Jan 15 2018

Blacklisted Loans and Finance – Need a loan, i need a loan.#I #need #a #loan

Need a Loan or Finance? Blacklisted?

I need a loanOur range of finance and loan products means you don’t

need to shop around for any kind of loan or finance. Even blacklisted clients can apply for a loan at Dot Loans. If you need a loan, you are on the right site.


Do you need a loan? Do you have unexpected expenses?

Initiation Fee of 15% of the Loan Amount up to R1 000, thereafter 10 % (+ VAT)

Services Fee of R50 per month (+ VAT)

We can assist with Personal Loans, Long Term Loans, Consolidation Loans and Cash Loans. Below is simply a example of a one month Cash Loan.

I need a loan

The internet made finding any finance product hassle free. Getting a blacklisted loan from a web bank takes a few easy steps and cuts out the time and money you would have spent on seeking the appropriate bank.

Most people get confused by the word blacklisted. It is only an expression used to describe persons who has a bad credit history. The word blacklisted makes people think that they will not qualify for financing but that is not the case. When a bank does requests your money credit rating from a credit rating agency, only your personal information is given to the lender.

When you need to borrow money and have a bad credit record, a blacklisted loan will momentarily help you out of a troublesome situation. These loans are available as secured finance.

Secured finance is financing where you sign something valuable as security for the credit provider in case you so go into arrears with your monthly repayments.

If you are over indebted, we suggest debt review.

However, signing valuables against the borrowed money is a risk taken as you do risk losing those valuables. Most people put property up on as surety for the blacklisted loan. The bank agrees to lend cash to the candidate if he is willing to sign his valuable as surety to secure a loan. If the borrower can t pay back the borrowed money, the company can by law take ownership of the valuable that is up against the borrowed finance.

Those with bad credit records and seeking credit providers to borrow money must be vary of what they sign over for surety for the borrowed finance as they do risk losing it.

An unsecured loan for people with a bad credit history is virtually non-existing unless you borrow cash from a loan shark who loans money to basically anyone. Those providers usually work outside the credit laws so be careful when borrowing money from a Micro bank. Rather get someone who is acquainted with the law to go through the contracts of these credit providers.

Regardless, blacklisted loans are very useful for a person who is blacklisted and have a bad credit record.

Getting a blacklisted loan from a registered credit provider has never been simpler. Instead of going in to the Micro bank and applying for a loan, you can now do it in the safety of your own home over the internet. Getting a poor credit loan is as easy as 1 2 3

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