Aug 15 2017

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About the Esthetician program at American National College School of Beauty

American National College is considered by many to be one of the best beauty school in the south.

Today, the esthetics industry has expanded into an overwhelmingly popular field throughout the world. More than ever, people are concerned about their outward appearance, and estheticians are often where folks turn to help beautify the skin. The job of a medical esthetician is to help a person improve his or her facial and physical appearance through near-medical services, such as laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, facial treatments and other popular forms of skin care treatments. The medical esthetics industry is now a major player in the global economy, bringing in about $9 billion every year.

The objectives of the esthetics program are to develop basic beauty knowledge of the skin and its disorders. Students will learn various treatments and techniques used to give regular and European facials, including equipment use and maintenance, waxing, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, makeup, and related subjects. Our esthetician programs have highly trained staff of Estheticians that teach students to become skilled professionals.

The purpose of the Esthetician program is to develop the level of knowledge and skills in the practice of esthetics to pass the state board exam and gain successful entry and continual employment in the esthetics field.

The approximate time for completion of the accelerated Esthetician program is twenty-five (25) weeks and 42 weeks for the full time students respectively.

Course completion dates are subject to attending 32 hours per week for the accelerated program or 18 hours per week for full time students. This rigorous class schedule and hands-on training makes us one of the premiere beauty, nail, and esthetics schools in Atlanta, GA.

American National College is the only Dermalogica and CHi partner beauty school in Atlanta, GA.

Esthetician Career:
If you love the field of cosmetology, but would like to specialize in the study of skin care, then American National College is right for you. When you’ve received your esthetician license, your job at a salon or spa is to make the customer feel pampered and relaxed by providing facials, pore cleansing and exfoliation treatments, body wraps and polishes, foot reflexology, aromatherapy and spa treatments as well as hair removal and waxing treatments.

Students who train to become estheticians at American National College learn about beautifying the skin through a variety of services, including facials, skin analysis, makeup artistry, pore cleansing, microdermabrasion techniques, European facial treatments, spa treatments using body polishes and wraps, aromatherapy and skin care regimens, foot reflexology, depilation and waxing, and eyebrow shaping and lash tinting. American National College also trains students to recognize skin problems that require a dermatologist or a medical professional, and refer your clients for medical treatment if the skin problem is beyond the scope of the esthetician’s job.

The Job of a Medical Esthetician
A medical esthetician, also sometimes called a paramedical esthetician, may work in a dermatologist, oncology or plastic surgery office. One may also be found in a hospital setting. The treatments that a medical esthetician provides will vary depending on the atmosphere in which a medical esthetician works. If a medical esthetician works in a dermatology office, then he or she may help people treat or prevent acne through preventative skin care. A medical esthetician may also provide treatments such as microdermabrasion. In the hospital setting, a medical esthetician may work with cancer patients to help them learn about moisturizing techniques for dry skin. He or she may also help burn victims learn how to use makeup to hide scarring on the body. Those who are interested in helping people learn how to improve their appearance in non-invasive ways could enjoy a career as a medical esthetician. People who also want to help others feel more confident after a tragic accident or illness could also enjoy being medical estheticians.

Becoming an Esthetician can lead to many different career paths, including salon, spa and resort employment, manicurist pedicurist or manager. The possibilities for career opportunities are endless for Estheticians. The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that in 2010 they anticipate 25% growth in Esthetician jobs through the year 2020. Also a study was recently released stating that the spa industry revenue grew 4.5% faster than the U.S. economy overall. There is an anticipated continue for growth for skin care professions. Esthetician salaries average at $29,000 annually with a number of factors that lead to great potential in income growth. American National College also offers job placement assistance to allow for an easy entry into your career.

The median salary for medical estheticians is typically between $25,000 and $52,000 annually, depending on the length of time they’ve been working in the field. Salary can also be greatly affected by working full-time or part-time (common in the beauty business with flexible scheduling), career advancement through continuing education, and of course tips from treating your clients exceptionally well. When you want to become a medical esthetician, you may wish to look for positions at private firms that specialize in skin care for surgery patients for salaries that tend to be higher. Hospitals will frequently have a few medical estheticians on staff too. You may also decide to be adventurous and open up your own solo practice as a medical esthetician. You may find this option a good fit if you feel confident in your skills and enjoy networking with patients on your own, and feel comfortable running your own business.

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