Feb 16 2019

Working at DSI

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Working at DSI

DSI is a three-tiered organization, consisting of a Corporate Level, Intermediate Level, and Operating Level.


The headquarters of DSI is in Dothan, AL. This is where policy, oversight, and support functions within the company are performed. These functions include training, operations, administration, human resources, quality assurance, marketing, finance and accounting, payroll, insurance, and legal.


The regional managers work through out all service areas providing oversight
and assistance to the branch offices.


This is the level for on-site supervision and coordination of DSI services to our
clients. This site supervisor position provides a day-to-day contact and communication between DSI and the client. This person is supported by a strong professional management team, readily available to address any problem that may arise on the site.

Employee Retention

With personnel turnover in the contract security industry of significant concern to the clients and suppliers alike, DSI strives to reduce officer turnover to a minimum with the implementation of superior training and competitive wages. DSI employs a substantial number of temporary and part-time workers in order to cover known shortages due to vacation, labor disputes, seasonal fluctuations, and temporary contracts. The employment of college students, military personnel, and such are also utilized knowing that their retention with DSI may not be permanent. As a rule, this type of employee is reliable and will help to meet the needs within company. A more accurate gauge of retention is to analyze the facts: 50% of DSI employees have been with the company two years or more, 15% of DSI employees have remained for more than three years, and more than 10% of DSI employees have remained with DSI for more than five years.

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