Sep 23 2017

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A college education in Ontario is the pathway to your future. Whether you’re just beginning the journey or building on credentials you already have, following this path can help you reach your career goals. Getting the right education and experience to match your choice of career is what counts most in today’s marketplace. That’s why more than a million of the province’s success stories are Ontario college graduates. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Get my transcript?
  • Pay for my schooling?
  • Transfer credits?
  • Apply as an international student?
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  • Find resources for immigrant applicants?
  • Find out more about skilled trades?

College Information Program (CIP). Every fall, representatives from Ontario’s public colleges tour the province to meet and talk with prospective students. If you are considering college, this is your chance to gather information about the colleges and programs you are interested in, all in one place. Find out when CIP is coming to your area.

Apply to College From Your Phone. Apply to public colleges in Ontario, anytime and from anywhere. Browse thousands of programs across the province, and find the one that s right for you. View and accept offers of admission the moment they are posted to your account. Learn more about the app.

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Next Important Dates

May 1, 2017 Deadline to confirm offers of admission

Mid-June 2017 Tuition deposit due at the colleges

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