Bus driver and tour director were outstanding!”

2017 New England Fall Foliage

2017 Review

“Our safety and comfort were always top priority. We always knew where to meet the bus and at what time at the attractions. Janine and Darlene were excellent! We will definitely use DJ Country Tours again. Thanks for a wonderful trip!”

2017 Amana Fun Day Tour

2017 Review

“Had a great time! Looking into more day trips to go on! Everything was right on schedule and you girls were a complete delight! (-:”

2017 Tale of Two Carolina’s

2017 Review

“Everything was so organized. Janine treated everyone with such respect and concern. Billie is such a good driver. She too was always concerned about everyone. Not many drivers would hold an umbrella over each passenger so they wouldn’t get wet in the rain. We will see you end of October & in January.”

Caryl Smith

2017 Noah’s Ark and More Tour

“This was my first bus trip and I am already looking forward to my next. Everyone made me feel welcome, we were on time and always had great places to eat and sleep. Thanks for your service & hospitality.”

2017 Pigeon Forge and Smoky Mountains

2017 Review

“Tour Director & bus driver worked very well together & very cheerful. Everything was very well organized and all instructions made clear to us. Hotel accommodations & eating places great! Lots of fun & laughs. I would recommend DJ Country Tours for any trips they offer. Lots of variety of trips & dates to choose from.”

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