Nov 12 2016

Find Out If You Qualify for Income-Based Repayment #emergency #loans

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Find Out If You Qualify for Income-Based Repayment

Determine if you may be eligible for IBR.


Additional information regarding IBR is available at TG Online .

1 For the purpose of IBR, your family size includes your children (including unborn children who will be born during the year for which you apply for IBR) if you provide more than half of the children’s support. Your family size can also include other individuals if, at the time you apply for IBR, those individuals:

  • Live with you; and
  • Receive more than half of their support from you and will continue to receive this support during the year for which you apply for IBR.

Support includes money, gifts, loans, housing, food, clothes, car, medical and dental care, and payment of college costs.

2 If you did not file a federal income tax return last year, or if your income has changed significantly since filing the return, please enter the amount you earned last year. You may be required to provide alternative income documentation to your lender for their determination of your eligibility for IBR.

3 Federal student loan debt for the purpose of IBR includes FFELP and Direct Stafford and Grad PLUS loans, as well as Consolidation loans as long as they do not include a parent PLUS loan.

This calculator uses 2015 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services data. This calculator also uses 6.8% as the student loan interest rate for calculation purposes.

This calculator is provided for estimation of IBR eligibility purposes only. Specific details about eligibility and payments will be determined by your lender or servicer during the IBR application process.

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